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12:04 AM
Hmm, "disturbance" could be an anagram indicator.
I assumed it was, but not getting an answer out of it yet
But even "in the force" is only 10 letters, so if it is, then "drops" must somehow indicate adding letters rather than removing them.
well. it could be (disturbance in:the force)-(drops:four)+walls
or even (disturbance in:the)+(force) and so on
but I can't get any answer from either, let alone the one I'm almost positive it should be
"the one I'm almost positive it should be"?
DISCHARGING is only 11 letters :-(
nah. It almost has to be FLAMETHROWER but I can't make it work
weapon:def ; fire=FLAME, THRO from the disturbance of the force and the dropping of something, and I'm not sure how to get a WER after that
but it feels right hehe
@Deusovi for an earlier C4 of mine, the first version I came up with had "Termination of a terminated roof's termination, or [...def...]" - intending to give termination=END, terminated (roof's termination)=EAV[e], and literal OR → ENDEAVOR. I changed it because I wasn't sure "of" was allowed. Would it have been?
12:16 AM
I think it'd be okay, but not ideal. "Termination of" ==> END might be arguable, but definitely not the best option.
Possibly "Terminate a terminated roof's termination..." would have been cleaner then?
Dec 12 at 21:01, by Rubio
CCCC: Terminate an unterminated roof's termination, or the younger sibling of a vanished civilization. (8)
@Alconja yeah that's what I ended up with :)
Saw the problem almost immediately so I fixed it within the edit window
er. unterminated, whoops. i guess either word would have worked, wouldn't it :)
I'm still mad I botched the spelling. oh well
12:32 AM
Q: The Mathematics Department

boboquackAfter a whirlwind tour of the English department, the tour entered the Mathematics department. Upon entering, I immediately heard some interesting conversations: "It's like a puzzle, that game..." "I think the key is to rationalise it, by making a recurrence..." "You have to us...

@Rubio oh, my mistake. :) (and I think unterminated is better anyway)
yeah definitely hehe
1:05 AM
Well, I'm not clever enough to solve any of the CCCCs, so I've had to post my own cryptic clues as a puzzle on the main site rather than in here.
I'd post a link, but the Sphinx will bring it in a minute.
@Randal'Thor didn't you post something similar to the first question in chat? or was that someone else?
Dec 11 at 15:44, by Rand al'Thor
The western hemisphere in a cross posts puzzles (6).
Shhhhh ;-)
Morning all!
1:10 AM
Dammit, busted.
Ah well.
I liked that idea enough that I felt it deserved to be used somewhere, and I'd never actually used it in a CCCC.
You won't get far with that one clue though. It was meant to be the easiest anyway :-)
@TheGreatEscaper Evening :-)
In fact, goodnight. It's late enough in Europe that I'm off to bed.
Q: A puzzling newspaper headline

rand al'thorThe following clues are not quite your usual crossword fare; they do fit the standard guidelines for cryptic clues, but each of them contains an unusual twist which (hopefully) makes them harder than average. By putting together all four solutions, you will discover a meaningful sentence. The w...

Took you long enough, Sphinx
he's distracted, trying to get Christmas shopping done no doubt
1:35 AM
I've got something for three, but nothing else
I'll share it as partial, I guess
ah, wait nvm, I don't
tease :)
1:57 AM
2:48 AM
Bit quiet around it seems
3:05 AM
@TheGreatEscaper Yes, indeed
The charms of timezones...
3:25 AM
timezones are a myth
3:38 AM
@Rubio like global warming?
and Canada. Yes.
I see. thanks for enlightening me
How does one start a chatroom with a member who is not currently in a chat room?
3:53 AM
Alrighty then
4:41 AM
Q: What makes for a Balanced State of Capital?

ZymurgeIf the capital city of a US state conforms to a special rule, I identify it as having a Balanced State of Capital™. As it turns out, only 8 of the 50 state capitals qualify for this Balanced State. Those 8 state capitals, in alphabetical order, are: Atlanta, GA Boise, ID Juneau, AK Nashville, ...

Q: Why does everyone keep incessantly saying this?

lolzery wowzeryWhy does everyone keep incessantly saying this in all the chatrooms, ALL THE TIME?!?! If you see cay If you see cay then what, noone posts anything after it, are there implied foul language, controversial topics, conspiracy (at this point im so desperate to get to the bottom of it, i'll believ...

4:54 AM
@Alconja @Rubio FLAMETHROWER, def: "Weapon", FLAME+TH(ROW)E+foRce
Pretty good clue!
That's the one. :)
5:26 AM
Is it common for cryptic clues not to contain definitions?
No, it absolutely is not.
@Sid- Do the numbers speak of enumeration in your puzzle? I dont think they do.
I won't reveal that,now. You need to find out what he was doing
And possibly,all the answers as well..
@Deusovi And every word in the clue needs to be involved somehow with the answer?
The only way to not have a word involved is if it's a "connector" - for instance, you could have "(definition) is (wordplay)" or "(wordplay) leads to (definition)".
Yeah. Updated a little more.. They fit well but not sure if I am interpreting it right
5:40 AM
@Techidiot Nowhere near,I am afraid.
Ok, finally got a sorta nice clue:
CCCC: Lighten every day before going around in tats too regularly (9)
Hmm. . 9 words after lighten should give 9 letters..
"Regularly" could also be the definition.
(Or "too regularly", for that matter.)
5:45 AM
"Regularly" could also mean that you only take some letters and not all letters... like alternate stuff..
May be regularly taking a letter from previous words
Ooh, the chats woken up a bit
What is CCCC?
Cryptic Crossword Clue or something like that?
"Chat cryptic clue chain"
A week or so ago, one of our users decided we'd start a chain of cryptic clues. If you solve one, you post the next.
5:49 AM
More than a week ago..
Oh yeah, it has been a while. Hold on...
Whoa, that was a month ago!
Nov 15 at 3:53, by Alconja
New chat game: the person who answers the most recent chat cryptic clue has to pose a new one.
Apparently I have no perception of time. Nice.
Time passes quickly in the virtual world of puzzling.
well, Rogue One was better than I expected
6:20 AM
@Volatility So... I still don't get the flamethrower explanation. can someone spell it out for me?
"fire" = FLAME, "disturbance" = ROW (i.e. causing a row), inside THE, and then "force" with the four letters on the outside ("four walls") dropped off
oh. hah. nice
I had the answer but couldn't figure out why :) good job
@Sconibulus I enjoyed it quite a bit
Can "with" be used as a hidden word indicator?
Hm... how exactly?
6:37 AM
e.g. Inca person with hat (3) for CAP (bad example, because "has" can be substituted for "with", but you get the idea)
hm, I don't think so
ok, thanks
6:51 AM
Anyone gone through Rand's puzzle?
The one with the cryptics? No, not yet
Now that you have seen it, I doubt, it would last long...
Well, these don't seem to be standard cryptics...
USHER is definitely wrong - for one, that would require anagramming without an indicator. For another, H and S from HORSE doesn't make much sense.
Oh, and definitions have to be on the end of the clue - not in the middle.
I knew usher was wrong,anyway...
It's probably alternate letters of Horse followed by first and last letters of faster but I don't get anything significant in that..
7:07 AM
"Alternate" could only apply to "routes" or "...faster by".
Ah, got it.
Browser keeps crashing. Give me a second.
Got everything?
Nope, just clues 1 and 2.
Bah. You're clearly slowing down - it's been at least 20 minutes already ;)
Now 1-3.
It's 1am for me and I just took a chemistry final a few hours ago.
The last one is some sort of homophone clue, at least partially.
Anyone else have any ideas?
7:24 AM
i wanted it to relate to Nike, but no idea how it would
If "you are" → UR, here's a list of possible words:
are they all excluding def's btw?
aura baur blur burd burg burk burl burn burp burr burs bury curb curd cure curl curn curr curs curt daur dour dura dure durn
duro eure euro four furl furs fury gaur gurn guru hour hurd hurl hurt iure jour jura jure jury knur kurd kuri kuru lour lure lurk lurs mure murk nurd nurl nurr nurs ourn ours pour pure puri purl purr purs rurp ruru scur slur smur sour spur sura surd sure surf tour turd turf turk turm turn ural urao urde urds urdu urdy urea ures urge uric urim urns ursa urus urva waur wurm your yurt zurf
Nope, only the first.
first one is the only one i got. good to know.
A: A puzzling newspaper headline

DeusoviPartial Answer (clues 1-3 solved) The western hemisphere is never xenophobic first. (6) Horse moves right, left, faster, by alternate routes. (5) A most outstanding fate awaits the poor easterner later on. (5) I do it, you are it, so it sounds like you should do it? (4)

Posted partial answer.
Any ideas for the last clue?
7:29 AM
how is outstanding fate awaits → F_ ?
outstanding fate
the "out"-standing letters
I need a layman's guide to every cryptic indicator or something :)
most of these I only know from seeing y'all use them in C4s
they aren't standardized
you should be able to read them as instructions (loosely)
i'd never seen "outstanding" used that way before
I still don't get the "meaningful sentence".
Maybe 'outstanding' refers to the letters that haven't been referred to yet, as in 'A', giving F_TE
Alternatively it could be 'A' is out standing (away from) the rest of fate.
yeah, I just edited with the latter theory
7:34 AM
How do you get the "R"? Last letter of Easterner?
Eastern letter of poor.
("Eastern" being "rightmost".)
So the "easterner" of "poor" is R.
you're not really using awaits in either though
Hmm... interesting
especially not the latter alternative
7:35 AM
2 directions have been used in 2 clues. Probably the sentence has got to do something with that..
"Later on" → AFTER seems like a good def though, and the rest fits.
Sid, the sentence is from the solutions apparently
But, that doesn't seem to fit with the clues..
I don't see how SPHINX TROTS can start a meaningful sentence.
So maybe it starts yet another cryptic clue...
Well. for the 4th, I don't see any way the def can be the end of the clue; it's the beginning (perhaps, dubiously, VOWS for "I do"), or nothing
7:39 AM
But it just says we have to find the final sentence.
VOWS sounds promising.
"Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow"
I can't think of anything that works for the homophone end
Neither can I. :/
but yeah, I forgot about that vow thing :)
Vowels? Maybe that's the trick in this clue.
4 letters,isn't it?
7:40 AM
@Sid Vows is 4 letters.
You wrote vowels,right?
Where do you get "vowels" though?
@Sid I was thinking of something that was a homophone, and vowels was the only close thing.
3 mins ago, by Rubio
I can't think of anything that works for the homophone end
How does the homophone work for that? I am confused...
7:43 AM
Alternatively, "I do it, you are it" may all be a clue def for something SE related, like HINT or CLUE, which would give a meaningful if not well motivated sentence solution and also give something easier to homophone there
@Sid Remember, rand al'thor said '...but each of them contains an unusual twist...'
well - the first had no def
the third I'm not convinced we've explained, though the answer is probably right, so whatever explains either the missing letter or the apparently unused "awaits", depending which solve path you look at, is likely the twist there
the second seemed pretty vanilla
I'm not sure what the twist for the second could be.
And the first's "twist" was... kinda breaking the rules of cryptics.
(Unless it was meant to be "hemisphere".)
Anyway, it's nearly 2am. I'm off to bed. See ya, and good luck!
How is hemisphere a definition for Sphinx?
it's not
there is no def in #1
7:51 AM
Awaits is possibly used as a connecting word... Although, that is odd..
rand more or less admitted he used a clue he mentioned some days ago here, where "western hemisphere" meant left half of sphere → SPH
"awaits" may be the twist.
cuz otherwise there really isn't one
Hmm, the last word remains.. I liked URGE but I can't explain how G and E appeared. So, it's probably wrong.
Q: Help a man to recover his PIN number

Jamal SenjayaA man forget his 6 digits PIN number, but fortunately he remembers the clue for his PIN number. The n-th digit is the first digit of (product of other digits multiplied by n) The number is not 000000 If the pin is abcdef, then : The 1st digit = The first digit of $1 × b × c × d × e...

8:22 AM
good morning, afternoon, evening or night, @MOehm
@Rubio Hello Rubio! It's morning here; half past nine. Which is it for you?
half past 2am :)
Bah... No one has really seen my puzzle....
Good morning, @MOehm
@sid Saw it, read it, enjoyed the setup, realized I'd need to steal Ankoganit's device away from you to figure out what you had in mind ;)
Like I said, that was the find of the Century...
I proofread that thing twice. I am certain,it is solvable without too much trouble unless you have never seen the thing I am trying to describe.
8:43 AM
Q: How to "pop one out" on a Rubik's Cube?

Thomas ArildsenI am trying to follow this tutorial for solving a Rubik's Cube: https://ruwix.com/the-rubiks-cube/how-to-solve-the-rubiks-cube-beginners-method/. Step two says, among other things: If the white corner piece is where it belongs but turned wrong then first you have to pop it out. What is me...

9:37 AM
@TheGreatEscaper- Is @MOehm heading in the right direction?
2 hours later…
11:28 AM
@Techidiot Given that humn has almost solved it now, I think not.
11:42 AM
It's almost there, I think
I'm not sure if your solution explains why 9 is a loop with a tail, and not just a solid circle with a tail!
I think MOehms idea of a diamond grid is really good... but I think no matter what, to make it clear 9 has a hollow space, there needs to be a bit of 'evolution' in the maze
As far as I know, there are two fairly simple ways to 'evolve' the maze and makes things super clear
11:55 AM
Would it be OK to nominate oneself for a new room owner? I'm talking about this comment by CipherRiddle, and just wanted to know whether you agree it's OK.
I guess so as it is ultimately the community that decides by voting on the post
That just indicates that they don't want him as a room owner, though. (not if it's OK to nominate oneself)
But I guess as long as there aren't real guidelines concerning that, he can do it.
I don't see any obvious problem with self-nomination. But of course "X nominated X" is less evidence that X would be good than "Y nominated X" is.
problem with nominating someone else is they may not want to do it too
True enough. But of course they can just say no at that point.
12:05 PM
How many new room owners are we looking for anyway?
0-2 more, I'd say :P
We weren't actively looking for more anyway, it's just that more room owners wouldn't hurt and that instances like the latest AK-case can be handled quicker.
I agree that we don't need more room owners. But we can certainly use more room owners, even if their "powers" are only exercised rarely. As I mentioned in my comment on the question above, we did encounter a recent situation with a disruptive user where there were no mods available to kick-mute them. It wasn't serious, and it was handled, but if one of the regulars who were there had been a room owner, the situation could have been nipped in the bud. Since there is really no downside to having additional owners (assuming they don't abuse their "powers"), let's err on the side of too many. — GentlePurpleRain ♦ 10 hours ago
Ah Ok, I missed most of this, was focusing on exams
@Displayname I think you would be an excellent room owner. As it happens I've just nominated someone else, but that wasn't in any way a response to your musings about self-nomination :-).
I'm just trying to think of people who are active. @Displayname is one, there are a few others as well...
Thanks. And yeah, I hope no one interpreted my comment as "I'm secretly asking whether or not I can nominate myself, and am using CipherRiddle as a scapegoat", because that wasn't the intended message.
12:18 PM
@GarethMcCaughan yeah @Rubio would be a good choice.
Hello all o/
hi @IAmInPLS
Riddle still unsolved! I thought this was going to be pretty fast but I guess I was wrong
Yes I've been thinking about a while but can't get anything to fit all the clues...
12:22 PM
Speaking of room owners, as much as I enjoy Rubio being here, he's 2-months old here. Is that a problem for being a room owner?
Yes, he is rather inexperienced...
But I still think he's a good choice
... and earned over 7,000 rep over these two months. Not sure, but he seems enthusiastic about PSE and I don't think he'll leave us soon :P
He certainly has potential to be a top puzzler
Reputation is not everything lol. I was just wondering if this was a problem or not
@IAmInPLS I just used the rep example to show how active he is (104 answers, 10 questions). Are you concerned about whether he is too inexperienced to be a room owner? Or that there's a high risk of him leaving?
12:29 PM
@Displayname Well, maybe a bit of both. He's indeed a very good puzzler, we can all agree on that. Maybe my personal experiences want me to say that we need someone who has spent more time on this site.
But it's true that he's really active since he's here so...
The pros and the cons! Anyway, I think we don't need one more RO for now
Woah, people are active in weekends?! Surprising..
@Sid usually there are a few hanging around. I usually am, nothing else to do except puzzle :P
Though I make a rule not to post qs on weekends.
Yeah, I made a mistake yesterday.
Should have waited till Monday and brushed that one up more...
Weekends are the days I focus on making not posting
Why exactly would we want more room owners now that AK issue is settled?
12:35 PM
How is it settled? Was he banned from chat?
Until Jan 13... OK, hopefully he'll learn
yesterday, by Ankoganit
@Displayname Users suspended in their parent site can't talk.
His parent site is Physics, so I'm not sure.
Actually, now it's Meta
So he can still talk?
Nope, I'm blind: "This user is suspended on the parent site and cannot chat for 27 days."
So I guess it only matters what your parent site was when you got suspended.
12:39 PM
I wonder if he will bother coming back
Why not? As long as he stops being annoying, I don't think it would be a problem.
@GarethMcCaughan Have you seen Rand's cryptic clue puzzle?
1 hour later…
2:01 PM
Just thinking about the ROs, if we want to pick people, why not look at the frequently in room list?
both people put forward so far are in the top ten there
How does rubio manage to be around almost 24/7? Doesn't sleep exist?
Which is good. Quite a few mods are in the list, so the people in top 10 who are available are:
Weird sleep cycles, probably.
Me, dcfyj, sconibulus, rubio, sid
(Display name doesn't want to do it)
2:07 PM
I.e. once he sleeps from 20:00 to 02:00. The other time from 00:00 to 06:00 or something.
@BeastlyGerbil I don't remember me saying that, but you're actually correct.
@Displayname you didn't? Gareth suggested and you said no did't you?
2 hours ago, by Display name
Thanks. And yeah, I hope no one interpreted my comment as "I'm secretly asking whether or not I can nominate myself, and am using CipherRiddle as a scapegoat", because that wasn't the intended message.
I was just talking about not nominating myself, not about other people nominating me
Oh I took that as I don't want to do it. Apologies
No problem, I would probably decline the offer anyway if someone nominated me. (I just was confused why you seemed to know that :D)
@Displayname Mind reading powers
2:25 PM
Is any room owner actually here right now? (as in: following the chat, not just in the chat room) I know it's the weekend so this doesn't mean much, but I could imagine that there's still a certain window where no room owner is on (especially on weekends).
I don't think so. Thats a good point that proves we do need more.
So weekends could become spammer's paradise :P
@BeastlyGerbil I think it would be better to post an answer for each nominee individually, so people can vote on each of them.
@Displayname, I considered that but thought it would clutter the page.
I'll put comments underneath which can be voted on
Fair enough
Okay added the comments
2:32 PM
Err... @BeastlyGerbil Remove me from there... I am not really interested.
@Sconibulus @Sid and @dcfyj if you don't want to be a RO notify me and I'll remove you
@Sid thanks, I'll remove you
@Sid okay removed you
And the comment as well...
Considering BG is more active than Sconibulus on weekends (according to the user profile stats), I'll have to vote for him. (dcfyj is too inactive anyway IMO (especially on weekends), although I could of course be wrong and he's lurking 24/7)
Your existence has been wiped from the face of the page
I dont think @dcfyj is in the room at the moment anyway
@Displayname dcfyj is actually fourth most active
But I don't think he is on weekend
2:42 PM
Oops, sorry. I confused him with someone else... I'm not sure if we need more RO during the week, so I think I'll just stick with my vote.
What are room owners for? Do the other rooms even get much traction other than this room?
@TheGreatEscaper Everything in the ordered list here
edit the room name and description
pin a message (a pin is a super-star)
remove stars from messages
grant explicit read or write access (for when a user might not otherwise have it)
grant room ownership
modify chat feeds
move messages to a different room
schedule chat events
kick-mute disruptive users
I wonder whether @GarethMcCaughan / @Rubio / @BeastlyGerbil would be willing to become a mod in the next election? (I'm asking only these three because they are the ones I voted for as the next ROs)
Yeah, on weekends I often lurk,but go in and out constantly so don't always join conversations
2:51 PM
Hmm, I know this is a bit off topic, but with all this discussion of room owners I couldn't help realise that the subject of this room name, 'Sphinx', is the first answer in that recent cryptic puzzle
@Displayname as much as I would love too, I consider myself too young to have such a burden placed upon these juvenile shoulders. A responsibility of that magnitude should by left to adults.
@BeastlyGerbil how old are you?
In large part because the lurking that happens is often on my phone
@TheGreatEscaper 13
The average user age of PSE seems remarkably young. I'm 15 here, and I know one of my friends on PSE is 12/13
2:53 PM
@TheGreatEscaper Better not say who that friend is if he's 12 :P
If your friend is 12, he shouldn't be on the site. You have to be 13
Wow, now I feel super old
I'm 27...
I think the reason people seem young is because the yunguns are more active as they don't have to go to work
Ahaha I think he's passed that barrier, he was 12 at some point last year, and I don't really keep track of birthdays much (shame on me, I know)
The average age is actually 29 (of course people could lie on their profile)
2:55 PM
Sounds about right
3:09 PM
@Displayname I know next to nothing about how mods here work or how they're elected. I'd have to look into all that before I could give an informed answer.
I think Gareth would be a good mod though
Do you know why he didn't run for mod last time?
No idea. Maybe he simply didn't want to.
Who votes AK for Room Owner? :P
We already had that conversation :)
Proves that we should vote for him then :P
3:35 PM
Who is AK? I ankoganit?
Arbitrary Kangaroo, West Bengal, India
1 7
Oh... An Arbitrary Kangaroo signed up for Test Solution Please Ignore a day ago or so
What's their significance?
@TheGreatEscaper he's the one who would remove every comment he ever posted. He really annoyed everyone and all that chat would show would be [removed]
He likes to annoy other chat users (and delete messages).
ninja'd :P
3:40 PM
Ah alright
There were a few [removed] jokes here and there and I didn't really question them much but I suppose this is the context
He also started doing things deliberately to annoy people and goad the mods into dealing with him. He started starring all the most random messages in here just to fill the star board with noise, was being intentionally rude in chat and comments, and for a brief time was using a sock puppet to post puzzles that were intentionally bad, plagiarized.
Or both.
He's temporarily suspended for a month, expiring I think Jan 12.
Jan 13th
1 more day of bliss :P
Ahaha wow. Are permanent bans not allowed? I mean, if he was as bad as you all say he was...
Bans you usually go 1 week, 1 month, year and then deletion
He got week for plagiarsm an is now on month for rule vialation
3:50 PM
Alright. That ban system is pretty lenient for online standards!
Anyway it's 10 to 12 pm here in Aus, and slowly losing consciousness
It is flexible, thats the system for minor offences. Major offences can jump straight to a year, or even straight deletion
I should grab some sleep!
Gnight all, happy puzzling :)
Good night!
4:47 PM
@BeastlyGerbil I downvoted your nominations for new room owners because you have 3 people in there. If you split it, I'll upvote at least 2 of them.... Not that i'll say which :P
@Mithrandir did you see what I said at the bottom of the answer?
I just think that you should split it, and not worry about 'clutter'.
Oh @dcfyj are you ok with me nominating you? Or would you rather I removed your name?
@Mithrandir like I said in comments I'll split it if it gets down to two....
@BeastlyGerbil I have no issues with a nomination. I would certainly do the job as required if I were raised to that level.
And then I can vote on each individually.
(I voted for you in the comments though)
4:51 PM
@dcfyj okay. I'll split the nominations now @Mithrandir as I know that everyone nominted wouldn't mind
Thank you :)
Anyhow, I'm almost always available (even if I don't get on usually). If I get pinged I usually sure up pretty quickly unless I'm sleeping or preoccupied with something.
Uuh now I have to write up 3 new answers
Good for you.
He he, this room was known as "The Green Llama" earlier. Lol, no wonder it needed a better name.
4:55 PM
That was quite a Puzzling name.
gets annoyed at these GCI mentors If you don't tell me what's wrong, then I can't fix it. >.<
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