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12:05 AM
Q: Movies like Annie where poor becomes rich?

Elizabeth LeeI finished watching Annie and I was wondering what other movies are like Annie where a poor person gets a second chance and is able to live in luxury? Poor to rich movies? That are good for family, not rated R or anything.

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1:41 AM
Q: Are all of unplugged people hackers?

michael perryTrinity and Neo were both hackers. Obviously Jax and the line operator's. It makes me curious if The Matrix is a tribute to the strength of hackers.

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3:21 AM
@user22792 I have that from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia actually. While they apparently do that out of necessity (because they can't use "fuck"), I always found that odd and interesting.
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5:04 AM
Q: Why it showing passwords instead of dots while logging in?

user48270In Why Him?, Ned Fleming trying to log in Laird Mayhew's computer, he try with enter some random passwords like stephanieboobs etc. Then why it showing passwords instead of dots while logging in?

@MovieReel Aren't you too early today?
5:18 AM
@Riker lol
My yesterday rep is 143 ;)
@AnkitSharma So?
Don't you know 143 is code word for?
Anyway I need another entry for ToW
5:40 AM
@AnkitSharma ok. Now I got it.
5:57 AM
6:14 AM
I miss steelers and Walt.
Walt is no longer pingable here.
6:32 AM
Stop hmming, Hummingbird. ;P
6:55 AM
7:14 AM
@AnkitSharma Aww please don't cry.
I gave myself to dark side today I asked a question on SFF and it got in HNQ. Obviously it wasn't on-topic here.
7:30 AM
8:23 AM
Q: In Pokémon why does ash look like the male player character?

OoookkkkkkI noticed in the xy series he was dressed up and looking a bit like Calem/the male player character from xy games and in the sun moon series he is dressed up and looks like sun from the Pokémon sun moon games, I am not sure about the other regions but I know in kanto and orange islands he doesn't...

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9:26 AM
Q: Was Ronald responsible for starting the fire that killed Dennis McCaffrey?

user22792In Backdraft, the beginning of the film shows a firefighter (Dennis McCaffrey) killed while fighting a fire while his two young sons, Brian and Stephen witnessed it. Brian and Steven are now adults and both firefighters. The fire inspector takes Brian to a parole hearing for known arsonist, Ron...

Q: Has any girls trainers won the league in Pokémon?

PleaseI just wanna know. Has any girl trainer won the league in Pokémon or does girls and boys go in seaperate leagues?

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10:29 AM
@MovieReel uhuunn
@MovieReel Can't put my answer together.
Seems like only we two are used to be and still here during day. @AnkitSharma
@ABcDexter can come at this time too, to give us company ;)
Why don't we call @DrRDizzle here?
Time to ask a question now
@AJ hmmm, @DrRDizzle ping ping ping
10:34 AM
Time to ask a question
@DrRDizzle We got bored so pinged you ;)
Good stuff
So how much Iron Fist you finished?
6 episodes now.
10:38 AM
Hmmm, I am at 7th.
I can see why critics have issues with it but critics are bit over reacting in this case
I don't think they are. The average rating on RottenTomatoes is about 5/10 last time I checked, which seems fair.
@DrRDizzle Is it improving now, as initial rating were bad I think.
@AnkitSharma Well, 0% at first, but that's just the amount of critics who said said that they liked it in binary terms.
100% of critics could give Iron Fist 5/10, and that would be 0% on RottenTomatoes. Or they could all give it 6/10, which would be 100%.
10:42 AM
I heard from some critics that second half is better
I certainly hope so. My biggest issue with it so far is that I really don't like Danny Rand as a character.
He is aimless
He's a pushy, whiny asshole too.
I don't think Finn Jones is a bad actor, but he's clearly miscast here.
I don't know why people comparing him with Arrow. He is fully oppsite of him
IN Arrow main character had aim and he shine more teh supporting cast
In Iron Fist , collen and claire shine more the lame Danny
Hogarth was good too
Broadly speaking, there are a lot of similarities. Billionaire company owner goes missing and is assumed dead after a vehicular mishap, returns home some years later knowing how to fight and decides to clean up his city.
10:47 AM
Iron fist came for no reason
Arrow had proper reasoning
Well, the series keeps hinting that he does have a reason for coming back, but he hasn't said what it is yet.
That's why his character looks off
Why he is there ? What he want?
This questions are not favouring his case
Making him more weak as a character
11:04 AM
I wonder if this is a Pokemon week.
Even if it isn't, we are getting really bad questions about it.
Same user
And not all for them are bad
I even answered one but got unexplained DV from my fan ;)
which one?
Q: What episode was this part from in Pokémon sun and moon

user48283I was watching some videos from the sun moon Pokémon anime series and I watched this one In the part where he does the right thing by ruining/burning the pizza What episode was it?

Q: Is Ash's charizard released or is it at Oak's place?

POKÉMON yesIn bulbpedia it says Ash's Charizard is at Oak's, but in other places I read that he was released to the Charicific Valley. What really happened, what should I believe? Was he released or is he at Oak's place?

11:22 AM
@AnkitSharma balanced.
I got popular question badge
Q: Did Jack Starks gain his memory after iraq war gun's shot?

user48284In The Jacket, Jack Starks shot in head by a boy in 1991 Iraq War. Jack Starks miraculously alive but lost his memory. I was confused about his memory Because plot simply skipped to some court scene, where he was accused with killing cop charges. Did he gain his memory after Iraq war gun's sh...

Q: What is the first movie to introduce changing future by travelling into future?

user48285In 13 Going On 30, Jenna Rink (30 year old) missed Matt as husband in first time travel. Then she came back to past (13 year old), then she understand her mistake. Finally she marries him in present (30 year old). She changed her future by travelling into future. What is the first movie to does...

@AJ congo
11:46 AM
12:08 PM
Rep obsession there.
12:21 PM
Got Nice Question badge as well.
Q: What happens to K'un-Lun in the final episode of the Iron Fist?

Gustavo GabrielIn the final episode of the Iron Fist when Danny returns to K'un-Lun, he finds a bunch of K'un-lun guards dead and warriors of the hand also dead. He also discovers that K'un-lun itself has dissapeared. I know that maybe this will be explained in a probable season 2. But what could have happened...

Q: How can they put him in drawer with bleeding head?

user48284In The Jacket, Doctors put him in drawer with bleeding head without any bandage. Why so?

12:59 PM
Q: Why do Vincent and Cole both have a patch of white hair on their head?

user22792In The Sixth Sense, Vincent and Cole both have a patch of white in their hair. Cole and Vincent both have a patch of grey/white hair, both on the right side of their heads. Vincent's is to the side and Cole's is behind the ear. Vincent's can be seen on the right side right above his ear...

@MovieReel you stole my question, I had that in mind and I forgot
@AnkitSharma lol
1:19 PM
1:35 PM
@AnkitSharma so what, 143? It isn't even a prime.
@ABcDexter I love you - 143
@AnkitSharma Aah, how can i forget!
p.s. I don't Love You
@ABcDexter you broke my heart :'(
1:51 PM
@AnkitSharma I can name other versions of it.
2:53 PM
Q: In Hotel Beau Sejour - Why did Lynn do this?

RinoIn Hotel Beau Sejour SPOILLERS AHEAD. Question is why did

@ABcDexter I remember seeing that episode
That was a nice show. I used to watch it in morning.
3:30 PM
Q: Movie/TV show with soldiers defending mine from aliens

Ajem RunnerIt was way before year 2000 when I saw it. I remember it in glimpse and I think that they were soldiers defending some mine from aliens. That company hired soldiers on an alien planet, I think they were mind controlled by some chemical or implants. They were fighting some other race but you c...

3:42 PM
@AJ me too but not in morning
My question there is about to become Notable Question.
Asked mine Iron fist question
Just now
Movie Reel didn't bring it yet.
3:52 PM
Movie reel is not that fast
@AJ Where?
Q: What was Danny Rand's obsession with white shoes?

Ankit SharmaIn Iron Fist, after Hogarth started his case Danny Rand always wear white sporty shoes under his suit: Except when he found the chemist and in tournament when he weared black shoes and not even wearing suit. Except that he always wear white shoes. What was Danny Rand's obsession with wearing w...

4:38 PM
Q: I need help identifying an actress (w/ picture)

Joseph She has something to do with the "Hollywood Dream factory". I have no idea who she is.

@NapoleonWilson Did you find out or do you want me to tell you?
4:59 PM
@AJ I don't know.
Well, here
10 hours ago, by A J
I gave myself to dark side today I asked a question on SFF and it got in HNQ. Obviously it wasn't on-topic here.
I see.
That was bugging me for a while.
5:53 PM
@Passerby how character attribute analysis is trivia now?
Calling it that does not make it non-trivia.
Explain your trivia definition then
Q: Why did X-24 die like that?

cdeX-24 is a clone of Wolverine. Wolverine is basically immortal if not for long term Adamantium poisoning. Wolverine, in one timeline, has been shot in the head with Adamantium with only minor effects. In the source material, he's been reduced to a single cell and regenerated. He's been decapitated...

@MovieReel Is it not the same user who said downvoting a spoiler question is fine
Spoiler in title.
On the release day of the movie
6:05 PM
So spoiler is fine from Saturday onwards or you have setup a criteria for it too
If you know who x-24 is, then it's not a spoiler
I really don't go gaga over spoilers but just clearing your won point
Maybe you should be more concerned about a user who is bullying new users into deleting good questions
DVing a new user post just because he is not familiar with our spoiler policy also sound bullying to me, even when a mature trusted user can do a simple edit to that post
And if you really feel something wrong is happening, rather then using it for cross argument, raise it constructively in meta etc
7:04 PM
Q: Where did the idea for "Coraline" come from?

Lucinda EvergreenJust yesterday, I was watching the movie Coraline. It got me thinking, where did the idea for this movie come from? I'm not looking for specifics. Just a general statement, such as, "It cam from a dream about dolls the author had." Just something I was curious about. Please list a source.

2 hours later…
8:45 PM
Q: This is a question about a movie

JerryI'd like to identify this film so I can see it again. I saw this film in the 1970s in a theater in Philadelphia. It was remarkable for having no music, it only had the atmospheric sounds and dialogue if any. It may have been Japanese or about a Japanese monk. Any way it was an Asian setting. Earl...

Q: Is there any possible explanation for why the chairman of museum adore Mr.Bean in the Bean movie?

Jeevan PatnaikThe chairman says I employed this splendid young man when I did YOUR job, Charles, and I'll resign if you go near him. He's a fine young fellow. Do you think the makers let this loose end intentionally giving them better scope of stories for there any nex...

Jordan Peele's directorial debut offers timely social commentary wrapped up in an effective, thrilling horror. My 5 star review of Get Out.
9:22 PM
@MovieReel You don't say.
9:38 PM
Q: 90's or early 00's movie. Can't quite remember it

Kushkings ClanAbout a father who had his daughter killed, he thinks it's an old friend he knew who turned alcoholic, in the end he kills him, but actually his daughter was kill accidentally by a couple children.

1 hour later…
10:50 PM
@NapoleonWilson Would suggesting a ToW challenge for vampire films be too broad?
@user22792 I don't know. But it seems quite reasonably definable. I guess there's hardly a movie where you can't really decide if it's about vampires or not.
I don't think it's necessarily too broad either. It's not like half of all movies are about vampires. And usually if a movie is about vampires, then they also are a significant part of the story.
11:13 PM
Q: Movie title? Asian wife falls in love with father-in-law

gcarterITThe husband was abusive and I believe a criminal. The wife left him and lived in squalor and in the woods. The father-in-law went looking for her and brought her home. But they never became lovers. I think mother-in-law suffered from alzheinmers


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