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@Taisho yeh that is odd. was going to say that it's probably because we don't give out a lot of bounties that are attention seeking one but there is a 24 hours wait before the exemplary answer bounties can be awarded too
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6:31 AM
yea I thought it's her
#id i.stack.imgur.com/Dd63p.jpg
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Q: Anime i saw a decade ago on a different channel

Coop23What was that anime that had the naked woman who put her fingers and squished a guy's head out it and it had blood and it aired around the same time when family guy was on adult swim it was on another channel and i forgot what channel it was it was around when every channel was broadcasting anime

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1:53 PM
you know you're in for some good reading when a Doujinshi is tagged "Moe up the butt"
2:06 PM
@Memor-X linkushite kudasai
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5:43 PM
Q: how much gravity was Trunks and Vegeta training when they trained together before the martial arts tournament?

PabloWhen Trunks was training with Vegeta before the martial arts tournament where he fought against Goten, how much gravity were they training under? In the spanish dub it says 150,000 times gravity. In the english dub it says 150 times gravity. I have no idea if the spanish dub was a mistake, or the...

5:57 PM
Q: What anime this?

Keke I've been trying to figure it out but I'm not sure so does anyone know wat it is by this picture ? Thanks..

6:17 PM
user image
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7:35 PM
what's a difference between "low fantasy" and "high fantasy"?
8:35 PM
Q: Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)

NightmareflowerIf Hohenheim is an homunculus (I know that he still has a humanoid body otherwise he wouldn't even had children) and he has a family with Trisha who is human, does this mean that the Elric brothers are half human and half homunclus? Also just to make sure, the Elric brothers are half Amesestrian ...

@Sakamoto low is a few elements of fantasy in a mostly realistic world, high is when everybody is an elf, dragon, demon, fairy and the story takes place in an interdimensional floating castle in space
@Abyx ^ ——__———
9:03 PM
@Taisho thank you, talking cat
Is this worth an undelete vote? It seems like a fairly legitimate question to me
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10:10 PM
that's Ubou sensei!
Q: Who are these two students in the back of Itoshiki's class?

HakaseIn Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei s01e01 @17:37 there are these two peculiar students in the back right with a different art style and dark blue hair which stands out from everybody else: Are they anyone special from another work by one of the staff, or is it a cameo from an unrelated title?

10:31 PM
welll then who do we got here?
user image
i'm absolutely confused about which direction to read that in
@Taisho Top-to-Bottom, Right-to-left
when you see the next page you see the general 4-Koma format
Top Right Frame then read down to Bottom Right. Top Left Frame then down to Bottom Left
it kinda reminds you of the Pajamas worn in Yuru Yuri.
and i also seem to recall @ToshinouKyouko posting a photo of wearing one in public
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11:41 PM
Q: Why is this panda chasing XP-tan?

Memor-XI've had this image of XP-tan's final days for a while (it's a tall image thus the link). after XP-tan sees 98-tan being taken away bellow that there is a frame of XP-Tan being chased by a panda. What is this references supposed to be? why is XP-tan being harassed by a panda?


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