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12:03 AM
Hi @Deusovi!
And @xnor and @n_palum!
Oh, and now Puzzling's out of the spotlight again :(
12:21 AM
@n_palum What did you mean when you said:
in Contact, 9 hours ago, by n_palum
(Bird calls)
Lol - was seeing if anyone was around or active on there
1 hour later…
1:49 AM
How long does the badge script take to run? It says that I've earned Inquisitive in the 'select your next badge' page, but it's not displaying
3 hours later…
4:55 AM
Q: 1 crossword and 2 connected alphametic

Jamal SenjayaRules : Solve the Crossword. The words can be written backward (example zebra -> arbez) After finishing the crossword, solve the alphametic. The crossword is only uses 10 letters. Each letter represents a number (0...9) No leading 0 in the alphametic. A same letter in both alphametic represents...

5:33 AM
Q: Find the pattern!

that2guyIf: 1 = 5 2 = 15 3 = 45 4 = 125 5 = ? P.S Sorry if this is a repost, it's hard to find a question with the same 'answers' P.P.S This should be easy, I just posted this because it took me a couple of seconds when I first saw it and I thought it was cool :)) (if you didn'...

2 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: Why was my flag dismissed

MariusSpecific question: I flagged this as "Not an answer" because...well...it is not. It is just a pale attempt to get some undeserved points. It does not relate to the question. The question had no "lateral-thinking" tag. And the answer was not even funny or even that clever. Why was this dismissed? ...

2 hours later…
8:45 AM
Just found out Puzzling almost has 3 times as many users as questions!
Q: Another big picture question

Brent HackersA single word connects these images: What's the word and what are the connections?

2 hours later…
10:40 AM
Q: Salary sum with a twist

boboquackYou've been considering your boss' offer, when you decide to try and sort things out for yourself. So, armed with your thought reading device, you set out to find the total salary of all the employees. However, your boss isn't thinking about the total salary; instead, they are thinking of a spe...

3 hours later…
1:39 PM
@GentlePurpleRain What's the problem with my flag on this question? I re-flagged it after Emrak set a precedent with the other similar post and it became clear that PSE meta policy as well as main meta policy supported its undeletion, but my flag has been pending for nearly two weeks (!)
I did notice it already has a couple of undelete votes, so maybe this can even be handled without mod help. @Beastly @Gareth @Rubio Fancy casting an undelete vote on this, following meta policy and this precedent?
1:53 PM
I need to double myself before I can jump on that bandwagon :P
So @dcfyjdcfyj can vote to undelete?
Maybe ddccffyyjj...
2:08 PM
Thanks! :-D
2:48 PM
@Sphinx So why is this one a rebus but not the one from yesterday
Because it's mistagged
@GarethMcCaughan Congrats! 400 Answers!
Oh yeah. Is that a significant thing? Do I get a badge for it or something?
Just looked nice to me ;)
Looks like it might be more than anyone who isn't Rand al'Thor.
3:02 PM
Yup. Looks like that.
My number of questions asked is also a nice round number at the moment.
the roundest of numbers, in fact
very round
both arithmetically and geometrically
Its a Grand Oval :-)
3:12 PM
@Randal'Thor Typically, we'd agree, but this is a special case. We've been discussing what to do with it. (Doesn't help that the other two mods have been semi-busy, so I've been handling a lot of things.)
The user clearly feeds off attention. (Look how they brag in chat when one of their socks "gets past" us, even when we just haven't been online.)
We've deleted at least 20 of their socks, probably many more.
busy busy bee apparently
@GarethMcCaughan I remember a maths exam question which, after a lot of calculation, came out to the answer 1. The examiner's report/commentary mentioned how it's nice when you get a solution which is a nice round number - "well, not round in this case, but straight and thin".
@Deusovi Emrak isn't even pingable in here now D-:
@Randal'Thor This one? :P
@Deusovi Yeah. Every time I see one of their socks, I silently mod-flag it for you guys and try to quash conversation about it in here.
I usually don't even notice the socks
3:26 PM
But anyway, yeah. That's why we've been so hesitant to to undelete it.
It's probably getting more attention from all this talk about undeleting it than it would have done if you'd just silently undeleted it :-P
So, moving on ... cryptic clues, anyone?
I've made a fun one recently, but can't post it as a CCCC without solving one first.
I think loud is for "F", speaker could be orater or something like that.. not sure how to build it though.
How is loud "F"?
"Forte", musical notation
@Randal'Thor It's a cryptic acronym for ^
3:36 PM
This sounds like the sort of clue that requires a lot of which I don't have.
@Gareth How on earth does five and nine sound similar?
@Deus can outgoing mean to take the first 3 letters in a CC?
...I hope not.
@Sid Assonance?
I don't see why it would.
@Randal'Thor I pronounce "five" as Fa-i-ve and "nine as "Na-in. I don't see how they resemble..
3:46 PM
I pronounce both vowels exactly the same.
F-aye-v and n-aye-n.
@Deus and Crazy could mean "bats"?
@Sid Yes, it could.
I think yes, bats in the mad sense
In that case, in the Crossword I was solving, "outgoing" meant taking the first 3 letters...
that sounds weird
3:48 PM
Can you tell us the full clue?
"An outgoing Woman crazy for marsupials" (7)
Answer was WOMBATS
An removed from woman
"An outgoing" means "remove AN"
literally, "WOMAN with AN going out"
Oh, nice clue!
Ah, come on. Why is this thing so annoying and hard?
3:50 PM
Welcome to cryptic clues!
Wow, @Sid , you're solving a crossword from 2008! (or has this clue been recycled?)
Apparently this first appeared in Guardian 9 years ago
ugh, stolen clues D:
I don't solve Guardian Cryptics. They are too hard. I don't even understand much of them even after seeing the answers..
4:09 PM
Also, here is one I don't understand. I got the def after googling but not the wordplay: "A Japanese entertainer's part onstage is happy" (6)
it's just a hidden word
Meh. Of course. How did I not see that...
@Sid "A newspaper to defend John Scott (8)"
Pretty sure, that is Guardian by ddef.
It's Guardian, but not ddef.
4:15 PM
GUARD + IAN (Scottish form of John)
@Deusovi, would "John Scott" be an acceptable way to clue "Ian" in a cryptic clue? I was going to say "Scottish John", but decided to obfuscate it a bit more.
I think "John Scot" would, but I'm not sure about "Scott", since it doesn't directly mean "from Scotland". (And unfortunately, the "valid" way ruins the name part.)
Also, @Rand shouldn't that be "The Guardian"?
Eh. Nobody cares about articles in titles, except on Literature SE :-P
4:49 PM
Why do I have a feeling Oehm's CCCC has something to do with Freud since Gareth and him were talking about that
@Sid Like Rand, I pronounce "five" and "nine" with pretty much the exact same vowel sound.
@n_palum It's not clear how to get Freud into M Oehm's clue.
Oh, Okay. So,I have been doing it wrong all these years...
Q: Find 25 using 6, 25, 9, 8 only

Samuel MartinYou can only use these numbers once, so not square root or cubed root or anything else. Good Luck!!

5:10 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Didn't say it had to, just a thought
@n_palum For what it's worth, I've written the clue before yesterday's conversation with Gareth. You're free to read anything into it, Dr. Freud, but please keep your findings to yourself ...
XD fair enough
6:05 PM
Q: bags and balls problem

RasimWe are given 5040 balls in k different colors, where the number of balls of each color is the same. The balls are put into 2520 bags so that each bag contains two balls of different colors. Find the smallest k such that, however the balls are distributed into the bags, we can arrange the bags aro...

6:17 PM
Surprised to see my puzzle is still unsolved. I felt it would be solved within a few minutes/hours of posting :-) Nice
I have no idea where to start
I'm not even sure what you need :P
@BeastlyGerbil I need to password :p
No I meant what you need from the picture to solve it :P
Do I need to add password tag to make it more clear? I'm not sure if that's required :-/
doubt it
6:19 PM
^^ There's so little information it's hard to figure out what you need to solve it
we have a tag for that?
We have a password tag.
Is that really necassary
Not sure. Its used quite often. (I haven't used it myself)
132 puzzles :)
@Tech you sure you want everyone else to know your password? :P
6:20 PM
'A password problem focuses on finding the proper response to a challenge, typically a guard wanting a password. Usually the problem is phrased in a way to make the pattern look easier than it actually is.'
@Sid Unless someone don't have my IP, I am fine with donating the password :D
@Techidiot All I've noticed is it's in a file called 'ENIGMA'
I tried using steganography using the date and file size numbers but that didn't work :P
@BeastlyGerbil Clearly you weren't around in the glorious days of spaghetti.
@n_palum Little information coz the puzzle is a little one :-)
@Randal'Thor umm I guess not? :P
(Also flags on this pls)
6:23 PM
I felt that there is a cipher in there.. Quipqiup gave me nothing, though
@Beas What should we flag it for? it seems to fit 2 or 3 things in that list..
@BeastlyGerbil does putting multiple flags accomplish anything?
Gets it looked at quicker doesn't it?
I mean, it does for Spam or Rude, but Plagairism is a mod-flag, right?
@Sid anything
@Sid No cipher tag
6:26 PM
Having said that, I am trying to think why the answer to that bags thing can't be 4. it feels instinctively correct to me...
Nope, because the balls could be ordered where there are two balls of the same colour next to each other
Also, for some time, I will be keeping myself away from ciphers. Especially Vigenére :-)
I think the answer may be 2520....
@Sconibulus No.
Is the market for Vigenère saturated?
6:28 PM
Otherwise the balls could be ordered so that two of the same are next to each other...
Say, there are Red, Blue,Green and Yellow balls. 1st bag contains RG and second contains BY. Just keep on doing that alternately..
@Techidiot I can see that... There is a zip file name, a data that matches the file size and that's about it
@Randal'Thor this came literally four seconds too late to prevent me from submitting the flag :(
@Sid you don't choose how they are ordered
Find the smallest k such that, however the balls are distributed into the bags, we can arrange the bags around a circle so that no two balls of the same color are in two neighboring bags.
you get to choose how the bags are ordered, but not how the balls are ordered
6:30 PM
@Sconibulus Well, there's nothing wrong with multiple flags either.
I think this is a four-color problem at hart
Probably moves it up the mod queue.
I have removed irrevelant parts from the image
But I doubt the mod queue on this site is very long anyway.
but each zone needs to be two-colours, rather than only one
6:30 PM
@MOehm I used a couple of those when I made a first few puzzles since I was experimenting with things, but it's been a bit since one was made
@MOehm Haha :-) I am working on better ways to use it.
which probably makes the result something like six or eight, but I need to think harder to prove it
@Techidiot so it's not a cipher
oh, but it's also 2d instead of 3d, which might reduce it...
@n_palum Nope. I try to keep cipher tag when its used.
6:32 PM
bah I spent ages on a vigenere decoder
err, 1d rather than 2d , rather
I always thought that enigmatic-puzzle tag is a nice way to hide ciphers...
@Techidiot you may wanna word that 'Can you help me find my password?'
help me finding out my password sounds weird xD
@n_palum Done!
@BeastlyGerbil Oh god, it's a remnant from SttP.
6:40 PM
@Randal'Thor It's not.
Security to the Party, a trend from early in the site's development.
Lots of bad puzzles that would immediately be closed as "too broad" today. (I'd hope so, at least.)
Yeah never even heard of the tag
Q: The Security to the Party [Part 8]

KenshinA party is being held at a local mansion. The host is very rich and his success is because of one thing ~ his famous recipe for Spaghetti! The only guests that may attend are people the host knows and trusts, whom he gave the password to enter to. Here's where you come in. You and a friend are ...

There's one of... what, 40?
6:42 PM
Q: What's with all the spaghetti?

YamikuronueOvernight, FIFTEEN questions about spaghetti parties popped up. What is going on? Is it national spaghetti day? Are we changing out name to Spaghetti-Puzzling.Stackexchange.com?

@Deusovi If memory serves, I did #31 and #34.
ah ok
Oh good heavens that's a lot of bad pasta
Oh, #34 was the dupe.
#36 was the better one.
@Tech What type of file is that?
@Sid It was just a zip file/folder before but it has changed :/ hmm
6:47 PM
Also, What kind of knowledge is required? Computer stuff?
@Sid Nothing too technical. Mostly basic technical is fine. To me, its more of a general knowledge. Identifying the relevant things in puzzle, know them, use them etc..
It's not a compute-puzzle. So, nothing techie sort of stuff required.
My first guess would be 'Enigma'
second would probably be 'Bombe'
but without the ability to actually guess, this seems pretty difficult... there's no feedback mechanism at all
maybe try to deblur the words barely visible through the top of the menu
That would be a nasty move to have us deblur the words when all it takes in the OS is to just close the window or move it away.
7:01 PM
Nah, I don't think we need to do that
I got really excited when I looked at the first three letters on the keyboard. Rest doesn't work thougj
Poor gerbil
At least you're not confusing people like Gareth ;)
is that "(confusing people) like Gareth" or "confusing (people like Gareth)"?
Which would you like it to be? :)
Or maybe (confusing people like Gareth). n_palum was probably worried that BG was very confusing (like you) and multiple people at the same time (unlike you... probably).
7:06 PM
Okay the only thing that is confusing now is this conversation
or maybe it's just that confusing people are fond of me.
Confucius loves you!
@BeastlyGerbil It worked!
what did?
Exactly ^
7:08 PM
(I was making a joke, implying that I was attempting to confuse people)
Sorry, I'm very confused :P
Oh right
~^.^~ All according to plan
As always I'm as sharp as circle
@n_palum Ooo, nice cat face.
Cat face? Get out of here
It is a happy fella wiggling his arms in glee
7:09 PM
Well, it looks like a cat face to me.
I suppose I could see it as a man twirling his moustaches.
To each his own :P
And if it's really important to know - I literally meant confusing others, like Gareth was in the comments of the puzzle
You know, this conversation has gone from spaghetti, to ciphers, to talking about the word 'confusing' to debating an emoji. Now I know why this site is called 'Puzzling'
@n_palum That face reminded me of my dead cat...
@BeastlyGerbil This room used to be called "the Green Llama", essentially because "why on earth would we call it that? isn't it puzzling?"
more whiskers: >^.^< but not sure it's better than the n_palum original
7:12 PM
Then leoll found some disturbing Green Llama videos on Youtube, and we had a meta post to change the name.
Oh that's always fun
I guess both the Green Llama name and leoll are from before you youngsters' time?
Noo @Randal'Thor you reminded me of this!
TBH I'm not a fan of this room's name, but I haven't been here that long so
@GarethMcCaughan =^.^= (This would me more whiskers)
@n_palum Would you prefer ... the Riddlers' Den? :-P
7:15 PM
I have a question
@Randal'Thor Something tells me that was your proposal to the meta post and this one beat yours out ;)
The Sphinx's Lair just makes me think of Oedipus and I don't like to think about him
I am going to add a note stating only relevant part of puzzle. Is that a good idea?
@Techidiot well this is a Q and A site... ask away!
@n_palum No, the Riddlers' Den is something quite different.
But if I tell you what it is, I might get banned for a year :-S
7:16 PM
@Techidiot depends if you feel like it is required
I didn't actually post a suggestion.
@Randal'Thor Well we wouldn't want that now would we
@n_palum psh, like there's something wrong with child abandonment, patricide, incest, or divination
@Sconibulus That's cheating
Q: When does this happen?

David Huang0>2 , 2>1 , 1>0 A common addition to this basic system is the addition of _________ and __________. What are the blanks, which have English names as well as numerical values, find both. Note, a numerical value can correspond to more then one English name. Hint:

7:18 PM
Well, I think, enigmatic tag may suggest - find out the clues in the puzzle to solve it
@Sconibulus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Like most of the things in the image are default windows stuff. I have tried to remove ambiguities by removing timestamps etc
Is anything in the image except the file name important?
I think that the date matched the file size really drew people's attention when you apparently didn't mean it to
The thing that stands out visually is the blue back button, which is a left arrow. So the password is MPBLKHCELCOBEBFW.
7:24 PM
And you can arrange the file name in groups of two and each is a valid domain name. (So that's the knowledge tag accounted for.)
Ahh, but there's a sort arrow on the Name... so the password is WdB7...
@MOehm you can?
Total Party Kill, it's when Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
7:27 PM
oh, apparently we aren't supposed to be feeding the trolls. Sorry.
I thought I could, yes. Lots of South American countries between Wallis and Futuna and St-Pierre and Miquelon.
Gosh Gareth get it together before Deus boops you with the mod hammer
(As an aside regarding general principles, I'm not very convinced by the "don't feed the trolls" principle as applied to the more determined sort of troll. They don't tend to go away just because they're being ignored. Unfortunately.)
@GarethMcCaughan In general, trolls can feed off all sorts of things, but a lot of them feed off attention.
I am aware of that. But my experience with the ones who really won't go away, who for whatever reason are determined to piss like tomcats all over whatever place they're infesting, is that ignoring them doesn't usually improve their behaviour. Not that not-ignoring them tends to do much good either.
7:32 PM
Is a score of 6 to 0 enough of a concensus for the private rooms?
I'm for it
I'd like to tell @Techidiot what the clue is, and I don't feel like using the account I use when I don't want to use my real name, because reasons.
Well, considering the riddle sandbox was at +27/-0 and people complained...
@BeastlyGerbil and @MOehm for that domain name idea with splitting them into 2s, if you don't flip it in reverse and leave it as WF BE BO CL EC HK LB PM you get: (Wallis & Futuna, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon)
7:35 PM
@Deusovi I was talking about the scores of the answers.
The riddle sandbox had a lot more impact on the lives of Ordinary People.
@Deusovi After one day. The private rooms thing has already had a week, and quite a lot of community dicussion in comments.
@n_palum Yes, but what to make of it? And where's the connection to the rest of the desktop?
Fair enough!
Also, what Gareth said.
Nobody's going to be harmed by the private rooms thing.
7:35 PM
@MOehm I have no idea, I just figured I would share my exploration into your thought on domains
other than maybe the mods, who will be overloaded by being asked to create a private room once every couple of months.
Exactly. :-P
Yeah, think about us! :P
All that work...
7:37 PM
(Honestly, I don't have any complaints about the private room thing. I'm just not sure if the higher-ups would complain since they're supposed to be used only for moderation purposes.)
(Even the one I did was probably pushing it.)
*heads to ping the CMs*
Maybe we should create a separate room for users to request a private room, and then the mods can check its for a legitimate reason?
Otherwise all the requests will be here
@BeastlyGerbil ...Or they can just ask us in chat? I don't see any issues with having requests here, especially since they'll be pretty uncommon
if there are enough requests that having them all here is a problem, then it will be an unreasonable amount of work for the mods after all
@Deusovi I meant if you were overloaded with requests
7:38 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Man, That is such a political statement..
If that does happen, then we might have to reconsider the policy. I think it'll be fine for now though.
@BeastlyGerbil What's wrong with that? It's not as if tSL is going to get flooded with them.
And there's a bunch of mods who're pingable in here.
All except @Emrakul :-/
Whats happened to Emrak?
They've been busy recently.
@BeastlyGerbil Imprisoned in the Moon
7:42 PM
@Sconibulus The moon has also been busy recently.
That's no moon.
Why not just enlist a ton of mods like Arqade does XD
@n_palum What, chat mods?
Or do you just mean that the site has 7 mods?
Just that they have 7 mods
8 before Frexit
That site is pretty busy though
7:45 PM
Frexit? Did a mod resign or something?
Yeah Fredley stepped down a bit ago
@Deusovi Yep.
Q: Brexit means Frexit

fredleyI feel like I'm not getting as much out of moderating this site as I'm putting in. I'm also worried about the recent influx of moderators to the site who don't share my values. I think I'd probably be better off moderating on my own for a bit. Jokes aside, I'm very sad to be announcing that I'm ...

But Arqade is much older and bigger than Puzzling.
It is a pretty busy site... I see about 10-20 new questions for every 1 or 2 on here
7:46 PM
SFF is also older and bigger, and has 5 mods.
SO has, what, 23 mods?
Then again they do get a boatload of minecraft kiddos asking about their issues or people that ask about every minute detail of a game they're playing
@MOehm Could you provide a hint to your CC?
It hasn't been up all that long.
@Randal'Thor Based on the highly scientific PageBottomXHoursAgo metric, Arqade is 3x bigger than SFF, and ~30x bigger than us
Which is SFF?
7:49 PM
It has been up for more than a day...
Science fantasy fiction?
aka 'my' site (where my diamond is)
Close enough xD
Oh I know you hold the power too
Just not here :)
All mods are mods in chat...
Okay here being puzzling as a whole
7:52 PM
@n_palum Speaking of which, I kinda wish there was a Puzzling minecraft server. Not sure how long it'd last, but it seems like it'd be fun
...we could "invade" Code Golf's. :P
@n_palum we aren't that boring are we?
Minecraft is for old YouTubers appealing to kids, kids, and people with short attention spans
@BeastlyGerbil No not at all, but MC is to me..
Hey, Minecraft is a fun game. It doesn't deserve the reputation it has.
(Especially if you get into the 'engineering' part of it.)
I used to like it, like 6-7 years ago, with the original "engineering" mods and stuff
I also have a new perspective of games after studying them for a few years now :/
7:57 PM
My major at school - Game Design & Development
I only ever really found the first 20 minutes of Minecraft fun
It made me travel sick
You start to analyze a lot of games...
After that, I had a base and a sustainable source of food, so the only way I'd get in trouble is if I overextended out of boredom
7:58 PM
If I am not appreciating the stuff in it or enjoying the game, I often find myself critiquing it or analyzing why decisions were made etc etc
So yeah, I could in theory build anything I wanted, but that didn't seem like a better way to spend time than anything else, because it wasn't hard, just time consuming
@Sconibulus Oh, I don't play for the "danger" part of it. I just like automating things and making cool buildings and contraptions.
I did accidentally break a server once with a chicken farm
Although after spending weeks designing and making garbage graphics engines you come to have an appreciate for newer games that have insane graphics
I agree that unless you're doing something specifically to challenge yourself, it's not a hard game. Like I said, I just think making overcomplicated contraptions is fun.
(And personally, I don't care much about graphics, though I appreciate the work that goes into them.)
8:14 PM
@Sid Hm, I've already read some good ideas about the CC here in chat, so it can't be that hard. :)
Q: (Where) does this happen? pt2

David Huangpt1 0>2 , 2>1 , 1>0 A common addition to this basic system is the addition of _________ and __________. What are the blanks, which have English names as well as numerical values, find both. Note, a numerical value can correspond to more then one English name. Hint: pt2. Where does this h...

1 hour later…
9:22 PM
Q: A Enigmatic Puzzle With a Strange Loop

David HuangAesop Fables -1 ¬engine ¬Greek 10-20 bankrupt louise input: 10-28 loop victim st = new String(out); st = StringBuffer(st).insert(1,"M").toString(); The life and times of 41th Return (10-28)

David is on a rampage
9:46 PM
You summoned him!
Ha I'm bored
Hello @DavidHuang
@Rubio I didn't know I had this power
No you do I was plucked off the site :D
9:51 PM
@n_palum Well now that you know this ... remember:
:O I'm not ready for that!
1 hour later…
10:55 PM
This post has been marked as a metapuzzle:
Q: 1 crossword and 2 connected alphametic

Jamal SenjayaRules : Solve the Crossword. The words can be written backward (example zebra -> arbez) After finishing the crossword, solve the alphametic. The crossword is only uses 10 letters. Each letter represents a number (0...9) No leading 0 in the alphametic. A same letter in both alphametic represents...

Is it actually, though? My thoughts was that a metapuzzle was where you took the results of multiple different puzzles and combined them in a single puzzle.
Yeah it really isn't, but unfortunately the tag wiki isn't clear enough
11:23 PM
You have any suggestions for making it better?
11:55 PM
Now that you're putting me on the spot, I'm realising that I'm having trouble figuring out where the line is for something to count as a meta
Maybe you should ask on ... meta?
@rand No hurry, but are you going to accept an answer on Rybo switched the calculator keys?
@boboquack Yes, but you may have a long wait :-)
I'm generally slow at accepting answers, sorry.

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