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Q: What is the out-of-universe reason Lucifer Morningstar's new bar called "Ex Lux"?

GallifreyanIn Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Lucifer Morningstar gets tired of Hell and comes to Earth, to start a piano bar called "Lux" (best bar in Los Angeles!). The bar has been thoroughly exploited in Mike Carey's Lucifer series, as his base of operation. In the 2016 Lucifer comic series (written thus f...

12:32 AM
Anyway, good night everyone ;)
@Gallifreyan Sorry, I rejected this only because I think you should chuck in a bit of usage guidance with it. Otherwise, happy to approve.
@Gallifreyan Good job mate!
1:07 AM
@Gallifreyan I think I just got a silver in that
When I saw nhe notification I groaned and said something like "What have I done with my life?"
I did a similar thing when I got bronze in
1:21 AM
Q: Old SF novel in which implanting a dead man's personality into another guy's head is a daily occurrence

LorendiacSomething recently reminded me of a science fiction novel I read back around the mid-1980s (say, somewhere in the range of 1983-1986). It was written in English, published in hardback, and I checked it out from a public library in Indiana. I don't think I recognized the author's name from anythin...

1:45 AM
Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me if Galaxy Quest is on any of the streaming services including the premium movie channels like HBO?
I thought it was on Netflix or Prime, but it may have been removed now.
I just checked Prime, and it shows it playing on STARZ (which Prime has some sort of arrangement with). So I download the STARZ app to stream it but they don't have streaming rights for customers of Comcast/Xfinity (unlike all the other cable providers). Ughhh
I use my sisters comcast credentials to be able to log into HBO/Showtime/ESPN/BBC apps (with her permission). But STARZ is the only one that won't work. Ugh
STARZ with Prime is different than the STARZ app
You "buy" the STARZ channel for Prime
2:03 AM
I know. I only mentioned it in that it gave me a clue as to who had the streaming/broadcasting rights. Not gonna pay for "STARZ Prime". And the app won't work because it's not compatible with Comcast.
Right, but you normally can get 1-2 weeks free of the STARZ Prime
And then you can watch it from your browser on Amazon or on a Fire TV device
Just downloaded the Xfinity/Comcast app which allows for streaming. And it seems to be working there. So I'm good. Your suggestion of checking Prime started me on the right path,convoluted as it was. Lol. Thanks!
Now I can see all what my sister has recorded on her DVD. Lol
2:08 AM
That doesn't sound very interesting, lol
Gonna go visit the Thermians now. Catch u later.
2:57 AM
Coool, haven't had taxonomist before!
Oooh, neat.
I got one during the massive retagging day.
@Mooz That's one way of doing it.
I created a few tags on new questions that I hope will take off.
Wait for ST:D!
@Adamant Funnily enough. I honestly didn't think there'd be that many questions to retag, but I guess there are.
@Adamant New Star Trek?
3:06 AM
@Mooz Yes.
@Adamant Ahh, cool.
Yeah they've been ok. TBH, I've never watched any of the "original" Star-Treks, but the new ones have been visually awesome.
@Mooz Threshold would be worth watching next movie night.
@Mooz Movies or shows?
@CreationEdge I've only ever seen these ones
Star Trek: Discovery is an upcoming American television series created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS All Access. It is the first series developed specifically for that service, and the first Star Trek series since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005. Set roughly a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series, separate from the timeline of the concurrent feature films, Discovery explores a previously mentioned event from the history of Star Trek while following the crew of the USS Discovery. Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts serve as showrunners on the series, with...
Well that's something I learned today.
3:16 AM
I've seen most of the original ST Movies, but long ago
Currently in the final season of Voyager (with my wife), and at the start of Season 4 of Enterprise (she refuses to partake).
Recharging my suspension of disbelief to cope with the return of Archer and aliens in Nazi uniforms.
@PaulWhite But .... Season 4 is probably the best season :) Time Wars is how it starts then things get better. :)
@EnigmaMaitreya Is it? Oh good. I struggled a bit through 1 & 2, enjoyed 3, but the preview of 4 made me think perhaps it was poised to jump a shark.
@PaulWhite I think you said you have not seen the original Star Trek right?
@EnigmaMaitreya Only the episodes I watched as a child, and a few in recent years out of nostalgia. Not sure what proportion I would have seen overall.
I have watched all of DS9 though, for completeness.
Seems odd Enterprise should be cancelled after two really good seasons then.
3:27 AM
@PaulWhite Did you see the one were Kirk, Scott,Bones and Uhrua(sp) got exchanged for evil versions?
Ooo now that's stretching the old memory a bit. Not sure :-/
Perhaps I will add the originals to my Netflix queue.
Doesn't Matter Jest is the first 2 eps Close the Time wars theme up then the rest are more back to Star Trek
Cool, thanks!
Q: Does skeletor had a good part?

riccs_0xWatching this makes you think that Skeletor isn't as bad as it seems. It was really so bad for fun?

Again just my opinion the 4th season is the best one. And welcome to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe
3:33 AM
2 hours later…
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Q: How did Voldemort not know that Avada Kedavra wouldn't work on Harry even after the Forbidden Forest attempt?

KiaraHow did Voldemort not know that Avada Kedavra wouldn't work on Harry even after the Forbidden Forest attempt? Wasn't it foolish to try again after he came back to life? Why wasn't he thinking of alternate plans?

5:34 AM
Q: References to a certain real life actor in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

user1821961So there were many references/parallels made to (or I assume him) in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, especially at In particular, I was wondering if someone could explain them all as I imagine they are not all from a single work by him, or did were there comparisons to other individuals at ...

@Babelfish who picked this name :/
@AnkitSharma Don't look at me.
So confused for a moment I thought I was in The Screening Room
@AJ all fingers pointed at you
in The Screening Room, 8 mins ago, by A J
Yeah, I should. I am not good at giving names. ;-(
5:45 AM
@CreationEdge maybe you should become idle here and be active there then to make it even
I'm good
Listen to your heart you are not :P
Ouch man
6:11 AM
Q: What did Clark & Bruce think about who sent them the documents?

Tango AlphaIn Batman V Superman, Lex sent some photographs to Clark and some papers written with You let your family die to Bruce ? Later in the movie, they both realized that it was all planned by Lex, but who did they think the sender was, at first ?

6:25 AM
Q: Did Aida have her inhuman powers inside the Framework?

AdamantAida’s Inhuman powers are attributed by Fitz and May to experiments on transferring Inhuman DNA done within the Framework, suggesting that the transfer was done there: COULSON: No, no, no! She has Inhuman powers now? Can we get a break, please? Can we get one break? MAY: Guess they we...

Q: What happened to Vijay Nadeer?

AdamantVijay Nadeer is (was?) an Inhuman who was the brother of the Inhuman-hating Senator Nadeer. She kindly shot him and dumped him in the ocean. It was heavily implied that he survived, since upon hitting the bottom, he underwent Terrigenesis again (not the usual procedure for dead Inhumans), so it ...

Q: Where did this portal lead?

AdamantAt the end of Season 4, Ghost Rider Where did this portal lead? It didn’t look much like “Hell,” where one might imagine he might take the Darkhold (given that it originally came from there, and he said he wanted to take Aida “home,” her own matter apparently having originated in “Hell.” It a...

6:47 AM
Q: What was Aida’s real plan?

AdamantAfter Fitz refuses to "choose" Aida, she devise a plan to make him and S.H.I.E.L.D. suffer, and restore her to power of the sort she enjoyed as Madame Hydra in the Framework. Some quotes make it seem like she has some supernatural plan to supplant the world outside the Framework with one simila...

Q: Why did Aida do to this to the Framework?

AdamantIn the last episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Aida However, it didn’t seem like she shut it down, per se, since people vanished slowly rather than the whole simulation ending immediately. Also, only people vanished, with objects seeming to remain even after the last person we saw (Ratcliffe) ...

@Babelfish Looks like someone watched AoS
@AnkitSharma Indeed.
I have many questions.
Do you have answers?
@Adamant You can ask them on separate days to get Socratic badge.
@AJ Badges will come as they may.
The questions burn inside of me. ;-=
6:51 AM
@AJ Plus, such badges also require a positive record. Most TV questions languish in obscurity. Too much fragmentation.
Just look how (not-so)popular Grimm questions are. ;)
@Adamant I have no open slot to make time for AoS, only seen few episode form S01 and git bored
@AJ You have to ask questions like: “Why is Dumbledore in such a terrible job?”
Or “What happened to Vader at the end of the movie?”
@AJ If I have a question I can't wait except if there is upcoming ToW
Or “Help me identify this book with a teen girl and a shiny vampire?”
@Adamant ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
6:53 AM
@AnkitSharma If you phrased that right, it would get 100 upvotes. Someone once asked a question about Snow Crash that sounded as if it had been read off the back cover.
Just assume there are no shiny vampire and we can achieve world peace sooner
Boom, 46 upvotes (and that was just on the question).
@Adamant Or where do wizards give birth?
@Adamant On which?
@AJ The one about Snow Crash, like I said.
6:57 AM
@AnkitSharma What the world peace has to do with shiny vampire?
@Adamant ohh
@AJ They don’t. They’re (male-seeming) angels.
@AJ because people waste time on trash like Twilight and fight over shinny vampire vs lame werewolf
But actually, that question did not get so high:
Q: Where do wizards give birth?

Elisa ElisijaWhen reading about St.Mungos I didn't see delivery room mentioned there. Do they go to Muggle hospitals? Do they deliver at home?

@AnkitSharma Team Jacob here.
@Adamant team erase twilight from my memory
@AnkitSharma lol
Accio baby! ;-) — Not Mar 23 at 8:59
Are we talking about male wizards, or female wizards? — Andrew Grimm Mar 23 at 9:19
6:59 AM
@Adamant Is there any possible HP question which is not asked here
@AnkitSharma Not really; it’s just a matter of finding the duplicates.
I have seen HP question from toilet paper to giving birth here
I close a decent number of duplicate questions.
@Adamant hmmmm
7:01 AM
@Adamant Use of gold hammer.
@AJ Exactly.
:374537 Ah, yes. Here’s the toilet paper question.
Well, people are curious about the minutiae of .
That’s partly why it was my first gold tag badge.
> Tampons and pads are not addressed in canon. You forgot to mention the Diva Cup ;)
She say a lot and give window for more stupid questions
7:08 AM
@AnkitSharma I don’t mind the details. Sometimes there are interesting things in how the wizarding world handles mundane tasks.
What I do want is more diversity.
If people would only vote on good questions about things that they hadn’t necessarily consumed, some of the more obscure works could get more exposure.
As it is, it’s HP, SW , SW, Story ID, Story ID, Story ID, HP, Story ID.
@Adamant bleh
@AnkitSharma Is bleh still around then?
@Adamant ST is missing here./
@AJ It shows up on occasion.
The funny thing about Story ID is that even though it is twice as common as the next-highest tag, gold is still pretty hard to get in it.
You have to recognize the stories, to start with, and then story id gets fewer upvotes.
No one has gold badge in it?
7:20 AM
@AJ No, some people do.
Two people who mainly only answer that, and Valorum.
Q: If the Empire can make a shield around the entire planet of Scarif, why not make a shield around the entire moon of Endor?

RichSIn Return on the Jedi, the Empire made a shield around just the Death Star and a small part of the moon of Endor. In Rogue One, the Empire made a shield around the entire planet, Scarif. If it can shield an entire planet, it can also surely shield a moon (plus nearby space station). Why no...

7:39 AM
I think this should be reopened. Given that there isn’t a shield around the whole moon of Endor, the question of Rebels don’t attack the generator doesn’t have much bearing on why there isn’t a shield around the entire moon.
yeah that's a completely different question
Valorum's answer to the dupe target does happen to provide an answer to this question as well though: they simply weren't interested in protecting the entire planet and the shield already did cover the generator that they did care about
so this is probably the classic "do answers make the dupe" argument
@Ixrec According to Shog, not really. But besides that, the manner in which Valorum’s answer covers it is pretty tangential: “At best you might be able to devastate the jungle a few dozens of miles away, killing the indigenous, but leaving the station unharmed.”
yeah personally I would reopen and write a proper answer to this question
That certainly implies that the Empire cares little for collateral damage, but that’s about all.
@Adamant bleh as an expression not user
7:45 AM
I would do it too, but given that it was already dupehammered shut, and my reopen vote is unilateral....
I’d rather not unilaterally override a recent dupehammer close from another gold badge user.
The community should be the tiebreaker, in a sense.
I’ll probably reopen it if it gets a few votes.
8:03 AM
Q: Why was Lyanna Mormont named after Lyanna Stark?

Mini BhatiThe Mormonts of Bear Islands has been loyal to the Starks which we come to know in Season 5. When Stannis Baratheon asked them to pledge fealty to him. A raven sent by Lady Lyanna Mormont carried a letter that announced her refusal saying, "Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, who...

8:19 AM
We did it Reddit! 10k :)
@Edlothiad Congrats. Exact 10K
8:40 AM
@AJ You better not think it was an accident :P
@Babelfish Primarily opinion based?
wait a second....
@Derpy For what?
nothing. For a second, the original version of the message gave me the impression that the chat had added Klingon alphabet support.
8:46 AM
That was Hebrew, I accidentally used the wrong keyboard
yep, I noticed that now, but before I just saw a message with "weird" characters being replaced by a "normal" one, didn't manage to see the original very well
then I checked the history and the delusion came.
@Adamant, opinion on how opinion-based this is:
Q: Could Sauron have created new Ringwraiths?

CelestialgranturismoBy the time of the War of the Ring, Sauron had retrieved and now held in his possession the Nine Rings of Men and (at least some of) the Seven Dwarven Rings. Since the Ringwraiths no longer possessed their rings yet still maintained great power, could he have re-gifted these 10-16 rings to more m...

Not really opinion-based.
Is there a guide to what is opinion-based. Because there's no source text to suggest he could've or that he couldn't
9:07 AM
that's sort of an inherently unanswerable question, lol
imo the guideline is "can any evidence be cited for or against this claim"
and for that question, it's quite obviously possible that somewhere in Tolkein's writings is a statement that Sauron can or can't do that
Q: Does Mr. Ollivander make custom wands?

b_jonasThe Dark Lord has forced Mr. Ollivander to make a wand specifically for him. Does Mr. Ollivander do that service to ordinary paying customers? I am asking this because the question How does a wand choose its new owner if the wand was created for the owner? seems to assume this. But we only see...

9:26 AM
@Edlothiad ^ Congrats, mate!
user image
congratulatory floof
Damn, I flooded Latin SE with non-latin related answers:
Q: What is the meaning of "Ex Lux", the name of Lucifer Morningstar's new bar?

GallifreyanI've been a fan of Mike Carey's Lucifer comic series, for its believable portrait of a fallen angel. The series spun off from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, which established this incarnation of Lucifer Morningstar. In short, Lucifer gets tired of the role given to him by God, so he abandons Hell an...

@Gallifreyan HNQ.
I even got a two badges for it.
@Gallifreyan :) thanks!
I've already found someone who's doing bad reviews, I'll get them later!
9:43 AM
@Edlothiad Hmm.
experimenting with using multiply for shading. lotsa potential to it. https://t.co/vZydqD9Lc3
Not sure if Poison Iby or the fairy from Peter Pan.
9:59 AM
* Ivy
Q: How was Supergirl able to beat up the guards?

Tolga OzsesAs some of us (if not all) know, Kara Zor-El and Mon-El are from close planets (are they?) hence the super powers. In the Supergirl episode where Supergirl breaks into the mother-ship to save Mon-El and Lena, she was able to defeat the guards easily. To my understanding, she shouldn't have been a...

10:28 AM
@Gallifreyan Don't worry, it's not you. It's a user called Bamboo
10:44 AM
Q: Were Pokedexes used other than to look up Pokemon?

aitchnyuIf I recall right, a Pokedex revealed a ghost Pokemon that was creating an illusion. Were they ever used in a novel manner, like to communicate or identify tracks?

11:02 AM
Q: Has a Jedi ever set off a trap with the lightsaber?

aitchnyuIf I smelled a gas leak in my kitchen and the lights don't work, I could use a lightsaber as a light source. But the kitchen explodes as soon as I turn it on. Does anything bad happen like this? Are there any booby traps that knock out a Jedi as soon as he turns on his lightsaber?

@Babelfish Greatest question ever!
@Ixrec I can't tell if this Kitty is just really tired or what?
I think the caption took some artistic license
Almost halfway to Marshal, @Mithrandir, you reached 100 flags yet?
11:17 AM
@Edlothiad nope. Another 200 flags until I have 1k helpful though
@Mithrandir Dang son. I'm on 240 with 37 pending
That means I should be able to do 3 more later today, and then have 40 ish tomorrow
11:51 AM
Q: Guardians of the galaxy 2 original ravagers team member

ThiruIn Guardians of the Galaxy Vol:2 credita original ravagers team members get back together.. There was this woman looking very similar to Hela. Are they another species?

12:21 PM
How do I cast a delete vote
if the post is eligible for 10k deletion, just click the "delete" button alongside the usual edit, close, etc
I assume you're asking because that button isn't there because you are "only" at 10k and lack the "speedy delete" powers
@Edlo try this question
Q: What is the book about a girl who is a spy and her name is M?

Ailuropoda melanoleucaThere is a spy book about a girl whose name is M. I can't remember the book's name so please help me.

@Edlothiad wanna link them in my desk and I'll flag 'em? I've got 87 flags left, might as well use them.
12:55 PM
@Mithrandir in your desk?
@Mithrandir but Offices are boring so does that means that room is boring too O.o
@AnkitSharma yes, it's kinda empty in there
bonus multi-floof:
@Ixrec I though @Riker is the official fluffer of SFF and movies.se
1:01 PM
he's the one consistent enough to get a daily floof pin, yes
He pin his own stuff, so that don't count as valid reason ;D
he pins his own stuff now =P
@AnkitSharma Anyone can floof, but only one can daily floof
@Edlothiad taht need a pin
Why have I been pinned?
Now we have too many pins gdi
1:06 PM
My pin got killed :(
@AnkitSharma good.
we can probably unpin the blog post after I guess a week
Yes it did
the other pins are kinda essential for the time being
@Ankit instead of pinning posts, just give this baddy a star
1:07 PM
@Ixrec Yeah, we can't live without floofs.
2 days ago, by Edlothiad
I've been locked in my girlfriends house, send help!
@Edlothiad I ddi that long ago :P
@Gallifreyan what the heck are you typing on
@Edlothiad O.o
@Ixrec Just my keyboard :) Changed the language for a second.
1:09 PM
yesterday, by Mithrandir
Everyone needs to star the message
in Mith's Desk, 25 secs ago, by Mithrandir
I have 834 helpful flags
@Edlothiad have any more flags yet?
@Edlothiad Mwa ha ha!
@Mithrandir no :( 2 helpful ones though
@Edlothiad ...2?
Not 37?
Oop, they've all been marked helpful
it only takes 2 of us to get them deleted?
1:15 PM
no, Null came online
4 more flags to give him!
Ok all out, no chance I get any more today
Ok I need to get back to work.
....tsk tsk. Have to do that more often, so that you can get the same amount of flags as me :)
yesterday, by Edlothiad
So if I use all my helpful flags in 1 day, I should get 3 new ones, so when I use them all tomorrow I'll have 40 and then get 4 more, and it should take me around 12 days to reach 100, and around 6 days to get Marshal. I've got my mornings planned out now
Off to find 58 more comment to flag so that I use all my flags for today :P
I only need 229 more comments, so <5 days
anywhoo, I'm off. Well met!
1:18 PM
Extra floof for bonus
@AnkitSharma are those... birds?
@AnkitSharma Good floofs ;)
The Silkie (sometimes spelled Silky) is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk, and satin. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. They are often exhibited in poultry shows, and appear in various colors. In addition to their distinctive physical characteristics, Silkies are well known for their calm, friendly temperament. It is among the most docile of poultry. Hens are also exceptionally broody, and care for young well. Though...
1:30 PM
Source say silkie chickens, so @Ixrec is right
behold what mankind has wrought upon nature's creations
I'm gonna imagine dinosaurs looking like that from now on
apparently that's what they would've looked like had we been around to tame and breed them
Sorry @Null, it's slightly addicting
huh, apparently the Silkie, aside from being soft and adorable, also makes a good mother and pet.
1:53 PM
Q: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - What happened to Earth

ThiruWe see that the Given that the movie happens in 2014, it would have impacted in the MCU right ? Was it reversed?

2:19 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh this one?
@Derpy no, this one
@mith what is your helpful flag %?
Q: How often does one have to take the Elixir of Life?

Voronwë Therefore, Voldemort would be entirely dependent on the Elixir, and if it ran out, or was contaminated, or if the Stone was stolen, he would die just like any other man. As said in the quote, if the Elixir is contaminated/defiled or the Stone stolen, and a dependent user isn't able to drink ...

No new flags available post helpfulling
@Edlothiad on SFF 97.06%
2:28 PM
I assume I can get it above that by the time I reach Marshal. I'm on 95.6% rn
still loading, hang on
Can you get Marshal if you're a mod?
I'll have to get it quick then
2:31 PM
Jokes, ok I gtg again, adios
@Edlothiad 100% helpful rate on Lit
@Mithrandir W00t
@Mithrandir, I wonder why all +1 comments have already been deleted of Lit.SE... need to get one flag there
@Edlothiad heh heh heh
I was like "ooh 7, here we go. Flag them all and get mith to go through them" Click through them all. 6 flaggable, all gone, 1 non flaggable...
yep, I nuked 'em all already :P
2:38 PM
@Mithrandir All those flags are doing wonders to lower our average flag handling time.
@Null you're welcome
Just don't raise them in the middle of the night or you'll kill our handling time.
@Mithrandir, got one get handling!
@Null, what time do you wake up? I can have 40 waiting for you tomorrow just when you're ready to handle them
@Edlothiad blam
@Mithrandir 100% on lit!
@Mith, don't nuke too many on SFF. I still need some
2:42 PM
@Edlothiad I only have like 7 or 8 flags left
@Edlothiad That's classified. :) If troublesome users knew what times of day I moderate they'd make trouble when I'm not online.
@Null Ballpark figure that's less than the average handling time
And shouldn't we have moderators awake at all times?
@mith, time to nuke your own! Get handling
@Edlothiad there are like 2 active mods at the moment
@Edlothiad Well, I'm usually online at this time of day (on weekdays).
@Edlothiad blam
2:44 PM
@Edlothiad Rand and I can usually cover most of the day between us because we are decently separated geographically.
But Rand hasn't been online in a week.
yeah, we clearly need more chat-active mods
@AnkitSharma ixrec, edtholiad, and gallifreyan help
imma pin ankit's today
Oh floofs?
2:46 PM
I thought you made one?
I think most of us did
Hmm, I'm unsure what the rules are but I thought it was quadripedal floofs
there are no rules =P
I don't think I floofed today, just made a floof statement
chickens and owls are bipedal though
2:47 PM
yes, true
there is one rule
2 hours ago, by Edlothiad
@AnkitSharma Anyone can floof, but only one can daily floof
ok back to work. Well encountered!
@Ixrec Is that a rule?
@Edlothiad all the floofs are allowed
tomorrow I'll post a fish floof
@Riker a fish floof? o_o
it's not that floofy
but my fish are cute
in the unlikely event we actually need formal decision-making on floof policy, Riker is the final authority
if he says fish are floofs, then they are
2:56 PM
and if I say that fish are foods?
Holy crap - Netflix is filming a TV series in The Witcher universe, and Andrzej Sapkowski will be consulting them!
these are not mutually exclusive =)
3:38 PM
I think this is my favorite floof so far
@Ixrec Aw, thanks ^_^
@Ixrec We had a cat that did that frequently, she would just hold her tail like the picture is depicting and do the cat stare into infinity.
4:10 PM
* Rawr *
4:29 PM
Too much floof
@AnkitSharma You will take the floofs, and enjoy the floofs!
4:48 PM
1st lit review. You go Ed!
Q: Do Wizards and Witches ever talk to their wands?

DCOPTimDowdI've read a lot about the special bond a wand makes with it's owner. Examples taken from this answer with more emphasis added: Further, some wands are more “choosy” than others. Phoenix feather wands are picky: Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners...

5:04 PM
@Babelfish Why would anyone vote to close that as unclear?
maybe too broad but yeah unclear makes no sense
5:21 PM
We started production of the series based on “The Witcher” in coop. with @NetflixUS and SeanDanielCompany. Tomek… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/864787632991219712
@Ixrec Yeah. I was wondering about that too.
Q: Need the title of a short story

Zarrin VuckovicShort story about a guy thinking of leaving his spouse by substituting a lifelike android of self to cover in his absence. But when he finally decides he shouldn't follow through, he lays back down bed with his wife and when he rests his head on her chest he realizes from the sound hat she has al...

6:00 PM
Can you answer this? What is the out-of-universe reason Lucifer Morningstar's new bar called "Ex Lux"? https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/159635?atw=1 #names
^ Hehe.
Q: Why does Voldemort feel the need to check if Harry is still alive?

KrelochWhen Harry 'dies' from Voldemort casting Avada Kedavra in the forest, why does he make Narcissa check if Harrry is still alive? I am not asking why Narcissa was chosen, only why anyone was chosen at all Before then there is only one recorded moment when the aptly named "Killing Curse" did not d...

6:28 PM
@Babelfish he was the "Boy Who Lived"
he survived once before.... Voldy was nervous
6:42 PM
Q: How many of the 66 Jedi were saved?

ShalConsidering this movie was all but purging the Jedi clan, by the later second half, Palpatine orders all his followers/Stormtroopers to execute all 66 of the Jedi (so i understand). Of the 66, how many were actually saved/rescued?

@M&TVFeeds Those are some serious misconceptions you've got there.
@M&TVFeeds that's an interesting misunderstanding
Q: Are there Nuclear Weapons in Star Wars universe?

I Love YouIn Rogue One, destruction caused by single laser fire of Death Star looked similar to nuclear weapon destruction. But, seeing it was given such a big focus (even Empire was showing it off to create fear), I wondered whether there're nuclear weapons in Star Wars universe. Also, I see TIE fighters...

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Q: How did The Witcher games affect the popularity of The Witcher books?

João Victor OliveiraI often hear/read people saying that The Witcher books became popular because of the games, but I personally don't believe that. Recently I heard an interview with the Brazilian translator of the books (Tomasz Barcinski) where he said that The Witcher book franchise has sold over 5 million copi...

^ In case anyone is interested.
@Gallifreyan and now, how will the TV show affect the popularity of both?
@Skooba Maybe they'll finally translate the last book...
That would probably be a good start lol
I am not familiar with any part of the series, only that quite a few of you chatters like it
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Some new activity on the question about .
We now have answer for voting, so no need to vote on the question anymore. ;)
Q: How did Vader know that Luke would correctly interpret the force vision to go to Bespin

JoeDarth Vader sets a trap for Luke at Bespin by capturing his friends and torturing them. The torture triggers a force vision in Luke. Lucky for him, Yoda was nearby to tell him it was the future he was seeing. Based on this intel, Luke flies off to save them, falling into the trap. If Yoda had n...

@DaaaahWhoosh @Edlothiad - Some people are thinking of the now. ;)
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Q: Story about a teenager who makes a homemade black hole which proves unexpectedly dangerous

Robert GarnerThis story is probably from an anthology. It involves a kid or teenager who is secretly developing a black hole in his room. Eventually things get out of hand. I believe this was written in English.

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