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3:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek He's stating to remind me of CUE :)
@JourneymanGeek Underflows
@JourneymanGeek how do I connect my consciousness chlorinate
lol. Spam to user nuke time on SU ~ 60s
3:11 PM
manual or assisted?
I think my best was about 40s
@JourneymanGeek Manual. There was a short delay while I checked if smokey already had it :)
If you mod flag and smokey doesn't have it, it doesn't get reported. There is a timing issue ...
160 rep a piece on MSE and SU. Reasonable chance I'll wake up to at least one rep cap <3
Gotta keep smokey fed ;p
3:14 PM
3:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek Your profile says "Got any leads? Let me know." But gives no way to actually contact you.
Yeah, I used to have my email address there but got spammed with odd crap
but I'm PLANNING on getting an email server up at some point
so it would be "hire@journeymangeek..." ;p
Doesn't your webhost offer email?
I am my webhost
3:30 PM
lol, then why don't you already have email set up?
doing it right is a pretty hard process
and I've never particularly needed it
@JourneymanGeek Wayback machine links corememory.lupinenet.co.cc:8080 But doesn't have it archived :(
that was a long time ago ;p
Q: Giant A appears occasionally since latest update

Ken Y-NSince getting the new Creators Edition of Windows 10 in the middle of the week, occasionally when starting new applications (I think) a huge 96 point or so sans-serif A appears in the middle of the screen, then disappears after a second or so. It sort of feels like it might be connected to some k...

Makes a change from a Giant S :)
I don't even remember what's was on it ;p
and I think I hosted at home
3:44 PM
So, ran Maxon Cinebench version R15.0 on this laptop (Core i7-4800MQ, 4C/8T Haswell @ 2.7-3.7 GHz): 506 on the multi-core test, 101 single-core.
(@Bob, @allquixotic, @JourneymanGeek, @DavidPostill)
AMD likes to use Cinebench, and this should give you an idea of how this laptop performs relative to the new Ryzen processors.
Well, got to go soon. Got a photo assignment starting in less than 15 minutes.
Oh, and T-Mobile LTE-A is blazingly fast. Got close to 40 Mbps downloading the benchmark software (which is just over 80 MB in size).
Just set up a redirect to Gmail
@Bob I met someone from Sydney on Wednesday
God dammit O2 stop pointing the transmitter away from me
4:10 PM
just ordered a chromecast
4:23 PM
well done
how come?
it reduces the likelihood of scary emails from the ISP
does it?
it only plahys stuff you've got
so you've still gotta get the stuff that causes the scary letters, if you want to watch those things
it has netflix and the like built-in
4:33 PM
if you've got a netflix sub... why are you getting scary letters?
i haven't got a netflix sub...
you don't get one with the chromecast you realise~?
ah i see
i got amazon prime
still end up downloading stuff :/
i have that too
the people who make a certain zombie tv show complained to my ISP
if you are on steam or something i'll explain further but not here
@Burgi They wave the Jolly Roger at you?
4:41 PM
I thought folks used tor for that kind of thing ...
the same isp youve had like a wqeek?
Tor isn't designed for torrenting, ironically
It's quite slow and IIRC they have provisions to apply even more slowness to people using it just to torrent
@BenN oh.
@Burgi Just a warning I hope?
@BenN I wonder what people do use ...
VPNs, I guess
@BenN Are they foolproof?
4:44 PM
I'm not sure; I don't torrent :p
I do. It's the best way of getting OpenOffice updates :)
@BenN Thanks :)
5:02 PM
Does anyone know anyone in the UK who might want to buy a super compact upper mid range gaming PC?
I know a person who wants to own a gaming PC, does that count?
5:29 PM
@DavidPostill Mostly
@ThatBrazilianGuy owning with the exchange of money or owning for free?
My sister has suddenly stopped causing any trouble for me and has become super nice and it's awesome :-)
5:46 PM
@Rahul2001 :)
@DavidPostill, saw your earlier comment on spam. The automated system is damn impressive. I rarely see spam any more and there used to be pretty heavy periods.
15 seconds of spam.
Smokey is going to put @bwDraco out of business. :-)
facepalm My sister's best friend pronounces 'meme' as 'meh-meh'.
@Rahul2001, LOL, not mee mee?
6:00 PM
@Dog That reads as "I am astonished that the sugar god has conversed in this voice"
@fixer1234 lol
@Rahul2001 :-o
You read hinduian?
@Dog Yes, Hindi is one of the languages I am fluent in. About 50% of my total daily communication is in Hindi.
@Rahul2001 :-o
@Dog cheenee==sugar. Cheen is technically China, but that term is rarely used (I last heard it in 4th Grade). I've never heard anyone use Cheenee to mean Chinese.
6:12 PM
@Rahul2001 :-o
That's what it was originally supposed to be
Having dictated "good" but being understood as "god"
"I am astonished that the sugar god has conversed in this voice " would be good for my new Tinder profile bio
@bwDraco Backup, we don't get every MSP's coverage in every area.
6:31 PM
oooooooooooooooo doctor whooooooooo
its on right now
6:49 PM
How do I cat?
> rahul2001.com/archive/executables/netcat/x86/<not-a-virus-dot-exe>
7:07 PM
Don't mind me, just trying to reach 20k messages on RU.
7:24 PM
@jokerdino lol. Where can you see the message count?
@jokerdino TIL. Thanks. I didn't realise my count was so high :)
yeah, me too.
I didn't know I talked a lot of crap here..
Some of it goes all the way back to 2012.
7:54 PM
@jokerdino Root User?
I merged RA and SU.
Was thinking about the Cinebench scores earlier. I'm thinking high memory latency might be causing the unexpectedly low 1T results.
4 hours ago, by bwDraco
So, ran Maxon Cinebench version R15.0 on this laptop (Core i7-4800MQ, 4C/8T Haswell @ 2.7-3.7 GHz): 506 on the multi-core test, 101 single-core.
It's a mobile processor, and the fact that it uses DDR3L-1600 memory instead of at least DDR4-2400 puts it at a disadvantage.
Perhaps I'll rerun the benchmark later today, but this result is a bit of a surprise. Apparently, IPC is lower on a mobile processor than on a desktop processor with the same μarch. Clock speeds aren't everything.
Also, the cache is partially disabled on the i7-4800MQ. It's 6MB rather than 8MB, which itself puts it at an approximately 10% IPC disadvantage than if the cache was fully enabled.
Then again, desktop i5 caches aren't fully enabled, either. I'm thinking it's memory latency and bandwidth.
Clock speeds aren't everything. Cache matters a lot, too.
@DavidPostill @djsmiley2k yes
@Rahul2001 that means she has golddust on you and is waiting for the right time to deploy it
omg! @fixer1234 in chat!
ah ha! easyjet owe me a €4.50 meal voucher
> If your delay or cancellation is classified as an “Extraordinary circumstance” (like an air traffic control strike or bad weather) you will not be entitled to EC261 Flight Compensation.
8:22 PM
Hmm. Looks like misconfiguration. The core was running at 2.7 GHz. Turbo was disabled.
I'll run the tests again.
Maxon Cinebench version R15.0 on Core i7-4800MQ (4C/8T Haswell @ 2.7-3.7 GHz): 635 multi-core, 130 single-core.
^^^ @allquixotic, @Bob, @JourneymanGeek
These results make a lot more sense.
With Ryzen 5 1600X getting 161 to 163 in the single-thread test (using DDR4-2933 to DDR4-3000), I'd be getting a 20-25% single-threaded performance uplift on Ryzen.
@Rahul2001 Unicode ruins everything again
@Rahul2001 Thanks. FF configured for safety :)
Ouch, no Chrome fix yet; I'll make sure to be extra careful of e-mails
shit i accidentally refrigerated my nexus
9:01 PM
seems to be functioning ok
Who wants the last spam flag on this?
@BenN To late. Gone and user nuked :)
> This is spam. You work as a Social Media Strategist at ShareCredentials and have not disclosed your affiliation. And it doesn't even attempt to answer the question.
And he's from a country well known for spamming ...
Oh look he also spammed codeproject with exactly the same spam :)
9:29 PM
Dawg, dawg, I'm a frog!
Good afternoon! While things are relatively quiet, I was hoping to solicit the feedback from the assemble SU veterans regarding the following answer:
A: What to backup on Windows 10

AlfabravoWhen I am about to do something with the drive containing the Windows installation, I care about: C:\Users\myUser\AppData. Holds all the config files for my programs, might come handy. Here are all the things like keys, bookmarks, POP3 email accounts, browser config and bookmarks, etc. It's a h...

...along with the associated edit history:
What are our "rules of engagement" in a scenario like this one?
Essentially, there are two things in that answer that are technically wrong. In an effort to help the author, I pointed them out. After it evolved into the accepted answer, I attempted to help him by making the corrections... and got labeled as rude, so I simply rolled them back and moved on.
@Run5k Well ""open this link from a non-Windows computer, otherwise it won't work." is complete garbage. It works from Window 7 at least.
@DavidPostill, yes, absolutely... it works on every Windows computer I have utilized, both 7 and 10.
@Run5k I'm going to roll it back with the corrections.
@DavidPostill I defer to your better judgement, good sir: what should be typically do under those circumstances? My help was met with an aggressive reply. At one point I even posted a comment with the hyperlink to the Help Center that says if you actually don't like seeing your posts edited, you may be in the wrong place. ;-)
The bottom line is that I didn't want to see an officially accepted answer with technical advice that is simply wrong.
9:38 PM
I'm going to post a comment to superuser.com/help/privileges/edit where it says "to correct minor mistakes".
@Run5k Quite right.
I will also clean up the rest of the comments.
@DavidPostill, that all sounds perfect. Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it.
@Alfabravo Please read edit questions and answers. It explicitly says "When should I edit posts? Any time you feel you can make the post better, and are inclined to do so. Editing is encouraged!" ... "to correct minor mistakes or add addendums / updates as the post ages". Editing under these circumstances is not rude. — DavidPostill ♦ 25 secs ago
@Run5k No problem. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
That sounds ideal. As you can see I actually waited several weeks to see if he would eventually make the corrections himself.
@Dog Money? What's this "money" you speak of? I think I've heard this word before...
10:15 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy that thing you never have enough of
hmmm... not sure on the new dr who
@Burgi who is the new dr who?
its still capaldi
its just the terrible steven moffat stories we are inflicted with
10:34 PM
Can someone with enough of the right rep suggest a tag synonym of something like for the tag?
If no one else does, I'll take a look when I'm more awake
@Twisty It's too long by 1 character. Maybe ?
I like it
Bah. I can't even do that yet.
10:44 PM
> Users with a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, can vote for tag synonyms.
kinda funny we can't fiat that
@DavidPostill I know. I haven't bothered to install v1703 so I'm still to answer any questions in that tag. Oh well.
@JourneymanGeek Well I tried, but I can't vote as I created it. I don't think there will be many people with enough tag score to vote. Can mods vote anyway?
Cool. So we need 3 more votes.
10:48 PM
repcapped yesterday today (very neatly)
Almost repcapped on MSE - amusingly mostly for a closed question
@JourneymanGeek I'm still in front by 103 to 76 :)
@DavidPostill yeah ;p
a legendary badge is kinda my white whale ;p
Should be 77 with this. I need... 150? :p
That crosses a line.
11:07 PM
Agree (although he won't see this).
sigh i'll now never know what line he crossed
@Burgi The "Be Nice" policy
i figured but how....
@Burgi not that important. Used language he ought not to.
fair enouhg
11:34 PM
Ah, anything I should know about close votes (beyond the help centre intro) now that I can apparently cast them?
@bertieb If you would have flagged, closevote ;p
That's about it
@JourneymanGeek Seriously?
admiral akbar is brilliant
@Burgi Haven't the foggiest.
11:37 PM
@JourneymanGeek Fair enough- seems to be the gist of bwDraco's old meta Q as well!
A: What are the guidelines for reviewing?

Danny BeckettGuidelines for reviewing Close Votes Basic workflow You may select filters to focus on a particular category. Selecting a set of tags you are familiar with will allow you to focus on questions within your own areas of expertise. There may still be many situations where skipping is vastly pre...

Apparently calling a supermarket "effing retards" for having retarded wifi crosses the line but calling things bullshit or "fucking stupid" is OK. But hey, completely random interpretation of rules and lines in SU is par for the course...
@Dog I don't joke around when actually exercising moderator powers
@JourneymanGeek Then care to explain how "effing retards" croesses the line but "bullshit" "fucking" and so forth doesn't?
@Dog I read that "As da (the?) ..."
If you're going to type with voice recognition ....
11:39 PM
Asda... the name of the giant supermarket chain owned by Walmart??
and terms like retard ought not to be used.
(hate to cut across, but still flag spam right?)
I didn't type with voice recognition, my phone just autocorrected "Asda" to "As da" but I still don't see the problem
@bertieb absafraginglutely.
Spam is special
@JourneymanGeek Rogerdodger
11:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yet most of the room owners and mods have used that exact word, so what exactly did I do wrong again?
@bertieb likewise with patent nonsense.
@Dog citation needed.
quite a lot of that is you.
that's talking about an action or a decision
@JourneymanGeek Yes, and I've never been warned about it before
It really looked like you were calling someone a retard.
11:43 PM
@JourneymanGeek And I was talking about Asda's decision to require a mobile signal to use their wifi, which is provided by a mobile company that doesn't have signal in their store?
(and in that context, it did look pretty bad)
Course you didn't even bother asking or warning, just banned me while I was uploading a screenshot -_-
@Dog that context was completely missing.
@JourneymanGeek It wouldn't have been if it weren't for the kneejerk reaction that prevented me from ACTUALLY FINISHING THE STATEMENT
@Dog well then, try not to say things that can be misinterpreted.
11:46 PM
@JourneymanGeek Especially when we have 5 users called "asdasd" and 5 "asda" on SO ...
Lol at the bullshit excuses. We have no users called "as da" and certainly none in this room at the time I was at Asda and frankly the S makes it pretty bloody clear it wasn't referring to any individual because IT'S A PLURAL. And nobody got banned for calling google or iphones fucking retarded despite their being actual users named exactly "Google"
Funny how people who have ignored me can read my posts ...
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