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@Pandya Yes, each Nakshtra is divided into four Charans/Padas which are equal... ie. 27 Nakshtras have 27×4 =108 padas in total...
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@Tezz You may be interested in this passage from the Shivajnana Siddhiyar, concerning different forms of Shiva and their levels of Jnana and Kriya:
@Tezz Ok. And how about:
Not sure but I think time period should be equally divided among four parts. — Pandya 58 secs ago
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@Pandya - नमस्ते :-) GM
@SwiftPushkar नमस्ते। अभिनंदन
@Pandya - हाँ , धन्यवाद् :) , hoping to improve myself further in asking questions , commenting ,and while giving answers.
Btw, it we think according to graduated site, then 20k is the trusted user criteria/privilege and only @KeshavSrinivasan touched it currently!
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@Pandya - Yes , I was exactly thinking abt asking this question on meta. IMO the 2000 -established user , 4000 - Access Moderation tools ,5000 -Trusted user is fine ,
@Pandya - can we in BETA change these parameters ?
@SwiftPushkar I don't think we can change. But what's your suggestion?
@Pandya - All the Privileges which starts from 1000 Rep. should start from 4000 rep. No for BETA + Indipendent site both
@SwiftPushkar for beta?
@Pandya - YEs , for BETA and after graduation both
Q: Reputation requirements compared

badpHow do reputation requirements for various privileges compare on Stack Overflow vs a graduated Stack Exchange 2.0 site vs a site in public or private beta? Return to FAQ Index

@SwiftPushkar If you've suggestion for our site specific, then you can post feature-request on Hinduism Meta. And for global (SE) feedback, you should post on MSE.
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@Pandya- IMO , editing any question & Answer privilege should start frm .4000. I think one gets somewhat familiar with scriptures and all the technical things only after 7-8 months , and reading lots of q&a. . Yes My suggestion is for Hinduism SE only, Since its a site about religion , spirituality , dharma shastras , Hindu scriptures , so one must lknow at least some basics before , participating in activities like closing or deleting answer.
@SwiftPushkar Then you can post FR on our meta with good explanation.
@Pandya - I am not sure ,but we can invite users on chat to discuss abt. this first ., wht u think ? because already some one has worked on this before deciding.
@SwiftPushkar @Pandya As far as I know there's no way to change reputation requirements.
in Hinduism, 2 mins ago, by Pandya
@SwiftPushkar yes, you feel free to discuss with experienced users and moderators about your suggestion here.
@KeshavSrinivasan Actually I don't know much about it. I've to search for it that's why I am not sure currently.
@KeshavSrinivasan - oh ok , this is my experience , cause after least after 7-8 months , i came know some basics , rules , books , scriptures abt Hinduism , so ..
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@KeshavSrinivasan but I think it can be .
@SwiftPushkar @KeshavSrinivasan continue your discussions on main room.
@Pandya - ok , you pls.look forward to this , cause you are having necessary technical know how and u r expert in meta. My interest is mainly in finding good answers on main :)
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@SwiftPushkar currently I'm on mobile and anyway, doesn't find anything better than meta.stackexchange.com/q/58587/260388
@Pandya - yes , this is also intersting meta.stackexchange.com/questions/139432/…
@Pandya I'm not sure whether Padas of KaliYuga are divided equally or in the ratio 4:3:2:1
@SwiftPushkar Mauna Vrata Dhaaranaam...
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh ok.. Thank You! Interesting.... ::
@Tezz - haha , i was just joking , anyway , i want the same info. on division of kaliyuga , looked in panchanga , but have`t found any,
@Pandya Yugas are divided in the ratio 4:3:2:1
@SreeCharan - GA Nmaste :)
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@SwiftPushkar Good afternoon. :)
@SreeCharan - haha .... yes
@Tezz Ok. Thanks
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@Tezz Do you know exactly why these colors are used for Satva, Rajas and Tamas?
What does Svetasvatara Upanishad 4.5 say?
@TheDestroyer Svetasvatara 4.5 says:
There is one unborn prakriti−red, white and black−which gives birth to many creatures like
itself. An unborn individual soul becomes attached to it and enjoys it, while another unborn
individual soul leaves it after his enjoyment is completed.
अजामेकां लोहितशुक्लकृष्णां बह्वीः प्रजाः सृजमानां सरूपाः ।
अजो ह्येको जुषमाणोऽनुशेते जहात्येनां भुक्तभोगामजोऽन्यः ॥ ५॥
Lohita, Krushunam, Shuklam same words. Do you know their etymology by Dhatus?
The gist of this Mantra is explained clearly in the Bhagavad Gita as follows. The Lord
says that He is of two kinds of nature or prakriti.
bhoomiraaponalo vaayuh kham mano buddhireva cha
ahamkaara iteeyam me bhinnaa prakritirashtadhaa // 7.4 //
Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, reason and ego - such is the eightfold division of My
apareyamitastwanyaam prakritim viddhi me paraam
jeevabhootaam mahaabaaho yayedam dhaaryate jagat // 7.5 //
O Mighty Armed, this is my lower nature. But different from it, you know My higher
one goes beyond all these diversities he will find that behind the diverse names and forms
there is only One i.e., Brahman. This knowledge destroys ignorance.
The difference between knowledge and ignorance is further explained in the next two
Mantras which we find in the Mundaka Upanishad also. [M.U. 3:1:1] [M.U. 3:1:2] (Note:
For a detailed exposition on the Mundaka Upanishad the reader may refer to the author’s
article entitled ‘MundakaUpanishad:LoseYour Indentity and Attain Salvation’ appearing
@TheDestroyer above is AdiShankara commentary on that verse...
@Tezz Shall i include it in my answer?
@TheDestroyer I'm not sure about their Dhatus... you may use Dhatu splitter if it is avaliable...
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But Keshav said, this is not Adi Shankara's commentary on Svetasvatara
Is it true?
@TheDestroyer what Keshav said is commentary of Shankara in Svetasvatara Upanishad is of dubious authenticity.. and the basis for it is he cites many scripture while commenting in this Upanishad than other Upanishad...
@TheDestroyer rather than using the commentary there you may just use the general Sanskrit verse and it's translation.. to show that white red black represent Satva Rajas and Tamas of Prakirti...
@TheDestroyer or you may ask Keshava for commentary of Ranga Ramanuja in that verse...
@Tezz Ok. I will Update later after @KeshavSrinivasan giving commentary of Svetasvatara Upanishad 4.5 of Ramanujacharya.
@Tezz See this by Swami Tyagasinananda
@TheDestroyer ok... you may use this also..
@TheDestroyer it's not Ramanujacharya it's Ranga Ramanuja... Ramanujacharya didn't commented in Upanishads...
@Tezz ohh..
@Tezz Ok then. I will include above commentary of Shankara on Svetasvatara Upanishad.
@Tezz Is it available online?
@TheDestroyer I don't know whether it os avaliable online or not.. also it is not exactly Shankara commentary.. it's summary of Shankaras commentary...
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@Tezz Ok. Found it.
@Tezz Yeah. Same PDF. But It doesn't say that it is Shankara's commentary.
Sankara’s introduction
to this Upanishad is a grand illustration of his broad canvas of arguments quoting lavishly
from the srutis, smritis, puranas and Bhagavad Gita to establish his point of view. But
many scholars doubt whether Sankara had in fact written his commentary on this
Leaving these controversies to the scholars, we will study this Upanishad as a guide
which uses a simple and lucid language that propounds inclusiveness and “teaches the
unity of the souls and the world in the one Supreme Reality treating it as an attempt to
@Tezz Thanks! I will include 4.5 in my answer.
@TheDestroyer wait wait... see here: sacred-texts.com/hin/sbe34/sbe34119.htm
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@Tezz Thanks! This is good.
The red colour of burning fire

p. 255

[paragraph continues] (agni) is the colour of the elementary fire (tegas), its white colour is the colour of water, its black colour the colour of earth,' &c. Now those three elements--fire, water, and earth--we recognise in the Svetâsvatara passage, as the words red, white, and black are common to both passages, and as these words primarily denote special colours and can be applied to the Sânkhya gunas in a secondary sense only.
@TheDestroyer see the next Sutra after that...
@TheDestroyer so it seems that Sankara says they primarily mean fire water and earth.. and secondarily mean Satva Rajas and Tamas
@Tezz Yeah.
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@Tezz Thanks! Updated the answer.
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@KeshavSrinivasan @Tezz what do you think about this chapter of Satyanarayana vratam from Bhavishyapurana?
Q: Is Lord satyanarayana avatar of Vishnu and mentioned in puranas?

Parthasarathy RaghavanPeople in Maharashtra and Andhra celebrate sathyanarayana puja on full moon day. Puja will be made and a story will be told for 45 minutes. Even I did twice in Shirdi Sai Sathya Vratha. Is Lord satyanarayana avatar of Vishnu and mentioned in puranas?

@Pandya can you answer my no beginning
@Pandya that room is not loading so can you talk in this
@Sakthi Ok. i will answer now.
@TheDestroyer thanks please give a clear one
@Sakthi ok. Have you experience with SE and moderation.
@TheDestroyer I'm not much familiar with @Sakthi (he is asking to get permission in Handling Situation)
@Pandya No i wanted to ask question so i entered it why
@TheDestroyer Handling situation means what
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@Sakthi I'm going for dinner now. I will answer after sometime.
@TheDestroyer ok
@Sakthi Do you mean?:
Q: How Universe has No beginning?

Sakthi Universe has No end can be understood but No beginning cannot be understood There should be a definite point that the Lord Started this process and it should work forever. Anything cannot start itself and run forever and the universe must be started or created only by god. EXAMPLE 1 : A M...

@Pandya YES
@Sakthi oh! ok. see the description of Handling situation to know about that room as you've asked permission to talk in that room. I just wanted to confirm.
@Pandya OK and what of the No beginning
3:31 PM
@Sakthi well. visit some of my answers:
A: Is Moksha a permanent state?

PandyaWith attaining the right knowledge, birth-rebirth cycle brakes and ignorance(अविद्या) & illusion(माया) can no more hold. Within kalpa, birth-rebirth is due to ignorance & maya, similarly creation & dissolution of the whole is also due to ignorance & maya. In another word both cycles 1. Cycles o...

A: According to ShankarAchArya in Advaita, is the universe "unreal" or "unworthy"?

Pandya सत्यम् / Satyam = Truth (Difference between "True & Real" or "Reality vs. Truth" is another topic/question that might be suitable on english.SE or philosophy.SE) मिथ्या / Mithya = False / Unreal According to Adi Shankara & Advaita Vedanta, world is unreal. The sanskrit word मिथ्या means unrea...

A: What are Vivartavada and Ajatavada?

Pandya1. Vivartavada: Sanskrit word विवर्त means [1] transformation, more precisely [2] apparent form in Vedanta philosophy. Vivartavada means the doctrine of apparent transformation. According to Adi Shankaracharya Jagat (word) is actually apparent transformation of Brahman under the effect of illus...

@Sakthi ^
@Sakthi so, it is very profound philosophy to understand the universe and it's existence.
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@Pandya i readed it and i ask this god play this as the thought came for him to other beings to bring correct
@Sakthi ? didn't get you. (can you simplify?)
@Pandya god brought other lifes(souls into bodies) as the thought came from him to bring other life to start a play
@Sakthi what do you mean by other lives and god brought?
@Pandya planet and the animals,humans,devas
@Pandya these came as souls were put in it
@Sakthi you mean why/when created soul and put in bodies?
@Sakthi you mean why/when created bodies and put souls in?
@TheDestroyer completed dinner very fast!?
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@Pandya Completed long ago. Was watching news.
@TheDestroyer good.
And I think @SwiftPushkar has also completed dinner! :)
@Pandya - Do you think there should be a seperate link for community wiki answers ? Yes at 9.00 finished food :)
@pandya after pralaya god puts souls in material bodies according to prevoius deeds
@TheDestroyer hai
@Sakthi yes, so..
@SwiftPushkar hai
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@Sakthi - yes
@Sakthi Hi. Preparing answer for your question.
@SwiftPushkar what do you mean by separate links?
@TheDestroyer Best of luck!
@TheDestroyer ok
@Pandya i am asking souls having no deeds as the first time god started this process and what method did he follow to put them in material bodies as after pralaya souls have deeds and can be put in their previous material form or according it and it repeats itself , i am asking souls with no deeds in the first time it started
@Pandya - it will be easier for the users to add text or links in it if found during searching for other answers , and users will know wht community wiki answers are there , now there is no way to find that out :)
@Sakthi oh! so you've the question that most of has been when they start spiritual-journey!
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@Pandya with deeds soul in manu deserves it and soul in animal form deserves it but in the first time after the thought came to god to produce Life(animals,humans,devas) what method did he follow where all the souls in same position like all devas
@TheDestroyer @SwiftPushkar Now, it is time for dinner for me! (though I'm late today). Good-bye!
@Sakthi Yes, I'm listening. I'll give you scriptural reference if I find related.
@Pandya - ok , have a good dinner & sleep well , bye , GN , TC :)
@Pandya OK
ब्रह्मार्पणं ब्रह्म हविर्ब्रह्माग्नौ ब्रह्मणा हुतम् ।
ब्रह्मैव तेन गन्तव्यं ब्रह्मकर्मसमाधिना ॥ २४ ॥
@Pandya WHAT IS THIS ?
4:20 PM
@Pandya Ok. Eat well and Good night.
@Pandya - haha , perfect shloka , like it :) we will compile all such shloka , even there is Ratri sukta in vedas for night time :)
@TheDestroyer What is that meaning of the hindi line
@TheDestroyer i will be back in 20 minutes can you post the answer and i will see it later
@Sakthi It is Sanskrit not Hindi. It says Yajna is Supreme god.. Havya is Supreme God.. and everything is Supreme Gid.
@Sakthi Ok. I will post.
@Sakthi Can you read Hindi?
or Devanagari or Sanskrit?
ब्रह्मार्पणं ब्रह्म हविर्ब्रह्माग्नौ ब्रह्मणा हुतम् |
ब्रह्मैव तेन गन्तव्यं ब्रह्मकर्मसमाधिना || 24||
brahmārpaṇaṁ brahma havir brahmāgnau brahmaṇā hutam
brahmaiva tena gantavyaṁ brahma-karma-samādhinā
For those who are completely absorbed in God-consciousness, the oblation is Brahman, the ladle with which it is offered is Brahman, the act of offering is Brahman, and the sacrificial fire is also Brahman. Such persons, who view everything as God, easily attain him.
It is BhagavadGita 4.24
@SreeCharan - Your edit made the question lot more difficult now , i have only answer of your 4th question , but it seems even the sages are not sure about wht will happen as kaliyuga advances . so according to Bhagvatam theory 1) Adharma will increase and the life of Human beings will remain only of 22 years 2) As end of kaliyuga will approch people will again be satvik :)
Q: How will we know the end of first part of the Kali yuga?

Sree CharanAs we know, There are four yugas (Satya, Treta, Dwapara, Kali). Every yuga consists of four parts (known as pādā in sanskrit). Many are aware that in the daily rituals we perform, we say Kali yuge prathama pāde as a part of Sankalpa of that pooja. It is quite common in almost every pooja. My q...

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@TheDestroyer i dont know hindi
@TheDestroyer do you have the answer for No beginning
@Sakthi Completed posting.
@Sakthi See the answer.
@TheDestroyer where my system does not shows it is it picture
@Sakthi which one?
@TheDestroyer i am asking the answer FOR NO BEGINNING did you send it ?
@Sakthi Yeah. I wrote it. check your question.
4:54 PM
@TheDestroyer OK
@Sakthi Did you understand?
@Sakthi Do you still have any questions?
5:10 PM
@TheDestroyer So it follows not a starting or ending
@TheDestroyer Good answer!
@TheDestroyer why some Atmans aquired status of Devas and why some Atmans took birth as humans and Rakshasas during very first birth? it makes sense.
@KrishnShweta hai
@Pandya Thanks!
Hello @Sakthi
5:12 PM
@Sakthi Yes. Brahman is eternal and thus this apparent manifestation.
@TheDestroyer what do you think of buddhas first all were devas and later humans and animals?
@KrishnShweta Yeah. This is also the reason why there is something "which doesn't change or something which is eternal" which we call Atman or Brahman.
@Sakthi I didn't get you. can you clarify more?
@TheDestroyer One more good thing is I am glad to tell this audience that some of the very greatest of them were women :P
@TheDestroyer lord buddha said the time is without no beginning or no end but he said in the first time there were all devas and later humans and cycle repeated with the karma
@KrishnShweta Haha. Yeah. Vivekananda said that.
@Sakthi what does he mean by "first time"?
He can't say "time is eternal" and "first time" simultaneously.
5:19 PM
@TheDestroyer yes
@TheDestroyer first leads to last or end and eternal does not comes in it
@Sakthi But here is a catch. Moksha means no birth at all. So, you are breaking infinite cycle of birth and death.
Now you may wonder, how can there be last birth in case of Moksha?
@TheDestroyer yes
@Sakthi Here's different philosphers differ.
@Pandya what happened
@Sakthi @KrishnShweta also consider to read:
A: What exactly is a leela (लीला)? Is there a scriptural definition of leela (लीला)?

TezzFirst of all, a question arises: How or why is the name or concept of Leela relevant in Hinduism? It's because Brahman is defined as fully omniscient and omnipotent by many Vedic verses. Brahman is defined as being beyond mind and hence to be understood by Neti Neti or Not-this Not-this. So for...

5:24 PM
@Sakthi I will say from Advaita of Adishankara.
@TheDestroyer ok
@Pandya does it contain about our talk
@Pandya OK.
> So, the creation of this world by Brahman is defined as just being playful sport or Leela of Brahman. Just as we playfully play with children without any purpose similar is the case.
@Sakthi According to Adi Shankara, the continuous process of creation, preservation and destruction is just an illusion or MAYA. It's not happening really according to him. Moksha is removing Maya. When you remove Maya, You realize your atman is just Nirguna Brahman (i.e, Supreme God with no qualities). All the world disappears from you just as dream appears when you wake up from sleep. As Maya is not real, he says this infinite cycle of creation, preservation and destruction is also not real.
@TheDestroyer so its taking place inside god
5:29 PM
@TheDestroyer Have you read Aparokshanubhuti?
@Sakthi Actually, it a bit advanced. you need to understand some basic concepts of Advaita.
@Pandya No.
@TheDestroyer what are the concepts ?
@TheDestroyer Then I recommend to read it. It preaches some essential tents of Advaita
@Sakthi As per Advaita, you are seeing Nirguna Brahman (Supreme truth) through lens of Maya. So, Nirguna Brahman is appearing as multitude of things to you. Nirguna Brahman is appearing to you as various Galaxies, humans, animals, mountains or mutitude of things. But our real nature is Nirguna Brahman.
@TheDestroyer you may be very well know/aware that it is the Prakaran Grantha of Adi Shankaracharya
5:34 PM
@Sakthi See Swamijis answer, he gives verses from Upanishads supporting Adi Shankara's view of Advaita.
@Pandya Yeah.
Earlier I had recommended @Tezz the Gaudapada Karika which every Advaitin should read as it is the earliest source of Advaita.
@Pandya which philosophy you follow or you found logical?
@TheDestroyer so god seperated us and created a illusion around all the souls
@Sakthi Actually, Advatins can't give exact reason why Maya is present. They say "Maya itself is Maya". Maya stops us from knowing our true nature.
@TheDestroyer Obviously Advaita I had declared it earlier. Haven't you aware of?
5:39 PM
@TheDestroyer i am asking as large souls are here and same paramadma is here but souls individualtiy is destroyed when like swami vivekananda died as self enlightened correct or is it wrong
@Sakthi Even a truly realized person while living (called as Jivanmukta) can't explain the reason due to wall of ignorance or Maya. We can only know it after realizing. After realization, we become Nirguna Brahman and the whole Universe disappears.
@Pandya You declared but i thought you changed it.
@TheDestroyer swami vivekananada was a jivanmukta or other
@Sakthi Souls individuality is not destroyed as per Advaita. Dvaita Philosophy says Soul is different Supreme God. But in Advaita, Soul or Atman is same as Brahman. (we just don't realize it due to Maya).
@Sakthi I'm not sure.
@TheDestroyer No. Btw, what you've thought changed to?
@Pandya My thought? By far, i found only Advaita logical. I will stick to it until i interpret Vedas on my own. Haha.
5:43 PM
@TheDestroyer about swami vivekananda what was he a jivanmukta as he said he was going to become one with brahman
@TheDestroyer I mean what have you thought: I've changed to?
@TheDestroyer this is for i want to know what is jivanmukta
@Pandya Ohh.. You were talking in support to Visista Advaita with Keshav i think. So, thought you changed your philosphy.
@Sakthi Anyone who properly understood Advaita can say what Swami Vivekananda said. But He is great soul. Some people even believe him as avatar of Shiva.
@TheDestroyer what is jivanmukta?
@Sakthi First you should understand, what is Maya and reality as per Advaita.
A: What is the Position of Maya(illusion) as per Advaita doctrine? (Or According to Advaita is Maya superior to brahman?)

TezzMaya can never be supreme as it operates only in Vyavaharik level. According to Advaita there are three levels of reality: 1) Paramarthika Satyam 2) Vyavaharik Satyam 3) Pratibhasik Satyam Paramarthika Satyam: This is the absolute reality. In this level neither Ishwara nor Maya exists...

Read this Q and A.
@Sakthi Jivanmukta is a person who realized while living with his/her Physical body. Videhi Mukta is someone who gets liberated after death.
5:50 PM
@TheDestroyer its late i'll save the page and read it and i will talk tomorrow so bye and thanks for the knowledge
@TheDestroyer Hmm.. that's because I respect others' philosophy also.
@Sakthi ok.
@TheDestroyer btw, Sharing my probably first talk with @Tezz:

My first talk with Tezz

Jun 8 '16 at 5:09, 53 minutes total – 74 messages, 2 users, 1 star

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@Pandya me too but at same time defend my philosophy :P But Advaita can absorb other philosphies. Anything is possible in Maya. Such is delusive power of Maya.
@Pandya How to create these conversations?
@TheDestroyer In above bookmarked conversation you can find my philosophy, the issue of maya and recommendation of Gaudapada Karika together.
5:55 PM
@Pandya I will see tomorrow, as i'm feeling sleepy now.
@TheDestroyer you can use "bookmark conversation" button at right side (from desktop site) for joined room and at transcripts also.
@TheDestroyer Get familiar with useful SE features as more as you can. That'll useful in future as you may be elected moderator! :)
@Pandya Ok. Found it.
Q: Is it possible to bookmark a conversation in chat, which has messages in two different days?

MartinI know that there is 400 messages limit for a conversation. But in rooms with low usage it is possible that an interesting conversation spans more than one day. Is it somehow possible to bookmark a conversation which starts one days and ends the second day? If not, could something like this be ...

@Pandya ok. I will search simply in google with keywords "meta stackexchange". Haha..
if i don't know any meta stuff.
@TheDestroyer have you visited conversation? No problem, Enjoy Shushupti. Bye!
@Pandya Bye! Good Night!
6:50 PM
@Tezz @TheDestroyer Here is Rangaramanuja's commentary on Shwetashwatara Upanishads verse 4.5:
@Tezz @TheDestroyer I had to take two pictures because the commentary started on the bottom of one page and then continued on the next page.
7:40 PM
@sv. - Hi
@Tezz Why not award full bounty to this answer? 🤔🤔😯😯
A: What are the Agama scriptures? Are they related to Shruti/Vedas?

RickrossWell, as far as I know, in Tantra tradition, Agama texts are those in which Devi questions and Shiva answers. Examples of such texts are in fact many like Rudra Yamala, Mahanirvana Tantra, Kularnava Tantra, Vijyana Bhairava Tantra etc. And Nigama are those where Shiva questions and Devi answers...

@Tezz Why waste 50 points? Something to think about next time.... 😉☺
@SwiftPushkar hello sir ☺
@sv. - oh , why sir ? you are senior than me over here :)
@SwiftPushkar ok, hello kid 😀
@sv. - haha , like that :) honestly i am really planning to read all the texts thoroughly
@SwiftPushkar effect of reading @Sai's comments .. he calls everyone 'sir' 😉
@SwiftPushkar yeah good to get a good grip on scriptures .. then u can write multiple contradicting answers for fun 😉
7:51 PM
@sv. - havent noticed that , but , his answers are similar to wht i been hearing since my childhood and from my parents abt.sai
@SwiftPushkar see this comment, e.g.
Man is a common word for Mind. But more specifically it refers to the emotional aspect of the Mind. Whereas Buddhi, refers to the intellect, or the aspect of the mind that does discrimination (Viveka) and analyzes everything, for example, let's say you get 100% in your exams. Then your Man, will be elated and pumped up that 'Yay I got 100%, I am finally getting what I want'. The Buddhi will analyze as follows 'What is the knowledge I have gained out of it'. However in broad sense, everything is from Mind. i.e. All of creation is a projection of Man or Mind. All the best sir, good q. — Sai Feb 26 '16 at 18:44
@Surya Thank you sir! — Sai Jan 29 '16 at 22:04
@sv. - yes , similar to our unconscious mind , which always gives us right decisions :)
@SwiftPushkar some day I plan to write contradicting answers so I get votes from both sets of people who support different viewpoints 😉.. but I suspect mods will merge both into one 🙁
@sv. - haha , but have you notice this with me ? if so pls . do tell me I will correct my answers , but anyway this is not good for site :)
@SwiftPushkar notice what?
8:04 PM
@sv. - contradicting answers
@SwiftPushkar no, what I mean is ... I will start writing such ... Ans1: God doesn't exist Ans2: God does exist ... both answers to same question ☺ but separate answers!! For fun ...
@sv. - yes , i think we can write both the answers , yes :) and i dont think there is something wrong in it , this way we will come to know abt.both sides :)
@SwiftPushkar but for that u need good knowledge of scriptures & various commentaries
A: Guidelines for new users answering questions

Be HappyFew guidelines for answering questions about Hinduism: An answer is most acceptable and authentic when it is based upon Vedic scriptures and gives proper reference to the source. Some of the credible scriptures are as below: Vedas and the primary Upanishads Smrutis (Bhagavd Gita, Manu Smu...

@sv. - do you know before coming to this site I was fan of Richard Dawkins , have seen all his documentaries , but now , my point of view is different.

There can be multiple definitions and answers for certain questions as different scriptures define them differently. In that case all answers are valid, only their contexts are different. For example, one may ask, “What is Yoga?” Users can answer it differently like below:

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj which means to join or to unite.Hence, yoga means union of two things.

Yoga is equanimity. (samatvam yoga ucyate – Gita 2.48)

Yoga is cessation of the mental tendencies (yoga citta vriti nirodha – Yoga Sutra 1.2)
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@sv. - but anyway , I like your critique nature , & sometimes feel like , that is good also for transparency
@SwiftPushkar Didn't know, interesting, what made u change ur thinking? 😉
@sv. - ^^ for transparency
@SwiftPushkar Yeah, now I have some doubts about events & places of Ramayana itself ... the unfortunate thing about digging too much into scriptures is .. u may not like everything u find out.
@sv. - oh sorry , you were asking abt Richard.. , dont know but some how I do started to believe in scriptures , GOD knows ...
@KeshavSrinivasan - "Vannakam" hi :)
@SwiftPushkar I don't like when Hindus start saying everything that has been discovered by science till date and will be discovered is already in Vedas and our scriptures 😉 blanket statements with no proof ..
A: Are there any references to Gravity in Hindu Scriptures?

Bhavin ChhatrolaMOTION OF EARTH Rig Veda 10.22.14 “This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun. In this mantra, Kshaa = Earth (refer Nigantu 1.1) Ahastaa = without hands Apadee = without legs Vardhat = mo...

Lot of empty claims in this copy-paste answer!! 22 upvotes !! Way to go :) 😉
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@sv. -yes , but people are not aware abt. whats in scriptures & what is their real meaning like we do ,we are users on such a good site like this since some time , so we know , even i do used to think like that , some time before , but now at least i have some idea abt. Hindu scriptures , thats fine for novice people
@SwiftPushkar I read another answer recently where user says NASA proved existence of Rama Setu etc. In fact NASA issued a statement they made no such claims! It was just a picture!
@sv. - haha , i know :)
@sv. - i think everyone is trying to prove that , Bible , Mayan people , Egyptians , why not we :) haha
@sv. - will sleep now , good day , bye , its Nice to talk with you TC :)
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@SwiftPushkar Vanakkam
@sv. By the way, did you ever read my Medium post? medium.com/@lugita15/…
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The God Delusion Paperback – January 16, 2008 by Richard Dawkins .... :)
He eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. :)
--- @KeshavSrinivasan What Upanishads Rangaramanuja has covered in his commentary, in that book of yours?
11:06 PM
@brahmajijnasa All the principal Upanishads. Unfortunately there isn't an online version.
@KeshavSrinivasan But I saw you mentioned above he commented on the Svetasvatara Up also! Right? Usually that is not considered to be one of the principal Upanishads.
Do you have a commentary by anyone on the Mahanarayana Upanishad of the Taittiriya Aranyaka?

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