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2:57 PM
@lqlarry Oh no!
Hello everyone!
Look, we had a cool question get a shoutout on Gardening:
A: What sort of hose nozzle should I look for such that it won't spring a leak after just one frosty night?

Kate GregoryI use my hose all winter as part of maintaining a backyard rink. We use brass fittings and they don't leak. Now, we don't leave the hose outside with water in it, and I don't think you should either. (At the risk of being overly clear I mean the habit of turning off the hose at the nozzle (the bu...

1 hour later…
3:58 PM
Hello all!! :D
good morning
I finally get time to check into the chat here and find it's very quiet...
@joshmax seems to eb and flow...
@waxeagle Figures. Anyone doing anything interesting lately for the project updates? (been out of touch for way too long)
4:12 PM
@Aarthi Is it a boat? :)
Mountain cabin! :D
Howdy @Joshmax. I think @Aaron has the most going on right now, he seems to jump between fun stuff.
All the PUTs are bookmarked, but they haven't been very projecty so far this year :)
I successfully ran a cycle on my dishwasher last night, so it's earned a stay of execution.
@Aarthi on a boat?
@SteveJackson Awesome! haha
^ NSFW ^
4:16 PM
@Aarthi THAT is a big dog...
I see.
Well, I'll probably end up on here again soon: about to start a 2-room reno!
@joshmax Fun! Don't forget pics! Good for questions, bragging, and blogs!
@SteveJackson This time I plan on it! When I built my shutters I didn't even think to take pictures, too "focused" ;P
I understand, I have to really think about it. I try to take pics when I take something apart (I'm usually not smart enough to put it back together again), but if I'm just tearing into stuff I won't remember.
@SteveJackson "I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan!" Wow...
@joshmax I spend a bit of time on boats - song runs through my head every time I step off the pier.
4:25 PM
If I'm ever on a boat, I'm sure it'll come to my mind as well
5:12 PM
@joshmax Oh, no, that's a cute puppy, not a big dog! I love Huskies. That dog's probably 60-75 lbs at most.
1 hour later…
6:27 PM
Cork flooring has been picked up, and refrigerator end panel has been returned for the correct size
6:57 PM
wooo! Let us know how you like the cork flooring. I wanted some, but I have dogs with claws that like digging said claws into soft things.
7:25 PM
Wow! 500 flags to earn the Marshal badge!? What's up with that?
@Tester101 Probably take 10 mins on StackOverflow :p
7:56 PM
Can I flag an answer as being "unsafe"?
A: How do I run wires for a wall-mount flatscreen TV?

Rob Napier@Jeremy has a good solution, but if you're willing to do a little more work, there is a little better-looking answer. Since you're running an HDMI cable, I assume you have some kind of small stand/table in front of the outlet that your cable box sits in or on. With a drywall knife, punch out a h...

'Ello, are questions about decoration on-topic?
@Tester101 Hmmm...Yeah the problem with that is that it's the accepted answer so it floats above the two that say "DONT DO THAT", plus the comments.
@Gigili Not on the site. You can put anything you want in the chat though, someone might have an opinion that helps. And if there's an on-topic question hiding in there, we might be able to help you find it.
But things like color choice and stuff, we won't be much help.
Hanging pictures and such might be, as long as you're only asking how to hang things not what and where to hang them. But I think there are already questions that deal with this topic.
@SteveJackson But there's a tag on this topic , why is that?
@Gigili on which topic?
8:05 PM
@Gigili Because somebody once asked a question and used that tag, and we're not so good at tag maintenance.
@Gigili That's a good question. We're making a distinction between "installing" decorations, which we treat as a common DIY problem and "choosing" decorations, which is out of scope.
Tag Wiki edit required.
Choosing decoration is way too subjective, but there's a finite number of ways to install crown molding
Did you just zap those @Tester? I'm not seeing the tag anymore.
8:08 PM
and most of them are wrong
@SteveJackson That makes sense, thank you.
Nvm my last, typo.
Yes, the tag is . sorry.
I'm inclined to wipe the tag off the decorating questions honestly. I don't think it adds much to any of them.
8:23 PM
Q: Kill the decorating tag?

Steve JacksonSparked by recent chat conversation. There are 11 questions marked with the decorating tag, but I don't believe they add much value to the question. The tag is also problematic since it leads to confusion about choosing decorations perhaps being on-topic. My inclination is to go through and re...


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