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4:00 PM
And apparently I was wrong - Peter isn't the closest to Marshal
@ais523 it was the sandbox
@Mego are you? :P
I have a decent amount of progress (363/500), but I'm fairly certain there's a few people closer than me
Marshal needs years of progress
how can you flag so much stuff? I do some flagging and sometimes I think I'm a bit excessive about it yet still only have 83
4:01 PM
Comment flags
Yea comment flags work
Whilst I was still active on it, I ran out of flags on SO almost every day
Also shameless plug for Charcoal HQ, the easiest way to get Marshal on every site on the network
@MartinEnder as nathan pointed out yesterday the strings have to be engineered on some level. if they are truly random it will only take 3 character segments to identify each string
I'm trying to make a wireless mouse that is truly wireless and hassle-less by charging the mouse wirelessly
4:03 PM
@Mego ProgramFox is like 50 away from Marshal I believe
That's who it was
2 days ago, by Mego
I guess that just shows off my bad habit of frequently not actually looking beyond the first letter of a username
I think I will put an upper limit on the lengths of the strings to make that feasible
@Mego So if I change my avatar, I can be Martin?
Or him himself for that matter
Though I would think he would realize that time...
4:06 PM
@muddyfish And then capitalise your m
@KritixiLithos not happening then :P
@quartata I was thinking random binary strings
Just looking at the people talking there are a lot of us "M"s
@Malivil 'M' is in the middle of the alphabet. That might be a reason why
@MartinEnder But they can't be random-random, since the cop has to be deterministic.
4:08 PM
@AdmBorkBork you can always fake that with a big expmod or by seeding the PRNG with a fixed value
"m" is 2.406%
But that is english words which doesn't directly relate to usenames
Oh OK. Random binary is more of a nuisance for regex.
@Malivil I was being sarcastic. Unfortunately sarcasm isn't really easy to convey on the internet
I know you were, I was just curious if that was actually true =P
@Malivil The letters in the alphabet should be sorted by frequency of use
4:10 PM
You can do that in the wikipedia table
I sometimes find people talking about EE, why's that?
That might be an interesting challenge...
letter frequency cipher?
@muddyfish yeah, I made a bash edit, and now my inbox gets a notice every 10 minutes or so >.< let me know if you figure out how to fix those
@MartinEnder Could just ban randomization/hashing, like most CnR do nowadays
@Riker I'll have a look on mother meta
4:11 PM
use SO meta
mother meta doesn't support docs
@Riker I keep forgetting that
I just received a spam email from an Adam Brookbook ... O.o
Adam Brookbook?
@Riker You can unwatch/unsubscribe you know
not github
SO docs
4:13 PM
I know
@muddyfish Do you think a challenge based on letter frequency would be interesting?
@Malivil yes you can ping with the first 3 letters
Click on the message, it will open a discussion. Then you have the option to unwatch all discussions
I remember riker was easterlyirk in like 2015 or something
@KritixiLithos I unwatched the discussion yesterday, but that doesn't stop proposed changes
@MatthewRoh I was easterly about a month ago
4:13 PM
@muddyfish Sorry, I hit enter too early =P I edited it
I unwatched it and everything's normal
@muddyfish I hope I'm not annoying anyone when I ask for avatar pulls with @mod
@AdmBorkBork is expmod hashing though? with some simple number theory it's always possible to generate large numbers with quasirandom digits
Q: Make All Documentation Notification Subscriptions Configurable in One Place

LankymartFor a while now, I have been receiving inbox notifications for "proposed change", "topic request", etc. for topics on Documentation that I am not interested in. When digging deep enough through the interface for those topics, can find where to disable the notifications as detailed in this answer...

4:15 PM
thank you so much
Haven't tried it yet
I recently thought 0 divided by 0 is every possible number
@MartinEnder Yeah, that's true enough.
@Malivil Maybe as long as it is sufficiently golfable (eg not printing out the alphabet sorted by frequency in english) but maybe sorted by a frequency of an input
@muddyfish I was considering a cipher based on letter frequency
4:19 PM
In 0x=0, x is 0/0, but the equation is always true independent of x so 0/0 is every possible number confirmed
@Malivil I think that might already be posted
I looked, but I'll look around some more
@MatthewRoh not true
you can't solve for x in that situation
to rearrange the first equation into the second, you divide both sides by zero
4:19 PM
But its just my small thoughts
@muddyfish T Hanks (pun intended)
Didnt mego tell u to stop puns
i doubt it
@quartata did you see my suggestion to involve a reference (regex) solution by the cops which should be short?
4:24 PM
That one does the opposite of what I said but it's basically a dupe
Oh well
In this you have a half of a keyboard, what about your mouse? Is that halfed too?
Cause if then you just cant normally use the mouse
> You connect your keyboard to the BOMB
no mouse i think
Anyone know if jelly can return the input with one byte?
@MatthewRoh You don't have any other hardware than the keyboard and the screen (a mouse for example)
4:26 PM
That is spec 3 in the question
Is the bomb halfed too
Imagine the bomb got halfed by a bullet
Read the question
@MatthewRoh (Censored salt) It is just noise and not funny.
I had to sensor the huge dose of salt I was about to post
4:30 PM
Isnt the correct word there "roast" instead of salt
@MartinEnder thanks for linking that crafting interpreters ebook, new chapter is 10/10
@MatthewRoh no it was just salt
If I make a file in python called a.py and have the code be import a.py wouldn't it never compile?
python doesn't compile like that
@Riker yes it does
iirc It interprets instead of compiling
4:35 PM
@ChristopherPeart it might be compiled when if run import __main__
@MatthewRoh no, python actually has a compilation stage
that's what *.pyc files are
@Riker oh sweet, new chapter :)
@muddyfish but I don't want to compile :P
@MartinEnder yep!
Youre doing the slack off challenge arent you
4:36 PM
@ChristopherPeart why not?
A: Shortest Code to Legitimately Slack Off

Christopher PeartPython 10 bytes import a.py Save the file as a.py Compile and........

That is why
@MatthewRoh yep
As far as I know, it's impossible to get python into an infinite loop whilst compiling
I check my code with TNB when it is super short and I can't check it right now. I avoid doing large things that actually involve more then y/n
@ChristopherPeart Python is not a complied language
the closest you have to control of that step is with __future__ imports
4:38 PM
SO is it invalid?
@ChristopherPeart yes
You can't run arbitrary code in the compilation stage of python
Trying to find a way to loop
I'm taking the compilation step to be the bit where the text gets converted to virtual machine code
4:40 PM
@ChristopherPeart main or something
Damn markups
@muddyfish So just before each run?
So import` __main__` would work?
@ChristopherPeart no, that's at runtime
brb drinking bleach
That seems a little drastic.
Mmm lemony fresh
@AdmBorkBork every challenge seems to go: Me: "I found a easy and small answer!!" TNB: "hahaha u thought"
4:44 PM
IMO, code that would be valid would send compile(string_containing_code, "", "exec") into an infinite loop
Python converts it to a .pyc file (bytecode) and then it will run it. Even if they .py file self calls. The only way you can get it to freeze on compiling is if you find something similar to the Perl answer
@LliwTelracs (or a bug in python)
@ChristopherPeart OK, that's fine you feel like that. I'm just saying that jokes about suicide aren't all that funny.
Ok sorry it went that way
/em thumbs-up
from __future__ import barry_as_FLUFL
is a syntax error in python 3
from __future__ import barry_as_FLUFL
is not however
kind of cool right?
@ChristopherPeart Sorry. /em is a somewhat-standard command in MMOs for "emote", as in "do this action <action>"
@AdmBorkBork I thought that was either *thing or *things*
@ChristopherPeart Closely related with the other xkcd challenge
@KritixiLithos yeah but different input
Different output
4:52 PM
Aren't meta-tags not supposed to be used?
@muddyfish There are various conventions (warning: TVTropes link). I played a lot of WoW, and /em was the one in use there.
Didn't use a meta tag did I?
beginner-question is a meta-tag
@AdmBorkBork heh
@AdmBorkBork Does movies.SE automagically add that warning to a TVTropes link?
4:53 PM
I dunno.
Because every time I've found one, it's had exactly the same warning
It's a very sensible warning. Also, this post is relevant to the newest challenge on main.
Q: There is an XKCD for that

Christopher PeartThere is an XKCD for that If you ever are on this website much, you will see a comment with a XKCD link. The challenge is when given the title of an XKCD (check the archive for titles) then print the URL of the comic and mouse over text of the comic. Rules Standard loopholes except: You may ac...

@AdmBorkBork I think the first time I found the site, I spent literally the whole day looking at it. I was not given a warning at the outset though.
5:14 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ConnorLSWHack a Lottery A Good friend of yours has recently purchased a 'mystery ticket' to entitle him to a 'random' amount of dollars, between 0 and 50, to be transferred to his bank account immediately following the draw, however, the ticket was sold to him by a small town lottery/gambling company, wh...

5:24 PM
CMC: print every ASCII character whose hexadecimal representation does not contain any letters
Any order is fine
@DJMcMayhem s/hexa//
@DJMcMayhem is outputting characters with codes in the 0x80 to 0x99 range legal?
note that they're all nonprintable
Pyke, 13 bytes, ~K#.ob16GL{s!
5:33 PM
if not, I can do it in 9 bytes of Jelly: Try it online!
if 0x80 to 0x99 are legal then it's a bit shorter
@ais523 I didn't think about that. Probably not
@KritixiLithos no, I meant hexadecimal
right; they don't have letters in the hex representation, but they aren't ASCII
@DJMcMayhem I was trying to find a loophole :P
@KritixiLithos that would be too easy :P
<M-,> <DEL>
Pyke, 12 bytes, ~K#.ob16~u-!
5:38 PM
@DJMcMayhem I thought you needed to specify two argument to the range operator
@Pavel The accepted answer on your challenge isn't the shortest.
@KritixiLithos I did. Space and del
How did I miss that?
@mbomb007 it is, @Pavel declared the shorter answer noncompeting
5:44 PM
ah, right
@NewSandboxedPosts brain flak would be great at this
woah tio has gcc now?
mac is so stupid, almost all ppcg answers use gcc but macs only have clang by default
tio has clang too
@DJMcMayhem Even better, Brain-Flak in 102 tio.run/nexus/…
@betseg yeah, but clang things don't work often in gcc
or have stupid warnings
What's the difference between clang and gcc?
6:05 PM
> 311 102 bytes
well that was a big golf
@KritixiLithos no clue, but apparently many errors worth
When I compile C programs, I run gcc filename.c
@Riker I switched from hard coding to actually generating the numbers
It still doesn't actually convert to hex or anything
clang avoids GCC specific options that don't belong in a standard compiler and gives warning when you are doing stupid things. It's meant for production.
Yeah, converting to hex would be a nightmare
@KritixiLithos gcc on macOS is just an alias (by default).
6:07 PM
I've been lied to my whole life the past few years
@Riley oh cool
@KritixiLithos for most things, it works, but clang seems to be stricter about some of the tricks people use to golf C/C++ code
@Riker Basically it prints 32, then (adds 1 and prints) 10 times, then adds 7 and repeats
oh cool
Trivia: Some time in the past they adopted a few C++ type traits from Boost. However, even Boost didn't describe the actual implementation, which resulted in huge inconsistencies between C++ compilers. GCC 7 removed them altogether, even though they are already used by a few projects. So you get issues like this: github.com/01org/tbb/issues/12
After all I've been through, after I went to the hell and back, after I collected the finest wine under the hyperbolic sun, after I saved the princess and my love kept her alive ... a high tide is what kills me?
6:19 PM
Hahaha, spotted on HNQ:
user image
the stereotypes are real
@Riker [sheets of suns start stacking up] "as expected..." [sun cubes start multiplying] "holy sh..."
@Riker (Holy crap value = 100)
we don't flag answers that are incorrect as NAA do we?
6:34 PM
@MartinEnder Elaborate?
@muddyfish mod attention iirc
@quartata I think ideally you want cops that have patterns but are hard to find. This ensures that interesting robbers solutions exist. The way to do that is to have cops provide their own (secret) solution and have the robbers try to match or beat it.
@MartinEnder Ah, I see what you mean.
that would be a bit more cnr-ish
@Riker No, I think NAA is correct
6:37 PM
It's much better than VLQ
@DJMcMayhem not sure tbh
@DJMcMayhem ye
though iirc VLQ puts them in the review queue
So instead of having the upper bound be just the naive regex the cops actually set the upper bound, in a sense.
I'll go for NAA then
Hmm, that really changes the scoring though.
6:39 PM
@muddyfish @Riker @DJMcMayhem I prefer a custom flag, which tells me why the answer should be deleted (pointing to existing comments is fine)
Q: Find initial ranks

Davit SargsyanAssume there is an array A of N elements. A contains every number from 1 to N. We are given an array B of N elements. If we move each element A[i] left by B[i] places starting from i = 0 until N-1, in the end array A will be sorted in increasing order, i.e. it will be A = {1, 2, 3, ..., N}. Given...

@MartinEnder I'll do that in the future then. Sorry but for now you've just got an NAA
That's fine, thanks
If the robbers have to beat it the cop should have to select a regex which is slightly longer than the shortest valid regex they found.
If this CnR isn't about cracking cops but about beating them as well as possible then it's not even necessary to use the cop solution as an upper bound, but simply as a scaling factor in the scoring or something.
6:43 PM
@MartinEnder ah, okay
according to Meta, the correct flag for an incorrect answer is VLQ but I'm not sure I agree with that
@quartata if the cops prepare a solution, you don't even need to involve a generating program for the strings.
I know which is why this is kind of morphing into a different challenge
Fwiw, I don't really like that part as it means regardless of how good my cop idea is, I need to know a golfy language to maximise the score I can get with it.
(without the language otherwise affecting the robbers at all)
6:51 PM
Yeah I think regardless I'm probably going to take out the byte count of submission factor -- people are already going to have to golf with the byte limit so
If I wanted to brain-storm a challenge around a general theme where would be a good place to do that? The sandbox? A chatroom?
I wanted the byte limit so that people didn't go completely crazy but I question how much it'll affect it
What does the path to a network computer look like in Linux? I remember in Windows it was just \\NameOfDevice, but that doesn't work here. >_>
@WheatWizard Probably a chatroom. It would be fine here or in a custom one, either one would work
@WheatWizard Start it here. If it starts to get crowded, then create a chatroom
Wow, I'm getting so many +1s from SO (documentation) recently (3 in one day, that's a record)
6:54 PM
@Pavel a network mount will be given a path on the filesystem that's just a regular path, typically starting /media/ if it's just temporary
if the network drive isn't mounted, it won't have a path, so you'd need to mount it first
I actually wanted to Brain-Storm a challenge for Brain-Flak's Birthday so will do it in the Brain-Flak chatroom.
@WheatWizard by the way, I have a really interesting idea for a new flak. I'm gonna work on it a little bit more to see how feasible it is before sharing details, but i think it'll be really interesting to work with. :)
networked storage on Linux is normally accessed via remote-copy programs like scp, though, rather than remote mounts
can't wait
@ais523 I can get the computer to show up in Files by going to Other Locations -> Windows Network -> WORKGROUP -> ComputerName but it's not in /media/. (I'm trying to add a printer)
6:57 PM
ooh, printers :-(
I don't know how you add a network printer in Linux but IIRC it's really complex
you might want to try a search engine, that's likely to produce better results than asking here
@MartinEnder I also worry this is going to end up to much like this
Having just visited the fourth page of Google, I did indeed find what I needed, yes.
Apparantly there's a package you have to download for that.
@ais523 Well actually not. scp is only for transferring files. The common way to use network storage is to mount it. iSCSI for fast and local links, SMB in a linux/Windows mixed network. Specialized network targets (like S3 or B2) have fuse modules to mount them as normal file systems even though they aren't.
right, if you have specialized storage, you'd mount it
most people don't though, at least outside business and maybe academia
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RodReverse Insertion sort Inspired by this question Objetive Generate the original scrambled list, from the movements that an Insertion Sort would do to sort it. The original list will have all numbers from 0 to N-1(inclusive) where N is the size of the input. Input A list containing the necess...

7:09 PM
Even if you don't have specialized storage. You need to mount something for it to be a storage medium. Using only scp is like manually doing all IOPs. Though you can use scp (or even FTP) as a ledger in fuse to mount network target, but that would be an insane thing to do, as it adds all kinds of overhead. The most popular NAS protocol is still SMB via cifs, scp is something different entirely.
scp is nice for deploying code to a cluster though.
;-; I just used up the last of my black ink printing a test page.
@ais523 I wouldn't be surprised if a large percentage of people here have specialised storage
@muddyfish I would be if anyone here did.
scp's for quickly copying a file to or from a remote machine, and it's also commonly used (via rsync) for backups
@mınxomaτ what do you mean by specialised storage?
7:12 PM
> Specialized network targets (like S3 or B2)
it doesn't do much else, but that covers the vast majority of networked file interactions I actually need
@mınxomaτ what do those alphanumeric mean..?
@Pavel Amazon AWS S3 and Backblaze B2
Yeah all this is potato to me
I have storage specialized for permanent residence inside a hard drive. It's called a MicroSATA HDD.
7:13 PM
These are object-storage systems (compare: Swift).
Q: Draw an asterisk analog clock for hour N

Albert RenshawCreate a function or program that will take an input N (a number from 0 - 24) which represents the HOUR. Output should draw an analog clock out of asterisks showing the hour N. 🕛🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙🕚🕛 Notes: •The minute hand must be longer than the hour hand (in terms of number of aster...

I just have a server that lives in my house that I use for backups
For my home setup I have a few ZFS RAIDs glued together by GlusterFS.
CMC: Print a checkerboard.
Actually, 28 bytes: "R*"4*;;R@"*#"4*;R"*B"4*;;R@
7:26 PM
@Riker my church
@quartata "this" being the my proposal or the current version?
@flawr I'm actually not surprised it exists
@DJMcMayhem FOG, 27 bytes: "*B"4*XzX"#*"4*XzX"*R"4*XzX
@DJMcMayhem PowerShell, 45 bytes: '*BB**B#**#R**RR*'-split'(..)'-ne''|%{$_*4}
Might be able to golf it more
7:43 PM
The string is just the first two columns, concatenated. The -split'(..)' splits the string into chunks of length two, keeping the match. The -ne'' is needed due to how regex matching works so we don't get empty strings. Then we loop over each of those two-character strings |%{...}. Each iteration we string-multiply it out to the correct length. Those strings are left on the pipeline, output is implicit.
ah, cool
Actually I printed it mirrored horizontally by accident
7:52 PM
Nope, I can't seem to get it any lower. 45 bytes it is.
@DJMcMayhem aha! a shitty lang that I wrote most of in less than a day beat V in a string-generation challenge!
Careful there, you know how competitive I am
imma enjoy it while it lasts :p
@Riker V, 26 bytes
I might be able to take a couple more off if I consolidate the two loops
8:06 PM
nj tho
Try it online! RprogN, 32 bytes.
3 mins ago, by Riker
3 mins ago, by Riker
nj tho
@Riker are you just going to quote the last time you said it each time @DJMcMayhem manages to reduce the size of his code?
8:11 PM
perl, 35 bytes
say$_ x 4for'B*B*#*R*R'=~/.\G.|../g
@LliwTelracs prolly not bc flags
Wait, that's 43 bytes
Wait, dangit, my previous one was also 43
Apparently I can't count, even though TIO has a bytecount on the page. :-/
i think that's it
@MartinEnder Both to some extent, but primarily your proposal
Hm I guess, although I think doing the same thing as regex golf is still an interesting twist.
8:39 PM
@MartinEnder By the way something is still up with your avatar -- it only shows up with certain sizes
For the size that shows up in the user bar and when you post more than one message it's your identicon
But the smallest size is fine
@quartata worksfineforme.com
@AdmBorkBork I've tried it on 4 devices now
if(user = 167070){messUp(avatar.GetRandom())}
Translation from pseudocode to real code is left as an exercise for the reader.
8:50 PM
@KritixiLithos Wa=
s/=/===/ 'cause that's clearly JS, right?
if((new Integer(user)).equals(new Integer(167070))){
@Pavel Oddly enough dividing things by regex doesn't give any useful sort of answer
@KritixiLithos == is overloaded for Integers though, isn't it?
@DJMcMayhem WHat's the difference between w and W? The vim help menu wasn't really helpful
8:54 PM
@Pavel It is, they will unbox.
@Pavel I want verbose code
We can do better than that, then.
loop: while(new BigInteger(new String(user)).subtract(new BigInteger("167070")).equals(BigInteger.ZERO)) {
    break loop;
Avatar.get(new User(new Integer(167070))).setImage(Random.nextInt());
@ATaco java.util.Random
I'd say that the while loop is stretching it, but I've actually seen people do that...
8:59 PM
@Pavel java.math.BigInteger to make it more verbose
users[167070].avatar = users[random.randrange(10000).avatar]
Can't edit it anymore ;-;

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