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@LucasHenrique the first 2 year. the third one, Ar Tonelico Qoga is on the PS3 and there's also Ar no Surge which according to an answer here is a prequel to Ar Tonelico showing the origins of the Teru Tribe (that and the back cover talks about an enemy who uses Song Magic)
theres also Ciel no Surge which is set before Ar no Surge which is more of an interaction game with Ion, one of the heroines in Ar no Surge. sad thing is that the original Ar no Surge in Japan used save data from Ciel no Surge and Ion would comment on events that occurred in it between her and the player
@LucasHenrique if it was it would be a doujin cover and that should have the +18 label on it. not sure about the other 2 but the girl on the right I'd Eddy from Valkryia Chronicles, one of the members of Whelk's and Alicia's squad but there is also DLC where she is the main character (which should be included in the PS4 version)
@Taisho took me a bit to figure out where the name ended
@Taisho this is how the Software gets made, Miku and the others just link up to a server farm
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4:33 AM
Q: What is the exact purpose of the infinite Tsukuyomi?

MartianCactusWhat is the purpose of the infinite tsukuyomi, is it to make everyone dream in their ideal world? Then why does it turn people to white zetsu and steal their chakra?

Q: What exactle is the "Ritual of The Divine Tree"?

MartianCactusIn the anime, it is shown that Kagyuya regularly sends people to the Divine Tree for this "ritual" and those people somehow die.. So what exactly happens to them? I thought the infinite Tsukuyomi was supposed to male people dream in their ideal world...then how do people who go there for the rit...

4:51 AM
Q: Why did Madara and Kaguya stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi?

MartianCactusWhen both of them first cast it, the Moon was shining brightly but then the light subsided. Then Madara came down to hunt Team 7. At that moment, if the moonlight was already absent then why didn't the once caught into the infinite Tsukuyomi escape out in the absence of the moonlight? Same goes...

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dam it, so far i have no luck getting Monster Monpiece to work on my PC, maybe i don't have the ram but that hasn't stopped other games wanting more that 2GB
well if i don't get it to work it'll be a game that i'll look forward to when i get an upgraded PC
hoping that since they were developed for a PSP, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd wont have problem
12:30 PM
Q: Animes with no OP but have an ED

BthenI'm making a new vid for my channel... and wanted to know if there are any series that have no opening theme and an ending theme? For example Shinsekai Yori and Nobunaga Concerto. List as many as you know, thanks

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@Gao ooh...
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Q: why didnt itachi kill sasuke but instead poke his forehead

The GODFATHERwhy did itachi not kill sasuke but instead poked his head during there last battle that led to itachi death was it because of the clan symbol behind him or he loved him?

@Gao Also, now all we need to do is hack a level like that into Super Marisa World and it'll be perfect.
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9:30 PM
Q: Art style choice?

Kaz RodgersI just watched the first episode of this anime and the plot seems pretty gripping but the art-style is what I found most interesting. It came out in 2013 so there weren't any technical limitations (at least that I'm aware of) but the animators decided to go with this style. What is this style c...


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