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12:21 AM
@Rubio kinky to Codenames? Just switched to mobile and it doesn't display on the chat site list


For playing the game Codenames. New players, see puzzling.meta...
7 hours later…
7:18 AM
Anyone around?
7:42 AM
Q: Can you guess me?

Jeffinwho am I? Your sixth Finger I run faster, You run slower My biggest enemy is my doppelganger More hints will be added if it is hard, I dont think its hard though

8:01 AM
Q: Replace some letters at PUZZLE to find out a sentence

Jamal Senjaya **zzle = Spout *u**le = Group *u**le = Make money ****le = A person who will love with her whole heart. p****e = A beautiful city in Central Europe p****e = A balerina loves to do this p****e = Slim and beautiful girl p****e = An epidemic disease p***le = Word of honor given or pledged ...

Congrats to @Gareth and @Rubio !!
Don't take the power to your head. :P
(on a side note, I was right about the election being close. Mith came really close)
Woo Gareth and Rubio are our new mods
Danke danke :)
Is it the official Indian waking up time?
lol no
8:09 AM
It's almost lunch time.
I've already used my powers for good, so that was a nice feeling hehe
You guys showed up within 2 mins of each other!
Coincidence, I guess.
@Rubio you can now see a new type of circle on your avatar in chat.
But, but, he's totally not my sock!
8:11 AM
Besides the yellow and blue?
@Rubio yep
It's either red or orange.
Indeed. Haven't seen one yet, and that is perhaps a good thing :)
Hey, tech already said something
(that's what happens when you flag for mod attention, folks)
You get to see circles? I was hoping for something more flashy, like a siren
8:13 AM
Man, that codename game is addictive and is responsible for raising my blood pressure..
Bah, all my flags are going to be taken before I can flag them. Time to be an active flagger in bicycles.
@Sid Yeah, I would play, but I've got to go soon
@ffao Sorry, beat ya to that one ;)
@ffao we have userscripts for sirens.
Part of me is sad that you'll be showered with rep for an easy answer
I had to backsolve CAROLE which was annoying. Is that supposed to be a thing people know?
8:15 AM
But given what the puzzle is about, I think it's fair
Time to find some obsolete comments to flag. Yay!
Well yeah - I glanced at it, knew the answer, and was all I MUST BE THE ONE
I also back solved Carole, for what it's worth
So, apparently Carole is someone who loves with all her heart. How does everyone else love? With half of their heart? Quarter?
Urban Dictionary's definitions aren't the most reliable
So I'm pretty sure that's not a real meaning of Carole
8:18 AM
I didn't actually know that Carole was a word. I thought it was only a name.
I suspect it is
Urban Dictionary has a weird definition for every common-ish name
It's not a word. It's just a name with a (possibly exclusively? Urban Dictionary) meaning that was convenient.
Here, Rubio, have some comment flags!
And Oracle, which is an anagram, is a pretty well known word they could have used instead
Welcome to the world of mod-ship!
8:21 AM
Apparently, Rubio is columbian for traitor
I would say there wouldn't have been too much time to check the puzzle's clues before someone else posted a similar puzzle
> To rubio is to kill all chances of reaching a higher office, especially in politics. Past tense: "rubioed".
Interesting, @Rubio.
The reason I got "carole" was that in Portuguese it means "devoted (to the church)"
8:23 AM
Yep, sorry Rubio, you're never going to become a CM. :P
But I see it doesn't have such a meaning in English, so that was luck
Also, @Sid
@Mithrandir I would think this should have precluded me from even becoming a room owner in here, let alone a Mod. :)
@Ankoganit Urban Dictionary is looking more and more accurate by the minute :P
@Rubio I think we're misunderstanding the situation. You Rubioed others.
8:26 AM
Ah. That may be.
BRB changing my display name to Sid
I found this interesting, btw: six people voted for Mithrandir only, no 2nd or 3rd choice.
I've just sent a nice defn for techidiot for a review :p
Not like their 2nd/3rd choices would have made a difference
Are there are any other only first choice votes?
8:29 AM
Yes, many
Mua ha ha. I have got power, apparently.
  1 Marius 0 0
  2 Glorfindel 0 0
  2 JonMarkPerry 0 0
  2 Rubio 0 0
  2 stackreader 0 0
  5 GarethMcCaughan 0 0
  6 Mithrandir 0 0
Making n_palum the only candidate who didn't have at least one person cast a vote only for them hehe
@Rubio all my socks That's weird.
8:32 AM
@Anko Yep. All of that is true. I am telling you. :P
I only have two socks, both of which only have 3 rep on Puzzling :P
I have a lot of socks. I keep them in a drawer.
Though, I don't know about 7 TBH. :P
8:35 AM
I only have socks of two types, so I can pull 3 at random and make sure I get a pair
Pigeonhole being useful in real life
What's the point of having two socks with 3 rep?
Well, one actually has an account on SFF with 90 rep or so
And the other I wanted to see the welcome message again
Q: Chat game rooms

boboquackWe've now got two rooms for games on chat: Codenames and Contact. I'm excited that these chat rooms have formed. But I'm wondering, should they be separate? A reason, perhaps, that they should be seperate, is that they could interfere with each other when playing. However, in the near future, ...

@PuzzlingMeta what the heck Meta, that was posted ages ago
8:40 AM
@Rubio meta feeds are always slow for some reason :/
two hours slow? hehe
Maybe the engineers just think those questions are less urgent?
@Rubio it was like 8 hours or so on Lit yesterday
8:47 AM
@Sid @Ankoganit thanks for the congratulations. I will try to be capricious and partisan. Damn, did i say that out loud?
> A Gareth is self-critical and analytical, making him logical, level headed and incredibly easy to admire.
Whoa, how did they know?
I will agree to that. ^
Well @boboquack, that is certainly an explicit hint you added to your puzzle there :P
Wait, Urban Dictionary is not supposed to be right
> Also known for their ability to seduce and charm the ladies with their devilishly good looking hair and smile
I wish
Try searching Deusovi...
No definitions for Ankoganit
We will need to add one
What in the world is this Deusovi definition
9:07 AM
This is closest for my name :p
I promise I did not write (or modify) the Urban Dictionary entry for my name. But I think I can guess the first names of some people who did.
I think I can guess the first names of some people who would promise they did not write (or modify) the Urban Dictionary entry for their name.
@Rubio You spelled Gareth's name wrong. You're fired.
Yes, yes. I've already fixed the source. :)
(Also - fixed here)
9:21 AM
Liking the new chat edit powers? :-)
How's things @Rand? You kinda went off the grid for a bit there.
And - dear God yes. You've no idea how long I've coveted that capability :)
DO NOT Search my name in Urban Dictionary
@Rubio Yeah, I've been away. Still really busy, and haven't even checked my 50 SE notifications yet, but at least I'm sort of around again now.
Q: Finding digits that sum to 15

rand al'thorRand and Rubio are playing a game in which they each take turns to pick a digit between 1 and 9, without replacement (i.e. all digits chosen are distinct). If one of them manages to get three digits which sum to 15, then he wins. If neither player achieves this, they both lose. Rand goes first. ...

Damn, now @Rubio can win by just banning Rand.
Well - glad to see you back, I was getting a little worried there.
BTW, @JamalSenjaya , is your profile picture a puzzle, if I may ask?
9:24 AM
It was a puzzle they posted not long ago yeah
Oh, I must have missed it
Ok found it
@Rubio Well, now you know how to summon me: just get someone's name wrong ;-)
Yes, I posted it as Rebus
Nice one!
@Randal'Thor Gareth already pointed it out elsewhere. I was suitably sheepish and fixed it hehe
9:27 AM
@Rubio You're a sheep? I thought you were a dog or something.
I'm... uh... a sheep-dog? I am confused myself now
Chat edit powers are fun, and you never get any mod abuse complaints thrown at you
in The Reading Room, 12 hours ago, by Riker
mod abuse 11 @Mithrandir
@Mithrandir Well it's not like I'm planning on crashing some random chat room and replacing every message I see with the words "I SNIFF BUTTS". Though, that would certainly be a grand way of fulfilling a campaign promise :)
9:32 AM
I LOLed.
@Rubio Ooooh, that's a good idea. I suggest trying it in the Teachers' Lounge.
@Mithrandir What did you actually do, as it wasn't particularly obvious from context?
@Rubio look at the history of the preceding message
Ah. heh
You dastardly fiend, you.
9:35 AM
Mod abuse help.
Is the "11" someone keeping score?
No, it was a reference
@Rubio I assume it's a reference to MOD ABUSE!!!1!11!!!
see the 11 in there? ^
Gem-red moderator joins us (7)
9:37 AM
in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, yesterday, by Ixrec
9 mins ago, by Mithrandir
@PaulWhite MOD ABUSE!!11!!eleven
ah. yeah stripped of any !!s with it, it wasn't apparent. good stuff.
@Rubio Wait, isn't it ridiculously early for you over there?
@Randal'Thor Ssshhh. We don't speak of this.
Or have you come to join us on the Light Side?
9:42 AM
Hey Rand. It's good to see you.
←The number of blue names over there is too damn high
Also, there's a very fine line separating "ridiculously early" and "ridiculously late"
And Congrats Rubio.
Danke. (For the congrats and the music.)
9:43 AM
Hehe. Humanshi is really a word?
I forgot they made a full song (of sorts) with part 10
@manshu Humans, hi!
I loved that song. So I searched it rightaway.
Oh. But it is known that I am a Martian.
Oh, apparently it's also a woman's name.
9:45 AM
Never believe Urban Dictionary.
So.. who's the hottest, cutest, prettiest little lady in all of america? That's right. It's me.
How does Urban Dictionary work?
@manshu It's a bit like SO for words
I don't understand how those definitions get accepted..
9:47 AM
@Sid They don't
@incesterror21 Great minds think alike. I also wanted to look that up, but was too lazy.
They're automatically accepted IIRC, but usually there are multiple definitions and the more upvoted ones (indicating more consensus) rise to the top
I know that much but that site ridiculously number of definitions of words
How did they do it?
Oh. Democratic site it is
9:49 AM
@manshu It's 18 years old is how
believe it or not, they are not automatically accepted
Err.. @rand you live in a forest?
Some coworkers tried to submit definitions and got most of them rejected
9:50 AM
Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases that was founded in 1999 as a parody of Dictionary.com and Vocabulary.com by then-college freshman Aaron Peckham. Some of the definitions on the website can be found as early as 1999, but most early definitions are from 2003. At the start of 2014, the dictionary featured over seven million definitions, while 2,000 new daily entries were being added. In November 2014, the Advertise page of the website states that, on a monthly basis, Urban Dictionary averages 72 million impressions and 18 million unique readers. Anyone...
A forest with an airport
Rand sometimes goes by the name Tarzan. :p
> it is claimed that all entries are reviewed by several volunteers
@Sid The mighty forest of Puzz, with its riddwood trees and its fallen iclogs.
I'm a riddler and I'm OK,
I sleep all night and I work all day.
I solve puzzles, I use my votes,
I go to the chatrooms three.
On meta I go posting,
And have lots of mods for tea.
> have lots of mods for tea
For some reason this does not sound like a good thing :P
9:56 AM
It has at least two interpretations.
@Sp3000 ok I give up :)
RUBIO+US is apparently a word
Ooh are we making mod special cryptics?
He's primarily after great puzzles! (6)
@Ankoganit Old hat.
Q: A local puzzler lawyering around with a finish door

rand al'thorHere's a nice cryptic crossword clue for Puzzling SE: A local puzzler lawyering around with a finish door (7).

10:00 AM
@Sid yep
H after GREAT* &Lit.
@Ankoganit I was playing around with both of their usernames because why not :P
@Randal'Thor Oh that's why Deus made a CC for you in his great CC question. :o
Everything seems to be so connected
@manshu Which one? Linky?
10:02 AM
Q: Cryptic Clue Guide

Deusovi This post is not a puzzle. There is nothing puzzly hidden inside it or the self-answer, posted at the same time. What exactly is a cryptic crossword clue, and how do I write one?

I like that CC. Wonderful surface reading. @anko.
Oh, that thing.
That's not a question :-P
But he made that CC.
@Sid thanks!
On you. For you.
10:04 AM
I remember.
But you said "his great CC question", and I assumed you meant a big metapuzzle or something that I'd missed.
Anyway, gtg. Nice to see you again, @all :-)
I meant that that question was all about CC
see ya
Also, @anko have you got enough time/interest to do a writeup on that thing of beauty puzzle?
Probably, but it feels kind of guilty getting rep without doing any real work :P
Besides, I don't remember half the things I did
goes off to attempt the Guardian's cryptics
10:10 AM
But yeah, I plan to put up one this month
@ffao Not much than people already had
@bobo I think you made the mi so puzzle too hard. I personally didn't try the puzzle as I get scared by seeing that much music-related stuff in there.
Oh well. It's a learning journey
(And my aim is to bring what I consider to be good puzzles to the site, not easy ones)
For example, the puzzle here:
Q: Diary of a hairdresser

boboquackToday I went to cut my hair, and the hairdresser told me a weird story. Yesterday, I had a group of people come to cut their hair. Together, they embodied the one type of hair I hate. A celebrity came in first, and brightly asked me to trim a bit past the middle. A player came in next, a...

Was only meant to be a quick puzzle for my metapuzzle
It ended up being my most popular puzzle to date
So solve time/upvotes/view/puzzle quality are not necessarily related
coughHNQ :P
10:23 AM
Hi everyone!
Many people get scared by hard puzzles, and you have to be lucky to snag Deus or some other person who will take enough time to unravel the puzzle
Solve time/upvotes are slightly related up to a point because of HNQ, but definitely neither are correlated with puzzle quality
Hey there
Hi @Wen1now
What's HNQ?
Hot Network Questions
10:24 AM
The things you see on the right side of the homepage
@Sid linky?
Well, that's how I found the site...
^^^That renders badly
for me
10:26 AM
Is COFIN as a word good enough?
What context?
I can't say too much more without spoiling the puzzle
Is it even a word?
In general, I'd say no personally
I don't think so
10:27 AM
(if this is for a puzzle)
Does anyone else see the stackexchange above in white? ^^^^^^^^^^^^
It's just a white box for me
@Ankoganit Yeah, because the writing is white
ok folks, I'm off for a few hours - GameN
10:30 AM
It's happened on TNB like once before as well
@Rubio Didn't notice you were on. GameN to you too
@Rubio See you oh mighty overlord ○| ̄|_
Did you mean:
More like
Good point
@boboquack That's what I see
Ooh look, the black users have taken over the right of the page again. Phew, the moderator rebellion has ended
10:55 AM
We shall return...
11:29 AM
@Sid Done.
@Ankoganit Nice! I just realised, this is from before I joined PSE. I feel young now...
12:09 PM
@Rubio Not sure if that's good or bad...
Wow, bad voter turnout
"2,485 voters were eligible, 978 visited the site during the election, 745 visited the election page, and 397 voted"
Pretty standard around SE, actually
I don't remember it being that bad last time
That's what I said
I'm still amazed at how close it was.
12:18 PM
@n_palum You weren't here last time though...
in Puzzling 2017 Moderator Election Chat, 16 hours ago, by n_palum
2,485 voters were eligible, 978 visited the site during the election, 745 visited the election page, and 397 voted
@dcfyj He is referring to ^
I figured :P
Yeaaa :P
12:21 PM
They said Evening and Afternoon, neither of which is morning lol
Maybe I didn't want to use the gaMen this time
You used it anyways though hehe
I haven't been sleeping well and resorted to coffee this morning D:
Ew, coffee is nasty
12:25 PM
Just use hot chocolate
I prefer water
(by itself)
I usually just drink water
I don't really like coffee.. but I had no choice...
(Eyes bugging out) Everything is fine
I usually wake up at 8, brush teeth etc, grab a glass of water, and dash out at 8:30. Then at like 9:40 I return home, wash up, and check SE. Then breakfast is at 10. :D
You're also home schooled, no?
Sorry, pressed enter by accident
@n_palum yep
12:28 PM
I'm up at 630 for work ಠ_ಠ
I get up at 7 and go to work at 7:40-50 to get there by 8
Everyone else I work with tends to get in by 8 or 9 but I'm in by 730 at least
I can't stand leaving after 4
My brother gets to work at like 10:30, usually, if he decides to head in and not work from home.
I don't get to work from home because I'm not full time D:
12:36 PM
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #_#
@n_palum I do on occasion but usually I stay in the office
I'd honestly rather work from home. It's not like I'm needed in the office.
@n_palum My dad works from home (MSFT) and it is sweet
1:15 PM
Q: Matchstick puzzle next version

Deepak MahulikarHere is a matchstick equation which is obviously wrong. 18019=1 Make the equation correct by moving "fewest" matchsticks (my solution involves 3 moves). You may use numbers, letters, Roman Numerals but only as below 1 matchstick used for - or / (subtract or divide) 2 Matchsticks used for I ...

1:30 PM
@Deus :/
1:50 PM
@Deusovi Take that frown and turn it over to codenames ;)
@n_palum Sorry, can't play. At work.
Q: No More Kings puzzle

David StarkeyInspired by the game No More Kings Rules: You start as the black piece. Your goal is to capture every piece on the board. The king must be the last piece captured. Captured pieces are used as the next move. Example: If a rook captures a bishop, play continues from the position of the bishop ...

2 hours later…
3:51 PM
2017: "2,485 voters were eligible, 978 visited the site during the election, 745 visited the election page, and 397 voted"
2016: "1,964 voters were eligible, 928 visited the site during the election, 868 visited the election page, and 417 voted "
so, more people around but less interest-per-person in the mod election. Fair enough, I think. Was the 2016 a more complete replacement of the mod team?
2017: 53.29% voter turnout
2016: 48.04% voter turnout
(from the ones that visited the election page)
yes, but relatively fewer bothered to visit the election page at all
More eligible, more visited the site, fewer visited the page, fewer voted. 2017->2016
@GarethMcCaughan 2106 was moving from pro-tempore moderators (beta site) to "permanent" elected moderators. The pro-tem terms were all ending, and 3 new moderators were being elected. (It turned out that one of the new elected moderators was Emrakul, who had been a pro-tem moderator.)
3:58 PM
@dcfyj the election spread over a week this year. LAst year, it was only 4 days.
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