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3:02 AM
@Tristan It has made three attempts so far and not correctly guessed Blizz. I am better than it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Who's Blizz?
@Tristan whazzat?
@Tristan A jawa.
@Tristan BH Jawa companion in SWTOR.
Bounty Hunter companion.
Also, THE BEST companion in SWTOR.
3:03 AM
@RavenDreamer I asked Strix, but I'll ask you for a 2nd opinion. Does Chalice of Harmony stack with Veigar's passive?
He's a tank, innity?
Also, I've seen him before! I wanted him for my companion. =(
@Tristan yes. Passives don't affect items (Viktor excluded, obviously)
@RavenDreamer He is.
More importantly, he is super cool
3:04 AM
@RavenDreamer So, if I got it at level 1 with Veigar (when his passive restored .75% per 1% missing), it would restore 2.75% per 1% missing?
If I don't return, know that I died doing what I loved!
@RavenDreamer Tali?
@Tristan Erk. Dunno how they stack.
@RavenDreamer Setting preschools on fire? That's a horrible thing to die doing.
@Tristan Alas. Femshep can't "tap" that.
3:05 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This reminds me of Hobo with a Shotgun.
Fun fact: The only reason my shepherd didn't cheat on her love interest in ME2... is because there wasn't anyone to cheat with.
@RavenDreamer Aww... =( That's why I play male Shep. Literally the only reason.
@Tristan Female VA sooooo much better.
First Impression:
Eyes in ME3 == hella creepy.
I had ice cream for dinner today, and I'm starting to feel now why that might have been a mistake.
@StrixVaria I had ice cream cake for dinner and am not regretting the decisions in the least.
What happened to tacos?
3:09 AM
I had one taco.
It was leftover from yesterday.
Then I was still hungry so I had ice cream.
Me: What is that?
@spugsley: Wolvies eating a corpse.
@OrigamiRobot said he wants to start posting all the silly things I say -.- I guess he's getting started
@spugsley All the silly things you say.
Jesus Christ I suck at Soul Calibur.
Moreso at this one than at SC2. I can't even perform most of the moves.
Much less remember them all.
Everybody look! @GnomeSlice said something! Better star it so he looks dumb out of context!
3:17 AM
That is the context...
@GnomeSlice True enough in this case.
Still, I suspect that wouldn't have been starred if anyone else had said it.
On the brightside... it means you're famous!
Just for the hell of it.
Or infamous.
3:19 AM
They really pushed the whole dominatrix thing with Ivy in this game, didn't they...
At least I see she's as bouncy as ever...
@RavenDreamer Great game.
@GnomeSlice Who are you trying to play as?
I'm mid-LoL game right now but I can give you tips while I'm dead.
Whoever the guy in the story mode is.
Oh Patroklos is annoying. Choose someone else.
You... you can't.
What's wrong with him?
I wonder how much time they spent on making sure that you could see Ivy's tits no matter which direction she was facing.
@GnomeSlice Probably more than they should have.
3:25 AM
@GnomeSlice Trying so hard not to star this.
See if I care.
@GnomeSlice I just didn't like Patroklos. He didn't have any moves that seemed particularly awesome.
The only move that Patrokolos had that I was amazing with.
Is no longer there, since Soul Calibur reformed.
The one where you stab their feet.
I could fuck shit up with that one.
Alpha Patroklos is awful.
Alpha being... the first one?
Yeah, he was pretty bad.
3:26 AM
The new one.
He seems a lot better, I'm just doing a lot worse.
He's just way harder to use like that.
For some reason I'm finding this game extremely hard to play.
I can't seem to get any of the direction+button combinations to work.
The chick with the ring blade has some nice tits though. But what the hell is she wearing on her head.
But seriously, they really... made Ivy pretty creepy with her dialogue in this one.
@GnomeSlice The way you swing wildly between misogynistic observations and gameplay commentary is both amusing and kind of horrifying to me.
@GnomeSlice If you're using the joystick, I sometimes have trouble with that too. I'll mix up the directions and not be pushing straight down when I mean to.
3:30 AM
How is 'nice tits' misogynistic?
Otherwise, just remember to be holding the direction first, then press the button.
I spent like three games trying to get Petrokolite's down-to-left + b+a to work, and gave up.
Are you on Xbox or PS3?
Are you aware of how the letters in-game map to the actual buttons on the controller?
3:32 AM
@StrixVaria Yes. Although I keep having to go back to the move screen to recheck to make sure I'm hitting the right ones.
I also severely dislike this new 'Brave Edge' shit.
@GnomeSlice Yeah that's awkward. Make sure you have something mapped to A+B+K so you can do it with just one button.
@StrixVaria Oh, you can do that.
And try to stick to moves that don't involve multiple directions for now until you get the hang of it.
I've been trying to hit RB + B to do it
Oh, @GnomeSlice I beat Dear Esther.
3:33 AM
@Tristan Any good?
Short, apparently.
@GnomeSlice I enjoyed it. It's not really a... game... So much as an interactive piece of art and storytelling.
It's based solely on exploration. The more of the island you explore, the more of the narrative you get to hear.
So is porn. You're not telling me why I should get it.
But the environment is gorgeous and highly engrossing.
Oh, so... you walk around and listen to a narrator talk about stuff?
@GnomeSlice As for easy characters to learn to start off with, once you're done with story mode and you don't have to play as Patroklos any more, you should check out Mitsurugi.
3:35 AM
That actually sounds pretty neat.
@StrixVaria I never liked him in SC2.
I'm going straight for Astaroth.
That son of a bitch is amazing.
Astaroth is another good choice, actually.
@GnomeSlice Basically... Yeah. A lot of people will think the $10 price is too steep, but, if you like artistic games, it's pretty neat.
Man, Astaroth is the absolute shit for pushing people off the edge.
Q: How can Astaroth get his opponents out of his face?

StrixVariaAstaroth is a long-range fighter. He has long windups, sweeping attacks, and tons of options if your opponent gives you space to work. Unfortunately, most opponents know this, and don't give you space to work. They get right up in your face and just keep up the pressure, and as Astaroth, I don't...

@IanPugsley Gave some good tips for playing Astaroth there.
I can probably manage Astaroth.
He was the one character I was amazing with consistently in SC2.
The easiest way to get them out of your face is to headbutt them.
3:36 AM
When Astaroth is getting pressured a lot by Natsu or someone fast like that, it can be tough to get enough space to work.
It's not quite as easy any more.
He also had this ridiculously cheap move in SC2.
In SC2 my main was Ivy.
Where he would shout DISGUSTING
I remember him shouting that but I don't remember what the move was.
I was pretty good at Cervantes for a while, but then stopped playing and forgot how to use him.
3:37 AM
Cervantes is another easy-to-use character overall.
@StrixVaria Was like double-down + vertical attack.
@StrixVaria Talim and Kilik for me.
Did like a double axe swing in a circle upward
Talim is such a little bitch.
Can't even hit her.
@GnomeSlice She's not in SC5.
Oh thank God.
Did Ivy's breasts eat her or something?
3:39 AM
So far in SC5 the only characters I've spent any amount of time with are Voldo and Yoshimitsu.
I tried out Xiba (new Kilik) first, but he was surprisingly different from what I was used to out of Kilik.
Leixia (new Xianghua) is also just different enough from old Xianghua that I can't really figure her out yet.
Ah... there probably wasn't much point in me getting this game.
I actually did pretty well at SC2
But for some reason I knew I was going to be horrid at this one.
It took me some getting used to, but I have around 100 matches played online now and it's going a lot better.
I basically just mash buttons and directions and hope the attack I want comes out.
@StrixVaria I don't have an Xbox gold account any more.
@GnomeSlice Did you do that in SC2?
@StrixVaria No.
3:42 AM
@GnomeSlice That kind of...ruins the point of getting a fighting game.
I actually knew most of the moves of the characters I played.
@StrixVaria Oh well.
Even so, just pick one character and stick with it and you'll learn the moves.
Man, Astaroth is so dirty.
Do you get to use him at all in the story mode?
Also, the story is really hokey in this one.
What's with the iron man thing he's got going on?
@GnomeSlice The story mode is a piece of shit.
Anyone played Blocks That Matter?
3:45 AM
You use 5 total movesets.
@Tristan Ye.
@StrixVaria A+G is the best for people like this - they inevitably use fancy jump moves, and you get a free air throw
@StrixVaria I've used three characters already... And Petroleum has had two, and Priya has had two.
That's it?
@GnomeSlice It pretty good?
3:47 AM
@IanPugsley That's a pretty good idea.
@Tristan Yeah, it's great.
@StrixVaria Natsu and new Kilik in particular are very jumpy
Recently I just read about a technique where you should mash either A or B whenever you block, just in case the opponent decides to throw.
That's something I need to start practicing.
@StrixVaria throw cancels deal damage now though
3:48 AM
@IanPugsley Yeah but it's better than eating the whole throw.
the AI is way too good at throw cancels, it makes Legendary Souls mode super hard
throws are like half of my Astaroth game
I haven't even tried that mode yet, and I don't expect to.
I don't really have fun playing against computers in fighting games.
I spent like 5 minutes trying to look up Priya's skirt against Nightmare.
In other news, I went 4-0 in my first 4 ranked matches last night.
@StrixVaria awesome!
@GnomeSlice not awesome...
3:50 AM
@IanPugsley I was searching for people with about equal skill level (E5s), so it wasn't that awesome.
Well fighting him wasn't going anywhere.
But still a pretty good start.
I ended up spamming her stupid little ballskick against him to beat him.
The first person I beat didn't really understand how to block.
I don't understand how to block.
3:50 AM
@StrixVaria I always feel awful against these people as Astaroth
@IanPugsley Pummeling them?
@IanPugsley The way I look at it, it's not my fault they jumped right into ranked matches not even understanding the basic mechanics.
@GnomeSlice he's got some real nasty combos
In another mode, I might feel bad or mess around a bit, but in ranked I'm going to be trying my hardest to win.
Ah, I can't do combos either.
I had some good ones I used to use in SC2, but I don't recall any of them.
3:52 AM
Yoshimitsu is so fun, though.
I usually do 6B,1A+G,63214B+G,88B~BE,88B
@IanPugsley o.o what the hell is that?
I need to work on him a lot though, he's got some really sick stuff
@GnomeSlice The numbers are directions.
Like on the number pad on your keyboard.
Ah Jesus...
3:52 AM
6 is forward, 1 is down+back, etc.
Fuuuuuuck multi-button moves.
I've given up trying to do BE
I don't know any super efficient Yoshimitsu combos yet, but I know enough mixups to keep my opponents on their toes.
@StrixVaria That's how I used to use him in SC2 as well.
3:53 AM
@StrixVaria dammit I forgot there were those two Yoshi questions, wasted my time with some arcade/legendary today...
@IanPugsley I already answered one of the Yoshi questions.
after @spugsley is done with Project Runway I'll see if I have time for it
@StrixVaria nuuuuu
But I still can't figure out how to time that damn K press.
I do it one out of fifty tries, and when I do what I think is the exact same thing next time, it doesn't work.
It must be a just input with an even more strict just variation.
Whoa, is Cervantes... alive in this one?
@GnomeSlice he's got an alive skin and a totally ghost skin
and seeing as how the story mode blows chunks it's not really clear
3:55 AM
How do I change skins?
I really like how Yoshi's 2B+K stance (the one where he's sitting on the ground) now teleports you directly next to the opponent from anywhere.
In old games, it had a max distance.
@GnomeSlice when you're selecting just hit left and right
@StrixVaria oh fun
Man, I would nail all of these chicks.
@GnomeSlice Tira?
@StrixVaria Yeah man.
3:56 AM
If she's not dead, she's close.
She's got to be at least part zombie.
I've seen worse.
I think I might go for Raphael next, just because I don't see anyone using him online at all.
Also, Sigfried looks like freaking superman.
3:57 AM
So @GnomeSlice who has the most revealing outfit?
@StrixVaria I played a Raph that ruined my day recently
@IanPugsley Exactly. It doesn't mean he's bad. That's why I try to pick underused characters.
@Tristan I dunno.
I've only played against 3-4 Voldo and Yoshi players combined.
@StrixVaria I actually haven't played more than one Ivy yet
3:58 AM
The only Yoshi I've seen other than me just completely overwhelmed me.
Astaroth has the most revealing outfit, I think. In terms of women... I think Tira.
I had no clue what was going on, and then I was dead.
@IanPugsley I've played a few but they always spammed her 8[B]
@GnomeSlice Astaroth's alt costume isn't wearing anything at all
you can totally see his shiny metal ass
His alt costume is a robot?
@GnomeSlice an iron golem or some such, but yeah
3:59 AM
Man, I miss the giant purple outfit from SC2.
I don't even use any default costumes. It's all about the custom characters.
@GnomeSlice remake it in the creation!
@StrixVaria I love her crouching 1[B][B],6B8
@IanPugsley Is Devil Jin a serious character? The only one I've seen couldn't touch me, but I don't know if that's because of the player or the moveset.
Wow, he is a robot.
it's not feasible at all, but it's cool
@StrixVaria holy crap Devil Jin, seriously
4:01 AM
Oh wow.
I'm looking at the training mode.
I don't know what that means.
It shows your key presses.
with some practice I could probably ruin days with Devil Jin
Go for it.
He's probably the least used moveset online.
My joystick is making a shitton of directional inputs.
4:01 AM
All I know is A+B shoots a giant laser.
I don't know how effective that is, but it seems like "not very" is probably the right answer.
@StrixVaria that one, not so much
Ah, Astaroth still has the dirty DISGUSTING move
A+B while flying, definitely
@IanPugsley Flying?
Oh man, Astaroth is exactly the same.
4:02 AM
I spent all of 15 seconds in Training mode with Devil Jin.
Time to fuck shit up.
Once I realized his weapon was "fists", I moved onto someone else.
@GnomeSlice not exactly - 6B is super different, 66A.B is different, most of his simples (A.A, B.B, etc.) are a bit different...
lots of timings, damages, hitstuns, stuns, etc. were changed
so anybody up for some LoL?
I don't have time for LoL right now.
Natsu has a pretty nice bum.
4:06 AM
the things that kill me about SCV Astaroth are the 1B change (now 2B+K) and the total removal of 2B+K (and 2B+K.A+G)
Natsu's air throw is broken
@IanPugsley Is that just a taunt?
@GnomeSlice no, he kicked the ground and knocked opponents up in the air (and you could air throw)
@IanPugsley I mean now is it just a taunt?
@GnomeSlice no? (his new 2B+K is his old 1B)
Ah, I'm doin 2G+k my bad
Can you still do his grabs where he impaled people on the edge of his axe?
Yep there it goes
4:15 AM
@agent86 that most recent deleted answer is... special.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah. killing that one was kind of a no-brainer ;)
not one where I had to go "gee, is this really not an answer?"
Man Astaroth has some pretty sweet combos.
Apparently Astaroth likes Natsu's ass too. He keeps saying 'SHOW ME YOUR BUTT'.
At least that's what it sounds like.
4:45 AM
@GnomeSlice Wait, you don't know what Microsoft Excel is?
@Mana TBQH, managing to not know is pretty impressive.
You're goddamn right. Goodnight.
5:13 AM
Hahahahaha. Hit on Mako-> Gain affection from entire crew. Wat.
That has to be a broken dialog.
> "I'll show you a good time alright."
Yields a rep gain with every single member of the party.
5:35 AM
There hasn't been a new question asked in 4 hours? O.o
What time does G.SE begin a new day?
@Tristan Midnight GMT
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks! I don't want to miss out on Fanatic by missing a day during travels.
Where ya headed?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Flying back to Missouri on Saturday.
5:54 AM
Kill it with fire.
Q: Unsure of title of XBox game

Jimmy ChenI remember a game in which it had Saturday in it's name.... It was very popular, but everytime I search up something like Saturday Night Bloodfest, I get linked to some other game. It was a game you had to pay for. Unsure what the name was.

Q: Unsure of title of XBox game

Jimmy ChenI remember a game in which it had Saturday in it's name.... It was very popular, but everytime I search up something like Saturday Night Bloodfest, I get linked to some other game. It was a game you had to pay for. Unsure what the name was.

Well... When he edited in what the gameplay was like rather than just what you see in the link, it's actually answerable, I guess.
Q: How to start...?

Bishoy AdelI want to know if i'm going to work as a applications/games programmer... what programming language is recommended and what are some good e-learning resources like pdfs or websites to learn this language. thanks a lot.

6:22 AM
@Tristan Two minute answer. :P
Q: Which gems are most valuable?

Raven DreamerI've got a lot of shards filling my inventory, and despite the fact that they're weightless, I'd like to get rid of them... in the most profitable way possible, of course. Turning them into gems seems the easy way out, but some gems are more valuable than others -- so which are they? What's the...

Q: Need help beating Spice Bandits level Wooden Walls

CatI've tried and tried, replayed earlier levels over to level up...nothing I do is working. Can anyone help? Wooden Walls - the third level in Africa. Please and thank you!

1 hour later…
7:41 AM
Q: How Do I stop Dragon attacks

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8:35 AM
Q: Any difference between Alan Wake's PC and Xbox 360 versions?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI've played and finished Alan Wake on Xbox 360 a long time ago, and the PC version of the game has been recently released. Is there any difference between the two?

9:13 AM
sigh Got the Black Rose and got rid of AVA and GameGuard finally. That only took 3 hours.
1 hour later…
10:24 AM
Q: Name of a RPG or Platformer PC game from the 90s

AdemI'm trying to remember the name of a game I used to play when I was a kid. It was played on a Windows 95 and I remember it was some sort of 2D side-scrolling RPG style game. I think it was castle-themed and you fought bad guys outside the castle as well as in it. I wish I could give more info b...

11:10 AM
11:20 AM
Interesting: typing пфьштпюыефслучсрфтпуюсщь into Google produces a sensible result, but γαμινγ.σταψκεχψηανγε.ψομ doesn't.
@fredley Why were you even googling that?
I'm testing out different character sets with our app's input. Casually switched to Chrome and typed it in without thinking.
@RonanForman oh god the stream is completely unwatchable
11:43 AM
Remote controlling my ubuntu machine from my iPod is trippy.
12:01 PM
Now we get to watch Mojang eating pizza.
for lunch.
Please make it so at least it's leftover pizza from yesterday evening!
After spending nearly 15 mins trying to get Pitivi to do something as simple as crop and slice up a video clip to the appropriate size for uploading, I gave up, and just posted the whole clip instead
@YiJiang YouTube has a video editor.
@RonanForman It's suppose to be a 10 second clip
A: Can you kill sheep with axes?

Yi JiangYes, the barbarian's flying axe attack can certainly hit sheep as they run pass them. I've set up an experiment and captured the result in this video. [.ogv, 13mb, sheep killing starts 40 seconds in]

@YiJiang no southern pole?
@badp Hmmm, apparently not
I didn't notice that
Maybe the planet's got a tilted axis? No, doesn't make sense
12:16 PM
If it was spinning perpendicular to the sun it'd have no cold polls, but I can't think of how to get just 1.
@YiJiang our planet has a tilted axis and still has 2 poles :P
@FallenAngelEyes Well, if we tilt it just a bit more... maybe?
The axis is pointing towards the sun, obviously.
@RonanForman A tidal locked planet would be pretty hellish
Look at the bottom of the map. It's all yellow. That must be desert.
12:19 PM
Don't think it would support life
Got it! If it was exactly perpendicular to the sun it'd get 1 poll, although it's be cold for half of the plannet.
@YiJiang Hey man, dwarves are pretty resilient.
I've read science fiction stories set on the thin band between the hot and cold zones on tidal locked planets, but otherwise it seems pretty implausible
Actually I mean parallel for the first planet.
Boom! I have no uneditied footage left.
12:39 PM
Q: How do I include the original Command and Conquer music in Tiberian Sun?

ShockwaveThe original Command and Conquer had great music. I don't like Tiberian Sun's score. How do I include the original Command and Conquer music in Tiberian Sun? I've tried using XCC tools. I used the XCC Mixer to extract the .AUD files from Scores.mix on the original Command and Conquer CD. Then...

Q: How to send friends their parts of the Magicka Four Pack?

MarkI just registered for a Steam account and bought the Magicka Four Pack, which I intend to play with three friends next weekend. How do I send them their pieces of the game?

So, was reading up on Soul Calibur V...
and whose stupid idea was it to turn Kilik into a Mimic character?
Words alone cannot express the stupidity of turning a character who has been with the series since Soul Calibur 1 into a mimic character.
@Wipqozn Mine, I'm sorry, I thought it would be fun.
...and they apparently made a new character who takes on his weapon and play set from the old games.
Which results in this decision making even less sense.
So they made a clone of a character, realised they were to samey, so changed the original?
@RonanForman So it would seem.
This is one of the stupidest decisions in gaming I have ever seen.
12:46 PM
@Wipqozn Now that's not true is it.
I can think of stupider.
@Wipqozn Soul Calibur has a "story" or something. This game is 17 years later. People are getting old. Etc. It's retarded.
@StrixVaria Indeed.
This is why fighting games shouldn't let their story have a huge impact on game play.
@Wipqozn They should, as long as it's a positive huge impact.
@StrixVaria Well it could be used to refresh the range of fighters.
@RonanForman True.
@badp It could be, but that doesn't appear to be what they did.
Like, I don't understand. Why would you ruin a veteran character?
It would be one thing to leave him out of the game, or to completely change his move set to a different weapon and all that... but to turn him into a mimic character?
That's just insulting to the Kilik fans (myself included)
12:50 PM
@Wipqozn ROBORYU!
(can you tell I've never really played a fighting game?)
@badp Yes
@Wipqozn Curses!
Apparently my generated worlds has a lot of aquifers...
@badp That's not what they did. The new characters are pretty much clones of the old ones.
Especially Leixia, who is indistinguishable from Xianghua except for her name.
@Wipqozn Actually the most recent Mortal Kombat's story mode, which retold MK 1-3 was actually pretty good
12:54 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I'm not saying the stories are bad.
I'm just saying don't let the story ruin the characters.
Whatever. Not going to spend any more time scouting out locations... strike the earth!
@Wipqozn yeeeeah
It's a fighting game. People don't keep playing it for the story, they play it for the game play.
@Wipqozn To be fair, the gameplay's mostly unaffected.
@Wipqozn Maybe they're not telling the story right then.
12:57 PM
@RonanForman Not at all.
but, it just has to do with the genre.
@Wipqozn Well if the story's not keeping them playing then it clearly isn't engaging enough.
@RonanForman You don't play fighting games for the story.
@RonanForman It's not, but..
The thing is
You play it for the competition.
@StrixVaria exactly
12:59 PM
For example, StarCraft 2 would have just as big a competitive scene even if they didn't have a single player mode at all.
It would have sold less overall, true, but the PvP scene would be unaffected.
And that's the main part of the game, really.
@StrixVaria Exactly.

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