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5:01 AM
Q: Is there a more efficient way to wire this minecraft redstone circuit?

JohnI want to create two sets of two adjacent pistons with a two block gap between them for a melon farm. It seems as though I'm using a prodigious amount of redstone for each section. This is my first redstone circuit, but is there a better way?

@StrixVaria in red, yeah
@IanPugsley I stopped playing at Fifth Dawn; I meant I'm surprised she was reprinted in...Duel Decks? Is that a set?
I have no idea how to read this entry at magiccards.info
Also what is "Mythic Rare"?
@StrixVaria Planar Chaos
the Duel Decks are promo decks - two decks that play well against each other, with some special versions of some cards (sometimes foils, sometimes alt arts, etc.)
Oh ok, that's pretty neat.
@StrixVaria Mythic Rares is the next level of rarity - only one to a sheet instead of two
5:07 AM
Because Rares weren't rare enough...
it's something like one mythic to every eight boosters or so
So much has changed since I stopped.
Cards with stuff printed on both sides.
Flip cards.
I don't even know what it's all called.
The rules even changed!
There's no mana burn any more or something; combat is completely different.
@StrixVaria yeah, this ruined my day entirely - combat damage no longer uses the stack
@IanPugsley How do you pull combat shenanigans then?
my good ol' Mogg Fanatic and Sakura Tribe Elder are terrible now
5:09 AM
That seems like a terrible game design decision.
@StrixVaria there's still the ability to cast/activate after attackers are declared, after blockers are declared, and after first/double strike damage is dealt
@StrixVaria it's actually made things a lot simpler, and it really only effed a handful of cards
they just happened to be cards that I loved :(
@IanPugsley A lot of the recent changes they've made seem to cater to new players a lot.
@StrixVaria The previous way was bad design.
@OrigamiRobot I don't agree with this at all either
@StrixVaria Don't worry, there's still a lot of tricky stack tricks.
5:11 AM
@OrigamiRobot It added elements of strategy.
Maybe not the right kinds of strategy...
it was complex, but I liked it - from a game design perspective, I don't think one way was necessarily better or worse
But I liked it.
@StrixVaria Having a creature die and still do combat damage makes no sense.
@OrigamiRobot Sure it does. It deals its damage and then sacrifices itself.
Before the damage is dealt.
It's in the ether.
MtG is so nostalgic for me because it's been probably 8 years since I've played.
@StrixVaria If it deals it's damage, why didn't it get dealt damage?
5:12 AM
@OrigamiRobot Because it's already dead.
It deals its damage, and then it sacrifices itself before it dealt its damage.
@OrigamiRobot the dealing of damage to it fizzled - it was on the stack, same as anything else
I don't see what's confusing about that.
@StrixVaria What says it gets to deal it's damage first?
@OrigamiRobot The old rules.
@IanPugsley I know the mechanics I'm talking about it not making sense.
5:13 AM
@OrigamiRobot these are the same arguments I hear from people who don't understand the stack
Man, I remember having heated arguments at lunch in HS because other people just couldn't grasp the stack.
Especially when I started using storm decks.
"But I countered Dragonstorm! Why do you still get 5 dragons???"
A creature punching something and not getting punched back because it was already dead when it's punch hit makes no sense.
1 min ago, by StrixVaria
It deals its damage, and then it sacrifices itself before it dealt its damage.
You can't view time so linearly.
@StrixVaria I think you are viewing it too linearly. :P
We always played gigantic multiplayer battles, and I would be the jerk with Mesmeric Orb and Mana Breach and Megrim
I never got into the competitive scene because it was more fun to just be an annoying jerk than to build competent efficient decks.
5:20 AM
@StrixVaria this is me as well
I remember thinking it was genius to put Warped Devotion and Upheaval into the same deck.
It actually wound up being pretty hilarious.
I can't take credit for this one, but the favorite play I've ever seen was when my friend cast Spelljack on his own Kamahl, Pit Fighter. Next turn he cast Decree of Annihilation and then brought out Kamahl for free.
It would never work in any tournament, because any deck with that setup would have lost long before it got to that point.
But it was incredible.
yeah, I had decks like that
a multiplayer deck dedicated to Sneak Attacking out a Kokusho
sac engines with Goblin Sharpshooters
I'm headed to bed though - night all!
Only one corner left to fill!
5:42 AM
@Tristan Darth Shark
@Ullallulloo Raven's gravatar?
Or normal, red, mustached, monocled shark if that's too square.
@Tristan yes
Q: How do I move the Long Gui?

UllallullooI'm on the Archylte Steppe in ???AF, and I'm supposed to defeat some dragon-like monster that's causing storms, but it's being blocked by a Long Gui. Noel suggested going back to the village to ask how to move it, but no one seems to want to talk except the lady that's offering to explain the wea...

6:17 AM
Isn't it.
@GnomeSlice I keep trying to edit that to reply, but it's not working.
@GnomeSlice Why so glum?
1 hour later…
7:38 AM
@GnomeSlice Too early in the morning for that kind of language, tone it down a bit please...
7:51 AM
@YannisRizos Oh hey, you must be new here...
@YiJiang First time actually :) Came here following a flag....
8:12 AM
@GnomeSlice uh, I don't think so
@Tristan still not as sweet as that robot
@badp The one I made of Origami's avatar character?
@YiJiang yeah, but the flag was indeed valid
Q: How to jump long in DiRT 2

bkzlandOne of the online tournaments is Long Jump, I was wondering which tracks are good for jumping long distances, as any good ramps I find always reset the the car immediately back on the track.

Q: In Skyrim, how can I keep my companion after getting married?

gameaddictAfter I got married in Skyrim, my companion ran away! When I tried to talk to her, all she said was, "congratulations on your wedding, I hope you two are happy together", in a tone in which you can sense she is hurt, deep down, that you did not choose her. She then proceeds to run way from you. ...

hrm, Lazer's avatar errored out.
@badp Not for me, hmmm. Lemme see. Nope, still good.
8:21 AM
No biggie
There's no shortage of lazers imagery on the Internets
9:03 AM
Q: In Skyrim, I married Iona, and said I want us to live at her house. Where is her house?

gameaddictI just married Iona in Skyrim, and said we should live at her house. however, when I checked the map and quests, "show on map" is grayed out. Maybe she does not have a house? Is this a glitch? or, where is her house?

badp has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
badp has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
badp has stopped a feed from being posted into this room
I've removed the RSS feed from the Youtube channel, given that it never worked
Also I've collapsed the two Gaming and Gaming Meta feeds into one tagset
Hopefully fetching 5 instead of 7 feeds means each of the 5 feeds will be fetched more frequently
badp has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
The only way to go down from here without removing posts is to merge the Gaming and Meta tagsets with the "questions tagged games" tagset. I think you agree that's not a good idea
Since some of you aren't a fan of that feed (cough @ArdaXi) I've made a user for it so that you can ignore him easily - please welcome user -100. chat.stackexchange.com/users/-100?tab=general
@badp These all sound like significant changes... But I'm not really following what you're saying. x_x
9:13 AM
@Tristan In short nothing changed
Hopefully though what didn't change will happen faster and/or work better.
Oh, well that makes perfect sense. O.o
Improve all the things.
@badp I think the "GAMEREC" really makes that image what it is.
yay league gothic
9:38 AM
@badp Can you do me a small favor?
9:49 AM
Q: How is Portal height in the nether determined?

PureferretThis question was spurred by watching someone creating a portal on a hill in the overworld, and spawning above a sea of lava. I thought the two co-ordinates were related somehow. In short does the Y co-ordinate of your overland portal effect the nether portal Y co-ordinate?

@Lazers Well crap... That wasn't what he asked when I answered the question. He edited the title!
10:25 AM
@Tristan shoot
@badp Well, I was going to see if you thought I answered the question @Lazers just posted... But, he completely changed the question after I answered it.
It's the same one you answered, actually. O.o
@Tristan I guess he saw your answer, found he wanted to know more and made it clearer :)
@badp I guess... But, does my "From what I can tell, the Overworld y: coordinate has no effect on your y: coordinate within the Nether." at least still make it a valid answer? Or should I just delete it altogether?
@Tristan You can try to change your answer so that it better matches the new question I guess
Voters appreciate that
Give that question an updated answer
10:29 AM
Voters love updated answers
That's the thing, though... I don't really know how to change or update it. And it's because of my "From what I can tell, the Overworld y: coordinate has no effect on your y: coordinate within the Nether," statement...
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@IanPugsley I'll have a look
11:49 AM
Q: Help identifying a japanese sidescrolling adventure game NES/Genesis. The setting is futuristic and there are 2 playable characters, boy and girl

delHelp identifying a japanese sidescrolling adventure game, i can't remember if it's NES or Sega Genesis. The setting is futuristic and there is a level where you're in space and another where you have reach the top and also a level with fires. There are 2 playable characters a boy and a girl they ...

12:03 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hahaha, I've heard a lot of people complaining about that
12:13 PM
I've been awake for 8 hours already. Kill me.
Speaking of...
They had to realign a sensor array. How the hell did he get killed?
Maybe the sensor array exploded in a catastrophic failure?
(What game is that?)
Star Trek Online
Is he wearing a red shirt?
12:17 PM
Although the red shirt thingy only works for TOS era. Since TNG, every command officer wears red.
I'm basically just sending some of my crew on assignments. They're passive so they continue while I'm logged out, and grant me XP bonuses and dilithium when I log back in.
So far I've managed to put two people in sickbay and get one killed. I've been playing for a week.
Sounds pretty much like Star Trek to me
@Arda Do you still hear brent's lyrics in this?
Cause I do, and it's painful.
@RonanForman Do I recognise this music? Well, duh.
At least they're not bad lyrics that I'm trying to forget.
12:34 PM
One of the things I like the best about civ 5 is that I occasionally lose. Makes it into a real challenge :)
There only trouble is when I lose at 4:30 am :\
Oh well, Saturday
@Oak What difficulty do you play on?
@StrixVaria 6
I almost always win at 5
I haven't played too much, but the one game I tried at 6, the other nations just kept ruining all my plans.
Whenever I dealt with one threat, another, in a completely different place (usually on a different continent) would declare war on me.
And I would have to move my whole army back and forth.
Never actually accomplishing anything.
It's like they were coordinating against me.
I just realised, @DavidFullerton is an admin on our FB page, how has it taken them 3 months the realise it uses the heart logo?
@StrixVaria Did you see the latest picture I posted in Summoner's Rift?
12:45 PM
@StrixVaria yes you need to either split your army, or keep your interests close together, or otherwise find some other place to defend your assets (e.g. alliances with other city-states / civilizations)
But in general, in higher difficulty, expanding is dangerous if you cannot move your army quickly
Is it true that at some point the AI will start cheating to increase difficulty?
@YiJiang what do you mean by cheating?
I mean, the only difficulty where the AI receives precisely the same benefits as the player is 4
In all higher difficulties, it gets advantages
But it can still never "break" any rule
(e.g. see something it has not scouted, or move a unit in an illegal way)
At least, not as far as I know or have observed
1:23 PM
Q: How do I rear my horse?

BoraWhen I'm scaling steep corners of mountains with my horse, it becomes sometimes inevitable to take a fatal leap, even when I steer backwards using the "back" key. Is there a way to rear my horse, so I can "undo" the distance from the point of no return back to safety?

Since when is lazers green?
5 hours ago, by badp
hrm, Lazer's avatar errored out.
I have a simple way to sort out this officality problem: Employ me!
That's how they usually do sort out.
@Oak I can't remember the highest I've played, but in previous games, the difficulty basically just gave you a positive or negative bonus to your production/science
@agent86 oh no, it affects more than that...
There's a useful websites which addresses that question
gaming.se :)
Q: What changes are made when playing King through to Deity difficulty?

DanCould someone give a general outline of what the games does to increase the difficulty when playing King, Emperor and Deity?

1:33 PM
@Oak oh, I remember combat modifiers as well.
@RonanForman honestly, I don't really see why this is an issue.
most of the time, I wish that higher difficulties made the AI play smarter, as opposed to just getting huge bonuses or being overly aggressive.
Is there any problem with their request? Seems entirely legitimate for me
@Oak I seem to remember that the primary upsetting thing is that grace informed them of this when it started, and they seemed okay with it for quite some time. I think the recent change in CHAOS leaders for the site brought on the current C&D type activity
@agent86 Problematic. Because then when you play at lower difficulties, gameplay can be less fun. For civilization I agree that making them less aggressive is good, but making them less smart? In similar tones, in FPSs I really want the difficulty levels to only affect damage values, not AI, because I want to experience fun firefights with smart enemies
@agent86 But aren't they still okay with it? I thought they only wanted to stress that the sites are unofficial and to remove the logo, not to remove them altogether
1:38 PM
Hi @Yannis
@Oak I don't think it's a decision they make with respect to the "fun" value - AI is really tricky, so I think that modifying a few constants in the balance equation is galaxies easier :)
@RonanForman If they do I want my cut. 10% should do
@RonanForman Hey :)
@agent86 definitely, I'm just saying, even if they could control "smartness", I wouldn't want they to remove it.
For examples, they could have made the easier civ5 difficulties easier by making the AI being less smart about unit positioning
@Yannis I'm just glad to see this whole thing is getting the social sites publicity.
1:39 PM
But it will take away from the fun of combat
Whereas just giving it less bonuses will keep combat fun but make it overall easier in subtler ways
@Oak yeah, I think any time you've been doing something for a while and then people tell you that you're doing wrong, it's a bit jarring. I don't have any problem with their request either, but I do think it was a bit poorly planned, I guess you could say.
@RonanForman Yeah you are doing good work there, I've been checking it out for a while to steal some ideas for Programmers.SE :P
@Yannis I wouldn't while this is going on though.
@Oak it'd be possible to make the AI less smart about unit positions?! I don't think that's possible ;) In this game, I wouldn't mind if it blundered into some bad situations on lower difficulties (it pretty much does this anyway) but just being at a tremendous disadvantage doesn't make replay value for me, necessarily.
@OrigamiRobot You should try to design a spleef arena that replaces some of the floor as you go using pistons, so that it shifts the floor around while you're playing to add extra chaos.
1:43 PM
especially in FPS games, I almost never play on a harder difficulty level after I've finished a game, just because I've been there and done that, and having 25% less ammo or twice the enemy health doesn't make the experience any more entertaining.
@OrigamiRobot I would say to just use a cobblestone generator but playing spleef with cobblestone would be bad.
but I'm weird and that's widely acknowledged :)
@RonanForman Was a bit scary :) Unfortunately we don't have many commited power users like yourself that could keep social sites busy
@Yannis It's easier with gaming as I'm doing what I post anyway.
@agent86 granted the tactical AI isn't really civ5's strong point. That's one of the reason I play on higher difficulty levels - I enjoy the challenge of exploiting my tactical prowess over the AI to beat a lot of units with just a few. I really like this sort of tactical combat, which is why I've also very fond of King's Bounty (and Heroes, to a lesser extend - heroes isn't that tactical)
So let them have their production bonuses :)
1:47 PM
@Oak If that's true you'd love Advanced Wars, hehe...
@RonanForman don't underestimate the good work you've been doing :P got to go now, bye
@YiJiang that's a good suggestion. as is fire emblem in the similar vein
See ya!
@YiJiang it's for gameboy advance, I see? I don't own that
But yes, in general I'm very fond of turn-based tactical combat
@Oak ooh, these days they're super cheap, and both of those games would scratch quite an itch.
if we lived close together, I'd loan you one of mine :)
although my game library is at this point terribly small
1:49 PM
@Yannis It'd be easier if I got more than 4 views for some stuff.
@agent86 heh, thanks. I lived in Texas once. When I was 3 :)
But not anymore
Anyway, I do occasionally get in the mood and browse for more games of this type
@Oak bah, it is widely acknowledged (among people who <3 texas) that texas is the most awesome place on the planet. Clearly you should move back :P
@Oak well, you've also got one unique final fantasy tactics games on the platform
forgot that ffta2 was DS
I am actually searching for an android game of the genre
of course, most DS'es support GBA, so you could just get a DS and get both.
Only managed to find two, though
One I've already played on the PC, the other isn't free and has no demo - something that in principle I never buy
1:53 PM
have you played much of the Front Mission series?
@Oak Well, Android does have emulators...
@YiJiang Yes, I guess :)
@agent86 no, I only own a PC
And a mac, I suppose, but that's temporary
@Oak oh my! front mission is quite good as well. less fantasy and more giant death robot customization pew pew missiles fighting clank!
But I have to say not everything in the genre is to my liking
I've been playing games that are older than myself with a SNES emulator on an Android tablet
1:55 PM
in the west, we've got only a few, one on PS1, one on PS2, and a remake of the first game on the DS
Never quite connected with disgaea-style game, for instance
@Oak yeah, I've played one or two of these and they got rather old fast.
just the insane power leveling involved is not really my thing
Also laser squad nemesis and frozen synapses didn't really did it for me
I loved Silent-Storm, though
@Oak LSN was kind of a port of the XCOM battle system as I recall
At least, until they pulled the indigo-prophecy card
1:56 PM
that's one of two GBA games I still own, I think
@agent86 Really? I thought XCOM is turn-based
it was not particularly good.
@Oak I didn't play much LSN, but I thought it was turn based?
I think it was developed by or heavily inspired by the XCOM series
Yes, but simultaneous turns
Each side issues their orders when the game is paused, then it takes place at the same time
In theory I really like the idea
Just that game never did it for me
hmm, gotcha
Technically Bioware's games are like that as well, but of course they aren't as tactical
1:58 PM
I tend to not like permanent death in those types of games
ie, fire emblem, if someone dies, that's it, they're dead for the rest of the game
@agent86 Well, you can always reload, but it's not optimal, no
Permanent death for "heroes" or units you level up a lot is a bit annoying, agreed
But hey, just like chess, right?
I think Wesnoth also has that - you can summon units from earlier battles, but only if they survived
@YiJiang you don't level up and invest in chess units
1:59 PM
@YiJiang kinda, except that if you lose your queen in one game of chess, you still get it back the next time you play :)

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