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5:00 PM
@ChrisCudmore not sure what your intended construction is there. why 'extreme' ?
What do you mean, Chris?
And signal would be...
5:00 PM
I'd buy it
signal is IO
I would certainly have trouble getting from extreme to rad, but I wouldn't contest it
once knowing EXTREME, the rest was clear
Well, that and the answer.
that's one that is a lot harder to work forwards to than it is to verify backwards, yeah
True, it probably influenced
Back to your original, the Diamond Peak was irrelevant. You could have built RAID - YO and then homonymed that.
5:02 PM
I considered it, but personally I don't think that "Raid Yo" sounds like the word Radio, at all.
Depends on your location and accent.
For yours, You could also have conisdered:
Send gas diamond peak signal (5)
Or similar
Reused diamond for simplicity
Send ergs signal.
it's bad, but it works :)
Actually, my mistake
Radium isn't a gas.
5:04 PM
@Khale_Kitha Sounds almost identical to me.
I didn't look up RADON symbol
Also, @MOehm has solved my riddle.
@Randal'Thor Not to me.
But yes, that's the idea.
and Ty
5:05 PM
Radio is rade-ee-o and Raid Yo is rade-yoe
Like I said. Depends on your regional accent.
@Randal'Thor Oh, you. hehe
I considered using a rebus CC and a picture of roaches getting sprayed... :P
@Randal'Thor I like that. Too many logic symbols for me to grasp but it's nice
@Mithrandir Yes. Almost the same.
@Khale_Kitha Talking to yourself? ;-)
@Rubio ?
5:06 PM
No, wait, I'm not a rat!
...Really? o_O
5:07 PM
@Rubio Danke.
I'm gonna screw with someone by making a CC that homonyms to Nuclear, but pronounced "Nuc u ler"
@Khale_Kitha And apparently it's National Radon Action Month this month.
How funny
In other news, I recently learned that Freon is no longer used =D
Stone and the unsolved one was originally one clue, but I decided to split them.
I found the visionary phrase pattern
5:09 PM
@Mithrandir Bless you.
Any thoughts on @Will and the CCCC?
Rand had a guess earlier
No response, yet
44 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
@Will Is the CCCC answer ACCORDION?
wait no
I though ACCORDION out there on a whim YESTERDAY
5:11 PM
but had no reasoning
Q: A Puzzling Christmas Card

SconibulusI just got an interesting Christmas card from my cousin, with a very strange front. Hey Sconibulus, I heard you liked puzzles so I thought you might have fun with this, the shopkeep guy said something about making circles around the numbers to get a hidden message for your campus square? ...

@Randal'Thor did you find why clues yet?
group D: THIN OUT, POINT OUT, UP and OUT, keep your NOSE OUT, SHORT OUT, stick your NECK OUT ... ?!
5:12 PM
You mentioned the correct word ^there, though
KEEP? :p
stick thin, stick point, stick up, stick your nose into ... , stick out,
stick your neck out
@Techidiot X
@Rubio _/
5:14 PM
@Randal'Thor ^
And I expect feedback when this is over, remember.
@Mithrandir Again, haven't even looked at it again.
@Mithrandir Expect all you want - doesn't mean you'll get it :-P
@Randal'Thor You're too busy.
@Randal'Thor raises eyebrow
Maybe if you give me a bounty ;-)
I already started one today
@Sphinx You're slow.
5:17 PM
@Rubio FYI, @ChrisCudmore came way too close.. ;) Should have posted a partial sol'n
I apparently missed it then
Not surprising. Chat's been so active today :)
@Mithrandir Edited again.
@Mithrandir You can start up to three at the same time.
Oh, no. You didn't missed it
I know
DOn't want to give that much rep away at the same time :P
@Randal'Thor Progress report?
@Mithrandir All done except F6, I think.
Still no idea how to approach that one.
And I suspect I don't even have the knowledge required to solve it.
It looks like something computery.
5:21 PM
Rot13 is outdated.
i'm gonna guess it's KNEE
i tried rot42 but got nothing
Good evening, M Oehm.. Nice work on Puzzling SE puzzle..
yah @MOehm, great job
@Rubio Not KNEE. Try adding 5.
5:23 PM
Q: What is a Visionary Phrase™?

SilenusThis is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series inaugurated by JLee with his original Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a phrase adheres to a certain rule, then I call it a Visionary Phrase™. Use the examples below to find the rule. In case you want it in CSV: VISIONARY PHRASES, ...

This was awesome.
@Rubio Could be many different body parts to fit with the final answer of BONE.
heh. I didn't know that was a thing.
I have "Dem Bones" stuck in my head, from all of this, personally..
@Techidiot Is your cipher vigenere?
5:26 PM
@Sid Yes. Unless specified somewhere, it's vig.
I almost feel like it should have been "Drunk Phrases" instead of Not visionary =D
I'm so very confused now. "qbg4 ulcura2qbg2 crevbq1 qbg3yvar4" didn't help me much.
But it's removed one stage.
Unfortunately, I don't remember how I did this one... o_o
yeah I'm trying to get to the next.
@Rubio Pokes the black piece of connect-the-dot paper, to see if hints fall out.
5:29 PM
@Khale_Kitha hahahaaa
AH right.
I'll be posting a hint in a bit, actually
Now I remember. :P
I have to take notes on all of my puzzles or I risk forgetting how to solve them...
Well... it isn't vigenere'd with "clues" again ;)
5:30 PM
Then again, my memory is often like 15 seconds long
I left it here @Rubio Is that the answer? :p
Though atleast one of them should have touched the bottom left :D
Dec 13 '16 at 21:20, by Display name
The Good (Lukas Rot26), The Bad (Lukas Rot13), And The Ugly (Lukas Rot47) :P
I dunno what Rot47 is, but maybe it's what we need for F6?
5:31 PM
@Randal'Thor it gives "qbg4 ulcura2qbg2 crevbq1 qbg3yvar4"
@Techidiot Not even remotely is that the answer :)
Yeah... I don't even have an explanation for any of those segments :p
I wrote down most of this puzzle. Just not the last bits :P
It's fairly straightforwards now.
straigh1forwar3 - keeping that here.
@Rubio Thanks. I had just popped in and out. Now I'm popping in again, because I've seen the update to your answer to Mithrandir's long question.
5:38 PM
Trying to figure out what Tomas has to do with anything, Rubio
@Khale_Kitha The 39 Clues. Not relevant now.
Progressive, not against war with the western Donald (7).
^ Politics or cryptic clue?
Ah - you mentioned a clue for F6 in the edit, but nothing else was there, that I'd seen
There is something else
@Randal'Thor Sounds like a crossword clue for a politician, lol
5:39 PM
2 upvotes and the bounty on the visionary answer, and I'll be at 5k rep for PSE :D
close, also
@Khale_Kitha Ah, but what's the solution? :-)
Hadn't even considered it, yet, lol
(I know it's not my turn for the CCCC, but this just popped into my head.)
I can't remember what 'not' triggers for the CC
5:41 PM
@Randal'Thor What's the answer to that?
@Sid I could tell you, but then I'd have to impeach you.
@Randal'Thor FORWARD
I like it
western Donald == D?
And I'd say it's "both"
@Khale_Kitha yes
ah, kk
5:43 PM
I was thinking western Donald was "Don"
I was thinking he'd screw with us and refer to Donald Duck
@Rubio Good job!
it's: FORWARD: Progressive (def.); not against→FOR; war (lit. WAR); with (...) the western Donald→D
KK inspired me:
8 mins ago, by Khale_Kitha
straigh1forwar3 - keeping that here.
5:44 PM
...That was me at first. It was a clue.
Yeah, but you edited it, so I put it back :P
I was playing with PRO-THE-D and couldn't get it.
Q: Continue the number sequence: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 15, 20,

PhotonI can see that the length of each missing subsequence is greater by one than the length of the previous one. But I can't figure, how to determine its start number.

^ :/
5:46 PM
It was almost a +1, +2, +1, +1, +3, +1, +1, +1, +4
....then we hit a +5 ><
is there a mathjax size between \small and \tiny ?
nvm i see there are
Q: Is there a way to control the font size of MathJax equations?

pentaneSome equations have nested fractions and radicals e.g.: (which is the relationship of temperature between a planet and a star based on a radiative energy balance) Mathjax renders the equation this size: which makes it hard to read some variables. I am wondering: is any way to increase the ...

easier to find what I want there ;)
Yeah - pity we don't have access to much of the MathJax on PSE
It's funny looking through old puzzles and going: "Oh right... I should do another puzzle like that, one day."
(Especially with how easy the original was)
@Techidiot A clue has been added.
Does nothing for me, though, since I still have no ideas on how to interpret the cryptic
6:04 PM
interpret it By twos. (Then by fives.) obviously. :)
oh wait, sorry --
fixed that :)
don't think I've ever had a bounty before .. how do I get it?
You wait for the bounty profferer to award it
that's what I figured, thanks
was just confused as to why he would mark it answered but not award the bounty
If they never do, the system will award half its value to the best answer, if any qualify. where "best" is determined by some algorithm that cares about upvotes and, presumably, time posted.
I believe it has to be in place for ?3 days? before it can be awarded
Some non-trivial interval, anyway
Yeah, it has a delay
6:09 PM
I'm sure there's a help page for this. I'm lazy.
I want to say it was 24 hours for this site, but it may have changed.
oh, so it's not even able to be awarded yet
that would make sense
The bounty period lasts 7 days. Bounties must have a minimum duration of at least 1 day. After the bounty ends, there is a grace period of 24 hours to manually award the bounty. ...
If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2 will be awarded half the bounty amount (or the full amount, if the answer is also accepted). If two or more eligible answers have the same score (their scores are tied), the oldest answer is chosen. If there's no answer meeting those criteria, no bounty is awarded to anyone.
Everything you never wanted to know about bounty awards. :)
and they do not count toward the daily cap, right?
6:14 PM
... ?
I clicked on the question I think you were looking at ... I'm the lucky 10,000th viewer!!!
Woo :-D
10002 now.
Nice. Grats on 10k+
Is that your highest viewed, I take it?
6:22 PM
Nope, second highest.
Jan 1 at 22:44, by Rand al'Thor
Curiously, my two most-viewed questions on PSE both begin with the word "Five".
My highest viewed, I honestly expected to get no more than 100-200 views.
Jan 1 at 22:44, by Rand al'Thor
This being the other one (and I've no idea how that got so many views either - maybe the generic-sounding title?)
viewed 30251 times
good god.
6:23 PM
wow, lol
Maybe when you get a sec you can help me level this table of mine
What's interesting is the non-correlation between score and views
My highest viewed ever has 22k last I saw
And there we go: I'm into double digits on PSE gold badges :-D
@Khale_Kitha @Alconja once had a question with a score of ~70 and less than 1000 views.
6:26 PM
started at 22k and went up 6 entries
didn't see yours, yet, so it may have gone up a bit
Sep 1 '16 at 22:48, by Alconja
:) that one got plenty of views though. I've got one with 66 +votes from only 652 views
What's amusing to me is that my 19k views one has 32 favorites
but the 6k has 35
But then -- that feature's not really used the same by everyone.
Favourites ... don't correlate strongly with much of anything as far as I can tell.
6:28 PM
Yeah - I think it has a lot to do with people using them differently.
I know one mod who uses favourites to mark particularly bad questions so that he can come back to them later and see if they've been closed.
I used to clear a favorite once it was solved, because I used it to find ones I actually wanted to see later. Many people just use it to mark things like a second up-vote.
And since badges work off the 2nd method, it feels more encouraged.
I don't really use favourites at all these days.
Except maybe very rarely when I'm pushing someone towards a badge.
Anyone want to favourite this? :-P
6:30 PM
Haven't setup, there, yet.
SFF is awesome! (I may be biased.)
A lot of sites are, but I don't sign up on one unless I feel that I can contribute more than once.
(he's a mod there)
I favorite something if there is a possibility that I will put a bounty on it
Like the one I bountied today
6:33 PM
Amusing sidenote: Unpacking, after my move, finally found my PSE t-shirt. Yay =D
One difference between favourites and all other kinds of votes is that your favourites list is public.
@Khale_Kitha Yay! :-D
I keep losing, and re-finding, the little envelope of PSE logo stickers that I got with it, though.
I keep earning Epiphany today, and have no idea why.
Because the description appears to be lyrics for some italian story.
@Khale_Kitha Because you keep doing stuff.
Oh. Of course.
But I'm not doing anything...
I guess it was for visiting the site... lol
Epiphany is just for posting or voting when it's 6 Jan somewhere in the world.
Not even voted?
I don't ...think so...damned 15 second memory.
Yeah, I guess I did
You can check your own voting history.
Yeah, I realized a moment ago
Votes for something, on game dev....because
@Rand Bad Star Wars creator
6:45 PM
@Mithrandir ?
For the one that you didn't get yet
Mal Lucas?
You linked a chat message earlier
From Lukas
Oh OK, got it.
....lol - also earned "Just here for the hat" on game dev, earlier :P
HZE sounds like a zombie virus.
6:56 PM
@Mith @Rubio See latest edit on F6.
Good find.
He put me off trying rot13 by a comment in here
I was about to try it then thought nah
Just to be amusing...
If you put the morse through Wabun Morse
You end up with Kana that basically says:
Give me a blanket

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