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6:01 PM
@doppelgreener Lol, Not sure which system would let me dual wield tower shields and use a two handed weapon
The idea came about while fiddling with my tank character. The image of a guy in full plate armor with four arms, two tower shields held in two arms and then the other two arms using a two handed weapon, preferably a big one, perhaps a war hammer.
@Aaron fate. roll for shoes. maybe masks or apocalypse world.
@Aaron Daaaaamn, that's awesome.
Hmm, maybe I should try FATE sometime
Roll for shoes gets too silly too quickly for a serious game like I'd want to use this in
@Aaron even with 4 arms, I just don't see how that would work out
the tower shields would get int eh way of the two handed weapon
Hmm, maybe a hammer yea but if you had a sword or a spear perhaps
of course, I'm assuming an otherwise somewhat normal human bipedal anatomy
6:12 PM
Right the arm's would be a magical creation
They could be coming out of the back even so they would be less in the way.
They could even serve as a counter weight so you could swing the hammer even harder
@Aaron Fate (not spelled with all caps nowadays) is very good at letting you make your character however you want, so long as they're relevant to the story.
@Aaron Generating force wouldn't be my primary concern when using a two-handed weapon with a pair of tower shields, my concern would be the shields getting in the way of your swings
See what I said right above that :P
The only way I could see it working semi-well would be if you have a spear or other stabby weapon to use in the gap between the shields
In the exact same game world we've had: a shape-changing swamp thing scientist, his bodyguard a dryad lady with plant magic, an electrical engineer, a faux-jedi, a secret agent with latent psychic abilities, a brain-in-a-jar with a clockwork robotic body, a time-travelling jet-boot-wielding flirtacious adventurer, an enormous dragon with pride and temper issues, and a little talking dog who adores bureaucracy and administrative work.
6:18 PM
@Aaron I don't see how that would stop the shields getting in the way, but I could be picturing it wrong
Well if you move the shields while moving the hammer they would provide a counter weight, adding the force to the blow AND staying out of the way
So when attacking defend your back with the shields and then once the blow impacts you move the shields back into place at your sides
I think if you've got four arms and two tower shields and a warhammer, you're cool & badass enough you can figure out how to swing them around, and people should be worrying about not how you're doing it but whether you're doing it in their direction.
@Aaron That seems like a good way to get shot full of arrows when you attack
@diego Well you would still got shot if you didn't have two shields
At least you would be a cool looking pincushion
@Aaron If you had just the weapon yes.
6:20 PM
I am reminded of the Flexile Sentry from Dark Souls 2:
The only boss I defeated first try without being hit
@Aaron Nice work :)
When I beat it I was so confused. I thought it was a staged boss and I wasn't done yet cause it was so easy
@Aaron Personally if I had 4 arms and wanted 2 shields and a two-handed weapon I would go with a pair of normal center-held shields. For the kind of strategy you are proposing with moving them out of the way I think tower shields and normal strapped shields would be too unwieldy
@diego they'd also be easier to drop if you want to grapple someone, yeah
6:32 PM
Hm. I like the idea of a couple of kite shields plus a couple of lighter weapons like scimitars.
(Which is what got me thinking of Flexile Sentry in the first place.)
All four would be very easy to move around.
Including lifting up, over your head, bashing, etc.
If you're going two shields and a hammer, I'd put the hammer in the magical shoulder-arms. Then you can swing it overhead while keeping the shields in front.
@doppelgreener TWF with a pair of shields would also be pretty cool.
@Erik so like a super magic arm overhead swing of death!
Yeah. I'm picturing the kind of overhead swings that shatter floortiles and send dust flying while the knight stands behind his shields to block the approach.
It honestly sounds a bit Warhammer 40K
True, when I was thinking of this build though I was thinking TANK though
If I were to optimize it a bit logically there would probably be two shields and two swords. Or even those weird shield sword weapons. Let me see if I can find a picture of them.
6:45 PM
@Aaron If you want tower shields and a TANK I think a spear would be the perfect two-handed weapon to use. You would essentially be a hevily armored turret where you rotate to point at the enemy and stab them til they die
@diego I love the imagery
I can't find a picture, the thing I'm thinking of is a short sword with a shield mounted on the hilt so it covers the hand and forearm. A little bigger than a buckler and shaped so it doesn't interfere with the sword
Now I'm kinda digging the idea of a construct with two tower shields and two kukri. Modified shield slam that grabs and pulls in, then shred with the knives. Rinse and repeat.
@Aaron madu?
@DForck42 Yea a lot like that only a sword and only on one side
6:49 PM
@Aaron yeah, I dunno if there's a name for that tbh
Quad-madu would be hilarious, you would be a whirlwind of pointy ends, but could still block with the shield part if needed
Yea I think it was a weapon in some fantasy game
And we know they are not big on making up silly weapons that make no sense at all >.>
Looks at Monster Hunter
@Aaron lol
@diego It would be like a porcupine turtle!
@Aaron I don't think this is what you were thinking of (I know it wasn't what I was thinking of) but the Lantern shield has a sheild and blade all in one
6:53 PM
@Aaron a portle (said like portal) of death!
@diego That thing looks like it would hurt o.o
So many pokie bits
That's what weapons were usually designed for.
Well not all weapons look brutal. That one looks like it would take multiple hits to kill someone.
Stab stab stab stab Still not dead? stab stab stab
I wish I could find a picture of this sword I saw in a game. Most brutal looking weapon I've seen. The edge looked like it had been broken off unevenly almost like how paper looks when you tear it. The wounds it would make were meant to tear skin instead of slicing it. I shudder to think the amount of pain it would have inflicted before the target bled out.
In Pathfinder, there's the Sawtooth Saber: pathfindertrue20.wdfiles.com/local--files/equipment/…
7:13 PM
The worst part about being active on this SE is that now I want to play all these systems I haven't tried yet.
I used to stick to Pathfinder but I'm thinking of expanding into more open systems.
I primarily play Pathfinder but occasionally dabble in the new Star Wars with the funky dice.
Fate seems like a fun system, though.
@Karelzarath It is quite fun, but definitely has specific kinds of stories it's interested in and handles well.
@doppelgreener How so? I assume it's not meant for crazy high fantasy antics like D&D/Pathfinder?
@Karelzarath It can definitely do high fantasy antics -- it's fairly genre-agnostic. However, as a system it's specifically interested in narratives about proactive, competent people leading dramatic lives. The Proactive, Competent, and Dramatic pillars are pretty important.
7:29 PM
Seems like things that are central to any/most campaigns.
8:12 PM
@Karelzarath Well, it's hard to run, say, most kinds of horror games, when the protagonists all start at "Ellen Ripley with a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader" levels of problem-solving.
@BESW lol! Fair point.
@BESW I want to run a horror game but I have yet to find many people willing to actually play characters that get scared.
And Fate requires some aggressive hacking to fit relationship dramas.
3 hours later…
11:27 PM
I'm sad the "teach a 6-year-old magic" question got closed. I understand why, but it was a fun concept to noodle around.
I feel like it used to but maybe I am remembering wrong
I thought so too.
Maybe the new .blog bit makes it not?
This is a terrible blow to the chat's fanciness!
11:33 PM
@BESW lol and gasp.
Does it automatically fancify internal links? Or is there some grammar for that?
@Karelzarath Term usually is onebox/oneboxing
Questions, answers, wikipedia links, various other bits get fancified
I thought the blog did too
A: Which links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange sites: Questions / Answers / Users / Comments Stack Exchange Chat: Messages / Rooms / Bookmarked conversations Area 51 proposals Posts from the Stack Exchange blog, the Server Fault b...

@Karelzarath So long as it's the only thing in the message, or the only thing plus a :12345 reply marker (not an @person), it will fancy up the link with a onebox.
That is really neat.
@BESW Nice example
11:37 PM
@BESW According to this, the blog should onebox.
@Ash The new blog must have broken it.
Somebody should make a Meta Stack Exchange post reporting it.
Might be the .blog URL?
@SevenSidedDie That's my guess
@BESW Checking to see if tehre is one, but doesn't look like it, I will make it
@Karelzarath Could be the URL, if the oneboxing code is trying to match the old URL. Could be the format of the new blog, if the oneboxing code is looking for document structures that aren't there anymore. In any case, it's probably low priority to fix…
11:39 PM
@SevenSidedDie Most likely, yeah.
We also have a dice roller that only works in chat rooms associated with RPG.SE.
The roller supports: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. You can roll up to four sets of XdY using one of those dice, where X is up to 9. X defaults to 1, Y defaults to 6.
Install this script and you'll see d6s as dFs.
@SevenSidedDie Yeah, It's likely low priority, but I threw it up as a thing anyhow, not really concerned about how long it takes, but it'd be a nice to have.
If you want to play with it, we can ask @SevenSidedDie or @Ash to unfreeze this room.
11:43 PM
@BESW Unfrozen anyway!
I'd rather spam a private room, I think. :)

 Dice roller & formatting tests playgr

The roller supports: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. You can roll ...
Or that, I suppose. heh
Q: What Kinds Of Alignment Questions Are On Topic?

mxyzplkIn the various Dungeons & Dragons games, and a limited set of other RPGs, there is the concept of "alignment," which is the ethical and moral disposition of a character. We have a fair number of alignment questions on the site, but some get closed for asking if so-and-so is compatible with a gi...

I think this is my first time reading that question
11:51 PM
Oh good lord. That's a minefield of a question.
@GreySage You nailed the close reason in one try anyway, though. 👍🏽
@SevenSidedDie Not quite. I said they were off-topic in general (because my experience on the site has been that), but I didn't know that mechanical/interpersonal questions ARE on-topic.
So I learned something!
@Karelzarath Fortunately it's on Meta rather than Main, where minefields are workaday.
@SevenSidedDie heh
@GreySage You did say “alignment discussions” though, which nails it.
The kinds of alignment questions that are off topic invariably boil down to philosophical discussion, so I felt the statement was subtly accurate. :)
11:56 PM
The very concept of "objective Good" rarely leads to constructive discussion, sadly.
To say nothing of "what does the Law/Chaos axis actually mean"
Alignment's got so many pitfalls, starting with its inconsistent portrayal in the source material and quickly jumping to the fact that many folks equate the fiction of alignments with whatever real-life moral paradigm they use.
So discussions about alignment often stop being about a game and start being real-life discussions of actual heartfelt ideology.
@Karelzarath Yeah. I still maintain that alignment stopped making sense as a part of D&D as soon as it stopped officially including the Cosmic War in its cosmology.
That was before my time, but I think I agree.
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