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5:00 PM
> How do votes to delete work?

If you have the vote to delete privilege (part of the "moderator tools" privilege) (10k rep on launched sites, 2k on beta sites), you get five votes to delete per day, plus 1 vote per 1000 reputation points above 10k (up to a maximum of 30 votes per day). Votes to delete your own posts may or may not count toward the limit, depending on circumstances.
You get as many votes to undelete as votes to delete.
Votes to delete or undelete never expire.
so yeah, they don't age away
@KritixiLithos 15 favorites, LOL
It was 14 just 6 minutes ago >_>
Higher privilege thresholds cannot come soon enough
Let's define juicing a word is extracting the consonants. CMC: juice avocado or other words (inputs in general)
Then once the post has been undeleted, let's edit it to contain @betseg's definition
5:04 PM
The avocado meme stopped being funny a long time ago
Retina, 9 bytes: Try it online!
@betseg test cases?
There is a test case there.
@EriktheOutgolfer doesn't haev the output
@betseg and what about y?
5:10 PM
@betseg 05AB1E 3 bytes: žM-
@betseg CJam: q{"aeiou"#)},
@Riker Oh that's what you mean.
Output: aoao
(Why doesn't CJam have alphabet constants -_-)
@Riker hmmm it's a consonant in Turkish and I haven't thought about the CMC well
5:12 PM
Oh I did it backwards I think...
@BasicSunset Looks like it
In Japt I think it would be r"%v (haven't checked though)
and/or delete and then undelete to clear the votes, as the answer has been fixed
The proper way is 1 shorter, so yay: q{"aeiou"#)},
5:13 PM
@Riker ... I guess. Im not sure if that edit should have been approved though :/
OP approved it
I wasn't sure either, and was about to get mad at the reviewers, but it looks like muddy rejected but OP approved
I can use a delete vote if you want
hm, let's just delete than undelete
it's just been tehre for about a month (in the delete vote queue)
@betseg Carrot, #^//[aeiou]/gS""
5:15 PM
One more undelete vote please?
@KritixiLithos Splits (//) on [aeiou] and then joins (S) on ""
@quartata because you're using an old version
@Downgoat 1.0.5, no warning on startup
If the natives are a problem wrt NPM can't you make two packages
Also what is trim-right
5:31 PM
Hey guys I'm still looking for questions that have builtins in Mathematica for a challenge I'm writing. Here is my list so far. If you have anything I've missed I would really appreciate it.
Looks like you need more false cases
What defines a "built-in"?
@DJMcMayhem omg, pls join the discord, muddy sounds exactly like the narrator from dr langeskov
@WheatWizard FR: convert to markdown so that the links are clickable
@MistahFiggins Those are easy I plan to do them once I've found all the True cases
Wrong ping?
5:35 PM
Yes my bad
I define a builtin as something on this page that does most the work
Yay, I fixed the PPCG redesign userscript :-)
Hey, @WheatWizard can you ping me when Wise gets pulled? You said you were going to fix other things beforehand.
Ok yeah
I just need to find more things to fix
Alright, Thanks!
@ETHproductions :D
5:57 PM
How do I add in my answer a portion of text that can be seen only on mouse over?
I believe you do >! text here
Yep, that's it
thanks, it worked
If I wanted to have a multi-line portion of text, would >! be required at the beginning of each line?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ArnauldFind the binarray! code-golf array-manipulation I was half-tempted to post that directly to the main site, but I'd like to double-check that: it's not a duplicate it's clear enough Definition We define a binarray as an array verifying the following properties: it's non-empty the first v...

6:38 PM
@seshoumara I believe so
hi @ETHproductions
Hi :)
how things?
Pretty good
I'm LOLing at a bunch of thedailywtf.com articles right now
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Erik the OutgolferPrint the Greek national anthem code-golfunicodekolmogorov-complexity In March 25, 1821, Greece fought its great war of independence. In order to honor this, your task is to print the Greek national anthem: Σε γνωρίζω από την κόψη του σπαθιού την τρομερή. Σε γνωρίζω από την όψη που με βιά μετρ...

7:26 PM
ps -fu is growing on me for determining the time a process was started
always used to do ls -lad /proc/$PID
something about ps -fu is just more satisfying
7:39 PM
code-golf challenge.. Take a file with one integer per line (say on standard in) and sum them all.
this is meant to be a chat room challenge :)
@Lembik A CMC?
@Lembik Ruby: ->a{File.read(a).lines.map{|l|l.to_i}.sum}
@Mendeleev what's that sum thing you're trying to use?
@JanDvorak New in Ruby 2.4
Ruby 2.3 $<.lines.reduce(0){|a,d|a+d.to_i}
Ruby implicitly redirects stdin from a file when you supply a filename as an argument
@JanDvorak Wait, WHAT?
@Lembik Ruby 2.4: $<.lines.map{|i|i.to_i}.sum
7:50 PM
Looks like I came to the right place for a Ruby epiphany.
Why is a>a>a valid syntax when a==a==a isn't?
@Cyoce Either TypeError or false
it works if you add parentheses
@Mendeleev yeah but why do they throw different types of errors?
This browser looks amazing
@Cyoce IDK
I'd expect both to be valid
7:53 PM
That browser does look amazing. What is it?
please don't say edge
main a{s=0
Takes input as CLA
Language: Röda
@Mendeleev GNOME Web?
@betseg Yes
@Cyoce GNOME Web / Epiphany
8:07 PM
@KritixiLithos You can use the built-in ;) main a{readLines a|parseInteger _|sum}
in Ruby :: Sometimes on Rails on Stack Overflow Chat, 17 secs ago, by Wayne Conrad
@JanDvorak I think Cyoce's question is a valid SO question.
@Mendeleev so, a chromium :-)
@JanDvorak No.
@quartata try building the develop branch
@JanDvorak It's webkit based, not blink based
There is like 1000 changes which aren't on NPM
8:12 PM
So, it's an old version of Chromium :-D
8:30 PM
anyone game with trackir
echo $(( $( tr "\n" "+" < /tmp/test) 0 )) ?
who is winning so far?
@Poke wat iz it
@WheatWizard too mysterious!
maybe I should actually post this challenge :)
@Lembik Here it is with an explanation
8:35 PM
@betseg head tracking
@WheatWizard it's too bad ({{}}) doesn't work
If only we could assume no zeros
@WheatWizard Very impressive
and now you can get internet points too :)
@DJMcMayhem ([])({<{}>{}<([])>}{}) works for 2 less bytes: TIO
2 fewer! :)
8:38 PM
@Riley Clever, I tried that but I couldn't get it to work
@WheatWizard How do you make BFlak code into a link? I can never get it right.
Oh dang. I knew I could save two bytes but I could only get (()){{}({}{})([][()])}{}
@Riley I put the [] around the backticks
Holy crap that's cool
@WheatWizard I didn't think to use backticks in chat. Does it make it look different?
8:42 PM
@Riley Yeah it makes it formatted as code
@WheatWizard yours*
@WheatWizard Right, but there isn't the gray background like in a normal answer. It looks the same to me.
I don't think the grey shows up in chat anyway
I think people are ignoring the requirement to read from standard input or from a file ?
Because it's not that great of a requirement TBH
8:46 PM
I try to make my challenges at least slightly realistic
xargs|tr \ +|bc in bash
@Lembik I think my answer is correct. Japt can't read from a file, so I just read the contents of the file from STDIN
@ETHproductions that's perfect then
after \ there are 2 spaces, not properly shown
@seshoumara submit it! I love bash solutions
8:48 PM
to where?
aaa, you actually made a challenge :)
yep :)
the answers here were too good :)
@seshoumara Why doesn't tr \\n +|bc work?
@Riley 2 reasons
bc needs a trailing line, stupid really
and most importantly you have a trailing +
well, depends if the input had a trailing line or not
8:52 PM
@seshoumara I thought you said, "bc needs a trailing line, stupid" :P
@Riley no, I meant bc :)
Random question: What kind of standard practices are there for python module version numbering? Is there anything built-in?
@Lembik for your bash pleasure, here you go codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/113683/59010
Q: Sum the numbers on standard in

LembikConsider a file with one integer per line. For example 123 5 99 This is the only input format you are allowed. You can't, for example, assume the input is on one line as an array of integers. Your code should output the sum of these numbers, that is 227. You should assume the file is being p...

@Riley nice speed on submitting that sed answer :)
9:00 PM
I'm not sure if that counts
Otherwise I've got a 4 byte vim answer
@Riley why did you delete it?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DLoscIsland Golf #2: The Eccentric Hermits code-golf ascii-art graph-theory optimization grid Two hermits have arrived on a desert island. Since they came seeking solitude, they wish to live as far away from each other as possible. Where should they build their huts to maximize the walking distance ...

You have to get like 20-30 sec in first
> I don't think this meets the input format spec. – Lembik 12 mins ago
(since I don't think you can view deleted answers)
9:13 PM
The meta for input methods, loopholes and such are just a guideline
unlike gravity
@Riley chat doesn't have the grey background on code
@Riker So is there a difference between using and not using backticks?
yes, for example: test vs test
the second test has a monospace font
and the 4 spaces formatting only works if the whole message is indented, and also gives some space around it:
@Riker Thanks. There's not much of a difference, so I never noticed it.
9:27 PM
it's cool
ok, I had to share this, I finally outgolfed somebody (who is good at python golf) in python: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/113693/46271
I outgolfed orlp by 13 bytes (40 vs 27)
its even shorter than my pure bash answer
Ok that is super cool
Holy cow
And it's not Flash!
@Riker I think your current version is a snippet
@DownChristopher wow
9:31 PM
@DJMcMayhem it takes input, and returns output?
@seshoumara They are super fun
It doesn't return it. It evaluates to it
I think you need either a print or a lambda:
hm, okay
rip 3 bytes, but rolled back
Why the heck is my trivial Japt answer the most upvoted one?
9:34 PM
@ETHproductions because it looks shiny
@ETHproductions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ people like that for some reason
It wasn't even the first one though, there was already a 2-byte 05ab1e answer
CMC: find my eleven byte V answer
@DownChristopher Wow, that is quite cool
The double spring is awfully pleasing to play with
9:38 PM
@DJMcMayhem like Dennis' CnR answer :p
There's also a 9 byte if we don't need to support zeroes
yes it is
Yeah why is it?
Moiré pattern!
9:41 PM
@Riker Dennis beat you with a really cool answer
ah, nice
Hey guys
Well what did you expect?
Just posted a new question
@betseg Someone always has to post the latest xkcd at some point or another.
@DownChristopher that meme is really old now, and not really funny
9:43 PM
I was not making a meme. I was dead serious
@DJMcMayhem You can't outgolf Dennis!
@ckjbgames I posted it because its about Moiré pattern!
@betseg Gotta look that up :)
@Zwei Hi
so today in algebra 2 I tried to figure out how integrals work on my own because we're doing basic stuff like the unit circle
and I don't really need to pay attention
@Zwei Happens
9:49 PM
I was unable to figure out how integrals work
@Zwei That's okay
Q: Convert Input to Direction

Matias KChallenge Given input in the form <n1>, <n2> where number can be -1, 0, or 1, return the corresponding cardinal direction. Positive numbers move East in the x-axis and South in the y-axis, Negative numbers move West in the x-axis and North in the y-axis. Output must be in the form South East, N...

Q: Shh... Can You Split a Secret?

ckjbgamesIn Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schnieier (which I have been reading quite a lot recently), a protocol for splitting secrets is discussed. Here is a brief description: Trent generates a random string, R, the same length as the message, M. Trent XORS M with R to make S. He gives R to A...

But do pay attention
I was able to calculate a few simple polynomials
I never pay attention in algebra 2 and I consistently get 95% or better on every quiz and test
it's too easy
9:51 PM
Well, say something.
I said something and now I enjoy math a lot more.
I enjoy recreational math a lot
I've created interesting problems, found beautiful answers, and outside of recreation I do calculus on khanacademy for the "what the heck why not"
@Zwei That's how I got into programming
I believe this is slightly off-topic
It's pretty close to on-topic though, it's similar to questions we've had in the past
I dunno, could be run through sandbox
definitely not fine as-is, and not too much potential because it's not language-agnostic, but it looks like a good challenge
@ckjbgames Remember to always be nice, especially to new users ;-)
9:57 PM
@ETHproductions Indeed. If my comment wasn't nice, it wasn't intended to be.
Here, I gotta go for a moment. I have to do science.
See ya in a few!
> This is meant for C [...] but any compiled language should work.
I'm going too.
I'm trying to make a "why nto try the sandbox" comment but don't know how to word it properly
This is a nice challenge but if it had spent a couple of days in the sandbox it could've been betterer
Or something like that
10:03 PM
Q: Shortest example of code that is compiled and increasing the optimization level makes it take longer

Jason SJust curious if someone can provide a short example of code that causes a compiler's optimizer to behave incorrectly: without optimization (or at lower optimization), code takes X seconds to run with optimization (or at higher optimization), code takes Y seconds to run where Y > X In other wo...

when it's already to 4 close votes, please don't edit the tag on @RohanJhunjhunwala
if it gets closed, we can always reopen
wait for OP to do that, it possible
10:19 PM
> shortest example
It was intended to be anyway
It's closed as no primary criterion. That doesn't fit. Should we reopen?
is there a command line one-liner category and/or is it allowable?
sounds like a language restriction
well only sort of. I mean you can do perl -e and lots of similar things
lots of languages allow for command line one-liners
@JanDvorak but is that banned?
It's "highly discouraged in the general case"
10:26 PM
but doesn't everyone love a crazy command line one-liner?
python -c "exec(\"import sys\\nfor r in range(10): print 'rob'\")"
maybe I should just sandbox it and see what people say
@Riker sorry, I had read shortest example, and I felt like it was clear that the op, was a new user unfamiliar with the rules of tagging, however, I also fel that "shortest example" is a clear cut way of saying "code - golf", howeverm I do apologize, and in the future I will avoid retagging questions with a large number of close votes
in other words, better come up with a good reason ("this common task is notoriously hard in fooLang, so that's the language I want answers in" will do) or face a flurry of downvotes
@JanDvorak I wasn't proposing to restrict the language like that
Am I being unclear what I mean by a command line one-liner?
I would allow any language at all that can be called as a command line one-liner
which I assume is a lot of them
@RohanJhunjhunwala yeah, I see what you mean
perl -0777 -ne 'print "$.: doubled $_\n" while /\b(\w+)\b\s+\b\1\b/gi'
10:31 PM
aye. But similar considerations apply - be sure to explain your restriction
ghc -e "interact (unlines . Data.List.sort . lines)"
ok.. is "I think one-liners are really cool" good enough?
or should I actually claim its useful?
Ugh. The former excuse seems better :-)
great :)
thanks again
@Lembik You can use `'s around blocks of code (Backticks) to format it as code.
It was read as LaTeX ;-;
@ATaco What is this in relation to?
my question?
10:36 PM
he replied to the thing its talking about
oh I see
can't believe at least one person has downvoted me!
maybe more than one
aren't they supposed to give a reason?
They don't have to.
It's encouraged that they do, but not enforced.
I still don't understand all these people who post an answer to a question they don't upvote
They don't think it's a good challenge
why do they post an answer then?
I mean, it's good enough to entice them to do that
10:42 PM
Sometimes I think, "Hey, I can answer that challenge," and then I do, whether or not I think the challenge is fun/interesting enough to upvote
because it's a challenge they could easily answer
people have a high bar for upvoting :)
@DownChristopher it breaks when I move a spring up sometimes
I upvote just about any challenge I feel is well written
I upvote every answer that isn't stupid :)
although I am never sure what to do with the ones I can't understand at all (APL anyone? )
10:46 PM
I upvote an answer if I can understand it enough to see that it's clever. That's why explanations are key :-)
^ difference between 0 and null
What's that?
I try to provide detailed descriptions of my code when I can understand what I did
@flawr Haha, true
Now try explaining the difference between null and undefined in JS :P
10:48 PM
shhhh, don't summon the devil
Perhaps a picture of a single holder would work. Empty holder = sorry, nothing here = null; no holder = why are you even looking here = undefined
I'm doing the colliding blocks simulation on that physics website and made mass one really high and now mass two is flipping out
aaaand it broke
Whoops, I broke the double spring by making the left one go way too far to the right and vice versa
A classic case of the "this should never happen" exception
11:04 PM
... the mutual attractors moved off the screen
11:46 PM
Q: Draw a circle wthout, transcendentals, irrationals, or builtins

don brightYour program or function will take as input a single number r, the radius, and it will output a 2 dimensional top-down picture of a circle with the given input radius. Your program will do this without using any built-in circle functions, and without using any irrational numbers, irrational funct...

11:58 PM
needs 29 stars

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