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8:23 AM
@Johannes_B A couple of issues where I've had to restore 'by hand' from backups mean there are a few bits missing: I'm slowly fixing most of them (see the posts about improved hosting, etc.)
"Mesopotamia" supposedly hyphenates wrong in LaTeX. Is there a list of exceptions in LaTeX or does everyone need to put a list of corrected hyphenations into their preamble?
@wilx There's a list of common exceptions
@wilx That one is not so common I suspect!
@TorbjørnT., to this comment: Isn't the OP informed via email that something "happened" with/at his question?
@TorbjørnT., and what do you recommend to do with the question? I would still close it with a text similar to the one of the comment to your answer ...
8:42 AM
@StefanPinnow I don't know..
@StefanPinnow Not sure I'd do anything at all. It's not on the unanswered list anymore. (And tikzscale is mentioned in the question, by the way.)
@StefanPinnow I just edited my answer to remove the width setting. As you say it works without, so having it there in the first place was a bit silly.
@TorbjørnT., oh, true, tikzscale is mentioned in the question ... (it seems it is too early here and my eyes are not fully awake). I don't think it was silly to add a width to main plot. When one would have tried to understand the solution one would have come up that it not dependent on the value given to width. Or one could just have tried ... ;)
@TorbjørnT., nonetheless I still prefer to close it. I'll take a note to do so in a week or later if OP does not get in tough with "us".
8:59 AM
@wilx there can never be a full list:-)
"However, hyphenation exception entries belong into the document, not
into the LaTeX template, for obvious reasons. " I don't know what the obvious reasons are I would have thought the exact opposite the hyphenation algorithm is mostly a property of latex not of the document
9:20 AM
@ChristianHupfer Dearest you are my special ghost user and prof of LaTeX
@DavidCarlisle Good morning from Sicily David. I hope you are fine and there's not cold out of your zone.
@Sebastiano it's always hot and sunny in England
@CarLaTeX hmm I don't know what it is. :(
@CarLaTeX Cats are wonderful. :)
9:53 AM
@PauloCereda Maybe he has a different name abroad... it's Terence Hill's character in the film you posted a scene...
@CarLaTeX oooooh now I see
@CarLaTeX I think it's referred as Trinity in here, although it's an English reference... The literal translation would be Trindade...
@CarLaTeX: Do you have cats?
@PauloCereda Quack!
@JasperLoy Quack! Hello!
10:09 AM
@PauloCereda Are you still using Fedora GNOME? I switched to Windows 10.
@JasperLoy Yes, F25 in its glory and glamour. :)
@PauloCereda I hope you get your PhD soon. =)
@JasperLoy me too, that's the plan. :) Fingers crossed!
@JasperLoy He would be much quicker with Ubuntu or Mandrake or RedHat... ;-) Or DuckOS
@PauloCereda I have no pets at the moment, but I have had both cats and dogs. My last doggy died 5 years ago, at 17.
10:13 AM
@ChristianHupfer News: No more Mandrake, or Mandriva, only Mageia. =)
I still install Debian/Ubuntu/Mint on my old computer for my mum to use.
I think the two year cycle for the LTS is good.
@CarLaTeX Oh I am sorry to hear that. :( I have two cats, Fubá and Ciça.
@ChristianHupfer UBUNTU! /shakes fist in rage
@JasperLoy he's written it all, now only question is whether he can work out how to save a file in vim before his time runs out.
@PauloCereda May I share with you my latest masterpiece, lol:
@DavidCarlisle Or how to fix the latex errors during compilation. =)
@JasperLoy Really? :D :D Apparently I have missed that while programming the ENIAC ;-)
@PauloCereda DEBIAN? Lemons Curry? ;-)
@PauloCereda I'll post a photo of my Toffee... (I'm at the hairdresser now) :):):)
10:19 AM
@CarLaTeX ooh hairdressers
@PauloCereda ... and instead of reading gossip magazines I'm chatting here! :):):)
@CarLaTeX ooh :)
@CarLaTeX: I cut my hair yesterday. Since I need to take my glasses off while my friend cuts my hair, I cannot do anything. :)
@PauloCereda Which is the foreign name of Bambino (Trinity's brother)?
@PauloCereda I can't see almost anything without glasses, too! To write here I keep the phone at 10 cm from my eyes :):):)
10:43 AM
@DavidCarlisle: What is the precise meaning/definition of \@nil? I don't see any definition of it in latex.ltx, so I assume it's either a TeX primitive or something differently inherited from TeX?
@ChristianHupfer it's an undefined token with name @nil
@ChristianHupfer used as in \def\zzz#1\foobaaaar{hello #1} then \foobaaaar is not defined but \zzz will give an error unless used as \zzz world\foobaaaar
@DavidCarlisle And this causes TeX to stop parameter evaluation?
@ChristianHupfer ^^^
@ChristianHupfer not in general, only for macros using that token as a parameter delimiter, nothing special about the name it could be anything.
@DavidCarlisle Yes, that's what I meant, something like \def\foo#1/#2\@nil{...}
@ChristianHupfer yes but @nil has no magic properties there, \foobaaar would work just as well.
10:52 AM
@DavidCarlisle I see, thank you very much. I think this explains why there's no specific question about \@nil on the main site, because it is replaceable by anything (At least I did not find a question about it)
@ChristianHupfer but if you do replace watch out for instances of \def\@nnil{\@nil} which would most likely need changing to match
@DavidCarlisle I noticed that definition in latex.ltx already. No, I don't want to replace it really.
@DavidCarlisle: I did not realize until now that it is possible to put some undefined token in the input stream for TeX and it will not choke on it (if used in the way as you specified above with \def\zzz#1\foobar{hello #1}` and zzz world\foobar)
@ChristianHupfer sure undefined tokens are only an error if you try to expand them. Apart from use as parameter delimiters you can always do \@gobble{\anyundefinedthing}
11:11 AM
@DavidCarlisle Yes, that sounds logically to me now. I thought, TeX would see \foobaaaar as a token first, interpret it as being a command sequence, check whether is a defined cs and then expand it if is not undefined.
@CarLaTeX In Portuguese, they kept Bambino. :)
@CarLaTeX ooh :)
@WillRobertson: 'ello!
11:27 AM
@PauloCereda Hello :)
Homebrew users: brew install mas
@DavidCarlisle Wow, great news
@WillRobertson things moving, but the installation instructions still "a little tricky" .... (I was surprised actually by the description in the pdf that otfload did well in comparison to harfbuzz, I'd expected to find scripts where hb did a lot better
@DavidCarlisle Yeah, I'm sure that it depends on the script chosen
11:32 AM
@WillRobertson but if we could have both and you add some more fontspec feature options to choose between them it should work well I think, but still I wonder if we can arrange the build of luatex to statically link with harfbuzz to avoid figuring out dynamic linking on every texlive platform
@DavidCarlisle Yes, having two would be no problem from the interface side of things
@DavidCarlisle I'll leave the software development side of things to smarter people than myself!
@PauloCereda what do you know about statically linking libraries?:-) ^^^^
@DavidCarlisle it's an ad hoc solution that might work. :)
@PauloCereda the current instructions involving building luatex binary unstripped in order to use luajit linking seem less than smooth
@DavidCarlisle I will take a closer look later on today.
11:43 AM
@PauloCereda well no rush, but as an end goal for unicode-aware tex, a luatex+harfbuzz system would seem like a good thing. Don't want to distract you from other important things.
@DavidCarlisle oh the thesis!
@PauloCereda I'm surprised you remembered:-)
11:55 AM
@DavidCarlisle <3
12:24 PM
good night! my debugging for the evening was successful...
@WillRobertson :-)
@PauloCereda Toffee ^^^ She liked ducks very much... to eat them! (@DavidCarlisle)
12:55 PM
@CarLaTeX yay! Oh wait...
1:28 PM
Sherlock has a secret sister named Eurus!
2:23 PM
@DavidCarlisle perhaps one could really ask Akira to make a version for w32tex for a start?
2 hours later…
4:42 PM
Jazz Record Requests time ...
@UlrikeFischer More-or-less what @DavidCarlisle and I were wondering about :) I'll probably send a mail to 'interested parties' later today on this
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
@JosephWright Yes I saw somewhere a remark. Just wanted to say that I think it is a good idea.
@JosephWright Btw: Philip found an example where the context font loader hangs: github.com/lualatex/luaotfload/issues/388
@UlrikeFischer Probably going to discuss with team first then widen out: expect news one way another
6:15 PM
@JosephWright Will you travel to the TUG 2017 meeting?
@StefanKottwitz No
@JosephWright because of lecturing times? (I think I remember that now)
@StefanKottwitz That's @egreg: I could get the days from work but am already going away with family
@Johannes_B Hopefully the links in my blog now work: I've reconstructed the files so they are slightly altered from the originals. I may well revisit the topic with a few revisions to my version
@JosephWright Thank you, i'll give the user a ping.
@JosephWright I think I go with my family there (including two kids), have to check out if accommodation is ok for 4 people and a dog
6:21 PM
@Johannes_B Looking back I of course feel there are some refinements I should make (and perhaps write up for TUGBoat: @barbarabeeton?)
@StefanKottwitz Cool
@JosephWright Just in case, if plans would change and you would need a flight ticket, let me know ;-)
@StefanKottwitz @JosephWright Short question for Chat: Where was TUG 2017 again?
@JosephWright -- a short note for tugboat regarding new and improved resources is always welcome.
@StefanKottwitz Extremely unlikely: we are going away for a 'big' birthday for my mum
@JosephWright I will take a 9 seat van from Hamburg to the meeting
6:24 PM
@barbarabeeton I mean taking the blog material and writing up: 'Creating a CV'
@Johannes_B Somewhere in the woods, that's why I take kids and dog with me :-)
@StefanKottwitz My memory says Poland?
@Johannes_B Correct! Bachotek near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland.
@JosephWright -- i see only two items in the cumulative contents list that mention either "cv" or "resume" in the title, one from 2001 and the other from 2015. both look pretty specific (just from the titles, haven't looked up the articles), so i suspect you have some different things to say, so go ahead. please look at those first, just in case.
@barbarabeeton Will do
6:31 PM
@StefanKottwitz I was in Poland near the german border last summer. I was nice. I was at the supermarket to get batteries and someone started talking to me. I was confused and said: Sorry, german.
His reply: *Macht nichts, ich spreche auch deutsch* (Don't worry, i speak german)
@barbarabeeton Both are on using dedicated classes: I've concluded this is not the best plan in this area!
@JosephWright Plus one. Start from scratch :-)
@Johannes_B Yes
@Johannes_B, @barbarabeeton What I'll do is write another blog post first then use the combined material for an article: it's quite a convenient way to tackle these things
@barbarabeeton I guess you as always are looking for content :)
@JosephWright Give me a ping please.
@Johannes_B Probably some time during the week: I want to get a few other things done today/tomorrow and have family commitments too
6:34 PM
@JosephWright As always, absolutely no hurry from my side :-)
@StefanKottwitz Have you ever been an active member of a Kuchenbasar?
@JosephWright -- sure, if it's interesting for tugboat readers (or at least for me; sometimes my interests are probably a little more esoteric than those of the "average" tugboat reader, but, hey, we don't really know much about that average reader, so i may as well please myself. karl will keep me in check if i go too far off the deep end).
@barbarabeeton How to create a cv with LaTeX; nice topic to have in tugboat. Would be much more nice to be available to those actually in need of it.
@barbarabeeton I bet every member of tug can create a CV. Those aren't the ones who really need it.
@Johannes_B a few years ago, 20 or 30 :-) maybe next time with my kids
@Johannes_B My grand parents come from there, north Poland
@Johannes_B -- well, i've avoided creating a cv for nearly "forever". (i've often stated my reason for hanging around the ams for so long as "it's a lot easier than writing a resumé.") but i suppose i could create one if i really had to, and would probably roll my own from scratch, not using any existing template.
@StefanKottwitz Today was hell; and amazing at the same time.
6:44 PM
@Johannes_B I don't bake but happily eat :-)
@Johannes_B TUGboat papers are handy as a way of getting things into order, as with any publication
@StefanKottwitz We went to oder warthe bogen for a little history lecure.
@Johannes_B Spooky and interesting!
@StefanKottwitz We had some delicious looking cake. Unfortunately, :-( i only had some crumbs
@JosephWright My wikibook approach :-)
@Johannes_B Would you come to DANTE 2017/1 in Zeuthen?
6:47 PM
@barbarabeeton Do not use templates :-)
@StefanKottwitz 2017/1? Zeuthen?
I'm in Italy in Feb and March dates but maybe I'm there
@Johannes_B -- only ones that i write myself!
@Johannes_B Yes, in March, south of Berlin
@StefanKottwitz Spooky? Absolute darkness?
@StefanKottwitz Let me check.
@Johannes_B For my boss it's ok to go for a talk at the DESY, let's see if I get a slot :-)
6:51 PM
@DESY? Would we get a tour?
@StefanKottwitz Please don't blow my mind. I was sleling cake and Bockwürste all day.
@Johannes_B I don't know about the DESY branch in Zeuthen, but I could organize something at the DESY headquarters and research center in Hamburg where I am
@Johannes_B Oh, Bockwurst with Senf, cool
@StefanKottwitz I love to see big stuff that looks into tiny tiny things :-)
@StefanKottwitz I didn't get any. :-(
@Johannes_B Come to Hamburg and I'll feed you with spicy Currywurst and a lot of beer!
@StefanKottwitz I had some kind of potato quiche, and .... it was very good.
@Johannes_B I take a fillet steak bear quiche :-)
6:59 PM
@StefanKottwitz Come to Freiberg and you'll get homemade cake, a fresh cooked coffee and a nice atmosphere :-p
@StefanKottwitz It was good. I liked it.
@Johannes_B Let me think. Do you have a cruise ship terminal or an airport there?
@StefanKottwitz Come here by car. A4 Exit Siebenlehn.
@Johannes_B I don't have a car. I go with planes and ships 90% and sometimes with a job pool car (Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt based)
@StefanKottwitz Hot air balloon? :-p
@Johannes_B I'll suggest to my company! Saves kerosene.
7:06 PM
@StefanKottwitz They are a bit hard to steer. But we have lots of fields around. Five minutes drive max :-)
7:55 PM
@sky-light Hello
@sky-light Hi!
I have a problem with writing mathematical formulas in a table
The mathematical symbols crossing the lines of the cells
How to solve this issue ?
@sky-light Sounds like a good question for the question&answer site
@StefanKottwitz OK.
I have another question please..
8:00 PM
@sky-light Using booktabs and maybe making \arraystretch bigger, but that's better on the site then in the chat
I have merged three cells; then I want to split these three cells to two cells. How I can do that?
I mean two equal cells
@sky-light a tabular within the merged cell
@StefanKottwitz Thank you.
8:31 PM
@StefanKottwitz I posted the question. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/352061/…
@sky-light Are you sure you want a spreadsheet like table? The greatest part of those rules are useless and only create barriers to the reading flow.
@egreg It is not spreadsheet, in fact, it is just an example, I filled the cells with dummy things. I have formulas in each cell
@sky-light I was referring to the aspect: there's no need to use rules around each cell, that's what I wanted to say.
@sky-light A “real world” example would be better. It's difficult to understand the relations between the rows, particularly with the splitting in the last two columns.
@egreg what is the point if I provide some complicated formula?
@sky-light That we can understand better what's going on and what you want to show and explain with the table. For instance, what's the central column for?
8:45 PM
@egreg I tried to make the table as simple as I can and at the same time raise my question.
The central column is for the data shared for all case studies
9:02 PM
OK: Line up those unanswered questions!
@JosephWright your comment answers tex.stackexchange.com/q/306292 possibly makes sense to mark the question a duplicate of tex.stackexchange.com/q/64
@DaiBowen Fair enough
I'm working on siunitx v3 code, but ping me for the mod hammer
Ok, ping @JosephWright >:-)
@StefanKottwitz :)
9:18 PM
Irreproducible: unclear
Q: xdvipdfmx out of memory

egwene sedaiI have a big thesis that, when using xdvipdfmx to convert the xdv file generated by xelatex to pdf, generated the error message "Out of memory" and it listed that 4 Gig memory is asked for a xdv file of about 2 MB. Is there an option of xdvipdfmx or is there some other way to convert the xdv file...

Probably a bad connection problem, or firewall: unclear or OT
Q: UPDATE LATEX missing file

vijaymy latex is already installed but at simulation some tex\context\base\supp-pdf.mkii file missing of mptopdf package, for update proxy server adress and port no.** and also proxy authentication Name and password required. What should I do?

Unclear or too broad
Q: Special conditionals (TeX)

MickGIs there a way to compare strings rather than single tokens? Is there a way to check if a parameter in a command is a string or a single character? If there is either, how do I?

9:37 PM
Please consider voting this one: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/156540/… (already rep capped, don't worry)
The mother of unclear questions
Q: Error when trying to load the array package

XrylcheI am writing my thesis paper in Math and I really need to use the array package. But when I wrote \usepackage{array} an error occurred. It says "pdflatex> ! Emergency stop." What should be the right one to use?

Q: Blank page on a random place

KeizerI have a blank page in my LaTeX document (documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article}). It is in the appendix, between a table and a figure. I have checked many posts, (e.g. blank page before appendix, between two chapters, before the title page) but none of the solutions helped so far. This is the co...

unclear or too broad:
Q: Tracing the sun's rays onto a solar collector

EddieI am looking to create an image similar to the one below, and was wondering whether it could be created in tikz or whether I should look for another program? I am having trouble finding information on creating my exact parabolic shape (0.7046x^2 from -700cm to +700cm). Any help would be fantastic...

@TorbjørnT. -- please post answer: tex.stackexchange.com/q/331847/579
9:52 PM
Off topic (see reason)
Q: How to refer theorem of different directory?

RamMy thesis contains several chapters, which I have named like Chapter1, Chapter2 etc. Each of these chapters have a separate folder which contains its files. All these chapters are contained in a main folder (Thesis), which also contains a preamble (executable) file. Now, I want to refer theorem...

workable solution found and reported in comment:
Q: Conversion unsuccessful!(standalone): AMS math features\@mathmargin=\skip44

RoboticistConversion of pdf to png and whitespace elimination is completely applicable on my machine by following commands from command line: convert -density 300 labels.pdf -quality 90 labels.png convert -trim labels.png file-trimmed.png Now, I'd like to do it automatically from compilation process with...

Q: How to force a newline after subsection?

Mehrab ShahriarI am trying to force a newline after subsection. How can i do that? I am using conference documentclass. Instead of 1. Subsection: This is a boy i want 1. Subsection This is a boy

@UlrikeFischer -- can you add an answer, please (your comment solved the problem)
Q: mathfrak not working

xndrmeI'm using Fedora 24 and I can't get to work the mathfrak command. I keep getting this error message: pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file eufm10): Font eufm10 at 600 not found I'm not able to find the package I should install in order to make it work. How can I fix this? A minimal (non)working exampl...

too broad?
Q: Comprehensive rules or resources on how to set numbers for math equations in a desired way?

sepidehConsider my previous question, having the following format in which every line of the equation has its own number is good for when you want to show how a set of operations go: But most of the time (especially when working on documents such as a thesis,etc), I don't need that kind of number forma...

PDF viewer problem: off topic
Q: newpx font and large brackets

spsI am having a problem using the newpxmath package. Bigger curly brackets as well as square brackets do not display correctly, as shown below: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{pxfonts, newpxmath} \begin{document} \begin{equation} x = \left\{ \begin{array}{llll} 1&&&\...

@barbarabeeton Yes, voted
10:09 PM
@StevenB.Segletes -- please consider writing an answer for this one:
Q: Working to find Latex error – Redefinition Problem

jssWorking to find Latex error – Redefinition Problem I have been trying-out the several ways of writing a vector symbol with harpoon above, - as described in several replies to an early post ref: how to set vector and tensor symbols with horizontal bars above They all worked fine and I was simply...

unclear? (op hasn't logged in since dec '15.)
Q: Math symbols coming out blurry (bitmapped)

BASTArdoI am a LaTex beginner user and I am trying to compile a file for an IEEE publication and for some reason I get blurry (not vector format) math symbols, mostly brackets, \asterisks and integrals (e.g. \oiint), whereas the rest is ok (letters, variables). I can see that this effect is already evi...

10:25 PM
@barbarabeeton Done.
@TorbjørnT. -- excellent. thanks. voted.
if this answer makes sense, upvote requested.
A: What is the bibliographystyle which displays the bibliography like amsart

barbara beetonthe really significant difference is in the font size. amsart uses \footnotesize. you can patch the definition in book.cls using \patchcmd. insert the command \footnotsize just before the \list in the definition of thebibliography. an example of using \patchcmc with the book class (although fo...

@TorbjørnT. -- another one for you ...
Q: why a error? \mathbb allowed only in math mode

Maria \usepackage{amsfonts} Пусть \mathbb {N} LaTeX Error: \mathbb allowed only in math mode

unclear? (op hasn't logged in since july '16.)
Q: how to set following fonts as by default fonts for Latex document

ibrarhow to set following fonts as by default fonts for LaTeX document \textbf new times roman for Headings \textrm for text \mathrm for math equations plz help me out Thanks in advance Muhammad ibrar Hussain

@barbarabeeton Found a dupe.
unclear? (another "lost" user -- not since the day after asking question.)
Q: amssymb: mathfrak subscript doesn't scale

user138862I have an elementary question with the package amssymb and the therein contained math script font \mathfrak{}. When I use a math-mode command like $\pi_{\mathfrak{X}}$, i.e. a small Greek pi with an X in mathfrak font as a subscript, the X is moved down in the subscript space but doesn't scale do...

@TorbjørnT. -- super! voted to close.
@barbarabeeton Yes, unclear ...
10:46 PM
@cfr -- you had a pertinent comment. maybe you could make it into an answer?
Q: trouble with margins in amsbook modification

Jonathan W.I'm using the document class iuthesis, which is based on amsbook. I've modified the distributed version ( source dtx available here, stripped cls file here, my modified version included below) a certain amount, and recently noticed an issue with page margins. Here's a MWE that uses the...

duplicate here:
Q: First line in beamer block ignores abovedisplayskip?

papabravoIf I use an an align environment within the a beamer block, the \abovedisplayskip is ignored. How can I force that setting? My MWE is \documentclass[t]{beamer} \usecolortheme{rose} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} \abovedisplayskip=0pt \begin{frame} \begin{block}{Some Block} \begin{align...

11:03 PM
This answer should be undeleted: tex.stackexchange.com/a/150471/4427
One vote here, please:
A: Table not complete

KurtWell, there are two problems in your code. First: you need environment longtable to get tables over more than one page(s). Second: your table is too wide. I guess you forgot the paper margins (in the following MWE I added package showframe to visualise the typing area and the margins). I chan...

@egreg -- done and done.
running away to visit husband in hospital.
@barbarabeeton I hope and pray he gets better
11:19 PM
@egreg -- thanks. he's really getting rather tired of being there. (some of his current problems caused by side effects of tests. the problem he went in with, pneumonia, has been clear for a week.)
@barbarabeeton Medical tests can be very tiring. Give him my best wishes.
11:43 PM
Q: Wrong chapter numbering

C.SchuppI switched the order of two chapters within the main Body Structure file. I) First part - Chapter A - Chapter B - Last part changed into II) First part - Chapter B - Chapter A - Last part It resulted in Latex numbering Chapter B as in I, but positiong it before Chapter A and counting the followin...

@Kurt Oh yes, I remember that ... VtC

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