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6:19 AM
Dear Adobe: this is why I am already anticipating re-learning my entire workflow once CS6 finally dies, rather than let you hold hostage the tools I need to earn a living. I would not benefit from a Cloud service. It would give me nothing but headaches and inflated costs in order to line your pockets.
5 hours later…
10:59 AM
@BESW hear hear
11:33 AM
well they are doomed if they do and doomed if they dont
12:02 PM
@joojaa how so?
@Vincent see they need to up revenue but they have chosen the only revenue model where hiking prices gets all your clients unappy in one go
they could up revenue by digitally distributing a non-subscription version
12:31 PM
@Vincent Sure but thats not heir strategy
1:00 PM
Don't we have like 20 questions like this asking, "My logo is similar to another... is it okay??" graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/q/84536/23061
Shouldn't we start closing them as dupes, leaving comments as for their particular logo? Or is that a bad idea for some reason?
Restating "Regardless of copyright it's not a good idea" on every one seems silly
2 hours later…
2:33 PM
@ZachSaucier agreed
2:58 PM
TGIF, friends
@Zach yeah those should all be closed as dupes to, preferable, a good general answer
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4:17 PM
Any suggestions for which Q we should use?
I like this one:
Q: Is there any service where you can check your designed logo against trademarked logos?

SycrenSay if I design a logo, there is the chance that it may be to similar to that of a trademarked logo already out there. Are there any services that help with this? This could be done through research, but this seems a bit too intensive, so I want to know if there is anything better.

4:32 PM
While that question is useful and relevant, I don't think it's really a duplicate candidate. It doesn't really ask, "Is having a similar logo okay and at what point is that true?"
Q: Is it posible to collapse/expand all Groups in Photoshop Layers Panel?

Flavius FrantzI have a photoshop file with a lot of groups inside and inside those groups even more groups, to get to a layer that I want is a looong way, and after that its even longer to colapse back so I can get to another layer... I was wondering if there is a posibillity to collaps, expand all groups at o...

I suppose I'll make a meta post to keep track of this
4:48 PM
@ZachSaucier true, but the answers are relevant and good
this one's pretty decent too:
A: Would this be considered as plagiarism?

gnasher729There is a difference between "plagiarism" and "copyright infringement". Plagiarism means pretending that you created something when you didn't. If your graphics designer claims he created your logo, and in reality he paid some art student to create it, that would be plagiarism. Which would be le...

Yep, I made a list
anyway, it's the weekend at my end of the globe
speak to you guys soon!
Meta q is posted
5:12 PM
Q: How should we handle questions comparing a logo made to other logos?

Zach SaucierI've seen a bunch of questions essentially asking, "My logo is similar to another... is it okay??" The answer to each is something like, "Regardless of copyright/legal issues, it's not a good idea to have similar logos". Here are some that fit (feel free to edit to add more if you find them): ...

5:33 PM
@Zach @Pie sorry for no longer chipping in. Having the worst day in a long while. Thanks for the meta post and the discussion.
6:12 PM
@Vincent no need to apologise, life takes priority. Best wishes and I hope tomorrow will be better
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