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2:13 PM
Q: Best answer contest: First quarter of 5777

Isaac MosesDid you see an answer on Mi Yodeya in the past few months that you thought was really great? Let's have a contest to help you tell everyone about it! Please link to an answer which was created in Tishrei - Kislev, 5777 (from October 3rd 2016 through December 29th 2016) and which you think deserv...

I remember we were wondering about this when the alt text project started, but I don't recall that we got a good answer for it. So
in The Reading Room, 3 mins ago, by doppelgreener
@Shokhet Screen readers will read out "Image: (whatever you use for its alt text)"
One day left in the first Best Answer Contest, and one of the entries has pulled into the lead, by a nose! Get your last-day entries and votes in now.
@Shokhet Thanks. Feel free to edit that into the Alt Text Fix post
@IsaacMoses Sure
@Shokhet Thanks again
My pleasure
2:28 PM
Q: Maximum limits on PTIJ questions per user

Y ezIn another post, suggestions for improving the quality of PTIJ material were discussed. In the highest voted answer there, one suggestion was to impose a limit of how many PTIJ questions each user may post in one PTIJ season. The post also included another detail, which was included in at least ...

^^^ This Purim Torah policy addition was discussed last year, but never implemented. Please provide feedback, including simply voting on answers if you haven't yet.
I love to use a site called [dtorah.com]( dtorah.com/otzar/tanach.php?sf=Genesis&pk=1) and in the last days it works no more. This Shas is better than Hebrewbooks for the pdf version because it is faster and directly almost in full screen it may be also changed in digital Rashi or Tosfot daf or English translation. It's no more working. What can I made?
@kouty If you don't need tzurat hadaf:
Feb 7 at 16:20, by Isaac Moses
Sefaria is putting up a new edition of the Talmud with heavy linking and the English and Hebrew translations from Steinsaltz/Koren, all CC-licensed. So far, 22 tractates have English, and the rest of the English and Hebrew translations will follow. This is, IMO, a really big deal for us, since this will be, AFAIK, the first complete, online, deep-linkable, Aramaic/English Talmud.
@Isaac Moses thanks. But the tsuras hadaf is good for references in SA, SMAG AND RAMBAM. Gilayon hashass
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6:46 PM
@DoubleAA classic
@BaalShemotTovot Maybe you'd have stood a chance, old friend! Welcome back
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8:30 PM
9:10 PM
@IsaacMoses Speaking of which, I've had a PTIJ idea in my head awhile now, but remain unable to formulate it into a question worthy of MY, and unable to formulate a question worthy of MY with an answer including my idea. So I'll post my idea here, and anyone else should feel free to run with it:
"מועדים לשמחה" means "stumbling to a party".
@msh210 How is "מועדים" "stumbling"?
9:26 PM
Q: Comprehensive quality blocks now enabled everywhere

Shog9Questions are the lifeblood of any Stack Exchange site. But asking good questions can be difficult, and while most people start off doing it poorly, some never get better. For years now, when sites reached traffic levels that made manual review and filtering of questions burdensome for the good f...

9:41 PM
@msh210 thanks but the quality of the dtorah.com is the greatest
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10:49 PM
== מָעַד == נתקל במשהו ונפל או כמעט נפל. הוחלקה רגלו. אמא מעדה בריצה על אבן ונפלה. נכשל הפועל כפר סבא ועפולה מעדו (מן העיתונות) סטה מדרך הישר ,חטא שוב מעד, מצאו לו סמים בשתן === גיזרון === הפועל מופיע בתהלים: "תַרְחִיב צַעֲדִי תחְתָּי,וְלֹא מָעֲדוּ קַרְסֻלָּי" (תהלים יח לז). === מילים נרדפות === === ניגודים === === תרגום === אנגלית: stumble,trip‏‏‏‏ איטלקית: inciampare‏‏‏‏ גרמנית: stolpern‏‏‏‏ הונגרית: megbotlik‏‏‏‏ יוונית: σκοντάφτω‏‏‏‏ צרפתית: trébucher‏‏‏‏ רומנית: a se poticni‏‏‏‏,a se împiedica‏‏‏‏ רוסית: спотыкаться‏‏‏‏ споткнуться‏‏‏‏ === ראו גם === החליק נתקל...

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