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10:01 PM
How on earth does he have 7500 rep on SO
@ScottPack F you and your shortened link
@ScottPack You know if you throw a + on the end of the URL it shows you where it's going to go to :p
bitly.com/6GTSQt+ - Hampsterdance.com - The Official Online Home of Hampton and the Hampsters!
Oh cute
10:02 PM
I can't say I'm accustomed to using bitly. I am, after all, a nice enough person to not pass out tubgirl.
unless it goes to another shortener
@ScottPack you? Trust YOU?
@MarkHenderson Also, add .info to a Google url.
I've seen links go through I kid you not 3 or 4 shorteners before landing on the actual page
@MarkHenderson Do all those linked accounts with '1' rep mean he's been suspended on that site?
10:03 PM
@Holocryptic Usually affiliate related.
YOU'd send me to bit.ly/9xnLD4 (pNSFW)
@MikeyB I only see one account with one rep. He's not banned on any other StackExchange site.
Well, just MSO.
Oh what the hey, it's been at least a week since I've been chat banned:
^Only posted it to annoy @voretaq7 =P
I happily follow yelling bird.
10:05 PM
We frequently get to Yelling Bird levels in here, so it should be cool.
@WesleyDavid I'M not annoyed. Or offended.
But when you get flagged I'm confirming it on spec since I got banned for it :-)
@voretaq7 So you're saying I'm a complete failure. D=
@WesleyDavid yes, but for other reasons :-P
when did stackexchange.com get a make over ?
Just a few hours ago.
Do you like it?
10:07 PM
@Iain Eww. Looks like an affiliate squeeze page now.
Check out the sites page, it's pretty awesome as well.
@WesleyDavid Ah, when I viewed the list of accounts it showed 3 (Mathematics, Economics and SF). Visiting his user page on those sites triggered a rep recalc for him and added the 100 bonus rep to the respective account.
@WesleyDavid go back to your hole, it's awesome.
/sites is cool
claws @PeterGrace's curtains
10:07 PM
@MikeyB Not always. He could just have no rep on that site. But it's usually a pretty good sign.
@WesleyDavid You uhh really want to get banned hey?
/sites taught me about sites I didnt even know we had
I've literally spent 30 mins just looking at questions on mechanics.se
@PeterGrace Doesn't WFM :p
@big_ben_clock, Up a tower.
Established November 2009. Entirely unofficial & apparently imitated everywhere. Copyright details here: http://tinyurl.com/ylqbey3.
19.6k tweets, 168k followers, following 0 users
@MarkHenderson See above - it was just old and need a rep recalc.
10:09 PM
I thought there was an R2D2 bleep bloop one somewhere but I can't find it
I am somewhat surprised that the BONG BONG BONG clock has 160,000 followers though
@Aaron Bet they've all got cotton mouth.
oh nifty!
plant. grow.
I'm not banned from Chat.
10:10 PM
Different systems.
@EvanCarroll You can be.
@PeterGrace what is the sort order on /sites? If you aren't on one of the major sites it seems like it would be pretty hard to find it in that list.
@WesleyDavid They didn't get it from me!
I got banned from Server Fault for one year.
@Zoredache the bigger the site, the bigger the box, I think.
10:11 PM

I'm writing in reference to your Server Fault account:


Due to consistantly unhelpful contributions to the site, we have elected to suspend your account.

Your answers and meta contributions are generally of low quality and hard to understand, and show a lack of willingness to understand how the site and network works.

There appears to be no increase in quality over time

This is a troubling pattern, and has become abusive to our community.
This was my response -- apparently you can't edit it or submit another one either.
My last question only has -1 rating: http://serverfault.com/q/364241/18822 . Presumably, that's only because it is locked. Even the comments on that question said it was a good question.

The question before that has a +1 rating, and no answer: http://serverfault.com/q/363970/18822. That's just because it is a tough question.

The question before that has a -1 rating: http://serverfault.com/q/362284/18822, that's only because I answered the question myself using Cygwin and the site is obviously biased towards Microsoft solutions on Microsoft Operating Systems. I even gave the reasons for re
@EvanCarroll And uuhh, you think that this is the correct forum to be chasing a discussion of this do you?
@PeterGrace well that describes the box sizes, but I am trying to figure out the order. Like why is Ubuntu below and too the right of Stackoverflow.
@MarkHenderson I just believe in transparency, a bunch of people will probably be wondering what happened and you made the message private.
@EvanCarroll Uh I'm pretty sure everyone knows what happened. because I told them earlier
15 mins ago, by Mark Henderson
@voretaq7 Low quality contributions
So you talked about it behind my back, and then you think it's not correct form for me to talk about it in my own defense?
10:14 PM
@Zoredache I dunno, let me ask the dev.
@EvanCarroll You were right here. We didnt talk behind your back. In fact, we discussed that too.
Feel free to scroll up through the history
oh I didn't know I was here if I was.
sometimes chat makes noise, sometimes it doesn't.
Check it from here onwards:
35 mins ago, by Peter Grace
Just FYI guys, he's in the channel here.
Chat isn't the only thing making noise...
@PeterGrace You don't have to. I was just curious. It is more along the lines of how is someone looking for Code Review (abbrev CR) going to find Cryptography (abbrev Cr)? The fonts are a bit small. I would kinda expect there to be some order there.
10:16 PM
That's pretty cheap though to blame it on useful contributions when they're all most all positive rep-contributions, except one or two.
One of them is locked -- that really shouldn't count.
@Zoredache well, if you click on the subheading , you can sort by technology.
others cant upvote it.
But if you really want me to air it in public, then so be it.

Your contributions over the past several years on meta.stackoverflow have been poor. So poor that the co-founder of the site contacted you personally. And then you accuse him of having DID, which is just crazy.

You show no understanding of how the site works. 100's of thousands of people use the stack exchange network every day, and yet you're the only one who consistantly refuses to go along with how the site functions.

You posted a question on meta.serverfault asking about meta.commerce, and some of your phrases in what you
Now all of that would be OK on its own
@Zoredache but you're right in that it is harder. You can also click the upper-right box that looks like 3 lines to get it back to a tabular view
But combine that with the fact that you refuse to listen to what anyone says, and insist that we're all completely wrong and that you are right, is the straw that breaks the camels back. Frankly, we're all real people with real lives, real jobs and real families, and every moment we waste on you is time that we will never get back to spend on other, more productive to society, things
10:18 PM
@MarkHenderson it was a bug about some latex parser, it was answered in the question on serverfault, and it still hasn't been answered by meta.economics. It seems for the purpose of getting eyes on the problem, the skillset here was a better match for the question anyway?
@EvanCarroll why would they re-answer it on economics when there already was an answer?
@EvanCarroll The point is that I'm not spending one more moment of my life dealing with your issues about the stack exchange network. If you don't like it, move on. There's Quora, Yahoo Answers, Experts Exchange - plenty of places where you can go to get and give help. Nobody is making you stay here. And yet you choose to stay.
@Zoredache it's a bug, now it's been reported, identified, and needs to be fixed.
And, just so that i'm being totally transparent, I'm now going to click on your avatar and choose "ignore user".
@Zoredache with the latex math parser, you can not type "$1." (Dollar-sign number period)
=( sorry, just trying to make conservation
10:21 PM
I saw the question already. But I don't understand why you think you would not have gotten an answer on economics, where it belonged, when you didn't even try?
A one year ban is pretty weak for reporting a bug in the wrong place -- but still on a meta. And, having two questions with downvotes.. @MarkHenderson you've got more downvoted questions than I do.
@Zoredache I just didn't think to post it on the econ meta -- which is in beta.
I don't even...
@ErikA If you have a question, you can ask...
@EvanCarroll Thanks.
And with that, I think I'll be following @MarkHenderson's lead here...
Heh, I think someone grew some cajones and chatbanned him
I've been hovering over the button for a few mins now.
10:26 PM
@MikeyB thanks for sticking up for me with the answer comment
I have a question - what is your problem, exactly? I'm still trying to work out if you are, as the others say, a skilled troll, someone with major issues with the way the sites are ran, or purely have mental issues.
@EvanCarroll Looks like it's already been fixed. That's quick work.
@tombull89 Don't feed him
That sounds kind of insulting, I don't feel obligated to answer that. But, if you can reformulate it i'll be happy to give you a second go.
10:28 PM
@PeterGrace idk how to chat ban, otherwise I would have by now
Cool deal.
no, I'm curious. what is your problem, with the StackExchange network, exactly?
@EvanCarroll It's a sensible answer for a lot of cases, the problem with it is just that it's a charged answer.
@EvanCarroll Hey, out of curiosity, where do you surf the sites from? Work?
Only because it's a cygwin solution to a lack of functionality in a Microsoft product. That's a social problem, I just wanted to provide the solution that I found to be the most apt for that problem.
@PeterGrace home usually.
10:30 PM
@PeterGrace Does a user get auto-chatbanned if enough people ignore him? Cause you posted this comment immediately after I ignored him.
@ErikA Don't think so.
@PeterGrace Ok, just coincidence then.
@PeterGrace is "hide posts" a mod action?
@TylerShads not sure about that, either. TL might know.
@EvanCarroll what was wrong with the findstr example Evan Anderson provided? It is built-into the system.
10:31 PM
@TylerShads Anyone can hide a users posts. Click on their avatar and choose "Ignore user"
@TylerShads Not that I know of. The only 'hide posts' I know of is score of -8.
@TylerShads No
@sysadmin1138 i meant chat wise, if you click a user name
Why did you need to install cygwin to get grep? Why did you need to mention any tool at all. Why didn't you just leave as 'use favorite text search tool' on the specific path.
@TylerShads Just 'ignore this user everywhere' and deleting specific posts.
10:32 PM
@Zoredache Are we still going on about that answer? The reason it's at -∞ is because of the snark comment about Windows at the bottom of it
@Zoredache Oh! Ha! Didn't even notice that. Yeah, no wonder it got downvoted.
@Zoredache No idea what findstr is.
I haven't had much luck with most of the powershell commands, I spent a solid day figuring out how Microsoft basterdized the redirection operator.
findstr is the grep-like command in windows.
@EvanCarroll right, and you are too lazy to go to a command prompt and type findstr /? Just look at the name for a second. It is pretty damn obvious that it find**s **strings.
So rather than thinking "Oh! Hey! Maybe someone's trying to tell me about a useful command that may solve my problem!" you think "Oh, I don't know what that is. I'll just ignore it and use cygwin grep and bitch about how MS doesn't provide tools."
That's why you get the hate, right there.
10:34 PM
Bye bye Evan
Seems to be a lot of useless noise here...
aaaaaaaaand that's all the time I'm spending on you today. Night everyone.
I hope Mark's comment means what I think it means.
@EvanCarroll Anyway, your anti-MS rhetoric is what really got you the down-votes.
@MikeyB Cya. Don't worry he won't be back for a while.
10:35 PM
So, who gets the ruby slippers?
stackexchange.com/sites would be even nicer if it showed you which SEs you were already signed up in.
Did he get a house dropped on him, or just a bucket of water?
@84104 Ruby Slippers?
I'm just going to leave you all with this brilliant picture of my manhood:
@MarkHenderson Maybe I should have gone with we all get to cross the bridge?
"Ding dong, the witch is dead!" (I assume)
10:36 PM
@Ward 168 hours of silence at the very least
@MikeyB Broken link. Yep, that's your manhood alright.
@MikeyB haha the old Netscape placeholder
@WesleyDavid "broken link". Well, it's not broken yet…
Has the annoying young man been shown the door?
@MikeyB Fixed! =)
10:37 PM
@Adrian I don't think he's young. And yes.
I still see the image in the channel, but I see all sorts of things that aren't there.
@MarkHenderson There's chronological and there's maturity. And his driver's license may read as age 26, but well, ya know....
@MarkHenderson How wide is the ban? Just here? All SF-related rooms?
@Ward I don't know. I suspect it's chat-wide for the whole network because everything on chat seems to be like that
@WesleyDavid can probably tell you, he's been banned a few times ;)
@Ward Chat ban is I think just in one chat room, however the person can see chat as per normal.
10:40 PM
I would guess just chat.stackexchange. It doesn't appear on chat.stackoverflow.com which is a different chat server. chat.stackoverflow.com/users/124486/evan-carroll
@MarkHenderson And thank you, btw. I'm already ignoring him, but his "stuff" tends to take over the channel when he pops up.
I still don't get what chat.stackexchange and chat.stackoverflow are separate. It is a bit annoying.
@Adrian I agree. Can't get a word in edgewise
I think I've started to annoy some of the staff I support - when they phone me up or come up to the office (instead of logging on the helpdesk) I now use the "What have you tried?" line. Nothing? Well, here's a list of things to do, don't be so bloody lazy. X, Y, and Z? Good, now I might have a better idea of what it is.
Did y'all scare Evan away?
10:48 PM
@ewwhite he got banned away
@ewwhite No. Modban.
ok, I've been largely quiet about this but I'm going to say it once and be done with it: Trolls thrive on attention. By continually mentioning him, you're feeding him. Stop feeding him.
¿por que?
we don't get trolls like that often
@PeterGrace But I like to troll a bit myself. I try not to let it out on random people, but it is fun to try to troll the troll.
@PeterGrace I agree. It's just our self-rightousness and our desire to be right that comes out to play sometimes. It's hard to push it away and click the ban button :p
10:51 PM
@Zoredache you won't win, Evan's an artisan.
We don't get many trolls through here. I'm way out of practice
Trust me, I was staring at the firewall ban table the whole time.
Tell us all his IPs So we can DoS him. >:)
ok, SF has the new activity banner now :)
@Zoredache Yes, let's DDoS him with an IP.
10:53 PM
Just edit his wikipedia page. Lord of teh internets no more (I jest).
haha, no, I wont give out his IPs.
and that's the only hint I'll give.
@PeterGrace ...in public. Don't I have you on Gtalk?
Anybody who has created a Wikipedia page about themself, and maintains it, is an insufferable troll. Full stop.
Shopping tiem: Can anybody reccomend me a entry-level managed switch, preferably Cisco, for having a play about and learning to configure?
10:57 PM
@PeterGrace I thnik you gave us another hint when you asked us where he accesses the site from - home or work
@tombull89 you wanna learn IOS?
But i'm looking at his Ip address and not seeing anything relevant about it. No PTR, and tracert seems to terminate inside a datacenter...
@MarkHenderson He's actually a computer!
@Zypher Well, we've got a load of Cisco stuff in work but if push came to shove I'd be buggered if I knew where to start - VLANs, ACLs, that sort of thing.
@MarkHenderson I've got access to a few more tools that help.
10:58 PM
I was going to add it to my home dev network.
@84104 somebody figured out how to get the two AIs to actually mate with each other instead of just chatting?
@Zoredache the dev tells me that the site order is roughly based on the site's age, though there is some other fuzzy logic involved.
@PeterGrace It'd be nice if it were ordered by your per site rep
@tombull89 Google Cisco on EBay and pick up a nice managed switch for under $100
@Iain hmm, interesting, but the people who visit stackexchange.com generally aren't users already.
I have a stack of 2611xm's right behind me here at home
though they're rather pointless for doing actual work
OK, 6pm, I better go before my wife bitches.
11:01 PM
@JeffFerland Yeah, I was wondering which would be a good one to go for. Our ones in work are 2960G and 3750Es - bit out of my price range just to learn on.
@Zoredache I'll let your mind do the heavy lifting, but here's the seed manpagez.com/man/1/finger .
@PeterGrace tis true. I've seen the code. public List<Site> getFrontPageOrder() { return fuzzificate(sites.OrderBy(s => s.Traffic)); }
I suppose that I should add that I'm going for crude, rather than offensive.
11:14 PM
Every single time I see the 'Puppet Labs' logo, I hear the Muppet Labs music and the Dr. Bunsen Honeydew voice.
Fuck you, IBM. ESXi wouldn't install because it couldn't detect RAM in NUMA slot 0. Wait, what? It just had RHEL running on bare-metal!? Spent the last hour and a half reseating and moving memory between the 12 slots and finally got all 48GB recognized.
I guess no one noticed it was only running on 8GB in the last pair for who-knows-how-long.
Statler and Waldorf need to make a resurgence
@Aaron Truly. World's a lesser place wihout them.
And now I'm even more pissed since I missed all the action 45 minutes ago.
huh? What happened 45 min ago? Shit, it's always when I'm in traffic!
11:21 PM
@Holocryptic Read through all the starred messages for the highlights. :)
@WesleyDavid looks like it needs some hot/cold aisle containment, but otherwise pretty
NOC kitteh is on teh duties:
@WesleyDavid that page title makes me think of cobblestones
11:25 PM
@Holocryptic were you stuck in the mess on 495? I just saw the alert to avoid the area due to an accident shutting down eastbound 495. Also, westbound due to rubberneckers.
@WesleyDavid That your DC?
@MarkHenderson I wish. My DC is the desktops I kick under my desk.
@MarkHenderson Remember, SMB indie contractor. =)
@WesleyDavid haha fair enough
I don't even go on 495 to get to work, it's nice
Georgia avenue & Rock creek Parkway
@AaronCopley Nah, was on 7 west
I can't wait to move... hopefully the traffic patterns will be nicer to me
11:28 PM
@Aaron Rock Creek Parkway is pretty cool. Minus the dead bodies the joggers are always finding.
@WesleyDavid Thats what I thought, I was just checking :p
What is lots of fun is trying Canal Rd / Clara Barton parkway on the federal but mostly not private-sector holidays
like veterans day/columbus day etc
people driving in the wrong lane because it's 2-way traffic during rush
I hate those roads
I have to triple check I'm not driving in the wrong fucking lane
The other one to really watch out for is Emancipation day (but to the rest of the country, it just means you get a 2 day extension on your taxes
From a thread I'm on:
Hi Chris,

Can you advise who Chris needs to ask for on arrival at the data centre?

We need more damn names.
11:32 PM
@MikeyB Has Chris never heard of last names or last initials?
I get annoyed when people at work say ' I discussed this with Aaron W in IP Eng'
it's like, I don't even know any other Aarons here, and there sure aren't any others in my group
@MikeyB Refer to everyone by email address!
I solved this problem by eliminating all the other Eric's at my work
@MikeyB There are four Marks that I deal with on a regular basis. And two of them are "Mark S". And they both work at the same place. Together. It's highly annoying, so they're now Mark 1 and Mark 2
When I started there were me and like 3 other Erics in the IT department. Now I'm the only one. Don't know what I did to scare them all off, though.
11:37 PM
@tombull89 Oh, and pick up a router too. You can get a 2621 with two ports and enough memory & flash (64M, 4M) to do all the Interesting Things for around $100. Put it in place at home and configure it for IPv4 and IPv6. You'll learn a fair bit.
@tombull89 Don't forget about the free labs that stretch provides (packetlife.net). You can book a whole bunch of equipment for you to mess around and test configs.
Anyone tried to get software raid and ubuntu working?
I'm ready to kill someone
@tombull89 Could I recommend a great read for someone trying to get started?
@KyleBrandt I did it a few years ago by following a tutorial heh
@AaronCopley Yep. That one and Pro Puppet are next on my Amazon shopping list.
The ubuntu disk manager and fdisk don't even agree on the partitions on some of these drives
11:41 PM
I have the older Puppet book. Admittedly, I haven't gotten too far, yet.
@AaronCopley I have that one open in my Kindle reader right here on my lap, along with the Core Types Cheat Sheet, doing some experimentation.
That inline Amazon feature is kind of neat, but I wish it took a little less space. Apologies if that was spammy to do that twice back to back.
@AaronCopley get the newer Pro Puppet book, it is better.
@Adrian I'll have to keep you in mind when I run into trouble. :P
There is a lot of new and useful functionality added to puppet between 2008 and 2011.
11:51 PM
@KyleBrandt Any chance you're referring to the "partition x does not end on a cylinder boundary"? I was trying to do the software RAID thing with Debian, but ultimately gave up and just went with rsyncing to the second disk.
No, its just all fucking nuts
I think it might be this dmraid stuff
In theory, nodmraid would disable that shit, but I still see dm modules in lsmod with it
Got ya. In the end I figured the effort/reward ratio was too high.
It's just a home file server dump, so a couple of big disks, "mirrored" via rsync will be enough for now.
@KyleBrandt how are you trying to setup the software raid, are you doing this during the install, or after the fact. Which installer are you running?
Oh cool, when did the "1 new question with activity" notification on the front page get implemented?
@jscott Im guessing today, because everyone seems to be mentioning it today :p
11:55 PM
If you are using the alternate installer (aka text, mini) then it is always easy and just works in my experience.
@MarkHenderson I thought I had clicked on the wrong tab when I saw (1) Server Fault.
@Zoredache: From what I read the alternate installer has no RAID 10 option
I am trying the normal installer
I am creating the array using the console during the live cd
@KyleBrandt I am pretty sure it did RAID10, though I doubt you can boot from it.
Seems afterwords the reboot fried the array though, and can't seem to format the drives
I don't care about booting from the array itself
Are you suing the LTS or a more recent release?
11:58 PM
Most current
11.04 I think ?
Err.. 11.10
Let me download that iso really quick and try a VM
What is the best way to reinit a disk?

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