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9:00 AM
To make matters even more confusing, you can't use SO chat unless you have the necessary rep on SO, even if you have it on another SE site.
And just in case you're not thoroughly confused, the foreign language SO sites use chat.SE, not chat.SO.
Which means 10k users here get to try to decipher non-English messages when flags get raised in those rooms
head spins
Welcome to the clusterbomb that is SE chat
9:08 AM
Q: Longest Increasing string Subsequence

Rahul TanejaLongest increasing string subsequence is defined as following It is defined as a string which has characters in increasing order examples: ab, abc, acde, bpz, xyz, abcd. So, you are given a string and you are asked to find the largest string subsequence. Input: abcbcbcd Output: abbbcd...

9:25 AM
@NewMainPosts This could probably do with being on hold until the spec is clarified
SE is offline for maintenance :(
I just got hit by that too. Nothing on the twitter feed though
What do we do when a challenge is very similarly worded to one that was closed as unclear a week ago, but is by a different user?
The Longest Increasing string Subsequence one has very similar test cases to the one linked in its comment. I don't want to just assume they aren't both copied from an external location, but even if they are it seems awkward since the previous poster has only had a week to improve their post and now have lost their chance.
@trichoplax Close that one as unclear also
And should they both be clarified, close the newer one as a dupe
Already voted unclear, but wondering about if it gets clarified. If they both get clarified closing the newer one sounds reasonable, unless the early one is clarified much later.
SE is back up for me, by the way
9:39 AM
Isn't it an exact duplicate?
Both challenges may also be duplicates of this older challengetrichoplax 25 secs ago
@StewieGriffin It's very close - the only difference I can see being that it is even more unclear
9:52 AM
Poll: if I am to create a golflang, what should its name be?
@LeakyNun LeakyLang
@LeakyNun Leaked
That's my suggestion
@KritixiLithos -1 No alliteration
@LeakyNun Incontinence
@Adám why?
9:57 AM
@LeakyNun leaky nun
@LeakyNun And continence means self-restraint. IN-continence must be a language without restraints.
I see
what about "irreprehensible"?
I'll ask the same question in different timezones to get more answers
@LeakyNun Laungage
@LeakyNun Birdie, make the entire language based around two-letter commands.
why is that birdie?
isn't birdie -1 in golf?
10:12 AM
I see
But -1 doesn't really have to do with 2-letter commands
Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, Condor
@ConnorLSW Why call it birdie, then? You might as well call it Eagle (-2, 2-letter commands)
@ConnorLSW I plan to base it around one-letter commands, if that is possible
(but certainly I would have to expand it to two-letter one day)
@LeakyNun Ooh that would fit even better
10:14 AM
all major golflangs resorted to two-letter extensions
@LeakyNun Not entirely true
There are no two-character commands in Actually. There are operators which modify upcoming commands, but that's not really the same thing.
@Mego oh heh, actually
I guess that's why actually isn't as successful as Jelly and Pyth and 05AB1E are (no offense)
another part is your never-done refactor
Q: R code to calculate mean from 2 different variables from list

joeCode Rank// i/q// exam score// Gender 1 4 40 86.298 Male 2 11 65 88.716 Female 3 27 80 70.178 Male 4 53 80 61.312 Male 5 4 40 89.522 Male 6 22 70 60.506 Female 7 16 20 81.462 Female 8 21 55 75.82 Female 9 25 50 69.372 Female 10 1...

10:55 AM
@LeakyNun Technically Brachylog doesn't have 2-letter built-ins either (though it used to in v1)
@Fatalize nice
@LeakyNun While not golfing languages, APL and K don't have 2-letter built-ins either.
@Adám but J has many 2-letter built-ins lol
@LeakyNun Yes, and even a few 3-letter ones. Yuck.
that's what it takes to use ascii sans letters and digits
11:00 AM
@LeakyNun No, K manages.
i meant printable sans letters and digits
@LeakyNun Exactly: kparc.com/k.txt
how is it possible
@LeakyNun By extreme overloading and minimalist vocabulary.
I see
11:05 AM
Q: A Walk To Remember Java Program GS Interview question

Ashish DassJamie is walking along a number line that starts at point 0 and ends at point n. She can move either one step to the left or one step to the right of her current location , with the exception that she cannot move left from point 0 or right from point n. In other words, if Jamie is standing at poi...

@Adám That's one of the most minimalistic websites I've ever seen
@Fatalize We love these :-)
@Fatalize That's the philosophy of K.
Well, sorta. Minimalism can go at the expense of clarity.
@Fatalize what is your idea?
1 hour ago, by Leaky Nun
Poll: if I am to create a golflang, what should its name be?
11:17 AM
Depends on the lang
it will be a stack-based language
@Fatalize you're the first one to ask for more details :D
But here are my 2 cents: (1) no pun (2) a unique name
What do you suggest?
If searching for it on Google yields lots of results different from your language, it's not a good name
thinks of a punny but unoriginal name
11:19 AM
So the best name would be something like H9TE9E8I986ETDTQT
@LeakyNun Drippy-ReligiousPerson?
@Qwerp-Derp "no pun"
Too similar to HQ9+ etc
also to that six-hex language
Okay, so the name should have no alphanumeric characters because those make it too similar to the other language names.
@LeakyNun Soros, from greek σωροσ (sorós), meaning pile/heap
11:23 AM
@feersum please
and Soros is a palindrome
@Fatalize σωρός
παρακαλώ πάρα πολύ
@Fatalize the final sigma should be ς
@EriktheOutgolfer Isn't ς the same letter as σ?
ς is the final form of σ
11:24 AM
Use the character U+200D as the language name
no ς is a "final sigma", i.e. when a word ends in σ you must use ς instead.
Well yeah but it's the same letter, so you get the point
And there is intonation in Greek.
@EriktheOutgolfer you are greek?
11:25 AM
Does your name end in -os or -is?
@Fatalize not every name ends in -os and -is
No my first name isn't quite Greek, my parents chose a Scandinavian name (Erik). My last name ends in -os (Konstantopoulos).
AFAIK he is Erik Konstantopoulos
@EriktheOutgolfer How long is your last name? Some Greek surnames are pretty long
11:27 AM
double ninja
Yeah, just look over my network profile and my profile on ELL.
@MartinEnder what is your idea?
2 hours ago, by Leaky Nun
Poll: if I am to create a golflang, what should its name be?
11:28 AM
@LeakyNun It's a stereotype
@LeakyNun or perhaps "u"
@LeakyNun "golflang" is rather unspecific...
@MartinEnder it's a stack-based language
@JanDvorak Umm... that's correct syntax. Not sure why you quoted.
Why don't you work on the important parts first and pick the bike shed paint color later?
11:29 AM
@feersum that's a good point
@EriktheOutgolfer it was a proposed name
@feersum because he has to name the repository :-D
Oh. Like, "be"? Not on its own for sure.
@feersum Choosing the color is easier
repos can be renamed
@JanDvorak It's not even necessary to put it on Github during the early development.
@Fatalize Nah, everyone knows that that's the most difficult and controversial part.
11:30 AM
You still have to create a directory :-D
You don't have to name it immediately though, something like "Golfing Language WIP" would suffice at first. Oh, and make it prominent.
@LeakyNun Is it based on Pyth?
I can't find any reason why σ becomes ς at the end of words on the Internet. Seems like the Greeks like to invent useless letters
Like intonation isn't already useless. I don't get it either.
I think it would be really needed really rarely.
@Fatalize Oh, well, many of the letters aren't actually useless.
The full lowercase alphabet is αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρσ(ς)τυφχψω and uppercase is ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ (no uppercase ς equivalent, Σ is used).
@Adám I hope Dyalog APL source code is better written than J's source code
@EriktheOutgolfer idk
11:44 AM
@Fatalize Yeah, I think so. I don't program in C/C++/Assembler but whenever I happen to see some of our source, it looks very "airy" and "normal".
Because J's source is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen
I don't see how it's physically possible to maintain this
af.c means as-fuck.c.
@Fatalize Well, we've got two former J developers (i.e. developers of J) on our team. They are both absolute geniuses…
@Fatalize I'm certain that K's source is much much worse.
It just seems like this code was written by mathematicians
@Fatalize It was.
11:48 AM
awful indentation, 1 or 2-letter variable names, no spacing
Wait, why isn't it in Haskell then?
^ my eyes, they hurt
> Why does Haskell force you to use a specific level of indentation?

> Those damn mathematicians wouldn't use any indentation at all otherwise.
@Adám Can you please not post spam on TNB? :P
11:51 AM
It's not spam, it's just golfed
@Adám I sense bias :p
@EriktheOutgolfer Serious note: Just to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong; you're making a joke, right?
What do you think :P means otherwise?
@JanDvorak It can be golfed way better than that for sure though.
Is that a challenge accepted?
@Dennis or other mod, could you remove these 4 comments: 1 2 3 4
They are related to a now-fixed bug.
11:53 AM
@JanDvorak No that's not a challenge at all, since you need to observe the entire source code to challenge on it. That's just one file of it.
@programmer5000 You can use "obsolete" comment flags for that :)
Also, once the other comments are deleted, delete yours too.
Flagged and mine are deleted.
@EriktheOutgolfer That was the entire thing at the time.
@Fatalize All of K is just five such files, I think.
@Adám Kona's repo is basically the same
Wait K is open-source?
@EriktheOutgolfer No. It is super expensive.
Interesting that there are so few commercial programming languages: Mathematica, MATLAB, APL, K.
12:01 PM
I think some BASICs are commercial too.
@Adám Do you know where do you buy K?
@EriktheOutgolfer kx.com
No, not kdb+, just k.
@EriktheOutgolfer K is included in Q.
Oh, so it's not a standalone language.
@EriktheOutgolfer kbb+ is a system using Q which is a thin cover for K. At the q) prompt, you can switch to K mode by entering \.
12:08 PM
Lol so many edits.
@EriktheOutgolfer Yeah, how do I make a code block containing just a backslash‽
For ^^, use ^.
@EriktheOutgolfer Thanks. Now I see that the display form only manifests itself after a second, and by then, I was already editing away…
Yeah, there's that annoying delay.
Erik remember the HyperTraining room? :D :P
12:19 PM
Yeah I do, although I'm lately busy.
Yeah. Thanks for making it; Leaky Nun's been teaching me, and it's quite nice having a private room to work on learning Jelly.
@HyperNeutrino Hm, how does that work? Maybe I could do something similar with APL.
@Adám I initially created the room 'cause such discussions were flooding TNB, and I wanted to separate it.
@Adám It's a Gallery room (all can see, only accepted people and mods can say stuff), and there's a teacher who has experience in the language and one or more student(s), and the teacher gives a code task and guides the student to figure out how to solve it.
Note: there are multiple teachers.
(one or more teachers) (one or more students)
It just so happens to be 1-on-1 right now because Erik's been busy and there have been no new students.
But I still often go to see what happens there ;)
I see :D
12:31 PM
@Adám You're not currently a student. You need to request access to be one, if you're interested in practicing Jelly, but I think that you need to study a bit first :)
@HyperNeutrino :37105778 I see, I guess the APL room already works like that, except that it is completely open to everyone.
@Adám as for me, I welcome anyone
Ah. I see.
I welcome everyone too, I was just suggesting reading the tutorial first. No problem if you wanna come.
I started entirely from learning from Erik and Leaky Nun, and so far that's the only Jelly training I've had. :P Other than a bit of private practice doing stuff.
12:34 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Nah, while intrigued by Jelly (it was even mentioned at our user meeting) I'm doing all this during work hours.
Oh, then I don't recommend going to Jelly class. APL was intended to be a golfing language??
My main interest in Jelly is to know what's missing in APL – so we can add it.
@EriktheOutgolfer No, not at all. APL was a proper IBM backed programming language, originally for the System/360.
@EriktheOutgolfer However, today it is usually the only "practical" (TIO term) language standing a chance against dedicated golfing languages.
J, K, etc. stand a much lesser chance, although they still do stand one.
@Adám you can see all commands here: 1, 2, 3
(we also have dictionary-compression, as you may know)
@LeakyNun Yes, I know, but thanks.
@LeakyNun What does that mean?
12:38 PM
A: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

DennisJelly, 22 bytes “t,ȧṫÞċḅ»Ḳ“¡¥Ɓc’ṃs4K€Y Try it online! How it works “t,ȧṫÞċḅ»Ḳ“¡¥Ɓc’ṃs4K€Y Main link. No arguments. “t,ȧṫÞċḅ» Use Jelly's dictionary to yield the string "Hare Rama Krishna". Fortunately, the words Rama, Krishna, a...

@LeakyNun I just read through them this morning. I think we've got most of it covered, albeit slightly more verbose (relatively speaking, of course).
I don't think "base decompression" should be a thing in a serious programming language either ;)
@LeakyNun Oh, right. No, I don't we'll put that in APL.
Well, lately, me and Leaky are constantly finding ways to outgolf Jelly with Pyth, so Jelly isn't that one golfing language you must ultimately learn anymore.
Although there are times Jelly still outgolfs Pyth, so you got to learn 'em both.
except that you still have less than 30 answers in Pyth
12:44 PM
Yeah, because back then I didn't know of the true power of Pyth.
All of the "big" golfing languages have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. No one of them is ideal for every task.
@Mego I'll keep that in mind when I'm making my language
@LeakyNun May I pin good "teacher ratings" on the Jelly Hypertraining room? Like yours for example (really good stuff). Something that will invite more interested students hopefully.
Jyth - Combine Jelly and Pyth to make an even better golfing language :D
@EriktheOutgolfer sure
12:48 PM
brb in about an hour or so, hopefully shorter.
I guess I should spend some time (>= a week) planning the language before actually implementing it
Yeah I think so too.
@EriktheOutgolfer oh... that was what you meant...
Well, I will unpin if it isn't good.
your choice
12:54 PM
Yeah I removed it since it will go in 14 days anyways...
@EriktheOutgolfer what do you mean?
Pinned messages don't stay forever.
Yeah, just 14 days. Although you can re-pin at any time if there are new students to come, or just regularly every 14 days any teacher can pin it.
Or it can be regularly unpinned and pinned (not sure about this one though, maybe not too good practice).
@HyperNeutrino or Pylly
1:03 PM
Q: Tell me my screen resolution!

SIGSEGVI need my screen resolution for many purposes, but I totally forgot my screen resolution! Tell me my screen resolution, please! So... What shall I do? It's simple, Output the device's screen resolution in the specific format of [width]x[height](without the brackets). To clarify, If it's equi...

@Adám Maple
@Mego In Machine Learning there is the No-free lunch theorem, which roughly states that no classifier can be the best classifier for all possible classification problems.
A: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

AdámAPL (Dyalog), 47 bytes Requires ⎕IO←0 which is default on many systems. ↑∊¨↓'Krishna ' 'Hare ' 'Rama '[(4⍴3)⊤8×4 1 5 2] Try it online! 8×4 1 5 2 multiply; [32,8,40,16] (4⍴3)⊤ convert to 4-digit base 3; matrix [[1,0,1,0],[0,0,1,1],[1,2,1,2],[2,2,1,1]] …[…] index ↓ split into list of list...

Similarly, the No Free rep theorem states that there is no single language which is optimal for all PPCG challenges
@Fatalize except maybe java. Everyone loves java.
1:26 PM
anyone better than me at regex want to tell me how to make codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/118407/59735 suck less
..." x (\d+).+",'x$1' maybe?
replace" x \d+ \w+",''
@MartinEnder the god of regex comes forth
@LeakyNun how is that the same thing?
that was actually something I could have gotten, can't believe I missed it
1:30 PM
@MartinEnder the original string is 1920 x 1080 x 4294967296 colors
so I'm matching x 4294967296 colors
you also need to remove the first two spaces though
what spaces?
he asked for a VERY specific format
tricky format
in that case, follow the regex legend
replace" |x \d+ \w+",''
yay mine is shorter
this still matches the first x 1080 x btw
1:33 PM
with a $ at the end maybe?
just change the \w to \D
or that
still matches x
has to be \w+$
replace" |x \d+\D+$",''
oh I see
1:35 PM
CMC: given positive integer n, output n/2 if n is even and output 3n+1 if n is odd.
Oh this thing.
try to do it in OASIS (TIO link)
@LeakyNun Brachylog, 8 bytes: ~×₂|×₃+₁
Yeah I have Oasis open already.
1:46 PM
Pretty self-explanatory
@Fatalize sure
Doesn't even explicitely checks parity
I like that
well, + used to be double..
@LeakyNun 05AB1E 7 bytes: ;¹Éi6*>
@LeakyNun You mean increment?
1:50 PM
CMC: given positive integer n, determine whether repeatedly applying the above CMC to it will eventually reach 1.
Should we protect this post because of the meme?
@Fatalize oh really
@LeakyNun double used to be *
It was actually overloaded to be both multiply and double, depending on the input
@Fatalize I see
@HyperNeutrino assuming that the conjecture is not yet proved?
The introduction of subscripts was actually mostly to avoid overloading, as this causes loads of problems when overloaded predicates need to backtrack on unspecified input/output
1:52 PM
Hurray! Now my rep on PPCG is more than SO! Thanks to @SIGSEGV !
@LeakyNun Yes. You must actually determine it without assuming that it always does.
@programmer5000 It can't be protected.
@Arjun Yay :D My PPCG rep passed SO only a few months ago and it's over 200% of SO now :P
@EriktheOutgolfer What is µ in jelly
@HyperNeutrino why?
1:53 PM
@Poke It starts a new monadic chain.
Create new monadic chain to the right.
:) As in, it prevents weird syntax things like [monad][dyad][monad] from taking the right monad.
@programmer5000 There have been no answers by users with <10 rep.
@HyperNeutrino I meant lock.
1:54 PM
That's what Hyper meant too.
Protection only protects from answers by users with <10 (<110 if association bonus) rep.
so you're using it to separate the if block from the else block in the ternary?
@HyperNeutrino I think it's computationally impossible
@EriktheOutgolfer and where is your submission?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AlexRacercode-golf Formula 1 2016 standings The Formula 1 2017 season is well underway, but I thought that the final standings could be good idea for a challenge. The task is to print the standings at the end of 2016 season. This is how the table looks like: 1 N Rosberg 385 2 L Hamilton 380 3 ...

Oh. Hm. Well, true. I guess I can't make that a CMC because it's, well, impossible... lol
@Poke No, they're automatically separated, it's just that ×3‘ contains 3 links (×, 3 and ), so I need to contain them all-in-one in some way.
1:56 PM
some day i'll figure jelly out
@programmer5000 "because of the meme" is a really bad reason to do anything...
Memes are locked anyways for some reason, so...
@HyperNeutrino Thanks but today is not that day, haha
got some stuff to focus on
"It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error. "
1:58 PM
×3‘µHḂ?  Main link, argument is z
×3‘      Monadic chain; returns 3z + 1
   µ     Separates the left chain from the next chain
    H    Halve; returns z / 2
     Ḃ?  Ternary switch on the bit (which is z % 2)

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