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12:01 AM
@Maltysen ?
12:19 AM
@Dennis US citizens well said!
12:31 AM
@LuisMendo What can I say. Americans somehow excluding me bothers me every time I encounter it.
@Dennis would you call yourself "an American" then? (Just out of curiosity)
I live in America, and I'm a citizen of one of its countries.
See, I know the word "technically" means that, but with common usage and connotations it means something completely different
I guess that's descriptivism, just to bring the conversation back around to that
Not here. The US usage of American isn't that widespread outside the US.
@Dennis We use "America" similarly to "USA"
12:41 AM
At least in our local dialect, you're estadounidense and that's that.
@TuxCopter thank you very very much :D
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Yes, that's what we're talking about.
According to Columbus it should be America with a soft A.
@Sherlock9 fails for test case age = 2 years old :P
What? According to Columbus it should be India.
12:42 AM
According to Columbus, it should be Columbia.
translate: estadounidense
(from Spanish) American
That's what it means in English.
Americano in Spanish doesn't have to mean the same as American in English.
@Dennis more like unitedstatesian
Be that as it may, I still use US American.
translate: US-Amerikaner
(from German) Americans
Why don't you work with me, Bing?
12:53 AM
@Dennis Talking about the US of Soviet Russia?
So then what's a more appropriate single word English noun?
Cold War: US vs. US
technically us wasn't a country, it was more like an EU, until 1781
like states used different currencies and the central gov't couldn't levy taxes.
Articles of Confederation, not of federation
@DJMcMayhem There isn't one. That's what bothers me. :P
@Dennis I'm telling you, we need to introduce unitedstatesian :P
We should officially rebrand as Unitedstatesistan
or as Democratic People's Republic of the United States of America
Make dprotusoa great again!
1:02 AM
@Dennis Well you can't complain if you don't have a better alternative. :P
Is there a term for the back of the front-end? e.g. only JS in the browser
@Dennis Using a American US translation service probably isn't going to help your case...
@DJMcMayhem There isn't a single word noun for the UK either, but I don't see a problem with that.
It isn't Ukians?
Please make that stick
I'll try, but I'm just one machine man.
1:07 AM
(and a dog)
@Dennis In the UK we have the opposite reaction. A lot of people object to being referred to as Europeans
I thought everyone in the UK referred to themselves as English. ;)
I see you've played this game before
@trichoplax Because the equate Europe with the EU?
1:18 AM
@Dennis Exactly. It bothers me too how a country takes hold of the name of the continente
I'm not entirely sure. I think it might be more to do with being an island. People refer to "the continent" as a holiday destination and "continental breakfast". Mainland Europe seems to be lumped together as one place, with the British Isles somehow separate (as if the narrow stretch of water makes it an entirely different place)
Well, that's also incorrect. UK is part of Europe (even if not of EU in the near future)
Hi guys
Hi... and bye! Time for me to go to bed
1:22 AM
@LuisMendo Bye then
@NewMainPosts I had no idea Chemistry terms were considered offensive here
Although at least one person where I grew up used "Chemistry!" as a substitute expletive
1:38 AM
I don't see sharp, but isn't this answer missing the boilerplate?
A: A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it

KlingerC#, 381 bytes (when in one line) var s=""; foreach(var r in new[]{"`|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|0|-|=|BS ",@"TAB |Q|W|E|R|T|Y|U|I|O|P|[|]|\","CAPS |A|S|D|F|G|H|J|K|L|;|'|ENTER","SHIFT |Z|X|C|V|B|N|M|,|.|/|SHIFT "}) { for(int i=0,l;i<4;i++) { foreach(var k in r.Split('|')) { l=k.Length+1; var u=...

The MC Edit v2 alpha releases don't have some of the features I need, so I guess I'm installing v1.5.4 as well.
I just noticed a couple of people giving two separate answers in the same language in that chemistry question. Is that a standard practice here?
^Yeah, it's typically fine as long as the programs are significantly different
@ais523 I want to add 7 to TIO, but I don't know which encoding I should use: octal (byte count will be off), CP437 (won't work with null bytes), or hexdump (versatile, but also obnoxious).
Oh, and here's the material count analysis for my build:
~13 stacks cobblestone
~8.5 stacks obsidian
~3 stacks wooden trapdoors
~2.5 stacks glass
44 buckets water
6 chests
34 hoppers
...it will probably be a while before I have enough materials to recreate this in survival...
1:55 AM
Man, IE 11 has the weirdest bugs.
@Dennis yeah, it boots up and doesn't suggest getting chrome
No, I'm serious. I've worked around some missing features here and there, but the fact that you can apply a CSS transform to an entire SVG, inline transforms to its elements, but not a CSS transform to an SVG's elements is weird.
that makes no sense at all
The only way to fix that that I can think of is to use two SVGs (the parts that should scale and the parts that shouldn't) and overlay them. Beyond hacky.
I'm testing the farm in a creative world, we're averaging 92 gold ingots/hr so far...
(Of course, it wasn't operating at full efficiency for the first ten minutes or so, because I had forgotten to light one of the portals at first)
2:14 AM
@Dennis when you see to an "entire svg" do you mean a <img src="foo.svg> kinda thing or a <svg> element itself
An SVG tag.
@Dennis wait what
Can you add Kotlin to TIO?
@SuperJedi224 Whch design is this?
@trichoplax I have used that as one, I must confess.
2:17 AM
<svg style="transform: scale(2)"><g>...</g></svg> <!-- works -->
<svg><g transform="scale(2)">...</g></svg>        <!-- works -->
<svg><g style="transform: scale(2)">...</g></svg> <!-- doesn't work -->
maybe use <img src="....svg"> for caching and better browser support
Caching? Are you serious?
@quartata Four 19x23 portals (just because my collecting basin happened to be 19x19) plus a second ring four 11x23 portals inside that ring. When the pigmen drop through the trapdoor grid in betwen the two portal rings, they fall into a two-stage water stream system that pushes them towards a hole (3x3 in my build) in the center, where they drop down just over 23 blocks onto the hoppers.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I don't see why you shouldn't :)
@Dennis is there problem :|
2:21 AM
The entire SVG is 370 bytes compressed.
The whole thing's built in the middle of a deep ocean biome, just high enough up that the AFK platform (built about two blocks below the level of the top of the portals) is over 128 blocks from the sea floor.
Random thought of the day: I really want a pet cuttlefish, the problem is that the minimum recommended tank size is 200 gallons.
(Also, sorry, I meant gold nuggets/hr)
Though at this point, in my survival world, it's a bit more important to mend up my tools a bit and get a couple more wither skeleton heads
2:46 AM
@ConorO'Brien Hi
CMC: what's the pattern?
|NK|0 1     2      3       4        5|
|0 |0 1     2      3       4        5|
|1 |0 0     2      6      12       20|
|2 |0 0    12     60     168      360|
|3 |0 0   120   1008    3960    10920|
|4 |0 0  1680  23760  131040   465120|
|5 |0 0 30240 720720 5581440 25502400|
@Geobits ouch >_>
@ConorO'Brien (kn)!/n! I think
where n is y and k is x
@ConorO'Brien btw, friendly reminder about GH invite to coup's GH
3:23 AM
@Downgoat thx. after today I might, but I got a huge project due tomorrow
ah ok
final was today so I'm free :D
at least until friday
@Downgoat noice!
I know I already asked, so not to be annoying but:
yesterday, by Downgoat
Question: anyone else want to help develop our coup war game in ES6? :D
but now it's in TypeScript so no "weird" JS :D
typescript is a wonderful thing
what's the diff?
typescript is ES6 but it adds enumerations, type annotations/checking (e.g. var a: string) and proper classes
ES6 classes are not true OO classes
It also has super awesome namespace features
kinda like C++
3:28 AM
Namespace features in C?
sorry I don't know what I was thinking
3:42 AM
Q: Trying to parse finance.yahoo.com with Mojo and perl

Nelson LukasI'm failing miserably. I want to parse the following URL: http://finance.yahoo.com/quote/MSFT?ltr=1 And capture these three sections: * All * News * Press Releases Here's what I've come up with.. [code] !/bin/perl use Mojo::UserAgent; use strict; use warnings; use feature 'say'; my $ua_str...

4:14 AM
If any FP programmers are interested, I have round 1 of my checkers program up on CR: codereview.stackexchange.com/q/149796/34073
@Downgoat I think you missed the entire rest of what I said :P
@Hosch250 aaahhhhhhhhhh CR link. brb going into local bunker
4:35 AM
@DJMcMayhem do you know of vim plugin to align characters?
foo = a
goat = b
foo  = a
goat = b
Hmm... I don't know of a "plugin" but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to do
5:04 AM
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC @Maltysen okay, I pushed the initial framework to Github, now we can start filling in country data (Data/Country.ts) I started USA as an example
for reference, it's 1 ft 8 inches (about 0.5 meters) and weighs about 10 pounds / 4.5 kg
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ congrats I think?
@Dennis most useful for interactive testing would be to accept the program in octal, but "internally" do the hexdump translation and display the byte count from that; here's a compiler from octal to 7's hexdump format that can be used for testing. (Note that 7 will infer the encoding from the source – it's treated as octal if it matches /^[01234567 \n\t\r\f]*$/ – so I guess it wouldn't be impossible for TIO to do the same.)
NUL bytes probably aren't that much of a problem in practice, because multiple 0s in a row are fairly rare (although they can happen inside strings in some encodings); because the purpose of 6 is to escape things and 6 escapes to 0, you tend to see multiple 6s in a row in the original program instead.
@Downgoat yes
o/ @Magenta
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ hi
5:17 AM
@ais523 OK, I'll leave the input unaltered. I'll worry about the byte count later. tio.run/nexus/…
hmm, did I post that program anywhere? it's online, either by direct link or via repository, but you'd have to guess the URL
so I'm amused at seeing it "in the wild"
the other possibility is that someone wrote an identical factorial program to me, which is unlikely as it's fairly long
and the other other possibility is that I posted it somewhere and don't remember
oh, haha, I posted it to the wiki
that would make it easy to find :-)
(I've only just woken up)
fwiw, hello is 16 bytes packed, factorial is 17
so I'm not exactly going to beat the golfing languages here
Yeah, I got the link from the wiki. Had to disable most of the debug output though.
makes sense; my idea was to send the debug output to stderr and the actual output to stdout so that you could debug it but also easily suppress the debugging
but producing it would be fairly slow
are you using the most recent version of the compiler? it's considerably faster than the version I posted yesterday, but with no semantics changes
oh, yes, you are :-)
(I just tried it with a program that's very slow with the older version, it ran quickly)
The things is that TIO places a file size limit on programs. Once STDERR closes, the interpreter terminates.
ah right
5:26 AM
I downloaded the interpreter shortly before I pinged you, so I assume it's the latest version.
that sounds like a feature for the future (detect closed STDERR, don't produce debug output)
2 hours later…
7:11 AM
7:35 AM
(You thought the next evolution in Unipants would come, but I'm in school, so...)
@mınxomaτ That wasn't fun at all
@zyabin101 You're back! :-)
(Or have you been back for ages and I've just missed all of the times you've been in chat?)
1 hour later…
8:51 AM
9:19 AM
@wizzwizz4 Not really, but will be after this year ends.
Yay! The new Unipants is out!
(Check my profile Dec 21 for the next exciting installment!
ION, I used Nativefier to get in the room. :3)
9:45 AM
Challenge idea: Play Numberwang!
@TuxCopter there you are :3
I was waiting in the Goat's Bleet Productions room.
10:04 AM
@zyabin101 I don't see how you can claim that you're not back yet when you're participating in chat often
@Fatalize I don't know if I'd use the word "participating". As per usual, they're mostly just filling the chat with promoting their own projects while ignoring everything else that is going on.
That's probably because he has half of the chat on ignore
Right, because ignoring people who are telling you that you are misusing chat is a reasonable response :)
@Mego That's not really the primary problem. I found the "not back yet" statements a bit condescending. But so far I don't see any major issues like before. So let's stay positive.
I take the "I'm not back yet" as "I can cherry pick who I want to talk to"
10:19 AM
Well he did talk to me yesterday, and I probably was #1 on his ignore ("hater") list. So I guess the list is no more, at least for now.
I'm sure I'll make the list again soon, because I prefer it when users actually contribute to discussions rather than unload their stream of consciousness while other discussions are going on :)
11:09 AM
Q: Verify my lasagne

Roman GräfScenario I often cook lasagne, but I also have a few mistakes. Since I repeat this faults so often I thought I maybe could do an programm that checks if I did everything right. Valid lasagne A valid lasagne is At least 5 columns wide At least 4 layers high Excluding extra cheese The top l...

11:23 AM
There's always this one program without a nice icon. That bothers me more than it should.
You have dconf-editor on your bottom-bar? lol
Because it's active. It's not docked.
Oh right, they are 100% inseparable by any means (on a snapshot).
11:50 AM
My new Unipants!
(ION, I love this new add-in WordPress provided me with the install: wordpress.org/plugins/hello-dolly)
@Fatalize That is, half of the world hates me.
That discouraged me to participate in the Internet.
At all.
Ignoring the world makes the world ignore you
@Mego It's not reasonable.
Because that means that you clarify that you hate that user.
I better delete every account on the Internet that I can, ASAP.
@Mego Which list? "Who hates who in the Nineteenth Byte?"
One thing is clear: everyone hates me.
The person saying "everyone hates zyabin" the most (in fact pretty much the only person) here is you
If the others ignore me, then they hate me ^^^^^
So if I speak with you I hate you and if I don't I hate you too?
12:05 PM
Then that's a problem. I can't resolve whether you hate me or not.
@Qwerp-Derp Yes. Hello.
And lastly, I'm going to move out-of-Stack Exchange chat-ward, to a non-breakable realm. It is Slack.
I'm not sure whether Slack is suitable for general chatting inside a group, or not
> Standard: $6,67
It's not.
Pay just to experience the full power of Slack, which every group needs immediately? Very bad.
HyperDev has become Gomix? Thanks. :(
12:24 PM
@zyabin101 Why not Gitter or IRC?
@TuxCopter IRC: HARD to set up, Gitter: I can't pay for private rooms.
> IRC: HARD to set up
Is that a joke?
The IRC spec is small and there are a lot of servers
To have an IRC server you just need to open to the world a computer running a server
Now, I'm implementing a white-and-black-list chat, using so-called tickets to authenticate each user.
12:28 PM
You are implementing a custom chat protocol?
Nope, I just picked up a random chat demo from Gomix.
Then you are making a custom protocol?
It uses web sockets to send events.
It don't change the fact you are inventing a protocol
Okay. :/
12:33 PM
@zyabin101 Today's GPF comic is surprisingly relevant here.
> We don't hate you. That said, you haven't made it easy to like you.
You haven't done anything deserving of hate.
I'd probably have more than 25 users in a private room, but the free plan is cool! Woo!
But what if [the person understood] doesn't have a GitHub?
Who doesn't have a GH?
a) you can sign in with twitter b) how are you going to have a private chat service without people authenticating themselves somewhere?
12:42 PM
I've made a grey list, wherein people can make new accounts to be approved.
- User enters a nickname
Something else: archive.org currently has a pari-passu donation campaign. If you ever considered donating, you should do it now.
- App asks user for contact info
- After user politely enters contact info, app puts user in grey list and leaves it to (an) admin(s) for review
(or to an email-manager service)
You can't be guaranteed that a user is who they say they are.
(Also true with authentication, but it's harder to change one's identity there.)
12:48 PM
Then instead of human reviewers, you can put an email-verify service in there.
The user can just verify their email and get them to a lighter list.
- User is approved by getting its ticket in the white list.
The ticket is obtained by the user in advance.
Just have them mail a blood sample, it'll be faster.
Then idk how to auth users. :/
12:54 PM
Statistics question: so, I came across a massive spreadsheet detailing the grade distribution for every section of each course offered at my university last year. I'm trying to identify cases where there are large(r than expected) differences in the difficulty between sections of the same course.
Fun fact: that wasn't a question, just like this fact isn't fun.
So my question is: how do I do this, since I'm not just comparing two sections, I'm comparing all of the sections of a given course as a group (there's up to 20 sections for some of the larger courses).
oh well
@MartinEnder Funnier fact: ^^
@MartinEnder chillax, I am much slow at the typing.
12:56 PM
and ^
And... perhaps more useful than a p-value telling me "how likely" it is that there's a variation between sections, more useful would be an absolute number telling me how large the difference is.
RIP conversation, I guess I'll ask elsewhere.
The best I had was "can you do a comparison of each with the mean" but it didn't seem promising so I thought I'd wait for someone who knows what they're talking about...
1:12 PM
A: What are the five most powerful characters in your language?

XanderhallJava 8, 2 4 numbers n->12 // returns 12 n->21 // returns 21 n1->2 // returns 2 n2->1 // returns 1 Weren't expecting a Java answer, were you? This is a lambda that can only be arranged one of two ways (and with any two different digits!) for a total of two unique numbers. Everything else i...

I decided to throw the idea with a Socket.io chat away, and to just make a Gitter one.
How am I still getting upvotes XD
@MartinEnder They allow to create organizations on Gitter itself! :D
Next question: is Gitter suitable for general chat inside a group?
No answer? Well then. :(
Did you dismiss me? :(
1:31 PM
Yay Vodafone gave me 3 GB for free
LOL. The security team here sent out an email newsletter last night about phishing. They apparently opted to use a new third-party email engine for this. As a result, our anti-spam systems saw the email as a phishing attempt and marked it as such in everyone's Outlook. 10/10
@TimmyD Hoisted by their own petard! :P
Reminds me of Paypals phishing warning that landed in spam.

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