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9:40 AM
@MaskedMan and a lot are probably from beginners, but it's pretty normal for newcomers in the work's world no ?
A: Stuck in a well-paying job where I'm learning nothing

Arseni MourzenkoWell, change your routine so it involves learning. Imagine someone asks you to deploy a new server for a project, and you know that in this company, this sort of tasks is done manually. You spend the next hour creating the virtual machine and installing and configuring the operating system. The ...

Hmm, I kind of want to bounty this for the current top answer but it would prevent the close from going through if others indeed agree that it's off-topic.
@ChristopherEstep "I'd like to have a clause in my contracts where I get $100 ..." the worst is when you have a "technical peer" that just wasn't good from the beginning
Can you clarify what are you actually asking? Answers need a question and I'm not really seeing one that's on-topic here. Right now the answers seem to assume the question is "How can I learn when I have no senior colleagues to learn from?". I think that's a useful question but you'd need to edit that in. — Lilienthal ♦ 11 secs ago
Rereading it, this should indeed be closed in its current iteration. I'm hesitant to make the edit this would need without feedback from the OP.
11:28 AM
@Walfrat I did not mean there was anything "wrong" with it, just that a sizeable sample of workplace problems are caused by people worrying too much.
1 hour later…
12:50 PM
So, there appears to be some controversy over whether this questions is asking for a legal opinion and is Off-Topic:
Q: My company has been acquired by another company, am in an aggrement with my company!

ThickarThis is the point mentioned in my agreement regarding acquisitions, but I cannot understand this clearly. Does this mean I'll be forced to continue my agreement with acquired company, or can I relieve from this agreement and leave my job? I have 1 year of agreement remaining. In the event tha...

Thoughts? @JoeStrazzere?
1:03 PM
As at time of writing, it is closed, but has attracted 2 reopen votes.
@Kaz My thoughts: I have struggled with the official "The Workplace" interpretation of the whole "off-topic due to legal opinion" thing. I don't pretend to understand that interpretation - I see some questions closed that seem easily answered without a lawyer and others left open that I think could lead to big trouble. In general, I think we close far too many questions here.
@JoeStrazzere I agree. The culture here seems to be close first, ask questions later. That, and the word "duplicate" has been stretched so far beyond it's meaning that if I see "duplicate" as a close reason, I skip it.
1:23 PM
@JoeStrazzere I agree with you. I used to interpret it far more broadly than I do now. But in this case, how does the question not fall under: "Questions seeking advice on company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies should be directed to your manager or HR department. Questions that address only a specific company or position are of limited use to future visitors. Questions seeking legal advice should be directed to legal professionals"
The confusing part about that question is that the OP is asking a question that shares no context with the part of the agreement he's quoting. The quote only refers to continuance of the agreement's duration (i.e. a change to the agreement doesn't make it a new agreement).
1:55 PM
Q: My coworkers saw me naked. How to handle this situation?

jannaGeneral Information I'm new to a company and do not have persoanl bonds with my colleagues yet. They are all male and generally older than me. So far, there have been no problems. They are all polite, but still reserved. The incident We work on our own, and I finished my duties earlier than th...

Warning, incoming HNQ
@MaskedMan I know, I didn't implied you said it was wrong. I was just adding that this come more often from young peoples that are just discovering the workplace, which make sense.
2:35 PM
@JoeStrazzere - Yeah, you saw the underlying reason for me changing the showering question title. I know it'll get to HNQ pretty quickly, but I just wanted to be a gentleman and not leave the obvious click-bait there.
@Pᴇᴛᴇ Good edit.
@MaskedMan I used to be terrified every time my boss wanted to talk to me. I think under confidence is a hallmark of certain fields.
Thanks. But if replacing "naked" means it's blocked from HNQ, I'd happily replace it.
Awesome. 2 down-votes for what I thought was a straight-forward answer. Who the heck did I offend this time?
@Walfrat I know, I didn't imply you said I said it was wrong ... ah, let's just say we are in agreement and drop it there. ;)
@Pᴇᴛᴇ I tend to attract 2 to 4 down votes every time. If you're saying anything worth while, you attract both a fandom and a hate-dom.
True. I tend to get accused of being "passive aggressive" at least twice per week.
2:47 PM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ Well, nobody has every accused me of being passive about my aggression. Don't worry about the cowards. They'll fade away eventuall.
Nah, I'm not worried. I'll take the common sense approach every single time.
3:08 PM
How am I supposed to raise my "helpful flag" count when the moderators are so darned quick at deleting spam?
@Pᴇᴛᴇ And there it goes... ridiculous.
Is it worth doing a little experiment and seeing if "naked" takes it off HNQ?
I am of course assuming that it's a real question and not one specifically engineered to reach #1 HNQ (those things of course never happen).
If i would want to forge one to go HNQ I will go for "how to handle my colleague shouting his support to Trump every times he can ? "
By the time the question get edited to remove any specific trump thing, it should have made his way to HNQ /D
Of course this question would need a proper redaction with quite realitistic yet funny history
3:38 PM
@Walfrat I think it is perhaps an indication of my having become somewhat mature that I don't put a troll question in the mix. It's hard to troll SE, but not impossible. I am also going to demonstrate my maturity by leaving no clues as to what I've deduced.
@RichardU Aye, hard but not impossible. If I were inclined to bet, I would put good odds on this one being a very sophisticated troll.
@Kaz Yeah, I suspected that one as well. But Our old friend "Poonjay" was a real obvious one, speaking like an American Indian from an old westerm circa 1952. I guess he confused himself with which kind of Indian he meant to portray.
discussing HNQ in comments is pretty "inside baseball" and we probably should avoid that anyway.
@ChristopherEstep Yeah, I thought so too, which is why I responded in chat. Even then, this chat-room is open for all but at least it's not front-of-house.
3:54 PM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ True noobs can't/won't come here anyway because of rep restrictions so I think here is the right place.
Even then, I try to refrain from mentioning specific people or questions in a negative pointing-at manner. Can't really assume that interested parties don't look at chat (and don't have higher rep main accounts). I learnt a long time ago not to feel trolls, directly or indirectly.
Although I forget that sometimes, as I think most of us do.
4:24 PM
To be honest, I think that HNQ really it hard specifically for the workplace. Probably because of the nature of the workplace.
@Pᴇᴛᴇ 3 spam flags deletes the post automatically, no moderator intervention needed. That apart, I know that feeling. :| A number of times I clicked on "spam", but the post got deleted before I could hit "Submit".
NO!!!! Now I need to put in twice as much effort to get the marshal badge. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! ;-) — Masked Man Dec 8 '16 at 4:09
@MaskedMan Screw you guys, I'm going hoooome.
Going through reviews, I still think it shouldn't be allowed to close something because it's a dupe of something aready closed (especially dupes)
4:51 PM
Dups are handled differently. They are not deleted, they are used to help index for future searches. Eventually off topic questions will be deleted.
Is it me or is:
Q: Inadvertently used the wrong bathroom to shower. How should I handle this situation?

jannaGeneral Information I'm new to a company and do not have personal bonds with my colleagues yet. They are all male and generally older than me. So far, there have been no problems. They are all polite, but still reserved. The incident We work on our own, and I finished my duties earlier than th...

A very implausible situation. She takes a shower in the wrong bathroom then 10 minutes later every one in the office comes into the bathroom to see?
it's not you. Sounds like a troll to me, but without proof shouldn't be treated as such, imho.
Yeah my edit was to get rid of the HNQ click bait not because I thought the question deserved more thought.
@SoylentGray HNQ cannot be an excuse to change the intent of the question. "Coworkers saw me naked" is a problem on a whole different level than "inadvertently used the wrong bathroom".
I was not trying to change the intent of the question. The title did not fit the question I was trying to bring the title inline with the intent of the question.
The list of questions at the end of the post clearly shows that "used the wrong bathroom" is not the main problem there.
5:02 PM
if the OP did not use the wrong bathroom the entire office does not walk in on her showering 10 min later...
"Used the wrong bathroom" turned out to be the mechanism by which the coworkers got to see the OP naked. That is only an incidental detail.
No that is the problem because the OP used the wrong bathroom. That is a criminal offense in NC :p
And still it does not change the question asked. It just gets rid of the I got naked in the office and everyone saw, click here and see if i posted a pic of it
and what exactly does NC have to do with it?
nothing, it's a political dig.
If the OP is in NC then it is a greater problem than if she is in new york
or california
5:05 PM
and we pride ourselves here in avoiding political acrimony
lol no we dont
Has the OP specified that she is in NC? I don't see that mentioned anywhere.
The op has not said where they are so we should not assume. This is one that should have been closed immediately pending clarification
@SoylentGray Clearly you weren't here during the last US election then.
@SoylentGray No, the question had not asked about legality but about the social aspects of dealing with the aftermath with her coworkers. The NC comment is still petty and irrelevant.
Its not a political dig its a reality. We have to be able to deal with questions everywhere. I dont know what the repercussion in Inda or Pakistan would be. The name is very common there
Well if it happened in NC or anywhere it could be illegal There is the criminal aspect to consider.
But again my big concern was getting the clickbait out of the title because thats all that was
5:09 PM
I'm not deleting deleting that message, it seems to be a very real, relevant point. What I am doing is telling ya'll to be adults and not read too much into stuff, and leaving it there for now.
Whatever, Chad.
OP is invited to a coworker's house for a party, and decides to use a spare room to change into party clothes. But oops, too bad, the room wasn't a spare room, and a bunch of coworkers walk in.
@Undo which message?
I am sure nowhere in the world is it "illegal" to change clothes in a private house. Except maybe in ISIS? :P
An office is not a private house
5:10 PM
Yeah, but that is not really the point of the question.
The issue is "coworkers saw me naked", not "is it criminal to do so?"
The question does not change with that title. My intent was never to change the intent of the question just to get rid of click bait. That is acceptable
If you have a problem with it take it to meta
It seems you are trying to create conflict Masked
No, you are creating conflict by bringing in irrelevant topics.
The OP is not at all asking about whether using the bathroom was "criminal", she is clearly asking about how to deal with the aftermath of the incident.
and it certainly has nothing to do with NC.
or India or Pakistan.
I did not bring any of those into the discussion, so please decide who is creating the conflict.
and I also did not accuse the OP of "click here to see if I posted naked pics".
Anyway, going by the standard advice, I am going to disengage from this conflict here.
5:29 PM
@MaskedMan I am not accusing the OP of that, I am accusing the interweb users in general as reading it that way.
5:52 PM
Fair point. However, I am concerned about how the OP would see it. Assuming the OP is not a troll, she would think that the community is seeing perverse intentions in her genuine problem.
Q: Editing for the primary purpose to avoid HNQ

Christopher EstepRecently a certain question (Inadvertently used the wrong bathroom to shower. How should I handle this situation? ) had its title edited from My coworkers saw me naked. How to handle this situation? for the purpose to get rid of the HNQ click bait not because I thought the question dese...

1 hour later…
7:01 PM
Q: Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically?

AndyTL;DR: We did it, so... yes. What is this? Charcoal is the organization behind the SmokeDetector bot and other nice things. This bot scans new posts across the entire network for spam posts and reports them to various chatrooms where people can act on them. If a post has been created or edite...

Nearly all of our spam gets deleted from Charcoal people, either automatically or manually from it being posted in their chat room
If only we could get a trollbot. lol
7:49 PM
I have a question
what do you think, can my memory be one of my major blocks in productivity?
I myself think I do not have bad memory. Of course I forgot things, but it is normal, I am not a computer, I think, and never thought that it can be smth bad. For example my father sometimes says - that my memory is bad, and I think he just does not know what he is talking about, because you cannot remember everything 100% and especially at the right time when you need.
for example I remember things, but I might forget in that exact second that I need to do x, and I simply set a reminder and sometimes I remmeber even without reminder, sometimes only reminder makes me remember to do thing
but my teamleader says often to me things like - "we talked about this". It makes me even angry
so what that we talked about this if I do not remember, give me the info I think
or I had friend who also was telling "we talked about this"
notes, notes, notes. And when you have meetings, follow up in email summarizing what you talked about. "we talked about this" is also a common tactic to deflect blame.
and again he was annoying, because I do not remember, and he blames me for not listening carefully
Take notes all the flipping time.
I do a lot of notes, just not eveyrtime I have time to even write, because I got so much information in short time , that I forget instantly till I write down
Just shoot an email after conversations "did I miss anything?" He'll probably get irritated at that too but that's just too bad.
you have to tell who ever's doing the info dump on you, "hang on, let me get this down"
I used to work for a guy who did at a LOT. He would spew a bunch of crap at me and then try to hold me accountable for things I know he didn't say.
7:57 PM
@ChristopherEstep - you mean I should write an email about what we talked in meeting? I could copy infor which I gathered, but which I did not have time to write, I will not have that info
@ChristopherEstep - also I am afraid that I will look like having really bad memory if I will tell all the time "hang on, I need to write" but I already try to do. Often happends that I am writing live while teamleader is talking, so its very hard to listen and write at the same time
You need to find a way to get it all. There have to be "take aways" from meetings in some form or another. You can't let yourself be held accountable for a brain dump.
at speed of his talk
I am thinking - maybe I should considers some vitamins for memory?
Sounds like bad leadership to me. You can't expect everyone in your team to remember everything you said. you're not a tape recording.
8:01 PM
@ChristopherEstep - yea, might be. I was trying to not put a blame to others, because often it is mistake to blame others and not yourself
@Will_create_nick_later Haven't you already asked a question about this?
Q: Having difficulty understanding meetings

Will_create_nick_laterFrom time to time when I ask question about the task, I get answer - "we talked about it in meeting" or "we talked about this before" or similar and only then getting answer. Lets talk about meeting situation. The problem is - this makes me annoying to ask question. But to do a task, I first ne...

Does his "we talked about this" statements refer to one-on-one conversations or things from meetings?
on both
yea, I talked about meetings. but it was not about memory problems focused I guess
but here I was conssidering, maybe there is something wrong with my brain
maybe able to remember too little
does your mind wander a lot in meetings?
it happens, but I try to be focused
especially after I see things do not go that easily
8:04 PM
Mine does. I've got ADD so Ritalin is my solution for that.
If your question is about improving your productivity, you might try over at the Personal Productivity SE
I am not fan of using chemistry
yea, productivity is my main consern
otherwise I would not worry about my memory at all
I am trying to find bottlenecs of my productivity
Well, chemistry has helped me immensely and so when not abused I'm a huge fan of it. Everything I take is prescribed by a competent physician. I'm less a fan of unemployment.
I am afraid of having some negative effects
but yea, I know some people are not afraid of using drugs at all
of use unhealthy lifestyle just to get more work done
Some medications do have negative effects. That's why there are many different medications. For me, my doctor tried Dexedrine. It caused massive mood swings. I've also tried at least 6 other medications but methylphenidate works best for me. It's a tool
8:14 PM
how long do you use it?
I don't consider it an unhealthy lifestyle either. My BP and weight are monitored, I see GP regularly and get physicals. And because I'm happier as a result of not feeling like an utter failure because of something I can't control, my stress is lower, which IS healthier.
how long in what way?
what do you mean "what way" ?
I mean even smoking might feel not bad
how many years have I been taking it, what's my dosage, the question can mean multiple things. :)
but in the long term smoking is bad
I've been taking it since 1994.
8:15 PM
I do not know what the dosage should be
so very long
or thing like - maybe it is not fixing the problem
especially since you use it for so long
it is just helping short term
people should probably do good without this
It still works as much as it ever did.
aha, good at least this
but still it did not fix the problem so that lets say you use it for 3 months, and now you go back to normal - not needing it , I think medication should be like this
Yeah, I could try that with my glasses too. How do you think that would work out?
but yea, not always possible, like with blood pressure medication, I also heard that older people have to use it constantly
would not work probably, you need maybe do some surgery :)
my farther and his brother say - the more they use glasses, the more eyes get used to those glasses, and they need bigger and bigger magnification
Well, I think that's a silly attitude and not based on anything remotely scientific. Everything in our bodies deteriorates as we get older, not because we were treating ourselves.
8:22 PM
on the other hand - I have a friend who also has not good memory, his girlfriend tells things like he forgets even that he will have trip to some conference where plane tickets are ordered by company. But he does good in that company. He is electricity engineer. Only difference is that he puts a ton of overtime, sick amounts.
I'd rather have a great quality of life (that isn't shortened at all) because of science (which includes pharmacology) than suffer needlessly so I can say "I'm all natural!!"
if you know 100 % that it isnt shortened at all, then good
Even with ADD, the medication doesn't cure me. It's a tool. It makes it easier to focus and then create systems which work to compensate for it. That's why I say "notes notes notes". I write everything down I can.
I put my keys in one of 2 places always. I try to do certain tasks in the same order. And I try to do things immediately whenever possible because I know i will forget it if i say "I'll just get it after ___ "
yea, but probably focus is not my main problem
Then you need systems. Ways that help you retain things.
As for forgetting things from meetings, I still believe it's bad leadership and I'll explain why...
8:26 PM
notes are good system when I have time to make them
good to know that its bad leadership, but that might not change the fact that I might be fired :D
Courts speak in writing. When you go to court, whatever the judge says is not really relevant in most cases because it's what he orders in writing. That's where requirements are set.
In business, it's largely the same. Specifications and tasks have to be done in writing in some form. Anything that is a verbal decision stemming from a discussion is prone to be misinterpreted or forgotten
ok. I agree fully on this. I am just not sure now - how do I make my temaleader think same way
yea, we write task in youtrack software. Just that we forget to write everything probably
or no time for everything
in my experience, people who do not like things done in writing are doing it so they can't be held accountable. It allows them to say "I told you that already " or "that's now how it was discussed".
fully agree
maybe they are saving also time
they think - saying is faster than writing
and when they remember they thinkg others will remember
"no time" is an excuse. If there's no time than things will be left out every time. It's like when people say "we don't have time to test". You can pay now or pay later.
8:30 PM
I have good memory for some fun things :D
Unfortunately, you can't manage up. You can't fix an incompetent leader. They'll do things a certain way because it works for them without regard how it works for someone else.
is there 100 % competent leader? I think probably every leader has some flaws in one area or another
All I can suggest is that you somehow push specs. Everybody will forget something. It's not just you.
so I am not sure can I find perfect leader
some flaws? Sure. But allowing people to leave a meeting without being clear on what's to be done is a basic flaw.
8:33 PM
so when he says we talked about this, I could say maybe we talk, but it is not written
but this might make him angry
I don't know what to tell you. I've worked with 2 or 3 people like that. The only solution was to find someone who knew how to manage. "We talked about this" shouldn't be said. He should be able to say "it was in that email" or "It's in the specs".
sometimes you might even miss the sentence in the text
because it happens taht you read and just cannot notice some detail
so I think he should tell it, because it is faster
of course it might be distracting him from his work
If you miss something that's written, that's on you. If you miss something because he claims it was said and you don't remember that, it's on him.
is it possible to never miss what is written?
If he's going to demand giving oral instructions then he needs to allow those instructions to be written down.
8:38 PM
I do not think so
you can read twice for example, but still not see
Sure you can miss what's written, but when you're unsure of something you can review it. If you're unsure of something that was said, what do you do then?
then you ask the leader
Then that's your fault. because it's verifiably there to be read.
and then become blamed :D
which is what he'd rather do than take an extra 30 seconds to make sure the instructions are clear.
8:40 PM
yea, of course. so need to push him to give me time to write
if he is not giving
or ask to repeat
when I am writing and was not able to write so fast
while he talked
I sometimes ask to repead but feel bad about it
like again not listening or not remembering
don't feel bad about it and don't let him try to make you feel bad.
You're listening but you're also being diligent.
'“If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame. But, if orders are clear and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers" -- Sun Tzu
heh, when I was studying programming, I was not dreaming about such things. I was dreaming about happily programming
It's not enough for him to tell you want to do, it's his job to make sure you understand what to do.
8:43 PM
I wish you be my boss :D
When you have clear specs, you actually get to program. Because without specs you can't break down the tasks. You have to have a way to hold people accountable and you can't do that by expecting people to remember what they hear.
Wow, seems like I've stumbled into a pretty in-depth conversation here.
well, at the end of it really.
9:07 PM
maybe my ego now is boosted that its not my fault but leader fault :D
I hope it is really not my fault at least
9:37 PM
A: Editing for the primary purpose to avoid HNQ

DoritoStyleThat's not a good reason to edit it (especially considering we don't know everything about how HNQ work). HNQ exists for a reason (some people don't like it, but it's still here). Edits should only be used to get better answers, and I don't think avoiding HNQ really helps that.

I definitely meant "not" there, but my dumb fingers omitted it
10:00 PM
Damn, I always have to work at the most inconvenient of times
@DoritoStyle Gotcha. (that wasn't my dv btw)

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