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12:32 AM
...but why tcc?
@ГригорийПерельман it might throw syntax errors on other compilers?
Well, GCC throws a warning about leaving off the return type of main
@ГригорийПерельман maybe less server load then?
I think that was meant as a rhetorical question, I don't think there's really any reason.
Well, my Fedora install DVD just burned, wish me luck!
@ГригорийПерельман I see you're back from Peru
@ГригорийПерельман install arch
why not
I use arch
I'm installing Fedora because my webserver will run Fedora, and I want to get used to it.
@ГригорийПерельман Why not use Ubuntu Server/
12:42 AM
I considered it, Fedora seems better.
@ГригорийПерельман How? I might switch if it really is
Rolekit and Cockpit seem nice. I don't actually know though, it's just my impression.
Also, I know TIO also runs on a Fedora DO droplet, so if it borks maybe I can root through the source and copy what Dennis did.
Dammit my disk isn't detected by GRUB.
Nvm motherboard boot manager sees it
Nvm can't load kernel
just use a flash drive
12:50 AM
My flash drive is currently lent out as an Ubuntu live USB
I'll try to reburn
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ais523Delete your own running image from memory Background While a program is running on a computer, the computer needs to keep track of that program somehow, typically by either copying or mapping the compiled form of the program into memory. (Even interpreted languages do this; a few primitive lang...

It's a write-once disk
Windows let's me format it though
Wait no
The Fedora 'Games' Lab is dissapointing to the extreme: labs.fedoraproject.org/en/games
@ГригорийПерельман Wesnoth is amazing though
1:01 AM
Not my cup of tea
I'm getting the design suite lab
what do you prefer then? CS:GO?
Dirty Bomb, but not the point. Nothing in the Games lab is particularly notable at all, I'd expect it to come with Steam
not FOSS
There aren't really good FOSS games. I don't think it was worth the effort of creating the Lab, I highly doubt it caused anyone to try Fedora who wouldn't have otherwise.
Hey now TuxKart is the bomb
1:11 AM
The FedoraMediaWriter is the official way to install Fedora, and it's managed by a single guy as a personal project hosted on GitHub.
Not that it's bad, just surprising.
@Riker Whoops, forgot to remind you at UTC midnight :/
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HyperNeutrinoVerify Eigenpairs In this challenge, you will be given a matrix A, a vector v, and a scalar λ. You will be required to determine if (λ, v) is an eigenpair corresponding to A; that is, whether or not Av = λv. Dot Product The dot product of two vectors is the sum of element-wise multiplication. ...

1:47 AM
@HyperNeutrino lawl rip
not sure you need to define dot product, but it can't hurt I guess
the matrix vector thing could use some formatting
maybe mathjax imgs?
or just codeblocks
Add the cases now so we can check them. Bugs: better now than after release (that's why the sandbox in the first place :P) — CalculatorFeline 3 hours ago
agree with this
but all in all, looks pretty good
Thanks. Yeah, I'll need to add some test cases, I'll probably just copy some working ones off of my Math 136 (linear algebra 1+2) textbook and then make a few random ones and make sure they don't work. :P
CMC (? not really ?): What does your rep graph look like?
@HyperNeutrino blank blank blank blank blank blank blank
because I'm lazy and dno't post stuff
oh rip :P
1:58 AM
@ATaco Bounty?
@ATaco how'd you get that?
Click your Reputation.
(On the main site)
you mean the rep tab? doesn't give me that option
just a breakdown per day
@HyperNeutrino ah nice
@HyperNeutrino no repro tho
D: how do you all get reps so fast
I just don't see any graph o-o
@Downgoat lots of posts
@Riker This is how I see your activity page
2:03 AM
I'm not even joking
must be a userscript
I have the userscript >_>
I have a bajillion though
oh it's some winterbash one ok found it
@ConorO'Brien Yours is actually linear...mine is pretty much exponential :P
more like winterzsh amirite
2:04 AM
mine looks so sporadic
@Alt-F4 no
zsh causes global warming /s
@HyperNeutrino then downgoats is logarithmic
@Riker wintertcsh
@Riker Yours appears to have a pretty large inactivity period
@HyperNeutrino yes
I'm really bad at posting
I'm so much more active in chat then I am on ppcg
2:05 AM
mostly because I know how to take codegolf in moderation. Hahaha I swear I have self-control
@Riker :( why does my rep increase in O(log n)
@Downgoat You were asking us about how we get rep so quickly?
and I have a habit of disappearing into a random other site, be it reddit or another SE one, and leaving ppcg temporarily
2:05 AM
I post quite often I think
I used to have 10k karma on reddit <shrug>
@Downgoat not as often as them
hey just wondering what everyone's answer:question ratio is
riker's is 96:12
67:16 is mine
2:09 AM
o-o i don't answer things too often cuz i'm too lazy to figure it out :P
and because python's a fairly common language
@HyperNeutrino I like making questions more than answers
@HyperNeutrino 58:11 or about 5
but I'm not very good as either
rip :/
2:10 AM
just realised @HyperNeutrino is a carcinogen
Random Question 2: What is your Answer:Question ratio for deleted posts? (Assuming you have 2k rep to search for it)
@DestructibleLemon Really? ...
Mine is 4:7
2:11 AM
@HyperNeutrino I'm sorry I didn't until recently learn the skeletal structure of atoms
@ASCII-only Did you have a lot of bounty gains?
@DestructibleLemon Wait, so what is a hyper neutrino? I know what a neutrino is but I don't think a hyper neutrino exists per se...
@HyperNeutrino No, I didn't have bounty gains at all
@HyperNeutrino your profile pic
is benzene...
2:13 AM
Cuz both my username and pfp are science things
rip xD
@HyperNeutrino yes apart from the xd that is what benzene does to a person
Profile Picture. Sorry, I've been using too much texting language recently.
@DestructibleLemon Yes. Very true. :P
@DestructibleLemon that's what benzene + nitrous oxide does
2:14 AM
@ASCII-only Oh okay, never mind, I see now, you just got a ton of other rep gains then.
Wow, you were really close to the rep cap
198 :/
CMC: heron's formula. Given a, b, c, Calculate sqrt[s * (s - a) * (s - b) * (s - c)] where s = 1/2 * (a + b + c)
I'm just A Taco
CMC: what is (in your opinion) your most surprising high-rep answer?
2:16 AM
@ATaco Nice! I tried opening it yesterday but it never loaded, but nice!
@JonathanAllan Well my most upvoted question was +20/-0... lol... It was the 100 day countdown challenge, and I literally just put date -d '100 days'
@ATaco btw tha'ts up now for me also
@ConorO'Brien JavaScript (ES7), 46 bytes: (a,b,c)=>((s=(a+b+c)/2)*(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c))**.5
2:17 AM
@HyperNeutrino yeah, exactly, it's weird what can get rep!
are we sharing highest voted answers?
Yesterday there was issues in that the domain service may not have been visible everywhere, and that the default behaviour was to time out.
I still think this wins for some of the stupidest highest voted answers
@Riker no, high votes that surprised you
@JonathanAllan It's also kind of annoying when I spend a few hours making a really convoluted but (imo) nice solution and then I get 0 upvotes...
2:17 AM
well that did also so
@JonathanAllan I'm actually really unhappy that this is my highest-scoring answer. The esolang's nothing spectacular, the question is rather simple... I'd much rather I have my highest upvoted answer display some fantastic golf or esolang, or heck, almost anything other than this...
blew me out of the water for sure
Ah pretty pictures get rep :)
When that Keyboard started raising past 10, past 20, I was very confused.
This one for me (my answer with the most upvotes)
ehh that's true
pretty pictures : hard work :: jelly : java
2:19 AM
Anyone here written a language that they never used/released?
@ATaco I have 15 unreleased languages.
@ASCII-only and my Jelly one of the same byte count got 1 :)
I have a few brainfuck derivitives.
@ATaco "GenoTech". I made it in grade 6 with one of my friends, but it was so trash I think I might not have even kept it
I wrote a language Called "BrainOrgy", which was the inspiriation behind Threead
2:20 AM
A bineutrino is an excited bound state of two neutrinos that occurs once per year per galaxy and lasts about 10^-36 seconds. Normally they aren't useful, but a type-IV civilization is able to create a swarm of bineutrino collectors that can stabilize one temporarily until hopefully a third neutrino reacts with the existing bineutrino. The resulting trineutrino lasts much longer and is very likely to catalyze further collisions, creating a hyperneutrino, a particle the size of a small star.
It was just Brainfuck running on infinitely many threads.
@JanDvorak Wow... Citation needed?
I lost the source; sorry
Oh k lol
2:22 AM
But wow, that is intriguing. I did not know that a hyperneutrino actually existed.
(disclaimer: actually, I made it all up on the spot)
i feel stupid for falling for that
yeah, I thought as much :p
2:23 AM
but nice one regardless
When I look up hyperneutrino, I get my own StackExchange profile lol
I get like 5 of the same thing because I exist on multiple SE sites
@JanDvorak post it to reddit
Usually I stay away from that place.
probably for the best
2:28 AM
Fedora is installing properly
Now to see if I can get Unity on it.
> Unity
Language design challenge! You have one week (starting from the time I post this message) to design an esolang. The esolang must use only the numeric characters 0123456789. Other characters should be ignored. Reply to this message with an link to an implementation and specification of your language. After a week, I'll select a question at random. The shortest answer on the question in a submitted language wins a 150 bounty. The winner will be selected 1 month after this challenge closes.
@ConorO'Brien Shortest? converts Jelly to numeric codepage
2:33 AM
>_> don't be that one dude
you'll just get outgolfed by dennis anyhow
@ConorO'Brien But how would it be possible to make it shorter than that
@ConorO'Brien Addendum: The language must be original content. No converting a golfing language to a number >_>
I'm wondering, what's the least number of characters required to make a Turing-complete language where the function of a character does not depend on other characters around it or its position?
2:36 AM
@ConorO'Brien Then Jelly derivative
Wait so what would the 3 do then?
@ConorO'Brien can I submit 7?
It does not care about what characters are around it, or it's position.
unary, right
like, I've already written a language with only numerical commands, which has some golfing-related features (although it's not really competitive on most questions)
2:37 AM
Yay! 7!
tmk yes.
@HyperNeutrino without cheating, 2; in particular, there's a set of two Underload snippets that can be used to write any Underload program
@ais523 hmm... I'd rather encourage the creation of new esolangs. I'll see how many languages are submitted by the end of a week.
alternatively, Iota is a good demonstration of that sort of language
@ais523 Hm. Interesting. But the thing is, would those count as two characters?
you could always make 9...
2:39 AM
@HyperNeutrino the idea is that you write a language which compiles each of the two characters in its character set to the appropriate Underload snippet
@ConorO'Brien How is this different from normal esolang design
@ais523 I guess that works. Nice.
All that happens is you have 00-99 as codepage
it's really verbose, though; basically one command puts a bunch of junk on the stack, and the other one sifts through it to find the command you're looking for
I DEFINITELY wasn't going to do that, of course not...
2:40 AM
all the 2-character non-context-aware esolangs that I'm aware of use that sort of technique
Pfft, Why would I try that?
@ConorO'Brien Just take the number as a program, convert it to UTF-8, and make a python program from it
incidentally, if you want to restrict yourself to commands that have a single, sane function, the typical number for Turing-completeness seems to be 4, although Unlambda manages it with three (`sk)
and even then, to act in an intuitive way Unlambda needs four commands `ski, but i turns out to be equivalent to ``skk
> single, sane function
2:43 AM
RProgN could be done in 7, but it wasn't very useful.
Underload's ():^ turning out to be Turing-complete is actually really elegant
maybe I should make an esolang that is basically Ruby in number form
@ATaco did you make the chat syntax highlighting userscript?
I made the userscript, Google made the Syntax Highlighting.
@ConorO'Brien Good thing this upcoming week isn't busy for me at all! Cries onto my keyboard
And by that, I mean I don't really have any free time this next week
2:54 AM
Just finished installing Fedora
I forgot how much I dislike Gnome 3
by the pings I received we're going to get a bunch of pretty bad esolangs :/
well yeah because you want it to be as golfy as possible
@ConorO'Brien Mine will be fine, I assure you! (just kidding, it's literally the most random thing ever. funny because i was working on an esolang idea in math class today)
@ConorO'Brien Yeah..
2:55 AM
interesting is good. translating to python is not :P
Whoops, I hit enter accidentally
:P true
But I've got work everyday, and then music everyday except for Wednesday
@ГригорийПерельман ...whaaaaat
How does one dislike Gnome 3
Install Dash to Dock, set it to panel mode on left side.
There you go, Unity
I'm in the process of doing that now.
2:56 AM
@DJMcMayhem if you really want to design a language but are unable, do feel free to make one when you have time. I'd be happy to make an exception
Have we done a problem for checking if a number is square?
if I can't enter 7, would a 7 derivative work?
@Qwerp-Derp in general I'm of the opinion that anything that's a builtin in Jelly makes for a fairly poor challenge, but the builtin is a whole two bytes so it's possible that Jelly will be beatable here
@ais523 Huh, I'm surprised that Jelly has a builtin for that :P - did you memorise all of the builtins?
@Qwerp-Derp not all of them but probably more than half
2:58 AM
@ConorO'Brien Hmmm.. ok, I'll let you know. I might just design one afterwards for the heck of it without being able to enter it
after a while it gets tedious to look them up
@Qwerp-Derp it's one of the first built-ins Dennis made for Jelly IIRC
@DJMcMayhem good luck on your schedule!
@ГригорийПерельман Actually don't use Dash to Dock. Use Dash to Panel. It's more like Unity.
@Alt-F4 I thought that said "mum" at first
2:59 AM
anyone know why libreoffice won't let me change my page's background color?
I've got a game idea
@ConorO'Brien yeah my mother is a great programming language
@ConorO'Brien Thanks! Also, quick question: what's to stop someone from implementing a generic stack based golfing language with 100 commands, each one referenced with two bytes?
(somehow I'm reminded of KTANE speedruns, but memorising Jelly is much less absurd by comparison)

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