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4:01 PM
@BenN I suppose you must be a benefactor then? ;)
@BenN That's... interesting.
hey. Is there any way to get root without privilege escalation exploits and without requiring physical access?
and without dictionary attacks or brute force attacks of course
I believe anything that allows an unprivileged user to become root is by definition an exploit
Okay ;)
kernel version 3.16.0-4-amd64 on Debian 8
4:31 PM
@Arin Answering that question is probably against the SE Terms of Service ...
There seems to be a community dedicated to it, so I'm not sure about that:
@Arin That site is about protecting your system not hacking into other peoples :)
Good evening everybody
Hi o/
4:48 PM
got it...yeah, that's known good tech support tactics...don't react, he/she will find it her/himself eventually :)
About privilege escalation exploits?
Hey Rahul
4:53 PM
Side rant: have been searching for a way of doing X (programming related), with lots of related/tangential info in search results. Could swear I've seen an approach somewhere but cannot for life of me find it. Many SO tabs open. Eventually happen to spot something vaguely useful after expanding a comments stack (may have been visible)-- this is why answers in comments are bad :(
45 minutes and one nascent migraine later
If the promising avenue of enquiry is indeed useful, I reckon it's worth a self-answer
I'm sure SO is just a newbie-friendly as SU...
(side rant over, we now return you to your regular scheduled programming)
5:08 PM
Endless Space is for 1€ today
@Arin er
you didnt say u dont have root access, so su??
@bertieb so w
so, what is it?
Figuring out how to do a post-file-write-export actions (basically say where to store/share) in Android using Cordova
Seems that the file opener plugin is the way to go, counter-intuitively
Also, not a core plugin
We shall see
5:53 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yes, but you often use ping to reply to things said pages before and it makes it difficult to stalk you know what's going on
@tereško Is it a good buy for someone who never played 4X strategy games?
@ThatBrazilianGuy hard to tell. It actually might, since the fights are extremely simplified (as in - card based).
@tereško Eew, card based fights.
well ... kinda
battles are automated, with 3 stages, where you pick the overall strategy for each stage
but, it's 1€
that's like a half-a-beer
How come there's two of you?
SO's CDN might be crashing
6:00 PM
@tereško It's $ 3.50 to me. And a beer here is around $12.
And beers in Euro are european beers, so obvisouly better than the diluted piss we drink.
hmm ... strange
might be only for EU market
Steam charges different prices (even AFTER conversion) based on your country.
This one varies from 0.97 to 1.25 USD, but I've seen far wider variations
This one is 1.40 USD for Russia and 3.17 USD in Euro: steamdb.info/app/360740
@ThatBrazilianGuy If you want a second opinion, I found it a bit "meh" to be honest
Not bad at all, but very reminiscent of other 4X/ space-based games
Not a regrettable at EUR1, but not sure about USD3.5 (/ BRL ??)
6:16 PM
@bertieb BRL 3.5. Well, it's about one bus ticket or 1/3rd of a beer.
Still undecided. Might end up buying on impulse, statistically that's what happens :P
Ah, my mistake, slightly less than USD3.5 then?
@ThatBrazilianGuy The other 100 games you've bought and never played are calling :P
yeah, well, if you want a good 4X, then you should look at "Endless Legend" or "Stellaris"
@bertieb You mean the other 500+ ?
@ThatBrazilianGuy Well yeah, but I didn't want to presume...
/me has only 200-ish games
6:18 PM
(that you are as 'bad' as I am :P)
then again, I have finished almost 40 of them
In my defense, it's spread over 5 years and 95% of them were bought in Humble Bundle or similar promos and I've ever paid more than USD 3 for a game once or twice.
Similar to what I keep telling myself :P
HAhahahahahahahah oh god.
OTOH, I could get about the same amount of use as burning the money (well less because heat) so
@ThatBrazilianGuy You already have it? :P
6:20 PM
No, no, I just found it sadfunny that we tell each other the same excuses.
you should try running this on your profile
Oh, right
Because I totally haven't bought a game that I already had without realising it
Current account value: $5100
Total cost with sales: $1022
Well, with current sales, not with past sales, I suppose.
6:22 PM
I don't like that "hours on record" stat on mine
I think it's "past sales"
Or, well, any of them
529 Games not played (79%)
scurries off to to do something productive with life
6:24 PM
Well, I put it like that: when I was a kid, I wanted to have consoles but didn't have money. Now I do have the money, but not the time.
6:44 PM
Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit.
such pain in my body
why why why :(
@tereško sry
just.... dying today
anyway, i got a samsung evo 850
is that a ok ssd?> X!
I want to ask the question "Is it possible to replace the access token of a running process with restarting it?" Suggestions on which SE site to use?
stack overflow
6:56 PM
Will the question be on-topic even though I'm not interested in how (seeing as I don't code well enough to pull it off)?
welp that's not a good question for the sites in general
Why don't you think so?
I could always ask "How do I replace the access token'..."
@Twisty 'questions should be based on a real world problem'
I know that. I want to elevate and already-running instance of Command Prompt from a user access token to an administrator access token.
Without restarting the process or starting a new one.
@djsmiley2k Hope so! I got one recently too :)
7:10 PM
had mine awhile
only realised what model it was today ( I thought I had a sandisk o_O)
@Twisty I am under the impression that a process's token is fixed at its creation
You can switch privileges on or off, but that's it
@BenN As am I, but I'm struggling to find documentation of that fact.
A: Elevate a running program to administrator (Windows 7)

Stephen JenningsUnfortunately, no. A running process cannot be elevated to administrator privileges. I'm looking for a more authoritative source, but for now I have found: "Programs can't be elevated once they've already been launched..." "Code can only be elevated at process level when startup, which means ...

Booyah! Not exactly MSDN, but a whole lot more than nothing
You might be able to force a running thread to impersonate
Not the same as replacing the primary token, but it's something
With incredible amounts of kernel hackery you could probably change the primary token by groveling around in internal data structures
@Twisty Just found this from someone who claims to be a Windows kernel dev:
> The NT kernel was never intended to allow token switching once a process started running. This is because handles, etc. may have been opened in an old security context, inflight operations may use inconsistent security contexts, etc. As such, it typically does not make sense to switch a process' token once it has begun execution. However, this was not enforced until Vista.
I Googled for almost 45 minutes and found nothing definitive. This is very helpful.
Would have been a good use of your fancy new unilateral edit privileges :)
@djsmiley2k Not any more :)
8:47 PM
Browing for a simple powered USB3 hub I ran into this:
USB2.. but... M2 interface. On a USB hub. Whut?
They mean M2 card reader. Must be a typo
9:08 PM
Umm, I have a question about hardware, is it okay to ask here?
Yes, but it's very quiet. We might not be able to answer it ...
don't ask to ask; just ask!
I was just asking, because I wasn't sure whether to ask here or StackOverflow
stackoverflow is an even worse place to ask a "question about hardware", generally
@MeowMix Good timing. One of our hardware experts has just turned up!
9:11 PM
but without knowing what your actual question is (which is why you should just ask instead of asking to ask), I don't know where to direct you
Going verty meta He could ask if he could ask to ask if he could ask.
it never hurts to simply ask your actual question -- worst case, if we don't like it, we'll tell you -- describing your question in general terms like "about hardware" doesn't give us enough information to tell you if we can help you or not
I'm typing it out right now...
Me: "Can I ask you a question?"
You: "You just did."
@Twisty lol. in real life it's different :P
9:14 PM
@Twisty You could say "I am going to ask you a question. If you do not want me to, then tell me."
Nope. I've done that many times.
@Twisty Please go back to your maze of twisty little passages, all alike :)
I vaguely recall that exchange happening between Data and another Star Trek officer.
@DavidPostill They're full of candy
Actually, whatever, I'll think about this question later. Right now I have to get used to 6502...
@MeowMix leaving us hanging? now that's disappointing! :P
9:17 PM
It has been ages since IO coded on a 6502. Mostly using a powercartrigdge
A c000
lad #$0D
sta $0314
I love questions. I have crocodile tears right now.
stop with that monstrosity I'm used to MIPS :(
MIPS gets kind of ugly because of 16 bit immediates though
@allquixotic I was just looking for a VGA graphics card that had only text mode
You: "Can I ask you a question?"
Me: "You can but you may not"
@DavidPostill I used to have a teacher where whenever someone would ask "Can I go to the bathroom" he would reply "I don't know, can you?"
And whenever someone said "wait" he'd say "I'm waiting" and walk away
@MeowMix Quite right too. People need to learn the difference between "can" and "may" :)
You: You smell.
Me: I smell, you stink!
9:25 PM
@DavidPostill LOL.
The wonders of English ambiguity :)
@MeowMix only text mode? you'll have to look for a blast from the past for that, probably; any modern kit would have at least 2D graphics
9:52 PM
Doesn't any VGA card do 640x480 graphics by definition.
So I guess MeowMix meant some kind out generic output 'graphics' card.
And not actual VGA
I guess it doesn't have to be VGA...
@MeowMix You need an MDA card :)
The Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA, also MDA card, Monochrome Display and Printer Adapter, MDPA) is IBM's standard video display card and computer display standard for the PC introduced in 1981. The MDA did not have any pixel-addressable graphics modes. It had only a single monochrome text mode (PC video mode 7), which could display 80 columns by 25 lines of high resolution text characters or symbols useful for drawing forms. Based on the IBM Datamaster's display system, the standard IBM MDA card was equipped with four kilobytes (kB) of video memory. The MDA's high character resolution (sharpness...
@MeowMix Coincidentally, I was discussing a similar teacher we had with some friends this morning, who used to say the exact same thing
Fortunately he was actually funny in addition to that :P
@DavidPostill That's exactly what I saw yesterday and wanted, but alas, I couldn't find it anywhere :(
Heh, it's even in my search history
10:04 PM
Is it just me, or should this self answer have a bit more... info?
Q: Acer Aspire R11 Windows Tablet not booting up?

coderamMy Aspire R11 does not boot up and is stuck in a reboot loop with no screen showing. Any ideas?

@DavidPostill I mean, I could just buy a regular cheap video card and use its text mode, no?
10:21 PM
@MeowMix You could, but you said "I was just looking for a VGA graphics card that had only text mode"
10:45 PM
@bertieb That question needs more detail. The answer is a bit sparce too, though.
@MeowMix on a modern system you would have to.
11:04 PM
i created a bookmark in an other room but how to recall it?
@GeroldBroser You need to give us some clues. Which room was it?
@DavidPostill isn't it the same in each room? anyway: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/71/the-h-bar
It's on the "conversations" tab of your chat profile
11:09 PM
@GeroldBroser What do you mean by a bookmark?

7:30 PM
@GeroldBroser Click on the "room" menu in the upper right, then choose "create new bookmark"
@GeroldBroser Ah. TIL
@DavidPostill TIL? You know how to recall it?
@GeroldBroser It's on the "conversations" tab of your chat profile
I see, thx
11:14 PM
@GeroldBroser Things I Learn or Today I Learned
@BenN I see, thx
Ah, sorry - I thought you had missed my first posting of that :)
@DavidPostill got it. but...you're...mod?
@BenN I actually had, indeed. :)
@GeroldBroser That doesn't make me an expert of every part of SE :)
I've never used chat bookmarks before. I store bookmarks in my browser :)
@DavidPostill fair point :)
11:18 PM
lot at
Q: My Pc is being attacked by the man in the middle attack

Bavarian PhI made the mistake of pressing the router security button to let friends use my internet. Unfortunately I was hacked by my upstairs neighbor who waited for just such an opportunity. He used an arp attack, spoofing my IP and MAC addresses. Using Router protection protocols were unsuccessful. He ju...

@DavidPostill chat bookmarks are different...you can select start and end msg of a conversation and it will save just this excerpt
@GeroldBroser (shrug) I prefer to keep my bookmarks private.
@DavidPostill nothing you write here is private anyway
@GeroldBroser What I write != What I might bookmark.
ok, good night guys
11:24 PM
Night :)
@BenN Hmm. I wonder what would happen if I chat bookmarked something from a private room ...
Hi to the Pink Monster aka @ThatBrazilianGuy :)
@DavidPostill They show up only to people with access to that room
@DavidPostill MONSTERS?!?!?!?!? WHEEEEEERE?!?!?!?!??!
@BenN That's good to know. I didn't want to test it ...
11:32 PM
@DavidPostill chat bookmarks are handy when you quite literally need to quote a conversation and just that part of it
@ThatBrazilianGuy courage the cowardly dog?
@JourneymanGeek Did you see my notes in the other place?
@DavidPostill not yet, but I think I know its about the meta post.
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