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6:29 PM
tmobile's doing some site updates
maybe server migrations too
the site is slowwww
So it looks like https://openssl.org changed the URLs for all of their documentation and now links everywhere a… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/814176509506109440
You aren't supposed to change URLs.
@NathanOsman This is why I'm only bookmark entry sites
I'm not sure why people think changing URLs is helpful.
@Zacharee1 Isn't it?
6:45 PM
@NathanOsman well the change from ubuntu.stackexchange.com to askubuntu.com was certainly useful
although the redirect still exists
@Zacharee1 exactly.
7:10 PM
@Zacharee1 Ah, indeed, my bad. I hadn't realized they were copying an answer from the site.
7:21 PM
@Seth LG V20 got Pocketnow's best camera for 2016
Q: updated Nvidia drivers: black screen or login loop

Venceni've recently changed my Nvidia driver version & rebooted to login loop Black screen or TTY there are a lot of questions like this one. so lets make this one universal

I don't think he realized askubuntu.com/questions/865541/…
OP will get it... eventually
we'll see
inb4 OP starts an AMD one
unclear why n wasn't capitalized
@Zacharee1 hmm just hope it has some effect. Thanks again for maintaining your Q&As :)
oh god
@Zanna yeah. You actually reminded me to change NVIDIA to nVIDIA on it :p
@edwinksl look at the logo
lowercase n, but everything else is capital
but the company is NVIDIA Inc
look at the spelling in the topbar.
phew, was gonna have to try pleading fat fingers if I got it wrong
so i guess i just have to remember both
and the copyright on the bottom.
7:50 PM
@KazWolfe inconsistent...
Fully consistent.
I like nVIDIA better though. Cooler
The page title says "NVIDIA". The copyright says "NVIDIA"
@KazWolfe when you said Top Bar, I thought you were referring to the logo, not the title :p
nvidia.com/page/home.html all the branding says NVIDIA.
7:51 PM
the logo says nVIDIA
they just cast the n as the same size as the VIDIA
@edwinksl you're lucky to even get a number with Windows 10. It's usually just "Something went wrong."
doesnt matter anyways they patented all forms of typing their name :p
user image
like come on ^
@Videonauth nVidiA
not by me :D
7:55 PM
but look at the second incorrect logo
logo-wise it's nVIDIA
If politics would be a program of me, I simply would delete and start over from scratch ...
@Hizqeel lLol
I'm looking at the official branding gudielines.
I'm not a brand
You're using their brand.
7:57 PM
not in a legal sense
unless I have my own graphics line
which would be news to me
Well, no, you are using their brand legally.
I need to go on a "nVIDIA" to "NVIDIA" edit streak.
I'm not marketing or retailing their products. I don't think I have a legal obligation to write NVIDIA :p
maybe i shouldn't have pointed out the lowercase n
You're providing support for them.
but not receiving compensation
and I'm not an affiliate
8:00 PM
still providing support.
point me to where I can be sued for writing nVIDIA
(technically you can't, but it's still improper to misspell/miscapitalize things)
i don't think you'd want me calling you zacHAREe1
@KazWolfe it's in their logo
@KazWolfe why not?
I might very well be a hare
What's up, Doc?
note to self: randomly capitalize @ZachAREe1's name from now on.
@***KAzwoLFe* have fun
8:03 PM
don't get into fights with sysadmins. we're all stubborn af. And probably a few other things.
@KazWolfe >_>
I know that's not the right usage; I just like the emote
8:08 PM
@Zacharee1 ( ._.)
Does Wine tend to play nice with Optimus/NVIDIA Prime?
@KazWolfe WINE just doesn't play nice
le wild derp appears
Read. The. Frickin. Question! askubuntu.com/questions/865541/…
8:10 PM
haha @Serg thanks for that comment... that question could not be less clear I think!
@Zanna somehow I think even OP doesn't know what they want lol One of those
Q: Graphics issues after/while installing Ubuntu 16.04/16.10 with NVIDIA graphics

Zacharee1I installed or upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04, but I'm having some problems with my graphics card. The display is blank The display flickers Items on the screen do not display correctly Certain programs complain of graphics issues The computer boots to low-graphics mode Your specific issue may not be...

This is a masterpost, right?
yeah, canonical post
shouldn't it be CW?
or, more broadly, should canonical posts in general be CW or owned?
8:15 PM
couldn't you have suggested that when I first made it?
I wasn't here? I think.
it's been nearly a year
Was I? I don't remember.
@Zanna nice explanation on the sleeping processes question.
here's one that's not CW though askubuntu.com/questions/505506/…
8:18 PM
Where's the frickin "Search You Must" hat ? I've been searching on AU for days
@KazWolfe it's up to the person making it, imho. I think you should make it CW at the point you decide to stop maintaining it yourself, if it is not made as one already. But I don't think it's a problem to make it non-CW
eh, might be worth a metapost for site policy. i mean, i don't care either way -- just asking a question.
is it even possible to convert?
I don't see an option
@Serg thanks! I didn't see your answer until I hit the "post your answer" button. OP switched their accept twice haha maybe they will switch again tomorrow
@Zacharee1 in edit view?
tbh though, it and the AMD one are responsible for 1643 of my rep :p
@Zanna am I missing it?
8:20 PM
@Zacharee1 just under the box, to the right, very small?
I don't see it o_O
hmm maybe it's only answers you can do that do then.... uuuh let me check
hmm yep, can't see the option when I try to edit a question
@Zanna the switch was quite deserved, since your answer provides far more info than mine. To be frank, I didn't really care about that question, since OP is doing homework, and I've had no intention of doing it for them. I only gave a slight hint so to speak and went to bed since it was like 5 am already
ah I see it on the answer
so yeah
Conversions are weird, I think.
You should be able to make your own question/answer CW in most cases. Otherwise, you need mod involvement.
8:24 PM
Um . . . iirc you can always turn your answer into CW. Is there an issue with that somewhere ?
I don't plan on trying it atm :p
questions can't be converted though
oh, hi, a friendly mod.
Impart your wisdom upon us lowly peasants!
I kind of wish my laptop had media control keys
oh well
Wooo, 1942 on U&L. I need to push a bit more there, and I'll hit 2k
it is kind of strange that I have a decidated button and an Fn combo to toggle my touchpad though
8:27 PM
@Serg hmmm thanks... :)
@Serg downvote time!
when's the next mod election?
ez downvotes
@Zacharee1 cocks a shotgun come at me breh
@Zacharee1 probably within the next 3 years.
8:31 PM
@Zanna had better be active still :p
@Zacharee1 :D
Am I wrong? I thought this was fine meta.askubuntu.com/questions/16472/…
No, he's right.
Flags are not for technically inaccurate or altogether wrong answers.
I swear I've been told that I should flag those
> declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
8:41 PM
from me flagging this as NAA
But the edge case is "dangerously incorrect"
that's very old btw
@Seth I bring greetings to thee
what happened to the VLQ flag?!
As in, a user asking "How do I delete a folder" being told rm -rf --no-preserve-root / or doing an @terdon... That deserves a VLQ/NAA flag.
hi @ThomasWard.
@Zanna does sed master have a minute for code explanation plz ?
8:43 PM
so, glorious mod, we have a debate for you to settle.
yes pls
@KazWolfe I'm on my phone so i can't be super helpful right now
@KazWolfe @Zacharee1 no debate, ban both
namely "should masterposts/canonical posts be CW"
I'm also caffeine deprived
8:44 PM
@Serg b-but i'm helpful!
@Serg if I can help I totally will, but sed master terdon is not here :)
\o/ @Tim's alive!
Serg is also a sed wizard.
@Zanna Take a look at this answer : unix.stackexchange.com/a/333101/85039 The author uses sed '=' file.txt to add line numbers before each line, is what i understand. What I want to know is what exactly that '=' operator does
Hi o/
8:45 PM
@NathanOsman Oh, no, I'm a sed n00b. Maybe semi-intermediate awk and python user but by no means a wizard anywhere
\o Hullo Tim
@Tim did you get my latest comment?
throws sticks at @NathanOsman
So, yeah, everyone go vote in the Masterpost CW debate of 2016!
@Serg Oooooh. awk and sed - I always get them mixed up.
@Zacharee1 Yeah hi :)
8:46 PM
@KazWolfe what was your question?
sorry if I got annoyed there lol
@KazWolfe link plz.
3 mins ago, by Kaz Wolfe
namely "should masterposts/canonical posts be CW"
@NathanOsman it's in this chat.
@KazWolfe flag is disagree?
@KazWolfe Meta
@KazWolfe this type of thing belongs on meta.
8:47 PM
to meta, then. i guess.
I do not see it here...
we just don't seem to have a clear-cut policy for this sort of stuff.
MetaMetaMetaMetaMeta METAAAA
@Zanna ah, I think i found it ! It's in the manual under "Zero- or One- address commands"
I have https on my website now too.
8:47 PM
@Serg the = operator simply prints the line numbers to STDOUT grymoire.com/Unix/Sed.html#uh-48
@Serg ah nice :)
@Tim Good job. Internet high-five :D
@Tim I think flagging is valid though. The Help Center doesn't explicitly state against, at least where I can find, and the MetaSE post you linked addresses NAA and says use mod flag otherwise
@NathanOsman It was much easier than expected - CloudFlare offer free certificates.
(Hmm... that's kinda small. Must have used Trump's hand to trace it.)
8:49 PM
@Zacharee1 Yeah, use the custom flag if you want, but I expect it will be declined normally.
@Tim not in my experience
@Tim Still, that's a very good thing to do.
although I haven't checked my flag history lately...
8:50 PM
Very interesting functionality . . .
hmmm the issue is flagging incorect answers bypasses the whole community moderation.
If the flagger and the moderator are both wrong, that's 2 people who have removed an answer between them.
answers don't even get shaded out until at least 3 people have downvoted.
@Tim I don't know how mods act, but you did link a Q&A that specifically said to use it :p
@Zacharee1 Yes tbf I did
What's the command to activate concentration again?
But I would rather the mods didn't remove it
8:51 PM
how do I check my flag history?
they should just downvote too
@Tim well that depends on the moderator. Some might wait for multiple downvotes, others might also agree it's incorrect.
maybe others will wait for multiple flags?
@Zacharee1 You should check that at least once an hour. You don't want any inaccuracies to linger for more than a few minutes.
8:53 PM
It's a joke.
I know
I don't get it :p
Y'know, those people who sit in front of Facebook for hours and continually watch the page refresh so that they can comment on posts immediately?
Well like that, only for flags :P
Never mind.
ok, CW question posted. I'll wait for MetaBot to pick it up.
It was funnier in my head.
8:54 PM
Q: What is site policy for "canonical posts" and Community Wiki status?

Kaz WolfeAs of the time of writing, we have a rather large number of what can be considered "canonical posts", or posts that are basically frequent dupe-targets and answer very broad/general questions. However, within these posts, there seems to be a disconnect as to posts reaching Community Wiki status....

speak of the devil, lol
that was fast
That was fast.
@AskUbuntuMeta good job.
what happens when a Q/A becomes CW, rep-wise?
does any rep get reversed, or is there just no more rep gain?
I believe there is no more gain.
Any reputation earned beforehand is kept.
8:57 PM
Yes ^^^ is correct
> "The original author keeps the reputation gained (or lost) before their post entered community mode."
A: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardWhy have Community Wiki posts? One of the goals of the website is to be a continually evolving source of good information. Community wiki posts help enhance the wiki aspect of the site. For more information about the proper use of community wiki, see The Future of Community Wiki. How do Com...

So there you go.
oh nice
And I learned something too.
@NathanOsman And I just learned that "learned" is a valid word.
9:01 PM
I added a comment to the debate on your meta answer @Zacharee1 @Tim
@NathanOsman Hello
Will there be nitroshare for android?
@Tim There are actually two meanings. "learned" is the past tense of the verb "learn" meaning "to acquire knowledge". It is also an adjective meaning "someone who is well educated in something".
Although the spelling is the same, they are pronounced differently.
Or, in slang, "I learned him a lesson" (learned meaning "taught" in this case).
@Mitch he speaks!
9:02 PM
@Mitch It's in the works. A couple family emergencies delayed things a bit, I'm afraid. But I am still hard at work on the next desktop version, which will be released at the same time as the Android version.
@NathanOsman I've always used the British English "learnt".
@KazWolfe That's not proper usage though. The correct word is "taught".
learn'd -- past tense; learnéd -- adjective
@NathanOsman hence "slang"
> slang
That was before your edit :P
9:03 PM
@NathanOsman Thanks. Hope things get better
@NathanOsman it always said slang lol
@Mitch They have but it caused some delays :)
Lost about a month's worth of productivity.
9:03 PM
slang was always there.
@NathanOsman what this "productivity" you speak of?
@Zacharee1 Anything but this: amazon.com/…
"QuickStart" and everything... so it must be productive.
Somebody needs to take away my puns for the day. They're missing the mark.
Anyway, I gotta run.
So I use OneDrive to backup my photographs from my phone - and it has built in OCR
9:07 PM
That is frightening.
Have a look at this photo:
The bottom left of the screen has the word "vivaldi". It picked up the word "vivaldi"!
9:10 PM
Has anyone installed VMD 1.9.3 in ubuntu before?
@Tim impressive
> "Handbrake is one of those Linux gems that, in my experience, provides a certain quality equivalent to VLC. And after 13 years, version 1.0.0. has been released. Here is whats new..." - HandBrake, The open source video transcoder, releases v1.0.0
Whohooo guess who wrote some crap
And this is the computer I will hopefully be buying in the summer for university.
Oh, look , Apple computers are still expensive AF
Meanwhile, I'm trying to steam some buns in my rice cooker. Have no idea how to do it, but will see what happens
9:35 PM
Thanks a lot.. but i need to run in perl — Sonal Asija 5 mins ago
gah! ^
@Serg all the best ^_^
@Serg Mhh, they went up a lot after brexit
the pound is at $1.2 and British tax is 20%, so $ prices are close to £ prices now...
@Tim $1300 is still a lot for a computer
@Zacharee1 yes
@Zacharee1 Although $180 of that is the trackpad and the keyboard
and I do get 10% off as I'm a student
10:00 PM
@Serg why on earth is there a post on sun yan zi
90% of $1300 is still a lot for a computer...
But I want a Mac, and I would like it to be fairly high specs so it lasts a good few years without an update.
I really love how the apple ecosystem works with the phone notifications on the mac etc
10:15 PM
But you can do that with Windows and Cortana on Android (or AirDroid, PushBullet, Yappy, etc)
not as polished, yeah, but a lot cheaper
@edwinksl because I am subscribed to Sun Yanzi's fan group on facebook ;) duh
10:34 PM
I think my steamed buns came out fairly good, but i need to steam them for longer time and add more water into the pot
Serg le cook . I'm gonna open restaurant "Linux and Giggles". Menu orders only from command-line
Wait... steamed buns? Wet bread? o.O
Btw, review again, guys. Queue's up to 80 again.
10:50 PM
11:08 PM
@Zacharee1 I have an iPhone 6s
@ByteCommander Check again >:)
And it's really not as well integrated - I'll be able to answer and make phone calls on the mac
And handoff looks super useful. Start writing an email on my phone, continue with one click on the mac
I've never liked cortana as much as Siri
I can review in 45 minutes
@ByteCommander technically , yes, it's wet bread. Although, technically, it's only slightly moist.
Also mom made russian dumplings, so i'm gonna be having it with spicy mayo
Basically, it's just mayo mixed with sriracha. That's what they used to do in one Sushi restaurant where i worked couple times
11:20 PM
What's up?
My Ubuntu computer - that's what's up . . . and running ;p
Cool 😎
So what it's the command for ordering some of those steam dumplings?
getdumplings --count <INT> --type=<steamed|fried> --sauce=<soy,sriracha,mayo,hotmayo>
I've taken it way too seriously haven't i ?
11:46 PM
Wow, that boy has amazing fingers:
You know, the older I get, the more gifts for Christmas and New Year seem meaningless
All I really want for Christmas and New Year is respect . . . That seems to be the only thing I truly lack
I lack both gifts and respect, so...
Let's get 2016 over, finally.
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