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11:12 AM
Can we make a checkbox in wireworld
Well cuz I'm going the long and hard way to make it
11:35 AM
A German newspaper sued (and won) a YouTuber for showing people how to setup Adblock for their site.
@mınxomaτ So they won the lawsuit, but now they're going to lose the internet
Each mention from him about blocking the adblocker-blocker in the future will incur a 250k € fine or 6 months jail.
Umm... blocking the adblock blocker?
@mınxomaτ My head hurts
The court that handled this case is known for lacking basic knowledge of anything technologically more sophisticated than a rock.
11:44 AM
Was the Youtuber German also?
I finally made a (somewhat) working wireworld checkbox
@Mego Yes
So the next step is for an American Youtuber to post a video showing how to setup Adblock
Then said stone-age German court won't have jurisdiction
(The somewhat working wireworld checkbox)
I'm going to go submit it on the create a checkbox question
(It sometimes bugs out but dont mind that)
the most important thing is I dont know how to score those
11:50 AM
@mınxomaτ Germany is crazy
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ʰᵈˑAnimate the text in your terminal The goal The goal is to "animate" the string "Hello world" in your terminal so that each character gets capitalised after each other. For example; # Iteration 1 Hello world # Iteration 2 hEllo world # Iteration 3 heLlo world # Iteration 4 helLo world # Ite...

@MartinEnder It seems you like reading...
@mınxomaτ ...wow
@mınxomaτ Huh? Source?
@MatthewRoh I think you score by the total number of pixels required to make that a working "program"
12:03 PM
Yeah that might work but I just asked in meta to make sure
@mınxomaτ Well why dont we block blocking adblock blockers?
Wait you attended the court or something?
Q: How do we score turing complete cellular automata (GoL, Wireworld, etc)

Matthew Roh Here is a checkbox I made in wireworld, for the "Create a checkbox!" question. The problem is, we don't have a way to score answers like these. Do we score these by pixels, like piet did, or in other ways?

12:28 PM
@mınxomaτ This is ridiculous...
@mınxomaτ btw: I have another idea to test your inpainting programs: Removal of foreground stars in astronomical pictures.
Or a lake on a map/photo
Or remove iPhones from the face of the Earth
12:47 PM
Or removal of the apple company in the apple company
1:14 PM
Does this wireworld checkbox look good
Its just an XOR connected to itself, acting as a memory iirc
1:51 PM
I found this question and immediately thought, "MAKE THIS AN ESOLANG"
1 hour later…
3:00 PM
Q: ASCII Triangles

OkxYours task is to write a program that makes an ASCII triangle. They look like this: |\ | \ | \ ---- Your program will take a single numeric input n, with the constraints 0 <= n <= 1000. The above triangle had a value of n=3. The ASCII triangle will have n backslashes (\) and vertical bars (...

3:28 PM
Q: Create an Alphabet Song

mbomb007Your goal is to create an alphabet song as text in the following form: A is for <word starting with A> B is for <word starting with B> C is for <word starting with C> ... Z is for <word starting with Z> Example output: A is for Apple B is for Banana C is for Carrot D is for Door E is for Elep...

@NewMainPosts I really wish if we could output whatever we want for case 0
Lol, I just got captcha'd answering mbomb's question.
I got Captcha'd on the triangle one
I guess that's what happens when you just copy-paste from TIO
I don't understand the captchas on this site. Sometimes I mistype my password, it then asks for a captcha and then brings me back to the empty login screen instead of login me in...
@Fatalize Clearly you are a robot and it is trying to discourage you
3:59 PM
4:15 PM
tfw you're trying to code but all the things you're working on are blocked by other people
method signatures be changin', man
i'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs
request for cmc
Return the factors of a number without using the division operator or the multiplication operator
best I've got
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ckjbgamesHow Big is Your Terminal? Your task is to create a program that, when started in the terminal, will output the size of the terminal in characters (i.e 80x24). The Rules The program should take no input and output the size of the terminal. The format of output is up to you, as long as your p...

@ChristopherPeart what about modulus
You can choose as it is only a CMC depending on how hard you want it. But I vote for no
I have a meeting in 8 minutes so I'll take the easy way out
4:22 PM
Ok that is fine
Java 7, 99 bytes Try it online!
probably can golf it more
but i gotta run
thanks :]!
4:50 PM
I'm literally tearing up at all of the puns I want to make about this comment I just got from a coworker:
> nope... i trashed my browser "history" (witch is what i think ended my session Just like it dose with <redacted>) when you where standing here and had not started creating the bug before then. Anyway the point is mute its a <redacted> issue/bug.
"Better pour some water on that witch so you don't keep losing your history."
"Sorry, couldn't hear your mute point. Can you type it louder?"
But I can't make them because of this Slack chat is company wide and it would look unprofessional
So you guys get to tell me how dumb I'm being instead :)
That is great
Send it as a PM
Can't think of a good dose pun
Well that dose it
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Dose
That was a Dose Shave
Q: Can I get a collection of Chat Mini challenges?

Christopher PeartIn TNB we get bored some times. So to spend our time we have Chat Mini challenges. They do not have to be very long or have every last rule written since about 2-5 people respond. For example Poke asked for a CMC, I replied with "Return the factors of a number without using the division operator ...

5:11 PM
@Trelzevir Like this. Now we can chat about code golf!
@J843136028 Yes
@Trelzevir How far are you with the golf?
Not very far at the moment.
I managed to do a lambda that 'twists' iterables.
@Trelzevir Having to write your name every time I post is annoying. I keep forgetting.
@J843136028 Yes, same.
5:19 PM
@Trelzevir I'm copying and pasting it now.
@J843136028 Me too.
@Trelzevir lol
@J843136028 What a lunch.
@Trelzevir With my lunch, that was a lunch. A big one, too.
@people In this answer, I found the easiest solution included the word zoofilia. Should I redact it in my list of words?
5:24 PM
@Trelzevir @J843136028 Welcome to the 19th byte! You don't need to at-mention someone unless you explicitly want a ping/notification sent to that person.
Like I did there, but not here.
@AdmBorkBork I know. We've got Python and a browser in different windows.
zoofilia isn't a word in english
@LliwTelracs it's slang
@muddyfish I don't see it as more offensive than the plethora of Brainfuck derivatives, but, I'm pretty lax on whether words are offensive.
5:30 PM
Bother. I just realised you can't do [x,x+1 for x in range(10)] to produce [0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10] or anything like that in Python. Can you do anything similar (and don't give me a method specific to this example)?
I would say it's invalid because it should be spelt with ph not f
With the ph is the clinical word, with the f is the slang
It doesn't come up at all when I search the f version on thefreedictionary or dictionary.com
@Trelzevir Do you know?
Not even as slang
5:33 PM
Yeah, it's not common parlance.
Might be acceptable as slang, but I'm not about to search on Google, because, you know...
@J843136028 you could use [[x,x+1]for x in range(10)] to get a list of lists?
it's in the dictionary Pyke uses
I really don't want a list of lists, but if I can't do the other thing, I might as well.
@J843136028 you could flatten it with sum([[x,x+1]for x in range(10)],[]), but that might be too long
5:37 PM
@Trelzevir Thanks! That's amazing!
@J843136028 :)
@Trelzevir When you're making deliberate spelling mistakes to see if your computer will fix them or not...
@J843136028 @Trelzevir You might want to move your discussion to another room since you seem to just be talking to one another and not the room as a whole
if you like, I could create a dedicated chat room for that
@LliwTelracs What is your profile picture from?
And what does your name mean?
5:43 PM
@DJMcMayhem It was a random free picture, name is Will Scarlet backwards
Ah. Is that your IRL name?
No. Based off of robin hood -> Nibor Dooh thing
Oh I haven't read Robin Hood in so long, I forgot that name
I technically can, but noone would like reforming a chatroom into a code editor
@LliwTelracs Sorry, I don't know much about chat.
How do you create a new room?
5:53 PM
You need 1k rep I think.
I'll do it for you
not 1k
@DJMcMayhem Thanks.
100 rep to create chat rooms
Oh. Nevermind then
Either way, here it is:

 Room for J843136028, MSoRMvzH8g and T

Chatting about code golf challenges that Trelzevir, MSoRMvzH8g...
And to create a chat room from another chat room click on the person's name next to one of their posts. It will show a popup which includes start a new room with this user.
5:57 PM
I found a weird thing with tag synonym wikis. They don't match up.
There's no way to edit the tag wiki for
A mod probably has to do it.
@DJMcMayhem So how does one create a chatroom?
Uhh, I kinda just fumbled around until I found the "create room" button
I think it's on the "all rooms" page
Yeah, at the bottom
@LliwTelracs oh yeah, I looked up the priveleges and 1k is for gallery chat rooms
@Trelzevir Come into our new room!
Oh, I guess you've gone.
Oooh, challenge idea "flak-sort" a string. Compare two strings by what they evaluate to in brain-flak
6:13 PM
I'd remove the irrelevant parts of the language like <>, {...}, and []
Should I include [...]?
6:27 PM
@DJMcMayhem I'd include it as a monad, but not as a nilad
Now seems a good time to ask. What exactly do the Brain-Flak brackets mean?
I've tried to read the documentation, but I couldn't parse it
(n) evaluates to n, and () defaults to 1
[n] evaluates to -n, and [] defaults to the height of the current stack
{} is like while top_of_stack == True: execute_inside_of_the_brackets
<codehere> is execute codehere, but return 0 no matter what
{} with nothing inside is pop from the stack
and <> with nothing inside is swap the active stack
@DJMcMayhem am I correct?
@Riker Which one? Square brackets?
for -n, but not for the height of the current stack
What's <n>?
Wait I remembered, do n but evaluate it as 0
6:33 PM
Ok, several questions, but I'm trying to crunch all of that information. First, <> swaps the active stack with what? How many stacks are we dealing with here?
<1> or <2> or <3> etc.
@Pavel yeah
but it's not necessarily <n>, it can be multiple bytes of code
@Sherlock9 2
like <[5]>
@Sherlock9 yeah, only 2
CLA are pushed to the active stack at program start
so no runtime input
and only end-of-program output
@DJMcMayhem Just the top of the stack at the end, or sum of the active stack, or what?
So what is add 1 to the active stack? ()?
6:35 PM
@Sherlock9 (())
You need (n) to push anything
@Pavel No, that's push one
Isn't that what was asked?
@Sherlock9 That is ({}()) which translates to push (pop () +1)
Oh wait, push one or increment? I might have misunderstood
So two is (()())
I did mean increment
'Add' is ambiguous.
6:36 PM
Sorry, I was unclear
({}()) is increment iirc
Meant add 1 to the top thing on the active stack
{} = pop from stack, and () is 1, and then () adds them
@Riker Ninja'd by like a good half a minute
Push two to the active stack is (()()), right?
6:37 PM
@Riker Yeah that's correct
To transfer an element from one stack to the other is ({}<>)
So pushing two to the active stack is (()()), right?
You just asked that
6:39 PM
Nobody gave an affirmative
So I repeated my question
yeah, that's correct
Oh, I didn't realze who DjMcMayhem was replying to earlier
do we have a brainflak room @DJMcMayhem?
Thank you very much
I think it's frozen
6:40 PM
@Riker Yup!
Not frozen

 The Third Stack

A chat room for discussing the Brain-Flak programming language...
@mods move the convo into ^^?
@Dennis @Doorknob ^
I don't think it's that big of a deal. I don't think leaving it here would cause an issue
@DJMcMayhem Guaranteed that the brain-flak code will terminate?
6:47 PM
@AdmBorkBork If I post it, I'll remove all branching/looping to keep it simpler, so yeah, guaranteed to terminate
7:03 PM
In Java, is there a good way to get every unix-style flag from arguments? Parsing args feels like more of a pain that it should be.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LliwTelracsSurf's up Inspired by this challenge ascii-artcode-golf Goal: The goal is to draw waves crashing onto a beach. Input: You will be given 3 integers (in whatever format you want) as input. The first integer will be the length of the drawing (ranging from 10-30) The second integer will be ...

Is this answer valid? I'm honestly not sure
@DJMcMayhem I don't think so.
I cry for my answer. It seems to have troubles with it's sexuality
7:12 PM
"B is for beastiality"
earlier it had "Z is for zoofilia"
A: Create an Alphabet Song

muddyfishPyke, 55 51 48 47 bytes 26.f[1R].C".d"R+E)DGjt@.^.IlT>( F['h .dRdJl5 Try it here! Link is for 3 length and doesn't qualify as words include conjunctives. [1R].C".d"R+E) - def function [i): 1R] - [1, i] .C ...

"H is for hydrocodone"
Drug problems too =/
@muddyfish okay
@muddyfish I think the one for Z is a city
7:15 PM
"Zephyrhills is a brand of spring water sold regionally in the United States"
Apple's dictionary tells me that it is a city in florida :/ (why did I trust apple?)
apparently it's also a city
I added "define" to my google search
Now laughing at a hypothetical child using that list to learn the alphabet
I'll admit that challenge has taught me some new words
7:19 PM
I didn't know hydrocodone is a drug. Learn something new every day
TIL the words ikat and xyst
@muddyfish Reminds me of the Barenaked Ladies song
It looks legal but dangerous?
can I get some undelete votes here? it's now been fixed
I misclicked and hit delete not edit >_>
thanks kritixi and sherlock
7:57 PM
Holy crap that's long.
I'll read it later
pretty good
Why did I read that at 3 am?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

yummypastaA Puzzle FOR WHILE I'm Gone popularity-contest ascii-art Your objective is to print out a multiplication table. An integer will be taken as input (from STDIN, console, etc) for the "size" of your table. For example: IN: 3 OUT: 1 2 3 2 4 6 3 6 9 IN: 10 OUT: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 4 6 8 10 12 1...

8:11 PM
@Riker Why is there no happy end?
because life is sad
@flawr you know something is sad when flawr doesn't even bother to put a =) on the end of his message
@Riker Manga creepypasta. Neat.
@Riker kind of creepy
good IMO tho
Ted the Caver is my favorite creepypasta.
8:19 PM
@AdmBorkBork A really bad copy of the original story, but without an ending.
Oct 9 '15 at 20:53, by minxomat
Recommend the read if you don't know the story yet: "The Fear Of Darkness"
^ original
Neat. I'll have to check it out.
Also somewhat related is House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski.
I also recommend The Sun's old scifi stories (187x): forgottenfutures.com/game/ff9/tachypmp.htm
@AdmBorkBork that book is amazing
8:35 PM
@Riker ...
It's creepy but idk why
@TuxCopter eyebleach
8:41 PM
PS: These here are sad enough: buttercupfestival.com
Thanks but that last panel is going to keep me awake this night
@TuxCopter eyebleach helps
failing that benadryl works
Q: How to Serialize a map of string to list with Jaxb in java

user65327I have a class like this: @XmlRootElement public class X { private Map<String, List<String>> entries; } I would like it to serialize like this: { "entries" : { "a" : [ "b", "c" ], "d" : [ "e", "f" ] } } But it seems impossible with Jaxb. I have gone down the path o...

Q: It's Rhyme Time!

yummypastaI'm writing a rhyming poem, but struggling with the rhymes. I need a program that can make rhymes for me, but I have limited disk space so the least bytes is the winner (code-golf). Your program should take in a string (which will be one word) and output any rhyme. It can be random, or the fir...

So many downvoted questions...
@wizzwizz4 so many questions to close
9:10 PM
Q: Generate Pyramid Scheme code

PavelPyramid Scheme is a language being developed by @ConorO'Brien. In Pyramid Scheme, the code that you write looks like this: ^ ^ / \ /3\ / \ --- / + \ ^-------^ /9\ /3\ /123\ --- ----- Now, that code has two obvious qualities: It's difficult to ...

Bounty ends tomorrow
Q: Prime Divisor Table

AdmBorkBorkIntro Something I've played around with in recreational mathematics has been construction of a divisor table to visually compare/contrast the prime divisors of a set of numbers. The set of input numbers are across the top as column labels, the prime divisors are on the left as row labels, and a ...

9:25 PM
TIL -- You can search Microsoft's product localization table for translations that are used in the software.
I might tackle your pyramid scheme challenge when I get to a computer, I have an idea
I just learned that my school is having a dance competition
I found this song, it's great: youtube.com/watch?v=_1d_yAFLn1c It's like the Portal soundtrack, but awesomified
9:35 PM
My class got chosen to compete. We have to dance to this song
Seriously. No joke
I have that URL pasted on a sticky note next to my desk
I know what you're up too.
I fell for it
No, i'm serious
let me upload a photo of the paper
user image
I could see that happening.
That document is terrible enough to be true.
This is completely serious
9:40 PM
Gah, I have Steam open in Wine, and the tooltips "bleed through" so they popup randomly while I'm interneting.
they played it on my last day of secondary through the fire alarm system
@Pavel why? there's a native Steam
@wat Doesn't run all the games I want it to
By not all of them I mean Geometry Dash
@Pavel to*
@Pavel yay someone else likes Geometry Dash
9:42 PM
what does it involve
@wat Interchanging some program components for newer ones.
New level Fingerdash, spider gamemode, new super-high dash ring, x4 speed mode, dash rings.
They are practicing it now wtf cringing
But there's like 4 new types of collectibles, mini-campaign modes,
@mınxomaτ Feeling a little sassy today? :D
9:43 PM
@mınxomaτ ?
@Pavel oh, that's what they renamed fingerbang to
lol, two Mathematica answers within 20 seconds of each other on my challenge
Unlockable (awesome) death effects along with in general a ton of new customizations including a store
@AdmBorkBork Long work day. I'm allowed some sass.
Editor overhaul
@Pavel Awesome
9:44 PM
And a secret level called "The Challenge" which you can unlock once you collect 200 diamonds.
@Pavel Boo microtransactions
@Pavel diamonds?
@wat To be fair, it does seem like a good song to choreograph to, so... have fun :)
No microtransactions
@Sp3000 k thanks, I'm not dancing
Diamonds drop occasionally
Each of the new currencies (orbs, diamonds, keys, and gems) drop randomly when you make progress on a level, or in daily rewards.
Except orbs which you get a fixed amount per level when you get to a certain percent.
9:46 PM
I remember when this game was just Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base after Base, Can't Let Go, and Jumper
There's also a 'secret' purple key currency, no one knows what it does yet.
(took me a while to remember the names)
@wat I joined for 1.1
So, do the other teams and stuff know what song you're going to do yet?
That one was time machine
9:47 PM
@DestructibleWatermelon Dont know
because this is an opportunity for the best rick roll ever
if they don't know
@wat talk to Hillary's advisory
@DestructibleWatermelon I did
Just now
They are just the judges and they know all the songs. All the other classes (including ours) only know their own song and no two classes have the same song
@mınxomaτ I hear ya.
@wat ok. will they announce what song you are doing?
make sure they don't, or that they announce it misleadingly
@wat that would be the most amazing rickroll if the first and second were rickrolls
9:54 PM
(Not so) fun fact: HP's RAID setup thingy allows you to nuke the HDD the system is installed on. While the server is running. Without a warning. From a non-admin account.
@mınxomaτ sounds fun
5h overtime fun.

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