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3:45 AM
Potentially coming to a kernel near you
3 hours later…
7:13 AM
7:41 AM
@halirutan 11.1.1 is out. Are the editing annoyances fixed on Linux?
8:01 AM
I would like to ask:
y[t_] = Exp[3 t]
Plot[y[t], {t, 0, 10}]
what exactly meant by "t_"?
why it plots nothing when I replace t_ by t -- > y[t]=Exp[3t] ?
posted on April 26, 2017 by Lois Jamieson

With the world of data science developing at a rapid pace and companies increasingly aware of its importance, Wolfram is pleased to bring together a range of data science experts at the Computation Meets Data Science Conference on 11 May, in partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult and Digital Catapult. Over recent years, Wolfram has [...]

9:05 AM
Q: Inherited TaggingRules misbehaving

KubaHere's an example: CurrentValue[ $FrontEndSession, {TaggingRules, "a", "a1"} ] = 22; CurrentValue[ EvaluationNotebook[], TaggingRules ] = {"a" -> {"a1" -> 1, "a2" -> 2}, "b" -> 5} CurrentValue[EvaluationNotebook[], {TaggingRules, "a", "a1"}] (* 1 - ok*) CurrentValue[ Evaluatio...

9:37 AM
@Shing It's a pattern. You should skim through a tutorial. wolfram.com/language/fast-introduction-for-programmers/en
@Szabolcs thanks! I have read that,
but now I am confused by another thing:
Does Dsolve work differently in Mathematica 11 ?
my mathematica behaves differently to this page:reference.wolfram.com/language/howto/…
DSolve[y'[x] == x, y[x], x]
then it gives me:
**(in red) DSolve::dsfun: E^(3 x)-500 x cannot be used as a function.
DSolve[-500 + 3 E^(3 x) == x, E^(3 x) - 500 x, x]
instead of the solution
never mind
I figured it out
I had already defined y[x]
3 hours later…
12:28 PM
@Szabolcs Not tested yet since I don't have the update.
It seems a university in Germany is not the high on the priority.
12:41 PM
Quick question: How do you change the colour of an icon. EntityValue[Entity["Icon", "Camera"], "Image"]
@halirutan I usually get the updates later than most. This time I received no email, but it is there in the user portal.
@Edmund Colorize may be the easiest (see options)
1 hour later…
1:59 PM
@Szabolcs Thanks.
@Szabolcs It didn't exactly cooperate. I've posted a question. mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/144567/…
2:42 PM
Quit the kernel and run:
$logFile =  FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "ApplicationData", "file"}];
$logStreams = {(Close[#]; OpenWrite[#]) &[$logFile]};
Print[Style[$Output, Red]];
I get a log of irrelevant messages. Does this happen for anyone? The only one which is correct is about the stream not being opene.
3:43 PM
I am working on a small paclet for UK postcodes. Sharing here, in case it is useful to others as well: github.com/arnoudbuzing/postcode
4:09 PM
Just going to put this here because I think it's neat:
EdgeList@ChemicalData["FullereneC60", "StructureGraph"],
GraphLayout -> "PlanarEmbedding"]
4 hours later…
8:32 PM
Planar embeddings Mma produces are a bit... boring. I'd appreciate some aesthetic post-processing, but maybe that's not the top priority.
8:45 PM
@kirma @JasonB How about this for post-processing? Done with IGraph/M, with Jason's graph as a starting point.
@Szabolcs Much better aesthetics, I must say! :)
It's a layout algorithm based on simulated annealing. It takes several factors into account, such as edge lengths, node distances, edge crossings, etc.
"Continue" -> True means that it takes the existing vertex coordinates as a starting point. Most layouts in IGraph/M have this.
"EdgeCrossingWeight" -> 50 causes it to put more emphasis on avoiding edge crossings.
I had to rescale the coordinates at the beginning to make it fit more or less into the unit square. Otherwise the algorithm takes steps which are too large and shuffles up the edges so much that it cannot uncross them any more.
Characteristics of fullerene are much more obvious on the hexagonal graph, although both visualizations are obviously the same.
Some additional post processing with weighted Kamada-Kawai gives something like this:
@JasonB @kirma Here's a question: mathematica.stackexchange.com/q/144594/12 It should be a fun challenge. I'm off to bed now, good night!
9:05 PM
@Meta didn't get replies for the post about "breaking the rules", I would have to assume that I'm not breaking SE or MmaSE policy then by "attaching" files with hidden encoded data. Any idea what could define the limit on text for a question? I wouldn't want to abuse the site by doing trial and error until it breaks.
9:15 PM
@rhermans why not store code/data in the Wolfram Cloud?
data = RandomInteger[20, 100]
CloudDeploy[data, Permissions -> "Public"]
And then:
Get[ CloudObject[...] ]
(for whatever the actual CloudObject it was)
9:32 PM
@ArnoudBuzing Data shared on the site has to be available forever. Deployments to Wolfram Cloud expire after 30 days if the user who deployed the data is using a free account. People who are currently paying to have their deployments not expire will not continue to pay forever either.

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