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12:27 AM
@trichoplax can we clear stars for ... and the avocado thing
@Downgoat Thanks - good call. I was zoomed in to far to see them on my starboard so I would have overlooked them both
...but zooming out has also revealed all the goat pollution on the starboard, which I'm tempted to remove...
@Downgoat did you ever get to finishing that JS STDIN readline thing?
@ConorO'Brien syncprompt?
I think so yeah
12:40 AM
@Downgoat Will bebby gooots someday go the way of avocads?
> prompt = require("syncprompt")
Error: Cannot find module './build/Release/sync_prompt.node'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:440:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:388:25)
    at Module.require (module.js:468:17)
    at require (internal/module.js:20:19)
    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Conor O'Brien\Documents\Programming\stacked\main\node_modules\syncprompt\index.js:1:81)
    at Module._compile (module.js:541:32)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:550:10)
1:02 AM
@HelkaHomba as long as I'm alive, no
@ConorO'Brien uh, did you install globally
try reinstall
after running npm install --save syncprompt again, same result
1:17 AM
try reinstalling windows with linux and try again :P
>_> (I dunno what the problem is, lemme try a different lib)
@ConorO'Brien done, could you try now?
Is it possible to have a magic square made of magic squares?
MSBUILD : error MSB3428: Could not load the Visual C++ component "VCBuild.exe". To fix this, 1) install the .NET Fra mework 2.0 SDK, 2) install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 3) add the location of the component to the system path i f it is installed elsewhere.  [C:\Users\Conor O'Brien\Documents\Programming\stacked\main\node_modules\syncprompt\bui ld\binding.sln]
So you have nine magic squares in a 3*3 grid, and if you replace the magic squares with their line sums, it makes another magic square
1:26 AM
@Qwerp-Derp so like a 9x9 magic square or a 3x3 magic squares, where each square has another 3x3 magic square, and that square's value is the sum of the 3x3 magic square?
Like the line sum, not the total sum
Just for clarification
1:49 AM
@Qwerp-Derp Not really what you're looking for, but there's a question on puzzling about something similar. Peter answered iirc.
A: Magic Squares in Sudoku Grids

Peter TaylorThis is a two-part answer. First, it establishes a non-trivial upper bound of 5. Then a solution is given that proves 5 is also the lower bound. There is only one 3x3 magic square, up to symmetry: 294 753 618 So in order to have seven magic squares in a Sudoku, we require seven 5s which aren'...

Go, go!
Q: Code Johnny Code, Code!

Helka HombaRock-and-roll founding father Chuck Berry sadly passed away today. Consider the chorus of his famous song "Johnny B. Goode": Go, go Go Johnny go, go Go Johnny go, go Go Johnny go, go Go Johnny go, go Johnny B. Goode (There are other ways it has been punctuated but the above will serve for the...

2:07 AM
@HelkaHomba i went
Slightly NSFW joke:
Then don't say it...
Some people here are at work
Others are at school
@Qwerp-Derp Here you go:
55 56 51  64 65 60  19 20 15
50 54 58  59 63 67  14 18 22
57 52 53  66 61 63  21 16 17

10 11  6  46 47 42  82 83 78
 5  9 13  41 45 49  77 81 85
12  7  8  48 43 44  84 79 80

73 74 69  28 29 24  37 38 33
68 72 76  23 27 31  32 36 40
75 70 71  30 25 26  39 34 35
@Mendeleev and others would prefer not to see it at all
OK, just asking
2:14 AM
The sums of the small squares are:
162 189  54
 27 135 243
216  81 108
@trichoplax I'm at home where my parents could check my history anytime
@Mendeleev thanks to the recent snows, i won't get the network cards until about Tuesday
OK, that's fine
and the total sum is 405.
@ThomasWard uhh.. what?
2:15 AM
@Mendeleev then add a few days to that for it to ship to you
@MatthewRoh Three days ago I bulk ordered network expansion cards, and offered to mail @Mendeleev one.
just keeping them in the loop :)
I need more RAM anyway, if there is any cheap DDR2 you can find online, please let me know, I need low density 2GB or 4GB sticks.
@Mendeleev no such thing anymore as "cheap DDR2" heh
4GB is not enough to run ESXi, the vWLC, and a Ubuntu VM.
@ThomasWard huh wat
@MatthewRoh Good point. Yes there are lots of us who don't want NSFW content, for many reasons. I think the point was well received so we should be safe.
@ThomasWard If mendeleev sent the nsfw pic you should've had them all
2:24 AM
@Mendeleev Motherboard? I could check eBay for you.
@MatthewRoh already five steps ahead of you
he's after DDR2 PC2-6400 low-density sticks
@MatthewRoh @ThomasWard already found me some, huge thanks to him
@MatthewRoh found him this on eBay and for $40 an 8GB kit isn't too bad
2:27 AM
since he needs the low-density though, he's limited a little on options
@MatthewRoh to reduce hijacking on TNB, I kind of moved the discussion over to here which is an Ask Ubuntu room because that's my origin "owner" account with the diamond of godliness.
that 'aint python lol
@ConorO'Brien I think he's saying that he's trying to code that C xample in python
but also thinks that python has pointers so...
2:37 AM
@Maltysen Commented and close-voted.
Q: How to define BtreeNode **C in python?

Uzairclass BTreeNode{ int *keys; // An array of keys int t; // Minimum degree (defines the range for number of keys) BTreeNode **C; // An array of child pointers int n; // Current number of keys bool leaf; } I try to code Btree in python.I use self.child=[[]]*n for **c but when I want to a...

I've noticed kind of a sad trend here on PPCG. I have seen users being unreasonably harsh to new users. While these comments are not probably meant to be harmful, they are perhaps needlessly blunt, which can come of as hurtful to users. Basically, it is not necessarily your job to comment on a new user's post, especially if you aren't the best with words. It is also unnecessary to post comments that serve to "second" other comments.
@ConorO'Brien Did my comment come across as harsh? That wasn't my intention. How could I have phrased it better?
@DLosc nononononoononon your comment was perfect
Okay. [whew]
2:48 AM
@ConorO'Brien was it my fault?
@Mendeleev eh?
why would it be?
I left a comment
oh I didn't see that lol. I mean, sure, its probably not necessary, but not rude IDT
I'll see if I can find an example
So you were merely reminded by that question to decry a general trend, rather than decrying the specific comments on that question?
2:54 AM
yes, that exactly
Got it.
this isn't the worst I've seen but it's an example:
You can't use a snippet. — Okx Mar 6 at 10:10
it doesn't give the new user any rationale, and gives off the "You're wrong" sentiment.
So, suggestions = good, Do this, Do that = bad?
that's one aspect, yeah. Mainly, "be kind to new users", and to assume that they are confused (because they most usually are)
"Assume that they are confused" is great advice. Don't tell someone they're doing it wrong, tell them how to do it right.
3:01 AM
btw, Would suggesting them to go to SO for general programming questions in the banner be a better idea?
(the banner which shows when you're new to the community)
@DLosc perfectly sums up my blob of text
'Go to SO': very clear, 'You're wrong': confusing
@MatthewRoh we can't do that rn
the devs are working on things like that since PPCG is so much different from other Q&A communities
that's why our design is taking so long
Huh? I thought that's because no one loves us.
i mean at least that was their official excuse
3:06 AM
@Maltysen That's the reason of the question 'We're not a Q&A site, but what should be done about it?', right?
Q: Keyboard Encryption

Matias KChallenge Given a string with any characters a-z or A-Z, return an 'encrypted' string, where all characters are replaced by the character next to it on a qwertyuiop keyboard. Case (uppercase, lowercase) does not matter. The input will only have characters a-z and A-Z. Shortest code in bytes ...

3:20 AM
Q: A, Buzz, C, D, E, Fizz, G

CalebA simple FizzBuzz using strings. Given 1 word or phrase (string) 2 unique characters Output The word or phrase with each occurrence of the first character replaced with fizz and each of the second character replaced with buzz Rules The first letter in both Fizz and Buzz must remain capit...

3:37 AM
I want 1k rep
but I don't know the fastest way possible
btw, could anyone see my bio and follow the instructions then see if my bio turns into a jsfiddle?
(It does have XSS risk but I wouldn't think PPCG users will XSS attack PPCG)
(It's just a jsfiddle for now)
3:54 AM
@MatthewRoh Exluding bounties and accepted answers, the fastest way is to rep-cap 5 times.
What is a rep-cap?
@ConorO'Brien I was actually thinking about writing a meta for that, but I forgot. I think I'll try to do that tonight
Oh wait
200 rep?
Thats not hard
(btw My idea of the fastest way is to write a hard GoL question and get lots of +1s)
That's still only 200 rep per day.
4:05 AM
codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/… Can I get some suggestions on this? It's been up for about a week without any modifications to it
But that's the easiest way I can imagine to get the repcap
@HyperNeutrino It's a bit hard to me, could you simplify it a little?
@Matthew Um... sorry, I don't think I can. I tried starting from the very basics so that most people should be able to hopefully get it, but I've been studying this for a couple of months now so it might be too complicated. It takes a while to read through but hopefully it makes sense if you read it through.
I have a good challenge idea: 'Neverending Ouroboros'
It's always unclear what a correct answer is when the output is floating-point.
Challenge idea: Make a program that prints the previous program
4:13 AM
@feersum 9.9999999999998752234/10 message, nice job
0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3
Hey are there any programming languages out there that have a special system to operate on Base 10 correctly?
Lots of them.
@HyperNeutrino Ruby has BigDecimal
@HyperNeutrino Languages that do symbolic math (Sage, Mathematica, probably some others that I can't think of) don't have any issues
4:17 AM
Java, Python, etc.
4:33 AM
Oh ok, thanks.
I just took the Upwork "HTML5" test
It's actually mostly manipulating the DOM with JS.
I don't know JS. I know HTML.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HyperNeutrinoPrint the Previous Program answer-chainingcode-challenge Specifications: You must print the exact text of the previous answer without ever having a sequence of more than 5 letters in a row in your program that also show up in the previous answer (prevents hardcoding). Your program must only us...

5:21 AM
lol @ this specification from a 35k user
5:54 AM
helper_is_sorted(arr n)
  {n = len arr: true
  {arr[n] > arr[n + 1]: false
  {@ arr (n + 1)

is_sorted(arr) {helper_is_sorted arr 0
4 open braces? The tension is unbearable.
@feersum Its syntax for functions is based off piecewise functions, which have just one huge open brace
But you can't fit more than one thing into an ASCII barce!
6:15 AM
He means that a single brace can only hold one line when confined to monospace
Q: Run a game of Flood

Glen OThis is a Code Golf challenge. Flood is a game in which the player is presented with a game board such as this: On each turn, you choose a colour (on the link above, by clicking a square containing that colour), and the cell in the top-left corner is filled with that colour - this colour will ...

Or you can do something like this:
h_sorted(arr n){n=len arr:true;arr[n]>arr[n+1]:false;@ arr(n+1)
You can combine two lines by ;
BTW it looks like your code must use an out of bounds index...unless it uses Visual Basic style arrays.
@feersum ???
@ConorO'Brien I'm only harsh to the questions that don't seem to have any effort put in, and would immediately get closed on SO.
6:29 AM
@feersum Where must I use an out of bounds index?
Why don't you try running it and find out?
@feersum I don't have an interpreter yet :P this is mainly a concept
I just want reviews on syntax
Use another language then.
Syntax is one of the least interesting parts of a language (assuming it's not intended for golfing).
@feersum I find syntax quite interesting :P
@feersum What about Tomato syntax?
6:36 AM
@feersum Is it the part where I check if n equals the length of the array instead of the length of the array - 1?
@Qwerp-Derp That would help, albeit while still failing on length 0.
6:49 AM
yo, I need to make a video, I'm using mac and seem to have deleted imovie, what should I get? windows movie maker is actually pretty good, so something like that is fine
halp please
Q: "Be Nice" applies to off-topic questions too

DJMcMayhemFor whatever reason, PPCG tends to get a lot of off-topic questions, generally about code-troubleshooting. Maybe it's because our help-center is inaccurate. Or maybe it's simply because we're a large-ish site with a lot of activity but very few questions per day, so each off-topic question is mor...

@ConorO'Brien @DLosc ^ In response to your conversation earlier (although I've been thinking it over for a while)
My solution to the "post a comment" code golf challenge comes in handy again :D
If it wasn't so golfed, it would never fit in a comment
6:59 AM
Well, It's late, and I have an early morning tomorrow, so I'm going to bed.
Imovie kinda sucks, I mean I just tried to put sounds on once and it took issue with that
Wait, wikipedia comes to the rescue I think
@djm thanks! This is an awesome post and I fully agree with the sentiments. (Tbh I have no idea of what I said makes any sense as its late in the morning and I don't know why I'm still up)
Wikipedia lists are the best
I have an idea for a troll RNG. It will clear the screen, then output a string that says error or something, then waits for SIGTERM or SIGINT (obviously not SIGKILL), then uses time passed as a PRNG seed.
7:15 AM
Does anyone want to test my buggy ML compiler?
I have a test program. If it's working correctly, the compiled program should print a bunch of as and then crash.
@DestructibleLemon Get Final Cut Pro :P
I downloaded two video editors but they didn't even open...
@KritixiLithos can't be bothered making some account
wait it was just taking forever for it to open
Anyways Final Cut Pro is sooo expensive, hence the ":P"
wait when did I have 3k rep
aww I don't really
I have a challenge idea
7:23 AM
@MatthewRoh What is it?
@feersum ML?
@DestructibleLemon Hahah I have more rep than you :P
ML is a functional language family using Hindley-Milner type system; Haskell or Ocaml are descendants.
@Qwerp-Derp Make a code that cannot be terminated (even with SIGKILL)
@MatthewRoh Wouldn't that count as malicious?
@feersum How hard would it be to make a CMQ interpreter?
@Qwerp-Derp Ehh, idk
CMQ = the language that I just showed you @feersum
7:27 AM
How would I know?
btw I have a whitespace based language idea called '&nbsp'
I don't know if it's statically or dynamically typed.
@MatthewRoh is this is possible send a bug report
&nbsp is made of very thin space characters (like hair space)
@feersum I think I should just make it static
I'm honestly not sure, dynamic typing might be a little out of my reach
7:31 AM
Dynamic typing is easier to implement though.
Assuming you're doing it without type annotations like the example.
The example is similar to an ML if the types are static and inferred.
@feersum How is dynamic typing easier to implement? Don't you have to check if a type is an array or something before actually executing the function on it?
I expected the opposite response
Of dynamic typing being harder to implement
Are you assuming that the user writes the type of every variable, or that they are left out and the compiler figures out the types?
Currently I'm assuming the types are left out, but I'm not sure if it's going to be hard to implement that
It's fairly hard; in the compiler I'm writing now I've had to rewrite the type unification function numerous times.
@feersum I actually don't mind if I change the language to statically typed
7:38 AM
Dynamic typing is easy since you don't have to figure out anything.
Dynamic = types are left out, right?
And it's super easy if your interpret piggybacks on the dynamic typing of Java/Python/Ruby/etc. and you don't actually implement dynamic typing yourself.
I have a golfing language idea: 'Onel1ne', every program is one line, like calculating a+b is print(input()+input())
@Qwerp-Derp No, that's not what it means.
7:39 AM
Dynamic typing is when any variable can have any type.
I searched up SO and that's what it means apparently
Q: What is the difference between statically typed and dynamically typed languages?

RachelI hear a lot that new programming languages are dynamically typed but what does it actually mean when we say a language is dynamically typed vs. statically typed?

Static typing means that a variable is only allowed to be a particular type which is known at compile time.
@feersum Ah I got confuse
It's probably going to be dynamic then
So in static typing, you can't change the type of a variable right?
Currently, CMQ is going to be dynamically typed, and functional.
Alright cool
I actually like the thought of declaring types in a Java-esque way, it looks better IMO
8:03 AM
1 message moved to Trash
There's no need for that kind of antagonistic language, joking or otherwise
> Downvote to oblivion
Hell no
8:27 AM
Should I use ANTLR for CMQ?
@feersum where is this compiler you're talking about?
9:13 AM
I need some copyright advice. I want to use the "introducing handle" video, in my video. My video basically explains what Handle is, and why it is terrifying, and how it will bring about the end of society. am I allowed to use the video, which is copyrighted
Look up the rules for quoting
I think I probably can, considering the fact that a CNN article uses the video, but partly modified
At least in most jurisdictions you are allowed to quote the video with some restrictions. For example, showing a few seconds should be allowed in most countries.
But replicating the whole video is probably not allowed.
They may have paid the author to let them
@DestructibleLemon This is probably not the best place to ask. Try Law.SE
9:17 AM
Embedding Youtube videos is a different question whatsoever, and mostly allowed if I may guess
well they put the whole CNN thing on it
I think that Boston Dynamics doesn't care if CNN uses their video. It's like a free advertisement.
But if you are going to be very critical towards their product, they are probably not so kind.
well, I'm actually not, but if we look at the article about fair use:
        the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
        the nature of the copyrighted work;
        the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
        the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
(things being considered)
Mine is for nonprofit, arguably educational purposes, the nature of the copyrighted work is a demonstration, I'm using the whole video probably
but especially the last one
There is zero effect as it is just a showcase
I can't actually harm their potential market
@DestructibleLemon When and why did you change your name
@Qwerp-Derp recently and because anagrams are fun
9:25 AM
@DestructibleLemon Was it partially because of ATaco
um no...
what did ATaco do
@DestructibleLemon The third part is important. You may not quote too much. Are you in the US?
@DestructibleLemon github.com/TehFlaminTaco His name :P
@fergusq no
Fair use is a term used in the US. Other countries have other regulations.
9:29 AM
I imagine Australia has similar things... also the US made the video
The possible copyright violation is usually handled in the place where it is done, not in the home country of the victim.
that makes little sense... Imagine if a country allowed any use of copyrighted material as long as it didn't originate in that country
See also: Australian copyright law

In Australia, the grounds for fair dealing are:

    Research and study (section 40 Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)[2]
    Review and criticism (s41)[3]
    "Reporting the news" (s42)[4]
    Legal advice (although the federal Crown is deemed to own copyright in federal statutes, and the Crown in each State in state statutes). (s43)[5]
    Parody and Satire (with some exceptions) (s41A)[6]
My microstate does exactly that
@DestructibleLemon That is possible and in fact some countries do that. For example, in Finland we have a law that allows schools to use copyrighted material in some national exams, ie. Youtube videos, articles, books.
@fergusq no that is regular fair use law
also I'd say that my work is debatable in whether it is each of those things, but I think it is at least one of them
9:35 AM
@DestructibleLemon In Finland, the "fair use" (we do not use that term) allows only quotation of small portions, like in the US. Copying a whole work to an exam is not allowed by default, but there is an exception for some national exams.
you have missed the point of the thing you responded to, anyway
I think you misread
also I spent a while I should have been working messing with copyright law
on a related note, reliable way to download a youtube video?
2 hours later…
12:08 PM
How do you print multiple lines? (Strawpoll) (<CR> represents that you pressed carriage return (literal newline))
> print("line 1"\nline 2")
Well I usually do:
line 1
line 2"""
should've mentioned that this isnt just python, its a coincidence that python has the function print
I use @"" in C#
Or heredocs in Perl/Ruby/Bash
12:12 PM
lets say you're using C and defined print to printf
I would remove the define
/tmp/p2nGh323.o: In function `main':
:(.text+0xa): undefined reference to `print'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
12:48 PM
@betseg I would do auto print = printf
probs thats because theres already a function called print (somewhere)
im stupid
@MatthewRoh Does that even work
Not in C
1. C++ doesn't have a function type, 2. C doesn't have auto
then im not stupid
@ASCII-only C does have auto
12:53 PM
Q: Find the two factors closest to the root of a number

Stewie GriffinTake a positive integer n as input and output the two factors of that number that are closest to its square root. Note, we're not talking about prime factors. As an example: 945 has the prime factors: {3, 3, 3, 5, 7}. There are many ways to represent 945 with only two factors, for instance: {135...

@betseg wait really? :O
Umm no
Wait yes it does just not for the same purpose as C++
register is godly
i think its the first storage type in C
1:04 PM
btw could you look at my bio and follow the instructions then see if the bio changes to a jsfiddle
it does
i did
Is there an already existing challenge for word wrapping a text with a width parameter?
1:22 PM
@StewieGriffin What happened to your challenge? It looked good and I was about to post the answer
It was a duplicate
Oh. Of which one?
(I'm on mobile now, searching is difficult)
Q: Minimum perimeter of an area

Hand-E-FoodJust a simple code golf function for fun, intentionally left open with few rules to see what creativity comes up. Input: An integer representing the area of a rectangle. Output: Two integers representing the side lengths of the rectangle that have the least perimeter for the area. (In any orde...

Question: Why are there so many multiple star systems?
1:31 PM
@LegionMammal978 what part are you surprised about?
that multiple stars formed at all, or the fact they haven't collided yet?
Answer, just figured it out: I've been sorting by ascending apparent magnitude, of course multiple star systems will be brighter
hi all
@orlp Two thirds of the stars I checked were multiple systems, just the frequency of them was confusing
@Lembik hi
I've got a new draft version of my paper: drive.google.com/file/d/0B1-vl-dPgKm_T0Fxeno1a0lGT0E/view
May I gently advertise this bountied question please... codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/112739/…
it's currently wide open for winning
1:34 PM
@orlp Is theta supposed to be big oh?
@orlp Nice!
@KritixiLithos nope, theta is a stronger claim than big oh
O(x) is 'grows no faster than x'
big theta is always belongs to that time complexity right?
Θ(x) is 'grows exactly like x'
where 'exactly' is within a constant factor - we're still talking asymptotics here
Just realised, PPCG meta redirects to https, but the main site doesn't
2:06 PM
@Dennis First thing I thought of when I saw your "Ask Jelly" question: askjelly.com
Also I'm disappointed you didn't title it "Is it true? Ȧsk Jelly!" (note the diacritic)
2:33 PM
ohhhhh oh o hoh
I have a really good idea for a cop's n robber challenge
the cops must write two programs: an encoder and a decoder
the encoder takes one million 64-bit numbers and outputs some bytes
the decoder must reproduce the input numbers, but order doesn't matter
initially your score is 0
then a robber comes along and he/she must find the worst input for your compression program
so if he/she finds an input that makes you output 1gigabyte
that's your score
lowest score at the end of two weeks wins
@orlp does that become the robber's or the cop's score?
@KritixiLithos the cop's score
the robber's goal is to make the cop's score go higher and higher (worse)
so you're trying to write either the most robust answer yourself
Interesting. How is the robber scored? Number of cops for which they submitted the highest score?
@trichoplax I wasn't aware robbers required scoring
They do require scoring, but it's usually a simple "how many cops you beat"
2:38 PM
ok then I can do something like that ye
'how many times you raised the score of a cops answer'
But I like this idea, I think it adds the twist that robber scores can actually go down if one robber beats another robber.
with the caveat that if you re-raise your previous answer you don't get another point
@PhiNotPi robber's scores can't go down
I guess Phi means if you only count the final (highest score) robber for each cop (which is what I was initially imagining)
So robbers could rob each other
^ that, but the "how man time you raised the score" also works.
that would lead to a strange scenario where there will be answers that lead to 0 points
2:41 PM
I don't follow
if that's ok, then I don't have an issue with it
@trichoplax well
if I robbed someone, but then someone improves on my rob
Ah I see
then my robber answer is still there, but is actually worth 0 points
I think it's better that way though
otherwise you can do stupid stuff like +1 ing with minor improvements
Look at my bio, it's awesome
or intentionally leaving out improvements for later robs
2:42 PM
I think either way could work as long as it is very clear, so people don't think it's the other way and waste time
@MatthewRoh have you seen those interactive profile games?
@PhiNotPi Yes I have, But those were very hard to make so I simplified things a bit
(It's still just a diceroll but it has a lot of potential risks)
I like how there's almost no barrier-to-entry for the robbers.
Maybe that's a good reason not to give points for every robber, otherwise you could score highly just by being first to answer on every cop
Also gives more motivation to find the highest possible score, rather than just a bit higher than the last one
Little bit off the conversation, but I think Windows ME should be Windows MEMES
It's too bad for practical use
but good for memes
2:50 PM
If you really like memes, you could propose a stackexchange for memes
...Oh wait, yes
(I know you are joking but I could do it anyways)
I suspect that joke's already been tried on Area 51
@MatthewRoh I wasn't joking
@KritixiLithos Oh really?
@trichoplax Searched, no results
^ read these two books and you know everything
2:54 PM
@MatthewRoh I'm pretty sure they delete rejected proposals after a while
@flawr Is the second book infinitely long?
Also, does the second book include all false statements alongside all true statements, with no way to distinguish them?

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