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8:01 PM
I forgot I needed to get groceries today
since everything was closed yesterday
That feeling when you realize you spent nearly 2 hours working on an answer
@StevenVascellaro was it worth it? Is it a good answer?
@BlueBarren I'd say so.
A: What projectiles can Genji deflect?

Steven VascellaroGenji can deflect Genji's Shuriken McCree's Revolver, Flashbang, and Deadeye Pharah's Rocket Launcher, Concussive Blast, and Rocket Barrage Reaper's Shotgun and Death Blossom Soldier 76's Pulse Rifle, Helix Rockets, and Biotic Field1 (Source) Sombra's Machine Pistol Tracer's Pulse Pistols and P...

@StevenVascellaro it was already answered, why put in that much effort?
I found 3 or 4 different questions about Genji's reflect in Overwatch.
Q: Can Genji deflect melee attacks?

KaizerwolfI understand that Genji can deflect pretty much anything, save for beam weapons and a handful of lethal accessories. Can he deflect melee attacks though? I've been playing more Reaper lately, so I'm at a much closer proximity to characters, and normally if a Genji uses his deflect I stop firing t...

Q: What projectiles can Genji deflect?

dead insideAccording to the Genji Gamepedia page, Reflect's ability is: With lightning-quick swipes of his sword, Genji reflects an oncoming projectile and sends it rebounding towards his opponent. It's not exactly clear what this means. Does this mean that reflect can only reflect non-hitscan proje...

Q: Can Genji deflect Sombra's Translocator?

DanmakuGrazerSince Sombra's Translocator is physically thrown to its destination, can an enemy Genji deflect it? If so, how does it behave? Will Sombra still be able to teleport to it like Junkrat can detonate a deflected mine, even if it switches to the enemy team?

Q: When does a reflected Junkrat mine explode?

PuddlerUsually Junkrat can throw a mine that is triggered by the user. If the mine is reflected by Genji when does it explode? Is it user triggered and if so by which player?

Figured I'd answer all of them with 1 mega answer
8:06 PM
so you were trying to answer it in a way that no one would have to ask the question again?
@BlueBarren Exactly
Fair enough I guess
Plus, when I searched online, I couldn't actually find a single comprehensive answer to the question
8:20 PM
Fox News retracts story on Seth Rich murder investigation. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/23/statement-on-coverage-seth-rich-murder-investigation.html
Holy shit they did something good
Am I actually dead?
@BlueBarren because that's kinda what SE is good at, allowing someone to come along with a better/different/more detailed answer
@StevenVascellaro good idea imo. Have an vpvote.
Speaking of putting in effort, I should really finish up that binary adder answer
@Vidya_James Ah yes, space Zelda
This is Canon now
Also that's coming up soon
8:31 PM
Shit, it is isn't it
space, space, get triforce of space, space, hmf, hmf, hmf
Soonish anyway
I forgot how good the Ys soundtrack is
That's one metric Undertale of doggos.
8:40 PM
@Dragonrage look at him gooooo
Fact: Dogs are immune to physics when chasing a ball.
@MadMAxJr this is false
we just get into the realm of quantum dogamics.
Then you have a dog in a superposition of having the ball and not having the ball at the same time.
@Wipqozn I noticed a similarly large amount of questions about Mercy's damage boost. Unfortunately, those questions are more narrow/specific. Do you think it'd be ok to self-answer a more generalized question?
8:43 PM
@Dragonrage "Page not found"
@StevenVascellaro its a deleted
you're not 10k
so close to 10k...
It was deleted immediately after it was posted. Maybe they changed their mind
8:44 PM
All of you up in your 10k treehouse.
I'll build my own 3k funhouse over here. No 10k allowed!
@murgatroid99 or they realized they needed to message a cm to delete it
@StevenVascellaro I'd need to see the already existing questions before deciding if I thought that was a good idea
@StevenVascellaro I did that
No one liked it
oh, hey its that purple paperclip person again
8:53 PM
@Wipqozn Here, let me post a list of them
whats up @Ullallulloo
Q: Does Mercy's Damage Boost apply to Ana's healing?

mjrI know it's called Damage Boost, but unlike other healers Ana is using her weapon to heal allies, so maybe it would increase her healing. Does anyone know how these two abilities affect each other?

Q: Is D.Va's ultimate affected by Mercy's damage boost?

DGarvanskiI know that D.Va's ultimate negates Zenyata's discord orb but does it get buffed by Mercy's damage boost if she's using it on you before you activate your self-destruct or does the buff stay on D.Va herself after you launch the mech? It's not really a question of whether it's useful or not, sinc...

Q: Does Mercy's damage buff affect structures?

Jeremy AvalonMercy's Caduceus staff has an alt-fire that increases an ally's damage while channeled. Does this damage buff also extend to structures, such as Torbjörn's turrets or Symmetra's sentries, if their owner is currently receiving the buff? If so, is it global -- that is, is there a maximum range the...

@Dragonrage oh y'know
Q: How does Mercy's damage buff interact with Genji's Deflect ability?

BrantWhen Genji uses his Deflect ability on an incoming projectile, what happens in the following situations? If Mercy was buffing the player who originally fired the projectile, does it retain the damage bonus after Genji deflects it? If Mercy is buffing Genji at the time he reflects the projectile...

Q: How does Mercy's damage buff work?

DanmakuGrazerMercy's alternate use of her Caduceus Staff boosts the damage of whoever is affected by it. How much is the boost, and is there anything that it cannot buff?

Got a degree now, so I'm chilling for the summer
8:53 PM
@Ullallulloo just holding things together?
@Ullallulloo oh, cool congrats
@Dragonrage you know it
@Dragonrage thanks!
All of them are basically the same question
"Does Mercy's damage boost affect X?"
@StevenVascellaro That's why I asked mine
People got mad
@StevenVascellaro just post a new answer to this (if needed) and then toss @DanmakuGrazer an upvote
@StevenVascellaro Do you think the question should be edited to include the Supercharger?
9:06 PM
@Dragonrage I think the reason you got downvoted was because of the question's scope. IE; "How does Mercy's damage buff work?" is more vague than "What abilities are affected by Mercy's damage buff?"
Let me make a suggested edit before I put my answer together
@StevenVascellaro It was because I asked it specifically to be a broader version of existing questions, so they wouldn't be asked over and over again. At least I'm pretty sure that's why.
@DanmakuGrazer I'll be brutally honest. The first time I saw your question I thought, "How much is the boost? That's insanely easy to search"
It looks like someone actually did ask a more generalized version
Q: What ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy?

dead insideWhat ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy? We already know that D.va's ultimate can be damage boosted by Mercy, but are there other ultimates that can be damage boosted by Mercy? Can all ultimates be damage boosted by Mercy?

Yeah I'm pretty sure that was the one
The point at which I went "Alright, that's getting stupid enough"
Yeah you can see the "possible duplicate" comment
People didn't like that is my guess
I feel like that question is the one that should have been asked actually
It's a very generalized question
Not enough
9:12 PM
I just marked the Dva Self Destruct as a duplicate of this one
All this question would really need to be a cannonical question/answer is "What ultimates & abilities can be damage boosted by Mercy?"
Then it would cover everything
Ultimates are abilities
Weapons are not abilities however
So it wouldn't cover everything
@DanmakuGrazer Actually, with the way they're displayed in quick info, weapons are abilities.
Or at the very least, there's nothing that distinguishes between the two.
S:76's Sprint has no cooldown.
And neither does Lucio's Crossfade.
They don't use ammo
9:16 PM
Lucio's soundwave uses ammo
D.Va's mech doesn't use ammo.
The Photon Whatever have infinite ammo
I'm putting together an answer now to include all abilities
@DanmakuGrazer Then abilities have infinite ammo.
That's a funny way of looking at it
I'm not sure you'll find many people calling weapons abilities
9:17 PM
Walking has infinite ammo.
@Dragonrage shrug let them quit if they want.
Even if there's no mechanical difference between the two
I'm just saying that if you think there's no meaningful distinction between ultimates and abilities, then by the same logic there's no meaningful distinction between abilities and weapons.
Even Reinhardt's hammer has ammo
I'm not surprised they got down votes for the Isaac question.
9:18 PM
Weapons are always active and displayed on the bottom right corner of the HUD
Abilities can be activated
Ability icons are there.
And weapons are activated with left-click.
Either way, the difference is fairly minimal
I mean, you can keep saying that if you want
But you're basically alone in calling weapons abilities
If you say "abilities", people won't think of weapons
And you can keep saying ultimates are abilities if you want.
You mean "ultimate abilities"?
Come on, I don't really believe you believe this
9:21 PM
3 mins ago, by Yuuki
I'm just saying that if you think there's no meaningful distinction between ultimates and abilities, then by the same logic there's no meaningful distinction between abilities and weapons.
You can't say "ultimates are abilities" and then attempt to logically follow with "weapons are different".
No, not by the same logic
They're called abilities
Mhmm. Okay.
Again though
Does it -really- matter?
You want to call everything "abilities" instead of "things"?
everything matters to someone
Just do it if it's that big of a deal
Don't expect people to understand though
@Ash Does it come with the Substitute doll?
TIL Finland doesn't exist.
> The general idea is that Finland does not exist, and the land there is actually just part of the Baltic Sea. According to the theory, Finland was created during the Cold War (however some people say as early as the 1920s), by Russia and Japan. The construct "Finland" allows Japan to fish in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Russia without restriction from competition, catch limits, environmental regulations, or other concerns. In return, Russia gets a percentage of the catch. This catch is then transported across Russia to Eastern Russia (which again according to the theory is the reason
I what how how does that even how do people even oh god my brain hurts
> 1- What about Finnish people? Are they all in on the conspiracy?
A. No. People from Finland genuinely believe they're from Finland. In reality they are from small towns on either the Eastern part of Sweden, the Western part of Russia, or the Northern part of Estonia.
> 8- I'm Finnish and your attack on my people and culture is insulting.
A. I'm not insulting Finnish people or culture. I don't even deny that there is Finnish culture. When you have a collective of a few million people identifying as Finnish then of course a culture will be built around it. I'm simply saying that that the landmass of Finland isn't actually there. It doesn't mean there can't be a culture or identity of being Finnish however.
@Ash it can always get better
This is actually pretty amazing.
9:41 PM
Wait, they're saying that the country of Finland actually doesn't exist?
I've been to Finland so now you get to decide if I'm one of the pawns or a ringleader of the conspiracy
@TimStone Have you been to Finland? Or have you just been to eastern Sweden?
@SaintWacko I can't tell if this is a joke conspiracy or not and at this point, I'm finding this too funny to care.
@Yuuki how do they even decide "the landmass of Finland isn't actually there" like it's so damn arbitrary and I just aaaaaaaaaa
> That's probably the most complicated way of explaining why the Nokia import numbers are too high for Japan.
> I like how part of the explanation is just that Finland is too good to be real.
> 5- Why do other countries go along with it?
A. At first it was a sign of goodwill between Western Countries and the Soviet Union. A bargaining chip that could be played. But Finland has since evolved to something much more. An idealistic placeholder for what countries should aspire to. No real country could so consistently place first in Education, Healthcare, Gender Equality, Literacy Rates, National Stability, The least corrupt government in the world, Freedom of the press. It's a concept for countries and people to aspire to. But that's where the problems about Finland's existence is d
@Yuuki I'm still trying to figure out what part of Finland is supposedly not there, tbh :P
9:45 PM
@TimStone Judging from what I'm reading, all of it.
It seems Klei is taking on Spacebase DF9 store.steampowered.com/app/457140/Oxygen_Not_Included
Part of me wants to just get annoyed at how people are wired to believe in conspiracy theories but this is just so outlandish that it's wrapped around to just being entertaining.
@Yuuki I mean obviously this is just stupid but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how the people are from any of Eastern Sweden, Western Russia, or Northern Estonia
Like if you were to go from Point A to Point B in this Fake Finland I don't see how that's physically possible and still possible for the Baltic Sea to be there to be fished
10:00 PM
See, here's the beauty of it: there's multiple Helsinkis.
Ah, that makes a little more sense. But Estonia's capital is on the northern shore, so that still seems like an odd claim
What is unclear about this accurate map?
I feel like my flight from Riga to Tampere would have taken a bit longer if that was how things worked
10:17 PM
The plane flew in circles to fool you.
That would work if the flight had to be longer, but in this case it'd have to be shorter
All planes except the one from Riga to Tampere fly in circles to fool you.
@TimStone simple: the world is flat
@Yuuki @DanmakuGrazer See anything I missed?
@Avery it only appears flat because its in 4D
10:24 PM
@StevenVascellaro What's this an answer to?
Q: What ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy?

dead insideWhat ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy? We already know that D.va's ultimate can be damage boosted by Mercy, but are there other ultimates that can be damage boosted by Mercy? Can all ultimates be damage boosted by Mercy?

@StevenVascellaro I don't see a mention of Genji's Swift Strike.
@StevenVascellaro Why exactly?
@Dragonrage lies
I probably wouldn't bother upvoting an answer that goes so far out of the scope of the question
10:25 PM
world is 2d
@Avery what if we are 4D beings and the world is 3D, so it looks flat
The world is locally flat
@Yuuki I tried not to inlcude every ability, since nearly every single damaging ability in the game would need to be included
10:26 PM
The only abilities I included were questionable ones, like Junkrat or Widowmaker's mines
@StevenVascellaro Is this arbitrary?
@Avery what if it was 1D
@DanmakuGrazer The previous answer didn't include all the ultimates
@Dragonrage you're the pixel
Why add normal abilities?
10:27 PM
It failed to mention that ultimates like Junkrat's rip tire did not work
Why add stuff like Resurrect?
The answer says what can be buffed
Because technically, resurrect is an Ultimate
And it cannot be buffed
I could remove it
If you made a good answer, it'd just be the existing one
The answer isn't missing anything
Except maybe clarification on Blizzard/Pulse Bomb
@Avery no the real world is 2D. that's where the Waifus and Husbandos are
Adding arbitrary regular abilities and things like Sound Barrer is unnecessary
10:29 PM
we just live in a shitty 3D world without Waifus and Husbandos
Q: Can I split the walls?

Anthony PhamWithin the new Builder base, there are of course, walls. These walls though come in groups of 5 or 10 and seem to be inseparable. Also, when buying new walls, there are in inseparable sets of 5 walls attached to each other. This would disallow flexible base design, something I cannot afford for d...

I dunno, I've seen Summer Glau fight. That seems like waif fu.
@Memor-X goes to market to buy stuff hoping she gets teleported to the real world
or do I need to become great at every game with a name of blank
10:32 PM
@StevenVascellaro I'm gonna disappear now, sleep time
@Beedrill To be fair, that's the actual article name on TVTropes
Q: Can a US President and Vice President both be impeached in one process?

BigDataLouis...OR in other words, is there a scenario where the President gets forced out in a way that prevents the Vice President from succeeding him or her?

hm, interesting
are you so desperate to not have Pence 46
pence isn't trump, but pence isn't all that great either
@badp He's a pretty shitty person. I'd be happy to never have him as president. Though, it's not like Paul Ryan is that much better.
10:37 PM
they're both choice people, don't get me wrong
points to the conversion therapy issues with pence
points to ryan's ryancare
but Trump's whole thing is based on false equivalence
And even if we go down to Orrin Hatch, he's not so great either. Wikipedia has a quotation of his directly comparing gay people to Nazis
@murgatroid99 is there any elected person who is any better? or are all the voted in republicans just shit people
they're pretty shitty by association tbh
10:39 PM
@Memor-X I'm not even sure what elected official is next in line after that
by failing to distance themselves from Trump, they're kind of just as bad
I checked at some point
it goes down like 5 or 6 impeachments, all are terrible, after that it's an undefined state.
@badp The fact that they're all spineless cowards doesn't mean that their actual policies and actions would be exactly as bad as Trump's if they were in charge
@Memor-X The current official Republican party platform is "fuck everybody" so it's going to be a rough couple years even if people start getting removed from office.
@murgatroid99 "kind of."
10:41 PM
@Beedrill I have to assume that if you go down far enough, you hit a Democrat eventually
but that's so far removed from reality that it's not really worth considering
even getting just Trump out seems pretty unlikely
at least before 2018
Actually, that's not true. Of the 17 people currently in the line of succession, none are Democrats
Q: -TERRARIA- If I create a secondary world to boost my first, will I keep items from the secondary world after deleting it?

Steven Joesph McLainI'm new to Terraria, and only just discovered being able to enter different worlds with one character, I have 4 world already and wanted to delete one, all worlds I've gotten items that I brought back to world one, I'm just wondering if I delete one world if the items I received will stay? ~I'm v...

It's not really surprising, though. Most are cabinet members, who are of course mostly Republicans
Oh, it's only 16 because the Secretary of Transportation isn't a natural-born citizen of the US.
Bummer for him or her. So close. Yet so far.
10:45 PM
@murgatroid99 Mitch McConnell being the first male First Spouse would be hilarious though, a real shame
@JoshPetrie She's 14th in line. It would take a major catastrophe to get that far down before the next election.
so um
Isn't, what's his name, Mr. 24, in a new show about that?
A major catastrophe that removes the entire executive branch and line of succession down to him, or something?
so many blues
10:48 PM
if all 16 are in the white house or parliament or whatever for a session, and there's a earthquake and the place collapses and they all die...
@Memor-X Your doom is upon you.
We know what you did.
@badp For this exact reason, the entire Presidential line of succession is never together
If that situation happened for real, we'd probably hold a special election fairly quickly.
10:49 PM
@badp For the Inauguration, for example, there's always one of them that stays in a different location
@murgatroid99 ah.
I kinda doubt the 16th in line would serve as President for the rest of the term.
If all of those gathered together died, and the one that's separate independently died at the same time, I don't know what would happen
@badp See also: the TV show Designated Survivor. I haven't watched it, but I've heard that it's good
"sorry Potential Potus 61 you have to spend the next four years in this bunker at the bottom of the sea"
"don't worry we'll come for you"
I'm pretty sure it's a rotation. Like "I'm sorry, Mr Secretary of Education, you don't get to go to this year's State of the Union"
10:52 PM
ah, this must be why Trump skipped that evening comedy thing
it was his day off
@JoshPetrie i keep telling you people i'm not Jeff. i just a bunch of very large paperweights which looked like nukes. how was i supposed to know they were actually nukes
The real question is which Jeff is that
From the Overwatch team, Atwood, or someone else entirely
Jeff Foxworthy
@Unionhawk jeff gordon
11:05 PM
Does anyone know of a list of console commands for freedoom phase 2? or Brutal doom? Recently reinstalled Windows and wiped my C:\ so lost my save. I want to wrap to the level I was at, and get my weapons back
this has been your commercial break
@TimmyJim this help? zdoom.org/wiki/Cheat_code
@Dragonrage i saw that, but only some of them work. I
I'm having trouble finding a defined list for my game - it should be Freedoom Phase 2
From what I understand at least
11:12 PM
hmm, well good luck, i havent played that game
Hey bridge pick a number: 5 6 10 13 14
11:14 PM
@Unionhawk 42
@Unionhawk 10
6 has it
@Unionhawk but there were also 2x 13s
@GnomeSlice doesn't get and didn't cast 2 votes and also I make the rules here
11:18 PM
yeah I missed that
@Unionhawk but 42 is a much better number
@Dragonrage that's even an overflow error in this case
@Unionhawk ur an overflow error
> Excalibur: FOOL! what right do you have to say which number is best
> BlackStar: you just asked us to choose a number!
Oh fuck you imgur for making it harder for me to upload from mobile
Oh stack imgur likes my phone now
Technically up to 32 not including 12 17 21 27 and 29 was valid
11:23 PM
@Yuuki hue
@Unionhawk i have no idea what any of those are. maybe get one of each so you know your favorite for next time
That's why I presented a subset
@Yuuki hue
Also _ Brown is a funny one because it was Gnarly Brown until Gnarly Head Wine threw a trademark dispute at them
@Dragonrage and you don't know what these are because they don't distribute in CA
Or outside OH and maybe KY
no one is interested in your flyover brands @uni
11:29 PM
More for me then screw you guys (unless any of you guys end up in Cincinnati for any reason rip @lesspop the most likely to do that)
It's half past one and I'm getting kinda hungry. Please to advise
@badp just ask yourself, what would italian spiderman do?
Ahhh, I remember the good ol' university days of knowing which restaurants on CampusFoods were open until 3:00 am
@Unionhawk remind me to send you pictures of Bar Gollem
twitch seems to be broken for me
11:30 PM
@Unionhawk also, because i assume they are alcoholic beverages, and i dont drink
This is also an acceptable response
The only bad thing about this place is the pizza kitchen takes a long-ass time
@Unionhawk I don't get?
@GnomeSlice @uni is bad at words
is twitch broken for anyone else?
11:35 PM
@Unionhawk he said, right before they texted him that his pizza was done
i cant load it on any browser, but i can on my phone
@GodEmperorDune the sentence makes sense to me but I also might be dumb so idk
@Unionhawk you're not dumb, you're just WRONG! NO PUPPET! YOU'RE THE PUPPET!
I mean to be fair some would consider goetta pizza to be wrong so
Q: Why will steam randomly go offline when i'm in the middle of a game?

Krysom-YTsometimes when I play Call of Duty Black Ops 3, steam disconnects from the servers. I don't use any shortcuts to open the game and I always have perfect connection to the internet (I use Ethernet anyway so that shouldn't matter). the only way to fix it (temporarily) is to restart my router and my...

11:39 PM
But it might be the best thing I have ever consumed in my life so
Scrapple > Goetta which I have never had, fite me
I haven't had the former, but goetta is the most superior of all the breakfast meats
But it's highly localized
But holy shit the grease level here makes this superb "with an IPA" food
But the description might actually kill badp so
@GnomeSlice I think I linked this to you before, but I only just now got around to listening to it myself, so linking again: alexroe.bandcamp.com/album/invoke
Really nice well I was doing some coding. Was relaxing. Honestly didn't even notice it play ing. TIME FLEW.
I looooooooooooooooooooooove fidget spinners, because I'm a hip teenager into todays trends.
It didn't advance to the next song for some reason before
Yes I did
and I'll mod abuse anyone that doesn't agree
and if you try to complain, @TimStone will just mod abuse your complaints away!
@Wipqozn oh, is that his new album? Nice, I haven't listened to it yet either
@Unionhawk Good to know!
Hey man I'm all for tools that allow people like me to be able to concentrate on things more easily
@Unionhawk Honestly those kids just need to get fidget cubes
like all us cool adults
My fidget cube is pretty rad tbh.
11:57 PM
@Wipqozn because people make up all sorts of fake news study crap
@GnomeSlice What I've listened to so far is good. I was so focused on work I didn't realize bandcamp was goofy and wasn't autoadvancing tracks for some reason.
I'll need to make sure to listen to the full album tomorrow
@Wipqozn "effect" should have been a dead giveaway
@Wipqozn weird... It should
@GnomeSlice oh snap
look at @GnomeSlice tossing down the sick burns
@GnomeSlice yeah it seems to be working fine now though...
Study: @Wipqozn effects gravity somehow
@Avery oohhh, that's how I found myself open with this again.
11:58 PM
Plus, spinning isn't what causes gravity
@Unionhawk My ego is pretty huge
A: The Memes of Arqade and its Chat

user821Meme: Wipqozn's law of gravitation. Every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to Minecraft and TF2. Originator: Wipqozn Cultural height: Whenever there's an active conversation on The Bridge Background: http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1228881#1228881


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