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3:26 AM
Just noticed I am the only moderator candidate without a gold badge. :( Lol
Anyone there?
3:50 AM
Check this question and my comment there: wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/42273/…
Correct or it's valid to do this type of question?
I think the question is alright, I don't know too much about W3 Total Cache or forcing downloads from a CDN though.
4:07 AM
The problem is that W3TC, provides poor or none filter control...
As I said becomes something too hard to be just a question.
But I think would be really bad to offer services there... So I just pointed it out.
4:24 AM
Looks like @BrianFegter has it covered. :)
@Jared :)
@Webord Sometimes the hardest questions have the simplest answers
@Webord BTW What part of Brazil are you from?
I travel to Sao Paulo every year. I am on the board of an orphanage there.
Im from Rio de Janeiro, by the way, simple but good answer.
@Webord Thanks! I've only flown into Rio...never really experienced it. I have several friends there though.
Cool, where in Orlando do you live? I'm going to Orlando on July
oh awesome. I live due east on the coast in a little town called Mims
I am about 35 mins from Orlando
Hit me up when you come over. I'd be great to have some coffee and chat: coderrr.com/contact-me
@Jared Where in Wisconsin are you from?
4:49 AM
I will. When you get to Brazil contact me bordoni.dev[at]gmail.com
@Webord You got it!
Night all.
@BrianFegter I'm from Eau Claire, WI
5 hours later…
10:09 AM
Good morning all
Anyone had any experience hooking into CF7 to alter the email out process? I want to submit to Salesforce.com instead rather than email out
I can see there is an action in CF7 called wpcf7_before_send_mail I think thats a good starting point
10:26 AM
Ok sorted:
add_action("wpcf7_before_send_mail", "wpcf7_web_to_salesforce_lead");
function wpcf7_web_to_salesforce_lead(&$wpcf7_data) {
    // Do salesforce thing here
    // All needed data can be found in $wpcf7_data as object
    $wpcf7_data->skip_mail = true;
@Rarst For some reason I got -45 points for this Q. Bounty so far isn't awarded and I can't see downvotes. What's going on?
@kaiser you pay bounty when you create it, not when you award it
@Rarst Then the bounty should've removed from my account on Feb 17th not today.
I don't see any changes to your rep today, I see -50 from bounty two days ago
@kaiser posts more about me on Google+ than I post about me on Google+... :)
10:43 AM
:) Just had to link you - can't allow others to take the credits ;)
And about the rep points: I can only see it on my user name drop down ↑ there. In the profile it seems to be ok. Just sad that no one wants to offer full code for rep points...
Post about WordPress on wp.tutsplus.com -> Tags:
Oh no.... This sales force thing aint as straight forward as I thought :(
the last one rocks
Anyone dealt with web services and wsdl files?
@Rarst I now see what's happening. The strange number comes from the system reducing my minus rep points amount when some one upvotes the Q.
@kaiser yeah, if you are looking by question it's all-time total for it
11:19 AM
What a strange question:
Q: Need wordpress developer tutorials ( PDF )

Akhil ThayyilCan anyone give me a good tutorial on wordpress theme,plugins development. I need developer tutorial's in pdf format, with good examples..

Phew! Just had a call from the client that there is a "page not found" on her homepage and that ALL pages and all other content is gone. It looked more vanilla then fresh WP install :)
Now I know that next time I will want to scare the client to death all I need is to crash the wp_posts table :P
2 hours later…
1:14 PM
LOL guess what just turned up in the post?
@Brady Oh c'mon just jump into it, take a picture and show us how it fits! :)
Mine has arrived today as well, but I need to wait until the evening to get to open it .)
Thanks @StackWordPress for the free merchandise! Just got it now in the post :) http://t.co/xqs9ZlVQ
1:56 PM
OMG I just spent 3 hours trying to find out why I couldnt login to salesforce via SOAP api...
it was the SOAP client in PHP caching the old wsdl file!
3 hours later…
4:36 PM
Q: 2012 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest

Tim StoneThe following is a "digest" version of the 2012 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overflow, is one answer to this question for every question asked in the Town Hall, containing all the candidate's answers to that question. To view the digest chronologicall...

4:54 PM
Where do I find just Community Wiki questions?
2 hours later…
6:40 PM
@Jared I think this is a Meta Question for sure. I'm not able to come up with anything off hand.
Ok I will post it.
7:39 PM
@Brady has written some … euphoric tag wikis. Hmmm.
ahh.. forgot to send my address for free stuff :'( are they still sending it?
8:02 PM
@Sisir How can I get one? I saw the one that Brady got... :[
@Webord it was a giveaway to the highest-rep members here.
@Jared forgot the link. do you have it?
@webord: yes. They emailed me. I was too busy last one month forgot to send my address. Now i can't find the email and the link :'(
@Jared: yes. Thanks a lot!
Ahh I cannot apply yet..
8:40 PM
Q: Where can I find just Community Wiki questions?

JaredI asked this in StopPress, and was informed it's a good question to put here. I can't find anywhere where I can view just Community Wiki questions, is this normal or is there a link I am not seeing to such questions? Thanks!

9:07 PM
anyone facing this problem recently? When i try saving from option (setting pages) i get this error on a white page "No input Specified"
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
@Sisir Does following this help?
Oh nevermind
I didn't read it close enough
1 hour later…
11:21 PM
Hello everybody. I just wrote a quick and dirty plugin as an answer. A second pair of eyes would be appreciated :) Feel free to edit the code! Thanks.
A: How do I create a way for users to assign categories to a post from the frontend?

MauglyI wanted to provide you with a few ideas but once I started I couldn't stop myself and wrote this little plugin with an obscure name to get you started. <?php /* Plugin Name: WPSE Crowded Cats Plugin URI: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/43419/how-do-i-create-a-way-for-users-to-a...

@Maugly Do not check $_REQUEST if you really just want to get data from $_POST.
@Maugly Use nonces and hidden text fields to keep at least some bots out.
@Maugly See my Report Broken Video plugin for some sample code.
11:42 PM
@toscho Thanks! Good point with that $_REQUEST. Nonces should definitely be there but I was lazy (and needed to get back to work) so I just put TODO:nonces in there. Terrible habit when the effort is almost the same :P
@Maugly Nonces aren’t the most important, these numbers used once can in fact be used several times. :( But the hidden field will help.
@toscho By this hidden field you mean something like a honey-pot trap?
@Maugly Yes, see output here and validation here.
@toscho get_hidden_field() from the plugin you linked looklike one
@toscho thanks :) I've found it a sec before you wrote it...
@toscho Good idea anyway. I will edit the answer later and add your suggestions.
My plugin is still not good enough. I have to check if the video was reported already, and some bots found their way around the protection.
@Maugly You may want to prevent users from (un-)checking all boxes.
11:55 PM
@toscho I'm not sure about that - I think it's one of the things that heavily depends on the OP's use-case.

I was also unsure whether to allow users unchecking it at all, but I will wait for some feedback from OP.
@toscho different and maybe a better approach would be to make it work like a voting system, and to collect votes for each term (store them in post meta), then the term itself would get auto-selected based on the total votes casted.
@Maugly Way too complex.
Another interesting problem is caching with static files. :D

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