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4:03 PM
@GodEmperorDune Pretty sure @Yuuki was the one keeping the Monster hunter hype train on track.
@GodEmperorDune I'm just going "I'm gonna be in the room where it happens"
> Tim was mad, that was a given.
> But that was no reason to disrespect Mrs. Kirby.
Q: What was the golden sparkle on jet pack joyride?

CoolDude500I saw a golden sparkle at the bottom of the screen in Jetpack Joyride, I tried to collect it but hit a zapper so I didn't ever find out what it was. Any ideas?

@Arperum well @uni's face was all over the gif so
Why do Melania's parents look like stunt doubles for her and Donald https://t.co/cq8VRGTKkJ
4:14 PM
Damnit, there's an open house in many hackerspaces on saturday but I'm busy >:(
@GnomeSlice aren't they cancelling that show or something?
@TimStone It's funny because they really kinda do
@KevinvanderVelden booo :(
@TimStone yeah that's wild
they even have the interpersonal awkwardness down
I wish we had something similar nearby but my town is too small for that
Who watches Attack on Titan?
4:16 PM
@GodEmperorDune Right? Also, like, people are free to do the whole age difference thing as they please but I still feel like it's kind of awkward when one person is clearly older than the other person's parents >_>
last week they organized a vc and I added it tocalender
Damnit they're open from 11 to 5
Which is pretty much when I'm busy
@TimStone yes
and it's now. As in, started 20 mins ago. And Im too drunk to have a reasonable discussion. Fml.
4:18 PM
if trump was still a democrat, the family values voters would have been merciless
And my phone lost the calendar entry apparently
@GodEmperorDune When your in-laws go "Back when I was a kid…" and your answer is "I can relate", it just seems like that's an odd conversation
But hey, I guess it works for them
@TimStone pff, as if it's anything but a marriage for money (from her) and a marriage for utterly sexist reasons (from president PG). They don't even live in the bloody same state
The original tweet I posted is fairly important too, but politics is killing me
Nunes basically refuses to state that he definitely didn't get the supposed intel about surveillance of people associated with the WH from the WH
@KevinvanderVelden It could be! But compared to everything else that there's direct evidence to judge them on, I figure there's no reason to speculate
@TimStone insert the manafort video
4:22 PM
@TimStone i mean the circular logic trump does is impressive
because iirc he has now used nunes' claims to say he was right all along
.@POTUS: Obama wiretapped me! FBI: Nope. NSA: Nope. DOJ: Nope. Brits: Nope. @POTUS: I feel partially vindicated!
@TimStone my rep is killing it these days
that interview with jake tapper where he's like "i can't go into specifics, but its more than circumstantial now"
I just got that
pls reddit no
PlayerUnknown's Battleground looks interesting
It also looks a lot like H1Z1 though
4:28 PM
> The subreddit’s moderators declined to talk to us about their community and accused FiveThirtyEight of being “fake news.”
@GodEmperorDune I mean, did we expect anything else?
@Yuuki not really, no
@Yuuki I really want to see those vectors being applied to other subs now
Subreddit clustering analysis has been done before, but this is the first time I've seen vectors being used
Also, TIL there's a sub dedicated to the Biblical character Mary
@Sterno This may be the worst name in video game history.
@Fluttershy It's not good, but no, most mobile games are worse.
4:34 PM
@Sterno I literally couldn't tell it apart from any other game in that genre.
One of my least favorites is "Legend of Dungeon"
@StrixVaria I just read a reddit post that describes the differences between it and h1z1 and it boiled down to "slower/less-arcadey movement"
I have been wanting to play a game like this but every one I watch just doesn't quite draw me in
> We also looked at a test case involving a harder-to-see relationship. If you take the subreddit for managing money and investing, r/personalfinance, and subtract the subreddit for frugality, r/Frugal, the resulting most similar subreddit is r/wallstreetbets, a subreddit about taking extreme risks in the stock market.
@PrivatePansy The article says that the analysis is based on public data on Google BigQuery and they provide the code
I wonder what /r/zelda or /r/monsterhunter - /r/nintendo would result in.
4:40 PM
@Yuuki Misread that as r/hamsterhunter
@TimStone Uh oh.
@SaintWacko Why does this not exist yet? Internet, I am disappoint
Isn't Symantec a big name?
> an initial set of reportedly 127 certificates has expanded to include at least 30,000 certificates, issued over a period spanning several years
holy shit
is it whoacert all over again?
@PrivatePansy and r/ak47
4:43 PM
r/Mary has only 158 subscribers though.
Q: What are the "correct" answers for Kasumi's events?

RapitorI'm working on courting Kasumi, and have done pretty well so far with her events... and the answers have been pretty obvious for them, but now I've hit the Yellow-Green event, and both answers seem like they could be the right one. The Guide I normally use here isn't nearly as much help with thi...

I'm not sure if this is actually statistically significant
it's not about subs, it's about posters, i thought
In general most people don't post to subs they don't subscribe to
@Yuuki Per the post, in 2015 their chain of trust accounted for 30% of all certificates
4:45 PM
You're comparing the subscribers of a very small sub to a very big one.
But the point is that r/conservative has a statistically unusual correlation with r/Mary
More than other subs do
True, but with such a small sample size, the error might be big.
None of those are really remarkable
@Unionhawk clearly you are not #1 alt-right, most uncucked
4:47 PM
@PrivatePansy I don't think you can call it "error" when you're actually looking at every comment. There are more people who comment on both /r/Mary and /r/conservative than who comment on /r/Mary and other subs
It’s Thursday. How many people have lost their healthcare today?
How does this tweet exist to fit so perfectly to this scenario now that the shoe's on the other foot?
Is the new healthcare plan actually being voted on today?
@TimStone he has so many tweets like that
4:53 PM
Unless they hedge again, but they made changes to try and ram it through today
Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?
@murgatroid99 yes, i believe they wanted to vote on it on the anniversary of the oboamacare passage or something like that
@GodEmperorDune I know, it's just getting ridiculous though
@Sterno The Culling was the only one that even came close to interesting for me.
@TimStone it's like the Nostradamus of stupid tweets
@GodEmperorDune I mean the math conservative minus politics equals Mary rcia etc
Lol LinkedIn is reporting on the stack survey analysis
@Unionhawk oh linkedin
i'd delete my account if you weren't so good at getting me job interviews
i mean i get a lot of crap through linkedin, but i owe my current job to it
5:01 PM
@Unionhawk why is there a space in westchester?
Because it's a different place from PA and NY and CA
@Unionhawk we have a westchester out here too
clearly you are spelling yours wrong
Technically I should have probably done this to that screenshot:
But ehh
Social engineering can already grab my untappd account and also "follows indivisible-oh8" to get that much anyway
Yay, no test cases have failed!
I make good software!
@TimStone that's a self imposed limit on a shared plan
With 8 gb and 5 cycle days left
5:29 PM
Q: I really need a cool skin for minecraft

MCponydanceI am a big noob & I'm really bad at skin making but I want to start a youtube I was wondering if a pro can make me a skin

Q: What are the chances that a Pokémon is a shiny?

WondercricketOn March 22nd, 2017, shiny Pokémon were released into the wild; such as the famous Golden Magikarp and Red Gyarados. Based on this answer, a shiny will not appear on the map and you must engage to know if it is a shiny or not. What are the chances the Pokémon is a shiny?

I hate every Pokemon Go question because I think "That must be a dupe" and then not only am I wrong, but the answer is complete nonsense compared to the actual games.
5:49 PM
so I think we have a deadlock but I'm not sure :o
6:10 PM
user image
I’m Special Agent Terri T with the Public Corruption Unit, looking forward to our conversation & answering your Q’s using #AskFBI
I see no way in which this will go horribly awry
All the responses are great questions
Q: What do Horse equipment do?

Fredy31In a quest, I got equipment for my horse (I think its the equipment that the princess horse had, or something like that) Do this equipement change anything? And if I don't like how it looks, can I remove it or go back to the default equipment in some way?

Q: What is the difference between doing 1,2,3 or all divine beasts?

Fredy31When you get into Hyrule Castle, apart from the divine beasts power (EX: The zoras grace), what do having liberated each divine beast do? What is the difference that I will encounter if I liberated none, 1, 2, 3 or all divine beasts? I would guess these differences will mostly show up in the fi...

When you walk by a pillar make sure you give it an high five
"Good job, keep it up buddy"
6:32 PM
Q: Are discussions concerning emulation/emulating off topic?

Fredy31I've often seen some questions be buried because the question asked about things that were concerning emulators or emulation in general. But this one seems to be going fine: How to set BIOS file in go PSX emulator free? So is there an official guideline about questions on emulation or is it mor...

@TimStone That made me think of this:
Q: Breath of the Wild DLC : Account based or Console based?

Fredy31Me and my SO have been playing Breath of the Wild each on our accounts, on the same Nintendo Switch. If one of us buys the DLC, is it accessible by both accounts on the console or only to the account that bought it?

When you see a 538 article titled r/The Donald – r/politics = r/fatpeoplehate, you know you're in for a good time
6:47 PM
> He's [BotW Link] actually pretty expressive, its just hard to notice since most of the game you aren't really looking at his face.
I would argue that hes much more expressive than WW, its just that WW Link is more noticeable since he is 90% head.
cc @Uni
@KevinvanderVelden much inferior title
@Yuuki's clickbaiting is inadequate
But his has stars and yours don't
that can be changed~
7:02 PM
@Yuuki the only expression OOT link needs is the thousand foot stare
7:18 PM
Q: Skyrim Thieves guild radiant quest glith

post124I finish the thieves guild questline, but I can't seem to get more than $200 when I complete the radiant quests from vex or delvin. In an old account I was able to get $400 from these radiant quests after I finished the questline but now I can't. Is this some kind of glitch?

Q: 1.8.9 Tesfor specific player at a specific xyz

Crippled CarlI'm trying to make this command work: /testfor mastermc123 [x=506,y=4,z=-879,r=1] But I get this error: Data tag parsing failed: Ivalid tag encountered expected { as first char So, I tried: /testfor mastermc123 {x=506,y=4,z=-879,r=1} But I get this error: Data tag parsing failed: unab...

Has anyone here tried ordering prescription glasses online?
@RedRiderX yep I do it for my glasses every time I need new ones
I need some new frames but I don't really want to wait 2 weeks for the optometrist.
@Ash Oh really? What site do you use?
I use Zenni Optical
You get them within a week, I think
7:24 PM
Any of you guys use the python requests module?
And you've never had problems with the stuff they send you?
@Ash Cool I'll check it out thanks!
Nope everything has been great and they have awesome customer service
@Lazers2.0 At this point do I even need to say it here?
@SaintWacko I used it once, I think.
I'm running into an error with it and I don't know what it means
7:31 PM
@RedRiderX I used Eye Buy Direct.
After buying glasses online, I don't think I'll ever purchase glasses at an optometrist's office again.
Which sucks for the optometrist, I guess, so I kinda feel sorry for them there. But glasses there are so expensive.
@Yuuki my glasses go from being 500 bucks to being 40. I will never use the optometrist for glasses again
Yeah, the office markup is ridiculous.
I feel like they mark it up so much because they want to make "doctor's money" and it might be hard to do so when glasses go for like $40.
This doesn't look ominous at all
7:48 PM
@SaintWacko what error are you getting?
8:23 PM
@fredley Watch Manchester by the Sea. So much misery.
Like it should be called Misery by the Sea
Misery Horse by the Sea?
Q: Is there an ideal strategy to Clan Battles in Clash Royale?

GrohlierUntil tomorrow, 03/24/2017, there will be mostly speculation. However, in trying to plan synergistic decks - I was wondering if there was an ideal combination for you and your clan mate? Would it be better to have: Clan Mate 1 ---------------------Clan Mate 2 --Balanced------------------------...

@TimStone He's yelling at a bus?
8:31 PM
No, he just loves trucks
I wonder if he gets Tonka trucks for his birthday/Christmas.
Random tangent: weight training is perhaps my least favorite combat-related trope in fiction.
@Wipqozn real story is how they're allowed to lea-- is punched
Yay, my 75/75 upgrade is 83/83
You know what they say, hindsight is 83/83
I'm not sorry
Of course not, you're @Uni.
8:41 PM
I am serious and don't call me uni
(that doesn't even make sense)
@Unionhawk Incidentally I am also not sorry for my free speed
I didn't even know Jontron was in Yooka-Laylee but google has just informed that he is not anymore
Q: Why does my IPod drop out of minecraft when I tap on "sign into Xbox Live?"

CuteGirl190When I tap on "sign into Xbox Live for free" my IPod Touch 5 drops me out of Minecraft Pe for some reason. Please tell me how to fix this!!!!

@Unionhawk excuse me, wut
@GodEmperorDune alls I know is he was involved in the project and now he is not
9:11 PM
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
Oh god
is this for real
it looks so terrible
New CBO score: GOP plan reduces federal deficits by $150 billion over 10 years (1st score was $337 billion savings) https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/115th-congress-2017-2018/costestimate/hr1628.pdf
The same amount of people will end up uninsured but the deficit will now be reduced by less than their original proposal
@Wipqozn Why are they keeping "KIRA"? I thought that came from the Japanese transliteration for "killer"?
@Yuuki Because it's going to be terrible. Also can you imagine the outrage if they renamed him to something not Kira?
Some people don't have any imagination.
9:16 PM
And sadly those people write shitty films and show
@Wipqozn Well, I was speaking both for those people and the people who would be outraged over the possible Kira change.
@Yuuki Yes
@Yuuki I require more hpm (hues per minute) on this, I think it's hilarious.
@Wipqozn and i'm quite sure every Death Note Fan though the same thing
@Yuuki because it'll sound too weird by calling those who use the Death Note "Killer", "The Second Killer", "The New Killer" and there's the tv network "Killer's Kingdom"
9:26 PM
@Yuuki hue
3 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@Yuuki No.
@Yuuki i was away from my comp or i would've hued faster
@Memor-X Perhaps feels even weirder for Westerners to call this person "Kira".
@GodEmperorDune Acceptable.
@Yuuki maybe it's because i'm an otaku or because i've seen the series but i don't find it weird because Light explains to Ryuk why he's being called Kira
how about arik ?
'Light' ?
9:32 PM
@Memor-X The thing is, judging by the trailer, this series is taking place in the West, possibly America.
I can't think of any name which means killer in englis tho :/
it's a thing of japanese (and maybe other languages)
where words have many litteral meanings, and you end up with these jokes/dualmeaning
Why would they give this mysterious killer a Japanese moniker?
Unless this is a sequel of sorts rather than an adaptation.
That's my only logical justification for them using "Kira".
> If you were to write a direct, very short introduction for Microsoft Office's word processor, it might be a "forward four-word foreword for Word".
That's not as terrible
Still terrible mind
> A white supremacist musician is tasked with determining the rules to a marathon to take place in a biodome on the moon and thinks it should be separated by skin color, but he decides to be open minded and review the files of each person entered to determine their placement. In other words...
> Racist bassist bases race-based space base races on case to case basis.
@djsmiley2k the Japanese pronunciation is Raito and in the series Mina notes that Raito is written with the kanji for Moon (月) so there's probably some weird Kanji thing going on there
9:38 PM
@Yuuki congrats, that's just terrible
13 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
3 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@Yuuki No.
And to get everyone on a watchlist...
> When my sister asks if I truly want to fight for the Islamic State...
> "Aye sis, I insist I assist ISIS."
@Yuuki I can't even read through the tongue twister part. It's making my head hurt
Q: Is it possible to complete Death Wind 1 in first place, using the Blue Falcon on Master class?

ShinRecently I've been playing SNES F-Zero on my free time. After many pain and practice, I'm able to get the first place on Master class with Capt. Falcon on all the tracks, except for Death Wind 1. With some luck, the most I've been able to get is the second place, but that's it. It'd be great ...

9:44 PM
@Yuuki Kira made sense to me in the dubs when Light said it came from the word Killer. this was before i learned that kiru (斬る) meant "to kill" and that Kira probably came from Kiru. i wouldn't say it's necessarily it's a Japanese moniker
@Memor-X One, that is still Japanese in origin. Two, that sounds like a loanword.
"Kira" is an actual name though. So it is plausibly a transformation of the English word "killer" into a known name
But assuming the killer is A) unknown and 2) doesn't give a name, I don't see how they would gravitate towards "Kira" as opposed to something more Western. But that's already way more quibbling on an ostensibly terrible Netflix series than is required.
10:01 PM
@TimStone did you also see that Mr President is claiming that this isn't a medicaid cut it's just a cap
Like gjfjthrgfirbtivnwgwoaleof
Oh god no
@TimStone well that's basically the whole story
10:05 PM
@TimStone like fuck off with this "we are limiting spending that I'd a cap not a broken promise o don't break promises it's hard to type on my new iPhone"
(apparently his twitter is reading iPhone across the board)
@Unionhawk cap is an alternative cut
like when your haircut is a mess, you wear a cap so no one sees
a bright red cap with little white letters
10:20 PM
@Chippies that's really horrible, especially how she staged the church entrance
@Yuuki I feel like even if everyone understood why the animation quality is the way it is, it doesn't excuse that a full-price AAA title has such "issues". Of course I wouldn't blame any developer working under EA, because it's always safer to assume that it's EA at fault, not the developer
10:38 PM
@Chippies Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to wait on Andromeda until it goes on sale. Which, given EA, probably means two or three years from now.
In which case, I'll probably have lost all interest and would be busy playing something else.
@Yuuki AAA titles, amirite?
@Yuuki ME:A for me this points to the need for studios to keep more QA jobs in house and permanent. This is a case where QA completely failed at their jobs of keeping the devs honest, as noted by my experience last night, which should not have made it past the first encounter with a QA engineer.
Say what you will about Nintendo, at least they're consistent.
@MBraedley In all likelihood, QA caught it but execs pushed it through anyways.
Because muh deadlines.
@Yuuki the base game may go on sale but good luck picking up cheap DLC
@Yuuki In a properly functioning business, execs can't overrule QA.
10:43 PM
@MBraedley i see you answered your own question
^ that's kinda cool. though i don't like what my rarest trophy is
> Tien: making alot of assumptions there
completely losing my shit at this CNN "hacker" b-roll https://t.co/IsuWp4Ojil
But more to the point, the problems I encountered last night were maybe 1% into the game. I realize that not everything is done linearly, but this was a case of high visibility (100% of players will see this) and high impact (the game literally freezes on every setting other than absolute lowest, as far as I can tell). This is something that should have been caught and rectified perhaps a year before going golden.
Also, they could have mitigated the impact by breaking up the cut-scenes.
@MBraedley some games also have save point before the cutscene, but load point after the cutscene
@Chippies Yeah, that would have at least been acceptable.
10:52 PM
not necessarily a great solution though, as you're missing the cutscene, so there needs to be a way to rewatch cutscenes from the menu or something
but at least it doesn't make the game unbeatable
As I like to say (and my boss hates), if QA isn't being a pain in your ass, they aren't doing their job.
A very droll Pelosi on Trump's rookie errors. https://t.co/q5AI8Xptlh
@MBraedley or everyone else has made pacts with satan so they could make a 100% perfect digital product
because satan is sick and tired of Day 1 Patches
So actual gameplay seems pretty good, but all of the animations, graphics, etc. is really not up to par.
And your squadmate personalities are meh.
Which, for a Mass Effect, is not so good.
11:02 PM
Q: Durnehviir shout not available after completing quest

Christopher PeckI completed "Beyond Death" and yet I do not have the summon durnehviir shout in my list. Any help would be appreciated

So "Rent" or "Wait For A Big, Big Sale".
@Yuuki its like the opposite of a bioware game
@Yuuki Seems pretty accurate with what I've experienced so far.
@GodEmperorDune I mean keep in mind that Bioware Montreal is actually a converted EA studio, so
EA: IT'S IN THE GAME('s subsequent patches)
@Unionhawk Is that popped collar intentional?
11:33 PM
I find it interesting that in BotW, the common characteristic among food/elixir mats that give you the stealth effect is bioluminescence.
That's like the opposite of stealthy.
Data Explorer

Proposed Q&A site for users of Stack Exchange Data Explorer

Currently in definition.

@GnomeSlice Whoa... when did The Culling die?
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