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12:10 AM
Q: A Fruitful Riddle

yummypastaI am warm and fuzzy, but I have a stone heart. I taste very good, just put me in your cart. As an adjective, I'm nice and fair, but if you're in the forest, I am tasty to a bear. What am I?

12:26 AM
Some nice person downvoted eight of my answers within a period of about a minute, an hour or so ago. That seems rather too quick to be the result of careful consideration of their merits :-). Anyone else received similar treatment?
Nope, someone just loves you.
Excellent! It's nice to be loved.
Actually it's totally me - I'm going to keep downvoting your stuff until you lose an election point for rep. Don't tell the Mods. ;)
Good luck with that.
Nope, nothing here either. It'll probably be reversed soon.
12:36 AM
I expect so (though I don't know what policy is on this sort of thing).
serial vote detection kicks in
Actually I wonder how that works - I recall once going through the "Clues" series, which had reached the teens by that time I'm guessing, and upvoting ones I thought were good - that would likely have been a series of upvotes by the same user for puzzles of the same user in a short, but not unrealistically rapid, time frame. I wonder if those counted. If it reverts votes, does the voter get notified somehow?
if you were voting a good mix of questions and answers, it may have been considered legitimate
I suppose I could go look and see if I have upvotes still on them, but effort
12:43 AM
Q: A 3-person hat puzzle (no, not that one) (no, not that one either!)

edderioferNo, this puzzle isn't a duplicate of any of the well-known hat puzzles we all know. Yes, it does have a valid solution. This puzzle was originally composed by Jack Lance and posted to a friend group with different names. Deusovi, Rubio, and Boboquack are standing in a circle. From a bag of 2 red...

Oh my.
That one's a fun puzzle.
You test-solved it?
I also suggested the other two names :P (he didn't have to change mine)
There are some slightly dubious assumptions there.
12:53 AM
damn. you just beat me to it
Though at least some of them may have been checked.
Sorry @Rubio
I suggest you downvote eight of my answers to compensate.
That is the solution, and in the name-suggesting process I checked the assumptions that were possible to check
Seeing as how I just upvoted that one, I guess I have to downvote even more now.
12:54 AM
(namely, that gur bgure gjb xarj gung V jnf pbybeoyvaq, naq V jnfa'g. V qvq n ybg bs qvttvat guebhtu GFY, naq jnf bevtvanyyl tbvat gb fhttrfg lbh gjb, ohg jnfa'g fher vs Tnergu jnf pbybeoyvaq uvzfrys, be xarj nobhg zl pbybeoyvaqarff - ur unq arire zragvbarq vg bar jnl be gur bgure)
My algorithm is: Is answer crap? yes -> DOWNVOTE. no -> if not good, stop; else: Is it (Deusovi,Rand)? yes -> they don't need rep, move on. no -> Is it Beastly Gerbil? yes -> downvote, trying to catch him in rep! no -> UPVOTE. Done.
I did know, as you can see; and I am not, myself.
Yeah. I was fairly sure the suggestion would've been fine, but not 100% positive.
I think my TSL comments safely validate the assumptions about me
12:59 AM
@ffao No, the politicians here don't bite
(Also, one of our friends in the group this was originally asked in was able to puzzle his way to the "necessary assumption" without having known. So it is possible, though "slightly dubious" may still be accurate.)
Now we just need to replace Rubio and Boboquack with a knight and a knave, and ...
10 mins ago, by Gareth McCaughan
I suggest you downvote eight of my answers to compensate.
^ lol. who starred that?
@Rubio I'm a knave!
I'll be a knight then
2:02 AM
Q: A rose by any other name

qwertyu63...would smell just as sweet. I have 9 pictures here. Each image is part of a pair, with one odd image out. There is a rule that links each image to its partner. The goal is to figure out this rule and match each image to its partner. The pictures are as follows: Two pairs come from two diffe...

1 hour later…
3:08 AM
B-y t-h-e w-a-y, G-a-r-e-t-h,
Variables won't
Constant aren't
Equals never
Haters always.
I'm guessing some envier did.
And hope that you caught my latest tribute/revision
Editors always want to.
(That was supposed to read "Constants.")
[One of these days I'll get a keyboard that will.]
...@incesterror21! Did you come up with that ascii picture? Or are you a discriminating eye? Or both?
-- signed, asciiterror
%$#@$%^@^#$, to name a few of my favorite things
''''....,,,___""", to name some others
(apologies to those without an eye ... we'll all get there eventually ... if wer're lucky ... or without a sense of adventure .... if we're unlucky ...)
Here's to a life that allows us here! Hear hear!
3:24 AM
Q: Can we break the coded message?

CR241One guy communicate with his Girl friend via a secret coded message: "Baby, If you're listening, I know I can't ask you for another chance, I only hope by you have found your safe haven, I took advantage of you, of your commitment to help others and out you in a place that's every Doctor's night...

3:42 AM
@humn who is Chris R?
Rubio! You bad. It was a shot in the dark.
You really bad. Sometimes I think you really Gareth.
Sometimes I think Gareth really me. What goes around . . .
(wait in line, though, I'm closingin on being manshu . . . on a good day)
I often wonder what would happen if humn and manshu were locked in a room, in the classic "two enter, one leaves" scenario. What exactly would emerge?
A: -1 = +1
or is it 2H-A ?
It's very disquieting to contemplate
Stop it! I just don't have enough protolives to become everyone I'd protolike to!
... oh, thought you said "disgusting" . . .
3:53 AM
Have you seen Big Hero 6 ?
thank you
... you know, Rubio, sometimes I suspect that you and I aren't the only ones on this planet with a sense of humor . . .
Sometimes I feel like talking to you in person would be a lot like ... well... this:
And now the neighbours . . . at full volume
Even the wild backyard cat is mewling!
(just finished watching, gotta rewind and find out what I just saw)
4:06 AM
howdy @ttotherat
In my next life, and previous, I'm a rodent.
How are you?
Signed, rt
Easy for you to say.
(Channelling my tough on one.)
(With periods and, yes, double l's.)
stay tuned!
This summer I'm traveling a milion miles to see Elen on her show.
I'd stumble at your first foot.
(Oboy way mo 'pro thantended)
. . . and now Firefox clamors for attention . . . back after an update . . . hope it's legit . . .
. . and so it goes . . . back in the saddle agin . . .
(If I couldn't edit this'd still be the roughest of all drafts . . .)
Where did the last 95 years go?!
Just the best place they could.
Signed - test tube baby
(with an onomatopoeia to boot)
... to quote, "another conversation successfully nipped" (unintentionally) ...
Catch up if you can. Signed - blind luck - and whut thu fu
(Diary of a mad puzzler)
Notice all the pep, notice all the pep. notice all the pep, my darrrling.
It's the latest step. It's the latest step. It's the latest step.
Off dancing. @humn if you dare.
2 hours later…
6:43 AM
@MOehm FRONTIER ("limit") = (FOR)* + N ("new") + TIER ("level")
@Sp3000 Nice.
Pretty confident that's right, so...
CCCC: Expensive soak (5)
7:18 AM
I was comparing define:expensive and define:soak. How did I not see that? :P
:P Rubio's up
@humn I did come up with that ascii picture. I'm probably very discriminating but most of the time discriminating sometimes.
I'm not super happy about this, but I think it'll do:
CCCC: Elections matter: sometimes, State lacks leading spokesman. (9)
7:50 AM
BTW how is the election voting coming along?
8:20 AM
meh. internet died, that was ... fun
first  1 hour:          91      70
first  4 hours:         165     128
first 12 hours:         225     207
first 24 hours:         260     295
first 36 hours:         282     307
first 48 hours:         303     323
first 60 hours:         345     331
first 72 hours:         395     343
first 96 hours:         416     364
TOTAL VOTES CAST:       416     369 (at 103 hours)
8:52 AM
@Rubio you have another MathJax size problem:
what, the bounding box? i'm not concerned about that, unless it's actually a problem
there's no actual special formatting in there at all
Also, you're quite the w[h]it. hehe
(And no - it still won't help to read it)
... (looks at the previous few election results you've posted)
What is a Rubio Number™?
Rubio Numbers™, Non-Rubio Numbers™
Q: What is the next integer in this sequence?

RubioFirst, I offer you a little something to put you in the right spirits: The Black Cat, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Reading it, even fully and carefully, won't help a whit in solving the puzzle, but it's classic Poe — indulge yourself! Now on to the puzzle! Here is a set of integers, whic...

9:07 AM
@boboquack I was tempted to present it that way, but opted not to
Well, if the answer is correct, :P. That fell quickly
Hmm... 1843 is a part of the sequence, but it is also the year the Black Cat was written
It's "correct" but not exact. It could as easily have been "July 4th is on a <foo>day". There's a specific thing though that is peculiar to those years.
<foo> = Tues
1 hour later…
10:35 AM
Don't make me come over there, @BeastlyGerbil :)
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
@Sp3000 Contrary to my own advice, I have just stayed up until sunrise beating the game
Fantastic ending, that was
12:57 PM
@Rubio Probably no one. We'll be there until we have listened to and commented on every song on this Earth (and later we will expand to Mar's songs). Given that the room is a hotel room in which we can order any food we want. :p
I am quite sure that @humn would agree.
@manshu , in accord
(and up at an unearthly time (3am if you can believe it))
and you are feeling sleepy or your neighbours are just being annoyed?
Sometimes the stereo needs to annoy the neighbo(u)rs. And sometimes a listener poses a puzzle at Music SE that I can solve.
Q: avoiding thirds at lower frequencies

Kevin YinFrom Plomp & Levelt 1965, Tonal Consonance and Critical Bandwidth: "The critical frequency is lower for more consonant intervals. This behavior reflects the musical practice to avoid thirds at low frequencies and to use mostly octaves or wider intervals." Is it true that musical practice tends t...

stay tuned
sometimes I can't decide who is naughtier. You or your stereos.
My naughty neighbor gave me sunburn by being almost as interesting as you.
(I was slinking out to the store and wound up in an hour long conversation)
1:09 PM
sunburn in that weather? My whole body is blushing.
Peel a layer for me, manshu, and then another for hmankind.
Now I am wondering if I sunburn myself everyday.
This planet will embalm, given time
I do that every year maybe. This skin just don't want to stick to the body
One of these days I'll lose sleep waking up as yu
1:14 PM
This planet surely will.
Another of these days, that is
when did you add 'a' and 's' in your name.?
I need to go. I have a friend at my home.
Wave on!
Until next time.
1:52 PM
This whole SE'ing thang is a puzzle. You solve one and another bites you.
Q: avoiding thirds at lower frequencies

Kevin YinFrom Plomp & Levelt 1965, Tonal Consonance and Critical Bandwidth: "The critical frequency is lower for more consonant intervals. This behavior reflects the musical practice to avoid thirds at low frequencies and to use mostly octaves or wider intervals." Is it true that musical practice tends t...

2:07 PM
Flagging the above ^
Its suspicious how an unregistered user has so much in-site knowledge
Ain't we got fun
(No that ain't me, but in an alternate reality I'd like to)
what isn't you?
jest the best i can!
(and it ain't easy, on a good day)
(too much for the system)
what ? :P
)9you know))(
2:32 PM
Q: Can one ask just for the purpose of asking?

FrpzzdIn Mathematics Stack Exchange (where I came from originally) one is told to ask a question if it needs to be answered and if they do not know how to do it and if they have already tried. It seems different on Puzzling Stack Exchange, and it is unclear from the tour of the site. Can I post a puzzl...

@BeastlyGerbil Thanks for flagging that for us!
(Also, uggghhhhhhh.)
@ffao ... hah :P (and now to join the wait for V3)
The more mirth the merrier!
@Deusovi your welcome! Wish they'd just stop
and then stop somemore
I mean "ay"
as in "caramba"
languaage....e....e........ youknow
2:51 PM
hi @n_palum
Oh heyo
@humn I think you meant, Ayeee macarana!
every wovel
and an indiscreet consnant along the way
@Deusovi Was this an appropriate response yesterday? I was trying to make sure they didn't run off afraid of us.. puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/51929/can-you-find-it
I think it was a great response!
yu dang!
2:55 PM
@Sp3000 I'm actually currently watching a playthrough of 2 to remind myself of the story, then I'm going to watch UDG and the anime to get ready for V3.
Yeah, he was easily offended, you did well explaining
Okay good.. I saw the upticks on the comment but still wasn't sure
I've tied my besto to sling A SLANG. (TYPOES intenional)
@humn Humndigger, pal, ol' buddy! You're not the only one with jokes!
@Rubio Are you actually going to go see Ellen??
Bin thur,and ongoing
3:02 PM
How was the nap in Oz?
And ongoing...\
Oz is a fun place, no?
It's no bora bora though
Once upon a time
You read it.
Saw, never read that one
3:04 PM
Seen the saw? The seesaw? or back to the teeter totter
/Teedidly do ////I'm onyour waleelentgth , for wut that' worth
I do like the image Rubio gave me, of you being the plushy robot who gets drunk without any charge
oy y pi too late to edit
In a lovable way :)
You know what you mean, say what you mean, but they mean of the say isn't quite what it seems
.....^ ^ ^
3:08 PM
Q: I need help with this very hard riddle in the picture?

Trevor Anyone who could solve it would be a real legend !! Thank you in advance and I need the answer asap please !

I pretend to know the solution and won't pretend to answer
"Hairy baby".. "Haiiiry baby"
you bad
3:13 PM
speak dirty to me
(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)
that's the way~
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
really?! really. Reakk==?'\
Love it.
3:15 PM
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?
)looking that one up)
(☞゚∀゚)☞ @humn ^o^
dog gone! Now ah
,m way behind
3:20 PM
I just caught up{}
I'm just gonna slowly walk out
But enogh about me, what about you? What do yout think about me?
Missed target.
hu <-> uh
Hi pi!
@humn dinger ol' pal I love your text to speech or is it speech to text
3:24 PM
yeah I have no idea whats happening right now between humn and n_palum
I know this is a place for crazy people but this is a new level
I feel like one's drunk and one's high
It is 11:30 AM, I am neither
I feel like they are bots
Just playing along with the humnerism
could be worse
Could always be worse
3:28 PM
I mean
To the point.
I guess this is what happens when you put a bunch of people who like going on the internet to solve/make really hard puzzles together all the time
Puzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzl me!
recite pi backwards. theres a puzzle that will take a while
( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
3:30 PM
thats disturbing
get it
because like
pi backwards is ip
got it, dood
@Deusovi Ahaha yes, I'm waiting for UDG on Steam as well, come to think of it.
3:31 PM
no don't ping deusovi right now, or we'll all go chat bans for spamming :P
@Sp3000 UDG?
(Thanks for recommending the game btw, you can probably tell I'm a little too into it now :P)
Danganronpa game spin-off: Ultimate Despair Girls
Uhm.. Okay :P
3:32 PM
ah yes
that game
Sometimes I wish I had a Vita/PS4 :/ too many consoles already though
ain't we got fun (to reiterate)
Mmm I got a PS4 not too long ago
Much fun
you mash my monsh, n_perciate
101/0 would n_perciate again
3:37 PM
(one made up word after another)
(yeh, i know, thet last one was a real word)
making up words is fun
I like embiggening things via factoration
thank yuuu
the magicalness of the unicorny
as in"!"
Q: I need help with this very hard riddle?

TrevorI would appreciate anyone solving it because I has really been wondering what the answer could be! Thank you in advance

3:46 PM
and we hsve another. Life is good
@Sphinx Why'd this post again
I've never met a pzzzl Ididn''''tl iike
he deleted and reposted it
just to change the tag from riddle to cipher
3:53 PM
and some othr letters
Oh me oh my
To replace the tag riddle with cipher ! Why is everyone asking weird questions here i stead of answering the question ? — Trevor 9 mins ago
Stumbling allaround!
(Still wish these musicians wrem't introduced as "women")
Q: Dot-Placing Puzzles

FrpzzdHere are some interesting puzzles that I came up with. If these aren't original and have come from somewhere else, please let me know. The goal of each puzzle is to place dots on some intersections between two or more lines in such a way that each straight line, somewhere along itself, contains ...

4:01 PM
(bing woman, take it forwhutit'sworth)
Feisty Gerbil
sh** an announcement plugged an intercessor
I hate the word Feisty... I before E except after C? That's an F! Stupid English...
it's just the only language we got to ******************'
(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
4:04 PM
right .. . .. on! (again, as if it wern't too much)
(for those unititiated, i do know how to spell)
@n_palum ooh did I come across as angry there?
@humn Are you suuuuure? :P
@BeastlyGerbil I wouldn't say angry. I'd just say a tad sterner than necessary
I love to be corrected
4:10 PM
Or maybe a bit condescending in that second comment. "If I had the answer I'd post it" came across to me as, I'm not dumb, I know how this site works unlike you.
Soon I'll be perfcet
@humn I try not to correct people because I worry about coming across as rude most of the time
@n_palum no, it was just the first thing with two L's that leapt to mind :)
@Rubio Oo was gunna say, have fun getting free stuff :P
(way behind)
(much appreciaed, but stilll digesting(
4:13 PM
okay if I need to comment again I will apologise
@BeastlyGerbil I think you're fine, besides it appears people are just going to downvote it till it dies :/
Please skip past the first minute
@awesomepi loving the formatting. Want some help?
So - TSL is surprisingly active for a weekend.... This is what happens when humns run amok perhaps?
4:20 PM
Yes I want some help
@humn You can hit 'share' under the video, and click the start at 1:00 minute mark to just have the link automatically load us to the spot you want
also I should probably fix that random black stripe down the right side of one of the images
Haha! I love the random sized dots
but I'm too lazy to fix the dots
4:21 PM
@Rubio Appears so! (I'm usually about but everyone else dies off :P)
@awesomepi edited see now
no more weird black stripe
I guess that's what I get for using ms paint xd
I may replace my CCCC - now that I'm more awake I'm not particularly thrilled with it
Let's play that game where we all yell at Rubio
I love that game
4:33 PM
Isn't it the trending game to play here at puzzling SE (besides, contact, of course)
i'm in. what are the rules?
Who is that person?
(I wake up wondering that puzzle)
(It might be me, which just asks the question anew)
4:50 PM
Rubio fix your CC
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