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2:00 PM
so you just do that and have to check that the group operations are smooth
seems reasonable
oh, it is in Lee
I need to sleep
@0celouvsky ode means?
Ordinary differential equation
This is a great video:
Ordinary diff eq
2:04 PM
@JaimeGallego Explaining one abbreviation with a slightly longer abbreviation might not be the best move ;)
@ACuriousMind diff and eq are commonly used.
and so is ode ;-)
^my point precisely
The ode to joy
2:08 PM
I like curiosity, because it gives me diversity
Also, @JohnR: The laptop has been heating up rather quickly these past couple days. Dunno what's up. Have cleaned the fan (from outside by using the blower) but problem persists. Please help, IT person :-P
anyone has the Gell-Mann matrices typed up in Mathematica?
However, curiosity does kills the cat, and not even satisfaction can bring back a dead cat (unless it is dead AND alive)
@JohnR: This, BTW, was what I was trying to upload earlier:
2:09 PM
Therefore, one has to be careful of dangerous ideas and treat them with respect like any dangerous chemicals
@AccidentalFourierTransform I don't even have Mathematica installed :P
It's only 27 entries
I guess my question is simple enough, so I can post it here
I need $\lambda^a\lambda^a$
Just type it you lazy git
2:10 PM
@Kaumudi.H I fail to see what's so terrible in that picture
it should be proportional to the identity (right?)
but I dont recall the constant of proportionality
@ACuriousMind Ah, well, perhaps you lack some context: I'm stuck in this cramped space full of people revising for the next 8 hours, till morning (3 AM) comes.
@Kaumudi.H are the chairs somehow hanging, cause it looks like you are on the second floor of the train and can see the first floor?
@Secret after all every dangerous act does took to calm that curiosity to know what happens..
@Secret No, it's not a chair, they're berths to sleep in.
2:12 PM
@Kaumudi.H I...guess I have trouble interpreting what I'm seeing in that picture. I can't quite tell what I'm looking at
@ACuriousMind It's the inside of a train and I'm sitting on the upper berth.
@AccidentalFourierTransform it depends on the structure constants of the group
or even SU(N)
@AccidentalFourierTransform Well...that depends on the representation. But isn't that literally just the quadratic Casimir? You should be able to find the value of the Casimir somewhere in the literature
Just write it as $[ \lambda, \lambda] + \{\lambda, \lambda\}$
2:14 PM
I guess Casimir is a good keyword to google
@Fawad Well, here's an example. I actually have a curiosity on what it feels like to eat recreational drugs personally, but I am not going to satisfy that curioisity because it will mean completely leading my future ashtray
I was expecting something about characters, but that works too
Casimir is a good word, yes.
@Kaumudi.H Ah
O and btw you don't need to tell me what it feels like, because afaik the experience is highly subjective, thus it is as impossible to tell me what red feels like to you
2:15 PM
first result in "su(n) generators casimir"
thanks :D
@AccidentalFourierTransform you're welcome ;)
in this case, $C_F=\frac{N^2-1}{2N}$
Wikipedia has a nice formula for products of cadimir generator
how do you type the identity in latex?
2:19 PM
blackboard 1 doesnt work
Fundamental representation
ive seen people write boldsymbol 1
doesnt look bad but I dont like it very much
what do you people use?
@AccidentalFourierTransform \mathbf{1}
@AccidentalFourierTransform \textrm{Id}
2:20 PM
I tend to use capital I
how about $\mathrm I_{N\times N}$?
For that I just use $I_N$
e.g. $I_3$ for 3x3 idetity matrx
For general identity maps, however I use $\mathop{Id}_X$ or $\textrm{Id}_X$ where $X$ will be shown if it is important
2:22 PM
$f(f^{-1})$ works too
For tensors and components, the dirac delta does a good job on presenting it
The identity map is obviously best written as $\{ (x,y) \in X\times X | x=y\}$
2:46 PM
Or yet better
@ACuriousMind I just tried to play Skyrim
it froze .-.
It is a cold place
oh no
it works now
I want to play this game now
I've forgotten how to hax the game
There's tricks like dwarven bows and shit to level up
I need to reinstall all of my mods
It's not that hard to level up
it takes forever
2:51 PM
> The CMO determinantal wavefunction

(23) ΨCMO = det|...(φ1)2(φ2)2...|

depicts each MO as doubly occupied (evoking the difficult imagery of electron pairs stretching from pole to pole), whereas the corresponding NLMO determinantal wavefunction
Or even just win with low level
Sneak and bow baby
the best way to level up smithing is to raid dwarven ruins for metal
Uh, stop looking at electrons as if a particle please, chemists
then forge it into bows, and sell them
buy more stuff, etc.
2:52 PM
also there's a glitch to get Prowler's Profit quickly
then you just make jewelry and enchant it
There's a shitload of metal there
that gets enchanting up very quickly
Though you need to buff smithing first
For alchemy you make the giant's toe potions
@Slereah ah, you mine iron ore, silver, and gold
make basic jewlry and stuff
Mining isn't easy
2:53 PM
that gets you to 30, then you can make dwarven weapons
> sensibly depicts each pair as occupying a distinct localized site. Despite the obviously greater interpretive difficulties of (23) compared to (24), the two wavefunctions are
Not that much ore around
> actually mathematically equivalent (as follows from Fock's theorem [12]). The energy and other physical observables calculated from ΨNLMO must therefore be
> identical to those from ΨCMO, and any perceived "delocalization effect" arising from the unitary transformation of NLMOs to the symmetry-adapted CMOs (22a,b) must be purely illusory. Thus, NLMOs may be said to remove a superfluous tier of "unnecessary delocalization" that merely distracts from the chemist's Lewis structural picture, without physical consequences.
Learher is easier usually
there's multiple caves near whiterun with LOTS of iron ore
2:53 PM
Or buy ore
and you can of course hax and wait a month or so in game so things replenish
ok fine, you have a point, nonphysical
you can level sneaking by attacking the graybeards from behind
you can level block by letting a mudcrab attack you
pickpocket by stealing from carriage drivers or followers
destruction is hard to level
I got it to 100 on one character, don't remember how
you can also buy levels from people, but you have to do so wisely
such a good game
i once tried to write a guide on how to power game it
I got like 20 pages in, wonder if I still have it.
@0celouvsky I got rekd
Oh no :(
@Slereah the crossbow + powerful enchnating is OP
@JohnRennie :(
3:05 PM
I miss morrowind
Morrowind had an acrobacy skill
To level up, you jumped
so I emailed this guide to a friend some years ago
I'm looking through emails from 2012
it's pretty embarrassing
@Slereah Have you tried replaying it recently? I have fond memories of it but I just can't into that RNG combat system anymore where you miss all the time although the weapon clearly connects
wtf ACM
you made fun of me for not liking it
3:08 PM
That was before I tried replaying it, I think. Nostalgia ia weird thing
Morrowind did have fairly shitty combat
Especially the first few levels
these emails are so cringy
where is this damn paper
3:09 PM
When you missed most strikes
Great ambiance tho
Also : no level cap
Which I appreciate
oh my god
I used to name my pokemon after math terms
You end morrowind as a golden man god
Laplace the Ralts
3:12 PM
@0celouvsky Doooooork
Limit the Torchick
R.I.P Cassini
I had a Maxwell's equations shirt
It was pretty bad though, it was the integral form
the cringe is so bad right now
I can't even
@0celouvsky When the prof posts the exam I will show you the questions
There was an integral that I just could not draw
Or rather, a set
I managed to integrate it on cylindrical coordinates
Oh god
why did I do this
Am I a nerd?
I think you're all the way down to dweeb
:: eye twitch ::
@AccidentalFourierTransform this was four years ago
That's proprietary malware
3:18 PM
idk what I was thinking
Send it to me
I want to learn tensors
@0celouvsky that is no excuse sir
@BernardoMeurer I cannot guarantee its validity
You know thinking about it
3:19 PM
@Slereah That
's creeping me out
I think the bowtie was the fedora of the 50's
It was the mark of the dork
@BernardoMeurer actually I won't send you this
it's private
I was pretty edgy
@BalarkaSen is a nice kid compared to this
compared to what
@0celouvsky Come oooooon
I think I'm severely autistic
3:21 PM
you think that's edgy?
it's childish, that's about it
You clearly don't know edgy
Too late @0celouvsky
oh no I didnt read it
post it again
I took a screenshot
@Slereah why tho?
@BalarkaSen ok
3:22 PM
to blackmail clearly
actually this isn't even GR
I knew you'd delete it you dork
it's Frenet-Seret frame stuff
@0celouvsky Tourette physics?
The heckin' Frenet frame
3:24 PM
oh no
the dreaded Colloquial Theory paper
@0celo @Slereah Hallo o/
Fourier and ACM too ^ o/
ok... so Natural Bond Orbitals then!
My dorkiest moment was probably that presentation on nuclear energy I did when I was 9
It went unappreciated
I cant chat, I have been suspended for that picture
@JohnR: User @Always does have a point here:
Q: What moth is this?

paracetamol Location: Rural area near the Western Ghats, Kerala, South India. Date: Sometime in December, 2016 Climatic Conditions: Humid, frequent rains. Brief Description: Couldn't have been bigger than an inch. Took the picture at night. Has characteristic orange stripes across wings and dorsal th...

3:26 PM
@AccidentalFourierTransform Nah, you can still chat...they just barred you from using apostrophes ;)
I didn't understand notation
I wrote $f(t):[a,b]\to\Bbb C$
$$\Huge{\textrm{Time to begin Calculation Phase II!}}$$
@JohnR Admittedly, even I'm having an issue finding the species name for the thing >_<
3:27 PM
@0celouvsky Just...look at how much you've learned, then?
It's a bug
baby einstein
@0celouvsky that notation is fine
That's a cat
Tickles 0celo's cat
3:28 PM
In mathematics and computer science, currying is the technique of translating the evaluation of a function that takes multiple arguments (or a tuple of arguments) into evaluating a sequence of functions, each with a single argument. Currying is related to, but not the same as, partial application. Currying is useful in both practical and theoretical settings. In functional programming languages, and many others, it provides a way of automatically managing how arguments are passed to functions and exceptions. In theoretical computer science, it provides a way to study functions with multiple arguments...
Gets scratched
@ACuriousMind :3
@0celouvsky I do not recognize that cat, there's no physics or math book in the picture
but I'm sure you recognize his chair!
@ACuriousMind Oooh! What (part) of the speech? No wait, which speech was it?
3:31 PM
@paracetamol Why does it matter?
@0celouvsky I think I do!
@paracetamol Cyana perornata has the closest distributon of the 4 black dots to that image. It also depends on which region you saw it
cats are good
@ACuriousMind I'm a German WW2 history buff(sorta) ...though some people freely misunderstand that as "I'm a Nazi!" :/
dogs are better
found the infamous Geroch email
fuck, didn't find the paper
I think it might be on my 128GB flash drive, which I have lost
3:37 PM
@Secret Whoa! It looks like you nailed it! (Though I've no idea which one of @JohnR's "psychedelics" the biologist who named the thing was using. Cyana sounds like it's closely related to the colour blue which is nowhere on the moth). Thanks!
^ The Wikipedia picture matches!
It should be noted however that special classification in general is hard as phenotype does not necessary corresponds to its actual lineage
I would appreciate it if someone could explain-to-OP/mediate/step-in/vote-to-reopen/vote-to-close here and here.
@0celouvsky what geroch email
I think he might have misspoken and meant 't Hooft
@Secret True, that. :( But I'll take my chances :3
3:40 PM
yes, ACM is right
I have some Geroch emails but they are not infamous
Ahem, @ACurious...speech please (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
There are two notions of "metric" and "pseudometric" here: As
tensor fields on a manifold, and as distance functions. I always
mean the former (which I would regard as the more interesting).

Let's accept that definition. If I were doing this, I would
try to find an example of a (always, paracompact) (non-Hausdorff)
manifold that does not admit any (smooth) Riemannian metric.
My guess is that the non-Hausdorff manifolds are divided into
two classes: the well-behaved ones (that admit Riemannian and
Last geroch email btw
@paracetamol I'm the one who requested that we don't post it here, why do you think I would post it now?
@Qmechanic Too broad (also the new version as it currently stands, an exact word by word duplicate of the closed question). Even for the sake of argument and disregarding he is asking about a book review, his question basically boils down to "Is spinor basically a rotation element in a division algebra?"
3:46 PM
@Qmechanic OP just now deleted both questions.
yeah, that just happened shortly (<1s) after I ping Qmech with my thoughts
I guess it's up to me to find which non Hausdorff manifolds are well behaved
Ok I had this flash drive a few weeks ago
i did a big cleanup
and now it's gone

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