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11:04 AM
now I'm all time #25 \o/
#2 monthly
I'm hardly ever on now :P
I'm just involved more with other stuff now
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ctrl-shift-escSplit the atom Input: 0 >= X >= 2³² - 1 Output: List of numbers in decimal, after recursive splitting in binary format. Explanation: Input: 255 Current Output is 255. Binary representation of 255 is 1111 1111. Splitting it, we get 1111 and 1111, which in decimal are 15 and 15. Continuing...

CMC: iterate powerset n times on []
11:27 AM
what kind of cmc is that?
Do you mean "What does it mean?" or "Why would we want such a challenge?"?
A website I was using had a security incident
But believe it or not, they actually hashed and salted user passwords
And with bcrypt, not MD5 or anything like that
There are plenty of such sites, they just don't end up in the news as often
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Leaky NunSimplify ordinal expression WIP.

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Felipe Nardi BatistaDid someone bite my sandwich? codegolf Yesterday, I left my sandwich on the table. When I got up today, there was a bite in it... Was it mine? I can't remember... Problem: Take a representation of my sandwich and my bite pattern and see if it was my bite or not. Examples: 1: My bite pattern...

11:36 AM
How do I condense this in Python?
Does it need to be in that order?
@Qwerp-Derp Is that the set of exterior coordinates of a 3x3 square?
@trichoplax Yup
@LegionMammal978 Also yup
@Qwerp-Derp Is only the cyclic order important, or does it need to start in the same place too?
I could just zip them together, but there might be a golfier way to do it
@trichoplax Same place
11:40 AM
Clockwise from West
Hang on I may have mixed up the x and the y
Whoops, I think the x and the y need to be swapped around
Anticlockwise from South
(Or clockwise from North depending which way is up)
Q: Binary Tetris in tweets

ChristopherThere was recently (a few years back) some buzz on programming websites about an implementation of Tetris in 140 Bytes. ... It turns out that although it is small, it is a simplified version of Tetris, and not even a complete implementation. Only the core logic function fits in 140 bytes of Java...

I'm not sure which one fits here...
@Qwerp-Derp 2 or 3
@ASCII-only 2
11:44 AM
no unpacking majik then :(
@ASCII-only What about 3?
@Qwerp-Derp but i'm thinking bitwise magic would be golfier
map(lambda n:[int(n)/3-1,int(n)%3-1],'12587630') :P
@Qwerp-Derp [[int(n)/3-1,int(n)%3-1]for n in'12587630']
@Qwerp-Derp What is this for? A 2D language? Cellular automaton?
@ASCII-only Nope, it's for a challenge
This one, specifically
12:03 PM
@ASCII-only you can just drop the int() and use an int list instead, 2 bytes shorter
@Qwerp-Derp [[n/3-1,n%3-1]for n in[1,2,5,8,7,6,3,0]]
Is Wikipedia slow for anyone else or is it just me?
Just you I think? At least it doesn't happen to me.
@anyonewhocares I'm wondering if it's possible to make Charcoal golfier - would there be any advantage to making it stack-based (or other memory model) or tacit?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayHow long is my number? Restricted version code-golf number restricted-source Challenge Given an real number, Z in the range -(2^100) ≤ Z ≤ 2^100, output the number of digits in that number (in base 10). Rules You must not use any string functions. You are not allowed to store the number as a...

12:13 PM
^ This wouldn't be shut down as a dupe would it?
Q: VBA Immediate window Byte count

GreedoQuickie here, you can see I'm new to PCG so I wasn't sure what keywords to search to get to the appropriate documentation. Also VBA has relatively little info availible as it is If I type into the immediate window, several things are returned, I want to know the byte count of what is returned (p...

probably, I can't imagine that's not been done before
It has, but this is restricted-source.
Alright, I'll give it a while to allow the original challenge to die down before posting
12:29 PM
For a lot of languages, the more difficult part of the 2nd challenge is requiring the code to support real numbers not just ints
I did that to make sure that it definitely wasn't a dupe of the original
@BetaDecay Doesn't the number have to be a BigDecimal or something to have decimal digits even at n>10^99
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ETHproductionsRemove character at specified index code-golf string (Meta: have we had this challenge before?) (heavily inspired by Element of string at specified index) Given a string s and an integer n representing an index in s, output s with the character at the n-th position removed. 0-indexing and ...

12:45 PM
@ASCII-only I have no idea
@BetaDecay well even a double doesn't have 100 digits of accuracy
what does python3 use
cos I can keep making a number larger and it seems to have much higher precision than just a double
I've now restricted it to -(2^32) < Z < 2^32
so now it can fit in a double/int64
Yes, I think so
12:48 PM
@Mayube arbitrary precision integers
if it's positive it could fit in an unsigned int 32, or if you lowered 2^32 to 2^31 it could fit in a signed int32
Allow signed ints - be nice to Java
java can use doubles or signed longs
besides java doesn't deserve us being nice to it :P
don't allow ints
oh wait it couldn't fit into an int anyway, I forgot Z is a real number
12:54 PM
Q: VBA Immediate window Byte count

GreedoWhat are the rules for counting bytes in the immediate window? I have found very little in the way of VBA docuimentation to try and help with this, because is seems to be a relatively uncommon golfing language. For clarity, I'm not sure how the rules would be applied in a few test cases below, an...

1:12 PM
My friend: "How much rep do you have on PPCG?"
Me: ">4000"
Him: "You have no life..."
Me: *opens up Dennis's and Martin's profiles*
Him: "Okay never mind"
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TheLethalCoderHow old am I? Create a function or program that when given a date outputs the age of that person in years from today's date. Input Input is given as a date in any reasonable format, this can be a string, a date object, different parameters for year, month, day etc. Output Output is an intege...

@HyperNeutrino Opens up Jon Skeet's profile
@ASCII-only not on PPCG
Okay, I made it easy, I scrapped the decimal numbers thing
@ASCII-only lol true. It would be like 5 million if not for the rep cap
1:18 PM
it's not even 1m yet... wait does m exist in SE rep notation?
Good question o.o
@BetaDecay that's a tough challenge...
doesn't seem that hard
@EriktheOutgolfer Really? All you need to do is floor the log10 of the number
1:25 PM
yeah that was what I was thinking of...
@BetaDecay actually you need to ceil it not floor it
and then again 0 and 1 would fail
or even negative ints
so no it's definitely tougher than that
Q: (Can I) Add parentheses to make this true

programmer5000I saw this recent Puzzling question: Add parentheses to make this true And saw that one answer used a Python script to try all possibilities. Your challenge is, given an expression (as a string) and an integer, is to make a program that can tell whether you can add parens to make the expressi...

1:47 PM
New favorite golfing quote:
@EriktheOutgolfer 'should use' isn't in a golfer's dictionary. — Okx yesterday
what about
"you shouldn't use more code than is necessary"
wait who starred the NewMainPosts ffs
Just because it's a bot it's not worthy of stars?
Now that you mention it ... I would have starred it if I'd have noticed
for the same reason we don't star CMCs
@BusinessCat please don't make it aware that it's a bot too...
@programmer5000 Okx's misconception, also that should be @LeakyNun's favorite quote too...
if not for the @... at the start
1:55 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Notts90Pi - The Movie! Introduction So we've had the musical version The Sound of Pi, now its time for the movie. Challenge Your challenge is to write a full program or function that outputs an animated version of pi to 100 decimal places. For your convenience, here's Pi to 100 decimal places 3.14...

2:41 PM
How easy is it to port Python code to Pyth?
not easy at all, I'd say, you first have to learn how Pyth works
Does our mod Alex A. have an alter ego in Stack Overflow?
there's also Alex C., Alex D....
so it's not an alter ego, but millions of alter egos
There's also Alex S the musician
Does anyone know of an esolang & program that outputs 2 in 2 bytes?
2:47 PM
@programmer5000 Comments allowed?
Or spaces
@programmer5000 CJam: 2 (trailing space)
Comments: no.
Cjam: 2p (although the p is not "necessary")
1) would also work
If you remove any byte, it must not output correctly, error, or not compile altogether.
2:48 PM
Then MATL: Iq
I pushes 3, q decrements it
@EriktheOutgolfer thanks, that works.
are you trying to do something?
In 05Ab1E: 1>
@LuisMendo (this also works in dc, but the p is necessary)
2:51 PM
CMC: In a language L, given n, output some n-byte-long code in L that will print n (optional trailing space or newline or both)
I'm assuming n will be positive?
Braingolf, 0 bytes
hmm oh wait no
Ok, now I need a 3 byte program that outputs 3, and if you remove any byte, it must not output correctly, error, or not compile altogether.
that'll only work if n < 10
2:52 PM
well in theory it should work for arbitrary n
You can almost do it trivially in brainfuck =/
in practice it can be bounded by language limit
Braingolf can support massive numbers, but only supports literals up to 9
Also, I can't use Jelly, 05AB1E, or CJam.
12 is not the literal for 12 in Braingolf, it's 2 literals, 1 and 2
2:54 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer So the program should output the code that will output the number?
@LuisMendo yes
@programmer5000 trailing \n allowed?
In output, yes.
GolfScript: 003
2:55 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer so if n is less than 10, Braingolf does it in 0 bytes. If it's less than 1114112, then braingolf can do it like so: ##@2, so 4 bytes
@EriktheOutgolfer you can remove both 0s, so it dosen't work.
then would 1)) work?
Ohm: 1≥≥
@EriktheOutgolfer In CJam or Braingolf?
2:56 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer If I understand correctly, this works in MATL, for 5 bytes: 0y&YA
in my case (not programmer5000's) yeah
Positive integer input, I assume
@BusinessCat that works, thanks.
5 mins ago, by Business Cat
I'm assuming n will be positive?
5 mins ago, by Erik the Outgolfer
2:57 PM
Great minds assume alike :-P
I'm sure there's several more golfing languages that have increment commands and implicit output
well cats have great minds, so yeah you can safely say that's true
@programmer5000 for any positive n, you can use 1 followed by n-1 )s
assuming GolfScript where ) is increment
@EriktheOutgolfer thanks.
where do you want to use that?
What winning criterion should I use for this :
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

programmer5000code-challenge ? answer-chaining fibonacci rosetta-stone Answer-chaining: Output the nth Fibonacci item with that much source? Your program must output the nth value in the Fibonacci sequence and it's source code must be n long. (Trailing whitespace in output allowed.) Example 1st program: # [...

3:01 PM
oh I see...
JSON.stringify({a: function(){}})
JSON gives up sometimes.
and that's weird
Functions not working is not really unexpected, but the problem I had is that Infinity and NaN didn't work
Oops wrong order (damn bad connection)
@EriktheOutgolfer Python3: print("print(%s)"%argv[1])
it wouldn't be n-byte-long
yeah that's really hard :o
3:04 PM
oh shit I totally missed that
hint: comments allowed here
unless i'm missing something, this could probably make an actual challenge
@Phoenix you mean singleton
@totallyhuman check for dups in
yeah I can't feasibly do it in braingolf unless some silly assumptions are made
such as n will always only have single digit prime factors :P
3:07 PM
o0 there's been a lot of fibonacci challenges recently
@totallyhuman maybe we should declare it "fibonacci week"
@Phoenix 0/10 blasphemy
@totallyhuman 0+1+1+2+3 days long
@ASCII-only constructor name is dependent on class name and Nearley is content freee 0/10 do not reccomend
3:13 PM
@programmer5000 if it were fibonacci week, we'd need to release 1 fibonacci challenge on monday, 2 on tuesday, 1 on wednesday, one on thursday, and one on saturday
@Mayube you mean 1 on monday 1 on tuesday 2 on wednesday 3 on thursday 5 on friday 8 on saturday 13 on sunday right?
0 on monday*
13 challenges in a day is too much for a tag with 58 challenges.
Just do 1.618 challenges per day. Ezpz.
Should I remove the content of deleted sandbox posts to just their title? There are alot.
3:24 PM
That's usually what people do
@programmer5000 leave a link as the title if it's been posted, if it's abadoned and deleted possibly say why
i.e. the top one I see there would be "abandoned as malicious code"
Holy crap. It's snowing
In the middle of May
@Mego I can get behind this.
@DJMcMayhem nice
it was 40°F here yesterday
3:28 PM
it's 92[degree symbol thingy]F here
And google says it's supposed to snow for the next 30 hours. o_O
It's 300K here
@DJMcMayhem you can have 10 degrees (C) from us if you want
@DJMcMayhem I'm jealous
@MartinEnder Not really. I like snow, I'm just surprised that it's happening this late.
3:30 PM
hmm how much flame would i get if i said i'm installing gnome
@feersum I'd recommend posting your answer on this challenge
@totallyhuman gotta get that +2 Int
@DJMcMayhem Do you live in the southern hemisphere? :D
Nope. Otherwise I wouldn't be surprised. :P
Do people in Australia celebrate Christmas with ice cold lemonade?
And sand-angels?
3:37 PM
I have a friend from Argentina who said he had a pool party one Christmas
So I guess :P
Q: Generate all Sublist Partitions

mbomb007Given a list of integers, output every possible partitioning of the list where each partition is a non-empty sublist. So for the list [1, 2, 3, 4] the result is: [[1, 2, 3, 4]] [[1, 2, 3], [4]] [[1, 2], [3, 4]] [[1, 2], [3], [4]] [[1], [2, 3, 4]] [[1], [2, 3], [4]] [[1], [2], [3, 4]] [[1], [2],...

@programmer5000 Please refrain from edited too many deleted posts in the sandbox. It creates more clutter than it reduces
Actually, I'll rephrase: your edits are downright ridiculous. I shouldn't have to go to the second page to view the most active post
@BetaDecay Ok
4:04 PM
The most confusing informal description I've seen:
A Turing machine is an abstract machine that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules; to be more exact, it is a mathematical model of computation that defines such a device. Despite the model's simplicity, given any computer algorithm, a Turing machine can be constructed that is capable of simulating that algorithm's logic. The machine operates on an infinite memory tape divided into discrete cells. The machine positions its head over a cell and "reads" (scans) the symbol there. Then, as per the symbol and its present place in a finite table of user-specified instructions...
> The Turing machine mathematically models a machine that mechanically operates on a tape. On this tape are symbols, which the machine can read and write, one at a time, using a tape head. Operation is fully determined by a finite set of elementary instructions such as "in state 42, if the symbol seen is 0, write a 1; if the symbol seen is 1, change into state 17; in state 17, if the symbol seen is 0, write a 1 and change to state 6;" etc.
what's unclear?
it's totally clear
at least for me I know what it does...
you can use it as a regular turing machine, halting on error, given there are no states starting with halt
4:26 PM
When you want to make golfed and confusing code sound professional, call it concise.
Maybe put it on your resume:
> Creates concise solutions
So this site should be recreationally concise code?
Q: Should we change our name?

RainboltThis site may have been built primarily on code-golf challenges and puzzles that have no winning criteria, but we have evolved away from that. Our name is outdated, and we should rebrand ourselves. Because the folks in the chat cannot seem to agree on a name, I'm going to post multiple answers a...

That's worth posting there, lol
Replace with , too, lol.
you know just because you "approve" a message doesn't mean it's factually correct
for example you tried to convince everyone that November 1 2015 would be graduation date, yet it wasn't
you should've waited a couple of months more...
The date being Nov 1 was a meme.
A: The Many Memes of PPCG

Alex A.Meme: Graduation Originator: Geobits Cultural Height: Sept. 26, 2014–Feb. 23, 2016 Background: Geobits, a known and "loved" user, tried to convince people that PPCG is set to graduate during PPCG's beta. An often used date is November 1st.

4:45 PM
@fergusq kaivos.org/~iikka/r%C3%B6da/doc is down ;_;
@mbomb007 it's unfair the memes were locked...
if anybody ever knew the reason
5:01 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer They started being overrused, and then the Alex is wrong meme started being used to attack Alex and undermine his authority on the main site. And TNB was becoming extremely low quality/obsessed with some of the memes (specifically avocado)
oh... it isn't clear at first though
Well there is this one which is specifically locked more than the rest of the thread, and edited with a disclaimer at the top
and the disputes were never solved
maybe choose another reason instead? or there isn't?
measures an answer in bits
5:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Comrade SparklePonyRange, Reverse, Sum! Given a positive integer n as input, output the reversed range sum of n. A reversed range sum is created by making an inclusive range up to n, starting with 1 and including n, reversing each of the numbers inside, and summing it. For an example, here is what would happen f...

Hey, I recently found an old challenge of mine in the sandbox, could anyone critique it?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tuskiomiWHAT IS THIS DOING HERE? How low can you go? - Signal Limbo. Sometimes we need a low voltage, sometimes we need a high voltage. Let's design a VDC power supply! The challenge is simple, with 2 lines (+5V and GND), Create a Variable DC power supply on a standard breadboard that ranges from +12...

oh hey, a breadboarding challenge
looks good, I think
The picture with the black boxes connecting the pin slots is helpful
5:38 PM
what's the consensus on answering questions in the sandbox?
that are in the sandbox but not posted yet?
not answering per se... but starting work on it?
you can, just don't make a lang for it
i'll cross that bridge when i can
Are / why are breadboarding challenges on topic?
5:49 PM
Q: breadboard challenges?

tuskiomiSolderless-Breadboards are very common to make and build electrical prototypes typically, they consist of rows, and each row has 5 holes. There are 2 columns of rows on a standard breadboard. I want to introduce a new possible challenge. breadboard-golf. Why should we allow these challenges? ...

^read that. Specifically, Isaacg's answer provides insight.
I don't understand how they are programming, even after reading that post and answers.
> Clearly, we're not going to allow arbtirary puzzles or games or what have you, there are other sites for that. That being said, this challenge has a variety of features which put it in the programming camp:

Rigorously simulable - anyone can check the results.
Complex input-output relationship. Different arrangements of components can have all sorts of effects.
(Optional, but a nice bonus) Directly related to the wider world of programming through the world of circuitry design.
This is programming in exactly the same sort of way that Brainfuck is: With enough time and effort, you could do
tl;dr: since breadboards are TC (sorta), it's on topic
as long as you can score, check, and do stuff in it: it's allowed
Breadboards are Turing-Complete as well. Not any reason alone to accept as a language, but an important note.
@Riker breadboards look more like bounded-memory to me :-)
unless one of the components plugged into there implements a tape interface
I'm still for logical gate challenges, I must say
@JanDvorak they're certainly simpler, but only digital.
5:55 PM
I'm that big of a fan of analog circuits ... but I'd still allow them
How would you do analog logic gates? hehe.
(+1 @ trichoplax's answer)
I said "analog circuits", so I'm in the clear :-D
Q: How low can you go? - Signal Limbo

tuskiomiFrom the Sandbox, 6 months in the making. Sometimes we need a low voltage, sometimes we need a high voltage. Let's design a VDC power supply! The challenge is simple, with 2 lines (+5V and GND), Create a Variable DC power supply on a standard breadboard that ranges from +12V (+/-0.1) to 0V. I...

Ah. But then you've got scoring issues. Maybe? I dunno.

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