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3:32 AM
@MarkTrapp Are you there ?
3:52 AM
@YannisRizos Can you please let me know if this is off topic?
Q: Guidelines on how to give of a project demo over conference calls to the client?

KarthikI have read the guidelines on how to be prepared for conference calls but no matter how good I prepare I have the following problem. I usually encounter unexpected questions towards the end of the call and I am out of words to speak. Instead of handling the situation, I am using filler words to...

4:28 AM
@YannisRizos You have a point in upvotes must cost some reputation. Though I don't' accept it plainly, you are right in your point that all votes cannot be counted equal for reputation. This calls for some serious discussion (even if nothing pans out of it).
@WorldEngineer Good sense of humor. But I just thought inside the context. Hope I should get a bit smarter
4:55 AM
This picture is of 2 LNK files, one has a hotkey assigned, the other is the same file with no hotkey assigned. what would be the lamest way for a non-programmer like me, to go through whole directory or whole system, finding the ones with something other than 00s at that location?
5:51 AM
@Psycogeek You can use binary diff to find the difference between two files(Hope you are already using it). This link gives you more details
Q: Binary diff tool for very large files?

Ian BoydI need a utility to diff two binary files. The files are large (6-50 GB). Note: It needs to be specifically pointed out here: most diff programs work by mapping the file into their virtual address space. On 32-bit Windows, this limits the sizes of files that can be compared to under 1 GB each...

@Ubermensch if it doesnt have a GUI, chances are I dont already use it.
It is in windows 7, and i am specifically looking for Any *.pif *.url or *.ink file that has something there, because that (probably) means the shortcut item has a Global shortcut key that gets used by the system.
Regarding iterating through files, if you are sure about the position of the shortcut in the file (in this case, it looks its always in a same position), you can write a script (probably in python) to read the binary file, locate the spot and just iterate over the files
It does seem to always be in the same place, I checked (shortcut) files that are a lot different, and the location is the same.
After lots of research, I think this is where the system itself find the hotkeys? there was not a lot of solid data about it.
6:23 AM
There was a VBS I found, that is old, for XP (i think). I was attempting to change it so it works in 7 when i came to the realisation, That what it looks for does not even exists anymore? It is all Greek to me, but I think I had it, but no results from the files.
You have done the major part. Well done. Just try a script to get to that location in the short cut
is there anything in a normal windows system Cmd prompt style, that would look in a specific hex/binary/decimal?? location. I did pull off a text search one time in my life :-) but not without it having been written already. some find this text in there cmd.
6:59 AM
Else you can use frhed.sourceforge.net/en And you can search by location and it does have a nice GUI. If the number of files is too much(100+) , you need to write a script. Else you may do the job manually
7:34 AM
@Ubermensch Yes i would need some sort of scripting. all the files would have many differences, I am only looking for the one chunk of data. My Pic shows the same file only to understand the location of the item I was seeking, and what changes. The search would have to somehow look in that few bits of data, to see if there is "something" there or just 00.
Simple tokens and Dlims (that i dont even understand) would be out ? because it isnt a simple text or sheet of info with text alignments?
some sort of magic go to location 3060 (or whatever) read 4 thingies , report if it was 00 or not, next file. Then to complicated it again, by having to do that on all files in folders and sub folders.
@Psycogeek You can do this with python (of course, you can do this with any language, I prefer Python since its easy for a beginner and I use it).
Hi @karthik your question, while interesting, it doesn't uniquely applies to programmers in general. In fact it's a question that applies to almost every profession, so it's off topic for Programmers. Check the diagram in our FAQ, questions should be in the blue area.
@Ubermensch Good morning :)
@Psycogeek Being a non-programmer, it would be better for you to manually search the files using frhed and update it in a spreadsheet if the number of files < 100 and its a one-time job. If there are too many files and if the job is repetitive, go for a script. Post a question in stack overflow and you may do it within a day
@YannisRizos Hey!
@YannisRizos Out for lunch. Would be back in an hour
@Ubermensch ok, thanks. there are a few Qs at SU about finding it, they are unanswered, as is a large ammount of the webs Qs about the same. I will try and find the simplest way to attempt a binary find thing.
7:49 AM
@YannisRizos Are you there ?
@Karthik Hey :)
@YannisRizos A very good morning
Good morning to you too
Do you know what Area 51 is?
@YannisRizos I recently voted for workplace there.
@YannisRizos Is there a way to improve the question that I have posted? programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/134510/…
So that it could be reopened
@Karthik Ah ok I was going to suggest you commit to The Workplace, as your question would be perfect for that proposal
7:52 AM
@YannisRizos Oh that sounds great.
@YannisRizos If we want to get a good accept rate on questions could you let me know what are the pre requisites ?
@YannisRizos I am still trying to get a hang of what needs to be asked a programmers
@Karthik Well, for starters you need to be on topic. Which mostly means that your question should be one that can only be answered by software developers
If you can imagine any other professional giving a good answer to your question, then it's probably not a good question for Programmers
@YannisRizos In the sense, managers can answer this question better.
For example, in your latest question, you could get equally good answers from managers...
Right :)
So that's the first prerequisite. The second one is that others will benefit from your question.
@YannisRizos I though it was usual for software developers giving demo of what they have developed.
@YannisRizos I see. I think I will definitely keep this in perspective when I do ask next time.
@YannisRizos From what I understand, the question should not be too technical as it belongs in StackOverflow and to general like the last one which can be answered by people other than software developers.
@Karthik Let's see, you have demo in your title, but your question is concentrated on "I usually encounter unexpected questions towards the end of the call and I am out of words to speak. Instead of handling the situation, I am using filler words to think of giving a proper reply creating an awkward situation."
7:58 AM
@YannisRizos I feel that framing the right question here is more tougher than giving answers.
You don't actually ask about the demo
@YannisRizos Is there a way I can reframe it to make it more specific.
But, that wouldn't matter much because, for example graphic artists also do demos over conference calls, and managers do similar presentations
@Karthik I don't think we can save that one, you should wait for the workplace to become a full site and ask it there.
@YannisRizos I agree. But will the downvotes to this question affect my accept rate ?
@Karthik Don't worry about the downvotes
@Karthik Now, what exactly do you mean by accept rate?
8:02 AM
@YannisRizos I read a lot of question by people whos questions are accepted by the community here. So overtime I see that they have some accept rate to their name on the question they post. E.g 85% accept rate.
@Karthik Oh no, that's not what accept rate is about. The accept rate only shows in how many questions of yours you've marked an answer as accepted.
@Karthik So if you ask 4 questions, and you accept answers in 3 of them, that's a 75% accept rate.
@YannisRizos I thought it was the authors ability to ask good questions. :)
It has nothing to do with whether your questions where closed or not
@Karthik :)
@YannisRizos Thanks for the clarification. I was in this delusion since I became a member here.
Accept rate only shows when a user has a lot of questions, and it doesn't mean much, it's just a warning to encourage people to mark answers as accepted
8:06 AM
@YannisRizos That sounds good. :)
And don't worry about your questions getting closed, my first questions were closed as well :) It is hard to ask a good question here, but at the same time that's how we keep the quality high. As you get more familiar with the site, it will be a lot easier...
@YannisRizos Definitely. I have asked a few questions and requested their deletion but after you explained me about the accept rate I think I should not have done that.
@YannisRizos Do closed questions get moved to the site they belong ?
@Karthik If there is a site yes. We don't know when the Workplace will become a full site, so we can't move your latest question now.
@YannisRizos All the moderators patently explain new commers like myself. I think I like the this Q/A site for this. Your support is much appreciated.
@Karthik Thanks :) Always feel free to ask anything on chat, at least one of the moderators will be around.
8:14 AM
@YannisRizos I did not know the importance of chat until two days ago. Mark introducted me to chat by giving an invite at meta. Clarification and discussion are simplified here.
@Karthik I know I was here :) I'm a very new moderator, still learning the job, and I was watching your conversation with Mark as a lesson in moderation
@YannisRizos You have taught me a lot as well. Today is a very good example.
@YannisRizos A small clarification.
@YannisRizos Can I edit my question stating that it would me moved to workplace once the website is hosted ?
@Karthik No. In general, you should not add anything in the question that is not relevant to the question itself. But you can add a comment to the question saying that you want it moved to the Workplace once it graduates. Now, there is no guarantee that this will actually happen. When the Workplace becomes a full site we will have to ask the community there if they want the question, before migrating it.
8:24 AM
@YannisRizos Sure. That sounds good.
Because the site is not a full site yet, we can't really say if at that point when a community forms they will want your question or not. If it was a full site right now, they would want it, but we can't know what will happen in a few months.
@YannisRizos I just thought it would make the member of the site aware before they downvote the question.
@YannisRizos Oh. It is too early to commit.
Don't worry about that, when a question gets moved downvotes are erased :)
@YannisRizos That's something I did not know. :)
@YannisRizos I shall then wait till the workplace is hosted.
8:36 AM
@Rachel We managed to steal our first question from SO, ping me to discuss how we can better organize this.
8:48 AM
@YannisRizos, can I point out a small inaccuracy in your answer about the accept rate?
It's the percentage of questions answered, not the percentage of questions asked.
@DavidWallace Yes please :)
So if I ask 5 questions, 4 get answered, and I accept answers in 3 of them; the accept rate is 75%, not 60%.
So questions with no answers at all don't count towards accept rate?
Correct. If there's nothing for you to accept, your accept rate doesn't get penalised for this.
Cool, thanks didn't know that.
8:52 AM
Congrats on becoming a moderator, BTW
Umm, you are the person formerly known as Zaphod Beeblebrox aren't you?
Thanks :) Yes, I was Zaphod in January
I wanted to thank you for the few exchanges we had a wee while ago. I have come round to your point of view, and see that you were quite right in your stance on closing questions.
@DavidWallace :) Now I have to re-evaluate everything, since my vote is binding and mistakes cost a bit more (although everything is reversible). But in general our highish rate of closures seems to benefit the site, we are constantly between the top sites on the network on new users, and we are doing great in almost every other stat.
Do you have the right to vote on closures, without it being binding?
No, unfortunately. Every vote is binding, close / reopen.
9:02 AM
Wow. I guess if you weren't sure about something, you could post a comment asking if some other person with enough rep could vote to close.
But I guess the community feel that your recent actions have made you worthy of having the binding vote.
More often than not I'm not sure. So I just wait for 4-5 close votes and / or flags. If they don't come and I'm still feeling that the question should be closed, I leave a comment to the question and ask for clarifications.
And of course consult with the other mods
Actually the election participation was so low, that I have no idea what the community feels.
There are probably two distinct groups. Those that feel that SE should work like a discussion forum, and should be very lenient and open. And those that want a high quality collection of questions and answers.
I think you may be unpopular with the first group and popular with the second. Because you are probably the most extreme serial-question-closer. What I don't know is the relative sizes of the two groups. However, the sizes of the two groups is kind of irrelevant, because the site has a mandate to operate in a certain way.
I don't have access to close vote stats, but I think I'm fairly close to the top of that list :)
As for the size of the groups, well, the only way to tell is Meta. To me it seems that those who prefer a more forum-y type of site are heavily downvoted on Meta, so I'd say the group is fairly small, albeit vocal
But even if the group was a majority, we can't exactly go against Stack Exchange's vision for the site. We can shape the community up to a point, content is community driven, but the site itself is privately owned.
Now if I was a user, that question would get my close vote :)
@DavidWallace btw, we have two recent Meta questions that are relevant to closures and absolutely worth a read
Q: A guide to moderating programmers.stackexchange yourself - close voting

ChrisFOne thing that keeps coming up is the number of questions that are closed solely by moderator action on this site. We've already been over some of the issues, but I'm going to take this opportunity to write up a guide here on meta blatantly rip off a guide to closing from Ninefingers' post on Cry...

Q: What's all this about heroic edits?

Mark TrappI've heard there's a way to get questions reopened by doing something called a heroic edit. What is it, how can I do it properly, and how does it help?

10:02 AM
I'll have a look. Thanks.
10:38 AM
Q: Update FAQ to better define "What kind of questions..."?

FarrayOk, Flavius asked this question: How will SOPA, PIPA and ACTA affect Graphic Designers? I think there's a good question in there, but not the way it's currently worded. Designers should be cognizant of legal restrictions, and should be diligent to make sure they are complying with the various ...

Always good when the work we do here helps other sites...
10 hours later…
8:59 PM
@thomasowens What do you think of this one? I read it as textbook "not constructive"...
9:17 PM
@YannisRizos I agree.
@ThomasOwens :) That was the easy one, how about this one? I tried to clean it up, but still have absolutely no idea what he is asking about.
I closed it. Adding a comment now.
Now I think I'm going to head out. It's the 6th anniversary of the unpaid internship that led to my first software engineering job. Time to celebrate.
@ThomasOwens Not a real question was my first guess, but I really had no idea how to even begin to describe why. Good comment :)
@YannisRizos Thanks.
I'm off too, have nice one...
9:25 PM
You too.

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