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12:46 AM
Q: Starcraft 2: Protoss FE Build Orders

TabooWhat are the most common Protoss Fast Expand builds and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

1:01 AM
Q: Want to play oblivion, what mods do I need?

MarkI played oblivion when it first came out in 2004. By played I meant did around 3 hours before getting bored. It seemed to lack... impetus, and the leveling system is as everyone knows, messed up. What are the mods that would make Oblivion a worthwhile game to play in 2011?

1:37 AM
Q: Best settings for Wii using component cable to an HD PAL TV?

Daniel BowenI've got a Wii connected via component cables to an HD PAL TV (supporting up to 1080p). Like most HD PAL TVs, it can accept any number of different signals. Available video settings on the Wii are 480i, 576i or 480p. Assuming 480i (interlace) is inferior to 480p (progressive), which of 576i and ...

Yahtzee loves mumopuggers
aw, I was so hoping the escapist would have a Cataclysm ad at the top of the page
2:30 AM
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, charging its lazers for the imminent elections. The disclaimer was too long anyway.
3:12 AM
Woo, 3k!
/me votes to close the site
Also, dungeons are hard.
I'm almost well-geared enough to do heroics, but I'm not sure if I care that much
the Heroics are a lot of fun.
You should, at the very least, get yourself to the point where you can run the new Heroic Deadmines/SFK
particularly Deadmines because the new finale event, (which is Heroic only, not there if you run the lowbie version) is absolutely amazing
320/329 gear level
I want to learn how to tank on my DK but I don't know where to start.
(if only because I'd be able to insta-queue)
@Brant pwnwear.com/forum Good place to start.
As for gear, the crafted stuff is really good, as is a lot of the rep gear.
DK tanks are amazing at the moment
3:21 AM
also I have no desire to raid
I looked at EJ but it assumes you've got the basics down
I'll check out the pwnwear forum though, thanks.
@Brant I'm specifically referring to 5 mans when I call DK's amazing.
they are the best 5 man tanks by far.
oh, cool
Warriors are king shit in the raid game atm because lolblock
do dk tanks use agi at all?
also because they have tons of kiting tools, and there are several encounters that amount to 'have the tank kite a bunch of adds that would otherwise kill them'
3:23 AM
I don't know if it still affects dodge or whatever
@Brant Not normally, but there are several 2H weapons with Agi that are fantastic starter tank weapons.
It provides dodge, but not armor.
just figuring out what reps I need to grind
guess earthen ring is out
it's all spellplate :(
@Brant Earthen Ring Revered has your tanking helm enchant.
oh, I'm at the vendor right now, I guess I missed that
I did, however, try to link the helm
and some pretty nice pants from Honored
3:26 AM
got those
phenomenal tank cloak at exalted.
epic plate DPS belt with lots of Mastery that's more than servicable for tanking with appropriate reforging/gemming, also at exalted.
Revered has DPS boots, which again, have mastery and will do for tanking.
Honored has a tank neck and str. dps ring
Wildhammer/Dragonmaw have tank boots at exalted, tank helm at revered,
and Ramkahen have Bracers and a ring.
I kind of want to roll a priest
in fact, I already have
but I don't have any heirloom items
and I haven't done all the argent dailies I need to spend my crusader seals
Honestly, Heirlooms are kind of a bad idea 1-60 now anyway.
3:30 AM
so sick of doing those
you'll outlevel the awesome new zones before you finish them.
I suppose so.
then of course you hit 60 and you have no heirlooms for outland and you abandon the alt. :(
because fuck outland.
Seriously, fuck outland.
yeah, my friend and I are playing alts together, we're in outland
it sucks now.
Q: How do I kill a crashed Mac App Store application that is running full-screen on OS X?

Michael PrescottI was able to login from another computer, used top to view the PID for the game, and then issued a kill command. Is there an easier way to recover without having to reboot the system?

3:42 AM
@Feeds Odds that this gets needlessly migrated to us?
dammit, I missed a quest hub in uldum and I have no idea where to go
@Brant I'm going to guess that you hit a wall on the Harrison Jones chain
nope, got that one
the whole chain?
it's for the cursed landing
let me open a question
3:45 AM
including the Schnottz stuff
before you do that
so I don't dupe an answer
you know about the WoWhead personal search, right?
A: are there quests from mobs in mount hyjal ?

LessPop_MoreFizzNo. Here's a listing of all quests started by an item drop added in Cataclysm. As you can see, there aren't many, and they're almost entirely in Vashj'ir (with a few in Uldum and Deepholme). More likely, you've missed a hub. I'd suggest trying WoWheads 'personalized search' feature to see which ...

oh, that
but that would require I quit the game to flush my scanned data and I'm not about to do that, am I?
Q: Answer for Battleships puzzle game for iphone Lieutenant Level 16

ScottHey does anyone know the answer for Lieutenant Level 16 of the Battleships puzzle game for iphone? I'm stuck...I got all other Levels and can't advance without figuring out this one.

eh.. never mind.
4:06 AM
this would be easier if wowhead's site wasn't kinda broken
Well that's a fun looking bug.
the <td>s are all empty
well, there's an <a> in them, but no text
except I can't find the quest starter anywhere.
@Brant it's a dropped item
off the mechagnomes there
4:12 AM
also, that chain is the best
that's what I get for killing and running
katamari damacy, except with a giant ball of fire and gnomes.
oh ffs it's been in my inventory for the last hour
4:15 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Epic
a guy shredding on a guitar while riding a dinosaur which is standing on a rocket
4:41 AM
Q: Bejeweled-3 Quest question

Linda L IsraelHow do I get beyond 60% or 70% at the chair level in the "Quest" part of the game?

2 hours later…
6:54 AM
Q: Super Meat Boy - could someone with all bandages provide overworld screenshots?

GetimoliverI would like some help homing in on the last few bandages I need, but I don't want a step-by-step guide for every bandage. I just want to compare my overworld screen with someone who has all 100 bandages, so I know which worlds I need to explore and which warp zones to get.

1 hour later…
8:13 AM
Q: Are there any ways to share links to the homepage that is tracked?

Jeff MIt sounds to me like the tracked external linking methods only apply to questions or answers. So if you are sharing links to go toward getting the Announcer/Booster/Publicist badges, the only options apparently are sharing permalinks or using the facebook/twitter/other buttons on questions or an...

2 hours later…
10:36 AM
2 hours later…
12:26 PM
Q: Can monsters get past doors in Dwarf Fortress?

SLCI understand there are monsters quite far down if you keep digging. Can they get past doors?

1 hour later…
1:38 PM
mod ← mutation
yes? no?
@badp Why would mutation be linked to mods?
Isn't mutation something that might appear in, say, zombie games?
@YiJiang Mutation as in weekly L4D modifications.
@badp Would that be too specific to a single game?
Like: "this weekend twice as many tanks!"
@YiJiang Hence the synonym proposal.
@badp Yeah, I saw the news, but the link didn't click immediately for me
1:41 PM
Yay a synonym I can vote on!
2:22 PM
feed overflow!
Suddenly, it's feeds all over the palace.
@Brant See, the fools suggest the "ticker" for high volume feeds. The higher the volume, the more frequently you must click "dismiss" to make that thing go away.
Removed the StackGaming feed. Rejoice.
@badp Maybe it needs to be an actual scrolling ticker... like you see on news shows. Works pretty well for GameDev though, our volume isn't that high :(
@Noctrine I could actually see a horizontally scrolling ticker working for SO :)
but right now Gaming's question feed is low enough that we can efford the full real question oneboxes
so we'll afford the luxury.
Gonna post a feature request in meta :)
Didn't really notice it as a problem till I started coming to chat on smaller screens.
Well, @StackGaming has the same content as the @Feeds question feed anyway
there's got to be a way to improve either inline feeds or the ticker feed, but I can't figure out how
I like knowing when new questions get posted and responding to them, but the oneboxes are so darn big that the actual chat gets pushed offscreen unless there's already a ton of activity.
2:42 PM
Q: Horizontal Scrolling Ticker Option in Chat

NoctrineThe current ticker is awesome, but people who are active in a high-volume (feed and discussion) chatroom have to push dismiss quite often if they don't want the chat window overrun on smaller monitors. So I thought, what if we had a horizontal scrolling ticker as made famous on various news chan...

Q: What's in a mod? The... not-person kind, that is...

Grace NoteWe have the following extremely ambiguous tag: mod at 43 count. It is nebulous because in the realm of gaming it is already used extremely ambiguously and context-sensitively. This is a bit of a problem because some of the definitions for "mod" can apply to nigh anything, yet some games have ve...

3:36 PM
Q: Recipe for cake?

thethinmanA Minecraft update is coming today with cake included. I know roughly which ingredients are involved from the Minecraft wiki, but how do you craft cake?

4:05 PM
The top 7 accidentally offensive Web site names. http://t.co/NM5dsJx
Wait. Who changed the flag thingy?
@ArdaXi What flag thing?
Click the flag button. On the site.
@ArdaXi Oh, right. Recent update.
5 hours ago, by badp
user image
4:12 PM
Q: Dragon Quest IX - Possible to play completely co-op?

Chad BirchHow viable is it to play through Dragon Quest IX entirely in multiplayer? I'm hoping to be able to play through the whole thing together with my wife, so I'm just wondering if there are any downsides or impossibilities to doing this. A couple of main questions, I suppose: Neither of us have pl...

It was much easier when you just clicked the flag button so the mods could figure it out for themselves. IT IS THEIR JOB!
Q: Should Stack Exchange switch to CC BY-SA 3.0?

mattdmCurrently, Stack Exchange sites use the CC BY-SA 2.5 license. There's a lot of content (not the least of which is Wikipedia) under the newer 3.0 version of this license. Content licensed under 2.5 is forward-compatible and can be used with the 3.0 license, but the reverse isn't true -- CC BY-SA...

@ArdaXi I like the change :)
4:41 PM
There. I did it. I asked a question that didn't have a silly or non Google-able title.
Q: Can Heroes continue to use their upgrades once they've run out of Hero days?

GnomeSliceSome people in my town have been asking this, and I'm not 100% sure. Here's an example, in case my title wasn't clear enough: Say a Hero builds a Kitchen in his home, that can be used to convert food into better dishes that give more ap. If this Hero's hero days run out, will he still be able t...

4:55 PM
Q: How to kill (healers) with Subtlety Rogue

Viper_SbI currently have a Gnome Subtlety Rogue lvl 55. I am building her specifically for PVP. Currently my biggest problem is trying to kill healers 1v1. These can be priests or warlocks or paladins, with ambush I'm able to knock them down to about 1/10 health, but before I normally can finish them off...

Q: Sims 3: Athletic skill stuck, any way to fix?

oKtosiTeIn The Sims 3, I have a sim that plainly refuses to learn the athletic skill. She can work out for hours, get fatigued, but her skill meter never moves and the skill is still stuck at zero. I've installed the latest patch (1.18.9). Is there any way to fix this? Things I've tried so far: CTR...

Huzzah! 3 upvotes!
Maybe there is something to posting non silly-sounding questions after all...
Nah. The silly questions get the most upvotes.
Not always.
Let me go check my list of questions...
@ArdaXi It seems you may be onto something.
5:04 PM
@YiJiang +1
I blame @Mana.
I'm sure i am to be blamed for something
@GnomeSlice Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana.
Anyway, I think this proves my point on its own.
Q: How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

Kaestur HakarlI am playing a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse? I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is e...

@ArdaXi For what value of "my point"?
You were arguing about flags.
10 mins ago, by Arda Xi
Nah. The silly questions get the most upvotes.
5:11 PM
Thanks for the answer @badp.
@GnomeSlice you're welcome.
A: How do I Know if I'm Dead?

Arda XiYou get a quite obvious notification, the next time you log in. Borrowing from our Die2Nite chat room: (Yes, I stole once. What of it?)

I thought this comment was a really obscure joke, but it's my highest score on the site, for comments anyway.
You're welcome?
I think my highest rated comment is 2.
No seriously. When I posted that I was like "nobody is going to get that "
The entire list is rather confusing
@ArdaXi My list, you mean?
5:18 PM
No, the list of highest rated comments
Oh, I see.
There's a list for highest rated comments?
SELECT Score, Text, PostID as [Post Link]
FROM Comments
WHERE UserId = @UserId AND Score > 0
I don't know what that means.
<== Luddite.
5:19 PM
Just click the Run Query button. It defaults to your ID. If you're logged in, anyway.
Looks like I've a 5-way tie, with 5 comments voted up 3 times.
Q: Review route display error on Chrome 9/Win

BrantI mentioned it in this post, but since it's apparently a separate issue and hasn't been fixed yet I'm opening a new question. div#sidebar is displaying below div#questions, and div#content has a vertical scrollbar. Screenshot

Playing around with the Data Explorer is fun. I have the 7th most downvotes.
I think I finally managed to delete my only closed question.
5:25 PM
@LessPopMoreFizz is the most critical with 137 downvotes, followed by @tzenes with 125.
I think that statistic is meaningless without knowing how many upvotes
@ArdaXi Oh, you mean downvotes you've given?
I thought you were referring to ones you'd received.
yeah, percentage of downvotes as total votes would be a better metric
Oh, right.
@Brant I have the ratio too.
what happened to my pinned list?
5:28 PM
it was obscuring my recent list of witty quips
I re-read that as "quitty wips" for some reason. It was very confusing.
Trouble logging in? Push the button.
I forget what else was pinned, so I figure it wasn't that important.
who is still having trouble logging in?
5:29 PM
Oh THAT one was gone?
Oh, right, /review
That one is important.
@Brant New users trying to log in for the first time might have trouble.
@Brant > I can't log in when I'm at the college.
Oh yeah, them.
5:30 PM
And meee.
And you.
The other pinned message was about /review
I would've unpinned that come the elections, but oh well.
because SQL is a horrible "language"
@Arda because 0*100 = 0
Use 100*DownVotes/(UpVotes+DownVotes) instead
5:34 PM
WHERE Id > -1 AND DownVotes > 0 AND UpVotes > 0​
also don't forget to do a decimal conversion so it doesn't round everything to the nearest integer
Yes, but Downvotes/(Upvotes+Downvotes) was rounded to 0
I'll be damned if I can remember the syntax though
LOL integer division
@Brant something like CAST, COERCE or somesuch. Ugh.
5:35 PM
Need like a minimum of 100 votes total
Otherwise you get an absurd percentage out of 1 upvote and 3 downvotes.
where count (upvotes+downvotes) > 100
I'm the 3rd most critical!
@ArdaXi It shouldn't matter, 1/(1+3) < 1
100/(1+3) = 100/4 = 25.
I just saw that on the frontpage and clicked, but it was already gone
5:38 PM
1 question that could now rests in peace in Sandbox
heh go figure.
But... Jeff is not at all active... is he?
On MSO, Geoffrey Chetwood wins with 70%
roughly the same ratio as Weblog.
5:41 PM
There are a ton of people on SO with more downvotes than upvotes
...and @Juan Manuel is 3rd!
@badp Not by percentage.
Oh, on MSO, sorry.
Hmm, query thingy is weird. It now has multiple permalinks.
5:43 PM
I never knew grace was such a nice girl
Just testing out Justin Bieber's new URL shortener: http://bieber.ly/ead2
Q: What dyes are now available in Minecraft?

Thomas McDonaldNotch just updated the game and reintroduced dyed blocks - in the form of wool + a specific dye. Apparently there's 15 new dyes, obtainable through various means - but I can't seem to find information on all 15. What dyes are now available and how can I obtain them?

6:15 PM
Is it sad that I felt I had to star a chat message about how horrible Outlands is in WoW?
Q: How to create Counter Strike 1.6 FFA server

LifeH2OHow to create How to create Counter Strike 1.6 Free For All server. We are three friends and want to play free for all death match on LAN. Is there any map for that?

Hmm, the official StackExchange™ TwitterSpam™ is now referenced in the post timeline.
6:37 PM
Q: Guitar Hero or Rockband for the PS3?

JagdMy friend and I are both thinking about getting into the Guitar Hero/Rockband games. We both own PS3's. Our problem arises with deciding on which game series to get into. He wants to get into the Rockband series, but I'm more inclined towards the Guitar Hero series because I have other friends th...

This has an upvote?
A: Priest healing or shammy healing?

morganpdxPriest is ALWAYS better than a shammy for heals. Period.

The flag dialog change is live
goes for "low quality"
Q: Guitar Hero or Rockband for the PS3?

JagdMy friend and I are both thinking about getting into the Guitar Hero/Rockband games. We both own PS3's. Our problem arises with deciding on which game series to get into. He wants to get into the Rockband series, but I'm more inclined towards the Guitar Hero series because I have other friends th...

needs 4 more
Would a discussion of the comparative differences be germane?
@tzenes I believe so
6:43 PM
while differences are still game-rec-esque it doesn't suffer from the same sort of problems as a game-rec
yeah, I think that might be a good suggestion for him
because such a discussion would get him what he wants
also it'd be completely objective
@badp While there are several good objective comparison questions in there, the overarching question as asked is game-rec. I'd argue it needs some edits before a reopen personally.
@less see my comment
> First question -- Is either Guitar Hero or Rockband considered in the gaming community to be superior to the other?
thats bad.
@tzenes Indeed. I'm just pointing out to @badp why I'm not as eager as he to reopen it as written.
well we could probably edit this for him
fix it up
6:48 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz What's bad with that. It's entirely possible for someone who "isn't in the know" to assume one series can be considered "more casual" than the other
@tzenes I don't like doing that if there's any hope that the asker will do it themselves.
@badp it's not about 'more casual' he's just asking which is better in a really roundabout way.
well, let's see if he changes it, and if he hasn't in a couple hours we'll fix it up for him
Then again people know I'm against mindlessly closing questions. "OH LOOK HE'S ASKING ABOUT MORE THAN ONE GAME"
@tzenes That was my thinking exactly. :)
@badp Yeah, that wasn't my reason for close voting at all.
I even explicitly pointed out in my comment that I thought it was salvagable but bad as written.
Well I always lean towards closing a question on the borderline, but I think we can salvage this
6:51 PM
Definitely salvageable with edits; I voted to re-open (in anticipation of such edits either by the poster or by someone else)
#1 is subjective, #2 is subjective but interesting enough to be answerable, #3 and #4 have definitive non-subjective answers
@tzenes Is the most recent answer to the gateway vs. warp gate question incorrect? I remember at least in beta tests that showed warp gates do turn out units X% faster than gateways.
@Brant If #1 is subjective then just answer "there's no consensus"; it's still information.
I mean, if I asked what's considered better, Portal or Big Rigs, that'd be objectively answerable.
good point. still, that would be getting off on a technicality.
@badp it would be, but the fact is that you're playing semantics with what amounts to a poorly worded either-or game rec.
I am a horrible person. http://twitpic.com/3pphig
7:04 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Game recs are bad because they are open.
@badp I just don't see the value in encouraging questions of "which of these two games sold better/got better reviews."
@Brant you like fonts.
@LessPop_MoreFizz "Got better reviews" is objectively answerable with a pretty boring answer (linking to metacritic).
As for "sold better" I doubt there's data to answer that.
7:37 PM
Q: soldier of fortune payback white screen problem

LifeH2OWhen i sprint in soldier of fortune payback screen goes white and come back to normal after a few seconds. how to solve this

Damn you @grace and your tendency to say things simultaneously to me. I feel so useless and redundant.
7:52 PM
Q: Open Source/Free 3D Modeling Communities

ZacAnybody know if there are open "source" (free) 3D modeling communities out there where the models are available under a BSD/unrestricted (commercial and non-commercial) licenses? Everything I've found so far is all non-commercial art. Thanks!

1 hour later…
9:08 PM
Q: I loved Sim City 3000. Should I play CityVille?

rinogoOk, Sim City 3000 was an incredible game. I wasted many hours on it. I have read about and looked into CityVille. How does it compare to Sim City 3000? My guess is that it's more social (since SimCity was 0% social), but probably a bit watered-down as well, since they're trying to cater to mo...

aww, thanks! RT @richtaur: Wow, @stackexchange is almost more useful than @Google searches for development Q&A! Amazing.
@Feeds Thanks @Mana
For doing something about that question.
What question?
The one my message is a reply to.
9:19 PM
You know, the one about the thing.
@Powerlord The thing I told you about?
@kazzamalla I remember that too, but I haven't been able to confirm that since SC2 went live
If I add a bounty to an SO question from 2 months ago, what are the odds it gets answered?
Pretty high.
Q: Good mods for Rome : Total War?

GWLlosaSo I've been getting back into Rome Total War lately, and have beaten the campaigns that the game comes with. What mods are available that add more depth/realism to the single player mode? I'm not really interested in multi-player balance issues, primarily just the single-player campaign mode.

9:27 PM
What happens now?
@GnomeSlice The great [mod-rec] debate.
Oh dear.
@WillfulWizard I think we should definitely allow it, to the same degree we allow game-rec
which is: NOT AT ALL
@tzenes Yes, that was the joke. ;)
9:30 PM
I wanted to be crystal clear
I fought against game-rec for 6 months
Hmm, can mods cancel bounties? I was wondering that, because bounties block questions from being closed, at least by normal users.
I don't think so.
We had a bountied game-rec up a while ago.
Hey, is there a huge advantage to putting a small SSD as an OS/boot drive separate from your data drives?
From a gaming perspective, that is?
Depends. If you only put your OS on it, you'll only really speed up booting.
If you put game data on it, your game will load MUCH quicker.
@tzenes I've covered wars, you know.
9:34 PM
@Grace you're the best
We must rebel and uprise against our game-rec hating leaders!
@Powerlord Yes, we can. Try not to make us do so, though. There has been one incident of a game-rec being bountied up... it did cause quite a fuss. Miraculously, it didn't get closed after the bounty, though.
I got to close it during the purge.
@GraceNote not for lack of trying
@Powerlord Revolt! I like revolts! Oh wait, I actually agree with the leaders.
I used to go through every day and use up all my close votes on game-rec
9:36 PM
@ArdaXi I tend to have a lot of games installed at one, and SSDs are still rather expensive...
Atwood sez: Get a hybrid.
9:54 PM
Q: Difficulty and features of Guitar Hero versus Rockband for the PS3

JagdMy friend and I are both thinking about getting into the Guitar Hero/Rockband games. We both own PS3's. Our problem arises with deciding on which game series to get into. He wants to get into the Rockband series, but I'm more inclined towards the Guitar Hero series because I have other friends th...

Question reopened! Go answer it so the five of us who voted don't look foolish for doing so. =)
@Brant I voted because I wanted to know the answer, I didn't vote because I knew the answer.
me too.
10:11 PM
@Brant Oh hey, I remember that question... did I remember to update my answer after Cata came out?
(stupid block on gaming sites at my office...)
Yeah, it says you did.
10:24 PM
I'm bored. Entertain me!
@badp Entertain me in a way that's not blocked where I work! :P
Besides which, I've never been a big fan of tool-assisted speedruns.
@Powerlord They're so badass.
He stops playing after the hammer.
@badp That was rather amusing. I'm just surprised it got a monopoly on those so quickly... and built 4 houses on each.
@Powerlord It's in the submission page you can't read, but he wrote a program that calculated the exact right timing between each button press to obtain exactly the rolls he needed.
(yes, it runs reliably and veriably like this every single time)
10:42 PM
I dunno if it's something new in 4.0.x or not, but I noticed that in WoW, you start at Neutral with the Timbermaw Furbolg instead of Unfriendly or whatever it was before.
heh, no more timbermaw hold death runs
Also makes the... Ambassador (?) achievement easier.
I still need to grind Exalted on a character, but getting to Revered was actually quite easy.
I don't know if you can still do this, but at one point my guild discovered that everyone in a raid group got +1 reputation whenever somebody in felwood killed one of the evil timbermaw, no matter which end of the zone they were at
we filled up a whole raid and got everyone to exalted in a couple hours
@Brant Ha... do you think it's an unintended bug or intentional?
No idea. The range for reputation gains was big enough, or the zone was small enough, that people at both ends of the zone got credit for kills.
(Felwood is a long-but-narrow zone, and there were large groups of mobs at either end which you could kill to get your Timbermaw Hold reputation up)
10:46 PM
If it applied when you're in different zones, you could do the Winterspring ones at the same time, too... it probably doesn't though.
I know we tried that, but I don't think it worked
people in WS wouldn't get timbermaw rep
I love how the last manager isn't supposed to leave until all employees are gone, yet I'm not management and I'm the only one here. I suppose that means I should go home.
Q: What are the similarities and differences between Sim City 3000 and CityVille?

rinogoI have read about and looked into CityVille. How does it compare to Sim City 3000? My guess is that it's more social (since SimCity was 0% social), but probably a bit watered-down as well, since they're trying to cater to more casual gamers. So I guess what I'm asking is, how deep is CityVille?...

11:02 PM
@ThomasMcDonald We'll die2nite.
Man, HFoC++; has already 88 defensive objects
that's 704 (perspective) defense.
11:30 PM
Q: Is there a command that display a message in the screen ?

CybrixThe only way I find to display a message is in the chat window. I'm looking to display much bigger and hopefully screen centered text (visible to yourself only). Is there such command available ? Thank you

Q: Halo: Reach Lag Only in Firefight

HarpalI Play Halo: reach online a lot and only seem to get lag when playing firefight, Even though in my network status everything is okay. The lag happens more often than not and usually ends up with the other players leaving. when the other players have left I have no lag!?!?! Are other players expe...

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