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11:49 AM
@BradleyWilson Ugh, looks like my edit accidentally overwrote yours on that AfD question
I'll fix it in a few minutes
Or maybe it didn't? Huh ... The UI made it seem like it did
12:06 PM
@Carpetsmoker I sorted it after too, I think we were just editing it around the same time aha
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4:00 PM
Q: Editing a deleted Q provides contradictory feedback

agcWhile attempting to revise a deleted question, I read the SE text below: If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit your question. I clicked edit, did a copy and paste to simplify a paragraph, and after a bit of moving things around, the following te...

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7:22 PM
@indigo - somewhat tangential to our comment discussion but worth a look: wpsa.research.pdx.edu/papers/docs/…
@user4012 - Thanks. I'll take all these down, but I won't be able to look into them until later. It wouldn't be unusual for two different disciplines to have different views, but I would be surprised if they were worlds apart (and I would start preparing my grant request now).
8:13 PM
Q: How should I ask a question regarding a celebrity's political stance?

PyrotechnicalTitle says most of it. The original question was put on hold and then deleted without comments on anything, which I consider to be pretty bad form. As celebrity endorsements are certainly part of the overall campaign process in the USA, I'm unsure how my original question was off-topic. Furtherm...

@indigochild As I mentioned, a more condensed pop version is 3 episodes of this podcast:
Backfire effect but it covers a lot of this topic in general
So far I was unable to find papers covering actual size of effects among total population

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