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1:09 PM
Today, TNB is quiet
I need 4 upvotes ;_;
It's strange, because PPCG seems busy
@betseg Begging for upvotes is a risky business...
@TuxCopter I liked being able to catch up on the last four hours of conversation in three minutes. :P
@trichoplax ik, I'm not saying plez updoot
You are just saying 'please upvote', same thing but more polite :P
1:13 PM
*channels Geobits*
I'm just stating the fact that I need upvotes, but I'm not saying you should upvote
> Nothing like the smell of downvotes in the morning.
I'm watching sunset now
@betseg "I'm just standing here saying that I need money. I'm not begging"
It's afternoon
1:14 PM
The ";_;" isn't helping your case either :P
The sun rose about an hour and a half ago here (EST).
The weather is really depressing.
Too hot here
Sunny here
@betseg I've had to go to work two or three times before sunrise when it was below freezing. Wanna trade? :P
1:19 PM
> was
It has been below freezing for a few days now.
Not complaining, I just don't like the rain. I'd much prefer a sunny, cold day.
@mınxomaτ We'll get there in a month or so. :P
Incidentally, I do vastly prefer snow to cold rain. Except perhaps when it blows into my face.
I prefer dry and sunny without any rain or snow.
And of course, clear, sunny days trump all.
@El'endiaStarman i've been going to school before sunrise since 2 weeks ago, because Erdogan decided to change Turkey's timezone
Turkey's political decisions seem to be based on an evil random phrase generator.
1:23 PM
@betseg what, really?
@TuxCopter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
from GMT±what to GMT±what?
I can't find any information online about this
From GMT+2 in winters with DST in summers (GMT+3) to GMT+3 full time.
So...he eliminated daylight savings time...but the wrong half?
1:30 PM
Yeah, we're closer to Arabia now (you know, Islam and stuff)
wait yesterday you were trying to solve a basic math problem using complex numbers?
It (was?) in starboard
a "basic" math problem
@betseg what does it mean?
@LearnHowToBeTransparent It means ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1:31 PM
@TuxCopter A basic math problem that admitted two simple answers. We kinda went overboard in looking for alternative answers.
@LearnHowToBeTransparent It's a shrug. I think of it kinda like "Oh well" or "Whacha gonna do about it?".
Our previous timezone used the longitude that passed through Istanbul (biggest city in Turkey, about 1/4 of population). Our current timezone uses a longitude that isn't even in Turkey.
1:47 PM
@El'endiaStarman Your studies are progressing well, youngling.
hey, why do i see users with id<0 ? e.g
@LearnHowToBeTransparent Those are chat bots.
has lots of chat bots id>0
New Main Posts posts links to new challenges on the main site.
@LearnHowToBeTransparent All those bots were made by users. The ones with id < 0 are feed bots.
They're basically RSS feeds in chat.
1:59 PM
I predicted 12:45 AM UTC for post 100000. It was posted at 12:41 AM UTC
Very impressive.
@Mego Congrats!
I guess that means you get a cookie, too, but you'll have to see the mods for that. They don't allow me to distribute the cookies.
But what if I want a downcookie from you?
I can give you a whole batch of those, but not all at once ;)
Don't want to get popped for cereal cooking.
2:03 PM
Isn't that just oatmeal?
I'm pretty sure I've had quite a few correct predictions. If only I could remember any of them...
@mınxomaτ You were 4 years off with your world-ending-in-2012 prediction
@Geobits I thought you were exempt from that
No, just for voting. Cooking is different.
2:09 PM
What about pie? I heard you have a bunch of peaches
Millions of peaches
@Mego Couldn't we please phrase that as at least 4 years off...
Sounds ominous otherwise :P
@trichoplax I think you misunderstand. The world has already ended.
@trichoplax David Bowie died in January. That's pretty world-ending to me.
2:11 PM
I think that was the point
@El'endiaStarman Nobody tells me anything :(
After his death, the harbingers have run free
@Mego And here I thought you were talking about the election. :P
It's not one thing, but the accumulation of things :)
@El'endiaStarman The election went great! We got 4 reasonable, mature people who care about us.
2:13 PM
But PPCG graduating is another sign of the alpacalypse, so...
@Mego Sarcasm so thick you'd need a lightsaber to cut through it.
@El'endiaStarman I think you mean 10-foot laser pole
That works too.
My sarcasm sensors are off today clearly
Anyway, I've got a technical interview for a job I really want in about 45 minutes. o_o
2:14 PM
And it wasn't really sarcasm - it was a diversion
@El'endiaStarman Good thing you got some prep last night with that peaches problem
@Mego Oh yes, absolutely.
@El'endiaStarman eat a big breakfast and don't be too proud to panic
i recommend just screaming but running around screaming is also effective
@quartata I just finished breakfast, actually. :P
"So, tell us about yourself."
2:16 PM
yes perfect
@El'endiaStarman did they give you feedback on your code submission?
Try to let your voice waver a bit in the middle of the scream.
"Why are you qualified for this job?"
@Geobits And here I was hoping Oliver would have another nice mashup :( but then again not as many fancy stunts this year though
2:17 PM
@El'endiaStarman You should try the golf approach: gist.github.com/turbo/…
@NathanMerrill No, although it took only two hours between their acknowledgement of my submission and being told that they wanted an interview.
Coherence: 0/10
Enthusiasm: 20/10
We'll call that 10/10 average. Hired
@mınxomaτ hahaha
@trichoplax It's math too so you know it must be true
2:19 PM
Okay, seriously, I gotta go. I'll let you guys know how it went afterward, and they apparently usually make their decision within 24 hours.
good luck don't panic
channel your inner mego
or at least the part that gets hired at google not the lemon drop drinking one
@quartata Wait what does that mean
But I didn't get the Google job ;_;
@mınxomaτ I know that comic says it's gluten free, but are there other gluten-containing products manufactured at the same facility? If so, what sort of precautions are there so they don't cross-contaminate?
2:20 PM
And what's wrong with drinking lemon drops?
@Mego Wait what?
@Mego Wait, really?
Damn, I thought it was pretty much done and over with.
Nov 1 at 5:38, by Mego
So I didn't get the Google job :(
We were too busy with the graduation design at that date, missed it
2:22 PM
Oh, see that's why. Nobody believes anything that happens on November 1st around here.
Today is the deadline for me to decide my job title :)
@Geobits I was also under this assumption
@Shebang Just please, please, don't make it The Shebanger
November 1st next year Google gets a new design (obligatory: mark my words).
@Mego Seriously? "SVPs didn't approve the job offer?" Ugh.
2:24 PM
@Geobits I think I'm going with Software Engineer but that's only because I can't think of something closer to what I actually do
Software Mechanic?
Software Surgeon
@Mego If it makes you feel any better, that makes two of us :)
> Code Artisan
King of Fabric Covered Boxes with Strange Glowing Things?
2:26 PM
Liveware Engineer
Free-range Whitespace Wrangler
I (a) develop software for use in operations, (b) assist with existing software maintenance and (c) create and modify existing reports
In order of least to most often
I thought DevOps was a general way of running a company rather than the name of the position
Maybe more like opdev though. Not sure if the order implies frequency
2:27 PM
I tried googling it and a lot of answers seem to conflict though
How much of the planning are you involved in? Could be a BSA, depending.
Unless it's something I started developing myself, I usually am not involved in planning
Why does the title even matter that much?
Because people at the next place usually care.
I do end up going back and forth with the person if specs need to be ironed out
Yeah, it should be something that looks good on the resume
2:29 PM
Like Uberguru?
devops is often used as a job title or department because there is generally a disparity between the positions' roles. That being said ideally software engineers should be able to bridge that gap between dev and ops otherwise your devs are going to need to have good communication with your ops guys
Yes. Like Uberguru
@Fatalize you get paid per adjective in the title
Plus my boss is looking to hire students after I leave and is posting an ad on my university's job board
The more specific it is, the narrower range of future jobs it is useful for
2:30 PM
Very true
It sounds like you're in a system infrastructure role with a background in development
sometimes. But sometimes a more specific job title helps you get a similar job title better than a general job title
I think we should just roll with "Deity."
you have a narrower range, but a better chance in that range
Right. Not commenting on the quality of the next job, just the narrowness.
2:31 PM
The current full "working" title is "Software Engineer and Report Designer" which seems a bit specific to me
I would put Computer Science engineer but I don't know if Engineer is an actual title in your country
@Shebang That seems a perfect blend of generic and specific to me...
@Shebang That sounds completely made up and your resume will probably get overlooked more because of it. No offense.
@Shebang Hmm. I mean that isn't too bad
But report designer sounds kind of strange
"Software Engineer and Systems Maintenance"?
2:32 PM
It doesn't sound like an official title at all, just "what I put on my resume to add stuff".
Software Engineer is way too general.
@Shrbang That kind of gets into IT range I feel
Does "Systems" imply more hardware or software focus? I definitely do no hardware stuff
@Shebang Come on, it's not too late:
@Shebang In case you haven't figured it out yet, there is a lot of conflicting resume advice out there :P
2:33 PM
Oct 6 at 16:44, by DJMcMayhem
@Shebang "Supreme overlord of Database Management"
Wouldn't designing reports be more on the Business Analyst side of things?
Welcome to the US, where the job titles are made up but boy do they matter.
@TimmyD Possibly, a lot of writing the reports requires a solid knowledge of SQL to actually obtain the data
If you actually are a Software Engineer, your title should say what your do. E.g. "Full Stack Software Engineer" or "Senior iOS Software Engineer".
2:35 PM
+1 for that
@mınxomaτ Disagree
Software engineer is purposely a broad term
You should be able to do anything
That's why the technology is always specified in job offers and most of the time in titles.
If I only make stuff for use within the company should I title it "Internal Software Engineer"?
If you want to work on full stack (or whatever), you should use it though.
any competent programmer knows that many of the skills from a Full Stack Software Engineer cross over.
2:36 PM
@Shebang Never really heard it used before, so not sure.
so, it helps you get a full stack job as well as an IOS job
Full-Stack would definitely apply I guess
I'm a Software Engineer because I'm able to get things done regardless of language/tech
I know how to acquire necessary skills
Frontend Software Engineer means (to me) that you like frontend development and buzzwords
The only possible issue with Full-Stack in this particular position is that front-end doesn't mean CSS/HTML, more like a desktop GUI. Would it still apply?
@Poke Or that this is your responsibility within the company, which is what should be reflected in your title. Not your philosophy.
2:40 PM
I don't think that should be reflected in title
If you go to school and/or train to be a Software Engineer that should carry a lot with it
after you get the phone screening you can say you prefer frontend dev
or w/e
What should be reflected in the title is what value you bring. The main problem with vague/broad titles is that it doesn't really show that.
Sometimes the specific aspect can be useful and relevant. If you trained to be a medical doctor you probably wouldn't call yourself a vet
As far as I'm concerned "Software Engineer" is not a vague title. The confusion ends up being that people use it when they shouldn't
Alternatively, it should match the job you're seeking. If you want a job that's labeled "Full Stack Engineer" and your last job was close to that, match that shit up! Resumes are all sorted by keyword matching first anyway.
I would expect any C++ programmer to be able to learn Python, but there's a difference between saying "I am a programmer with the potential to learn Python" and "I have years of experience with Python"
2:43 PM
Well there's my two cents
or 20
In the end, the entire job hunt and resume game is a terribly warped reality. Nothing is the way it should be, and words matter too much.
No disagreement with that
I figured there wouldn't be much lol
Even the hiring managers I know would say the same.
Hi everyone ! I'm looking for an intresting experiment with superconductor for my third year lab class. Do you have an idea? or can someone suggest where to look to get intresting ideas?
we use ybco/bscco superconductors with varies geometries. we can change the magnetic field, temperature
If my boss wanted to keep the "Report" section in (since a decent chunk is in regards to reports), would it be better to specify the actual technology in use? i.e. "Crystal Reports Developer"
Or would a more broad title work better and instead specify in the posting what exactly the job requires
2:48 PM
@NoamChai I was going to suggest you ask in the h bar, but I see you've already done that. This isn't really a physics-related chatroom, though.
@NoamChai Try Electrical Engineering's room
@Shebang From a hiring perspective, it depends on how much is really reports. If it's pver 50%, I'd include it. If less, I'd probably put that under duties or skills, etc.
It depends on whether he wants people who don't use Crystal Reports to immediately scan past it or not, I guess.
Not sure if "Developer" is a great word for it though
Q: Golf me a Cashier

Jacobus ConradiChallenge You are the owner of a local supermarket, and your cashier doesnt seem do the work you told him/her to do. He/She is never on time, returns to much change and doesnt really show optimism at the workplace. So you, as the space saving, but ruthless owner opt to replace him/her. Rules ...

@Shebang Look at offers to see what titles are common for that: monster.com/jobs/search/?q=Crystal-Reports
2:55 PM
@JacobusConradi I would suggest in this case the program must have two functions: If the input is "0,0" it must output a random number; if the input is the old random number and the money payed the output is the change. This is because what you're going to do otherwise is to make challange easier for some languges keeping the difficulty for other languages! — Martin Rosenau 4 mins ago
So Crystal Reports Developer or SE Crystal Reports.
Oh I thought this was going to be used in addition to software engineer. If it's just by itself I think it kind of downplays the coding IMO which isn't ideal
By SE I mean Software Engineer ofc
WTH? They rolled back my grammar edits
I meant in regards to the first one.
which is what shebang had suggested originally
2:59 PM
@DrMcMoylex It looks like you were editing at the same time and yours got overwritten. It wasn't an explicit rollback.
@quartata Well, it's the most common title. I don't have to agree with it.
Ah, OK. I'll just edit again
The actual job descriptions still include the programming and cert requirements.
Maybe I should wait until they slow down editing first
I was just thinking that lol
Isn't this a dupe anyway though? The only difference I see between it and our other "give change" challenges is that you take two inputs, but that's just one subtraction.
Oh. I see. The other change challenges are closed as a dupe of 78 cents, which is closed as not being objective at all. Weird.
3:05 PM
Yeah, cause it's a
I could've sworn we had at least one open challenge to make change though :/
So busy with job title discussions, totally missed that GitHub was down:
We are currently experiencing major service outages.
Work perfectly here
hi guys
> was down
3:14 PM
@GamrCorps Any particular reason you accepted this answer?
A: Percent-Encode a String

DrMcMoylexVim, 67 bytes/keystrokes :s/\c[^a-z!'()*0-9._-]/\='%'.printf("%02x",char2nr(submatch(0)))/g<cr> Note that <cr> represents the enter key, e.g. 0x0D which is a single byte. This is a pretty straightforward solution. Explanation: :s/ ...

my hololens is arriving today
Not that I mind the rep, but it didn't win
@Oliver Woah. That's awesome
@mınxomaτ Thanks for the heads up, was wondering why the site was slow to load a moment ago
Soldier: 76 got a buff! I am now 10% more powerful!
Overwatch is free-to-play this weekend, too.
3:23 PM
:O no way!
I have 143 hours on Soldier: 76
@Geobits Do you play?
Nope. Not much of an FPS player.
@TimmyD That's really sad. I have a friend who's huge into overwatch, so I've wanted to play with him but I'll be out of town this week so I can't play it while it's free. :(
I suck at FPS games. For some reason I have the hardest time seeing enemies before they see me.
3:31 PM
Just like anything else in life, it's all a learned skill that takes practice.
I like single player FPS, but multilplayer is always pretty frustrating
Then again, I don't like very many competitive multiplayer games at all. Rocket league being the obvious exception
I said "I don't play FPS" when I left Halo and didn't play another FPS for like 7 years, but then Overwatch happened and I gave it a shot. Now I don't play MMO's, but I'm sure I will again someday.
I'm pretty good at RTS games though, Warcraft 3 is still my favorite game though I don't play it much anymore.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Jacobus ConradiChallenge You are the owner of a local supermarket, and your cashier doesn't seem to do the work you told him/her to do. He/She is never on time, returns too much change and doesn't really show optimism at the workplace. So you, as the space saving, but ruthless owner opt to replace him/her. R...

@Yodle You could play again and get top 50 NA
3:34 PM
@Yodle I have that problem too. It took a lot of training to actually pay attention to radar
You need radar to see enemies? pleb
I like the Overwatch system of using footsteps as a radar. The enemy's footsteps are intentionally much louder than your own team's. (I'm definitely a fanboy)
@Poke Meh, there's a lot less people playing nowadays, and apparently cheating is pretty common (maphacks and such). Also I was top 50 East Coast in 4v4 :[.
Yeah listening to footsteps is a must in any FPS.
@quartata Sorry for not using maphacks :P
3:36 PM
I play Destiny a lot. The lack of footsteps in PvP is frustrating
@Mego You could just use your eyeballs and ears. I hear they're good at this
But basically everything else makes noise so that kind of makes up for it
@quartata Well my eyeballs aren't good enough to see through walls, and see previous comment about lack of footsteps sound
Do people still play Destiny?
My friend has a Destiny youtube channel
3:38 PM
@Yodle gg turtle strats
@quartata Har har
honest question
Yeah, it's still huge
Player numbers dropped a bit about 6 months after release, but the Y2 and Y3 updates brought a lot of people back + a lot of new players in
I think the last time Bungie quoted player stats, it was more popular now than at release back in 2014
3:43 PM
Over 10 million people have Destiny. I don't know what percentage is active, but I'm trying to find those stats.
No I mean I know it was a big deal at launch but I didn't know how many of those players were still around. Console FPSs can burn out fast
It did have a significant drop during Y1 due to some questionable decisions by Bungie, but they got their act together, started communicating with the players, and fixed most of the problems that caused people to quit.
Frequent (~6 months), consistently-good content releases have kept Destiny fresh
read: not hats
3:48 PM
But.... hats...
There are 2.4 million people at character level 40 (where the exp grind ends and the loot grind begins). I'd say that's a pretty good estimate of the game's population (at least, I'm not sure how to get a better estimate without actual numbers from Bungie or MS+Sony)
Dec 1 '15 at 21:30, by TimmyD
user image
@Downgoat is the ppcg design script borked for you?
I can't get it or the sandbox viewer to work on chrome, $ is not defined.
and with them on I can't even enter TNB
It's kind of funny how first TF2 started going downhill whilr CSGO was doing great, then when they started putting effort into TF GO went downhill and all the while Dota 2 was getting like weekly content updates
3:51 PM
It's not that Valve is lazy they're just weird
I still want them to just one day quietly release Half-Life 3 onto Steam. No announcement or anything.
they probably already have
Oh huh, apparently that 2.4 million number isn't even all Destiny players - just the ones tracked by a fansite (meaning those usernames have looked up on the site at least once)
So yeah, people still play Destiny. A lot.
Or, like I said a year ago --
Dec 22 '15 at 18:15, by TimmyD
Valve releases Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Left for Dead 3, Team Fortress 3, DOTA 3, all in the same bundle. Effective output of humanity completely shuts down for 6 weeks.
3:55 PM
> all in the same bundle as the same game
It'll just be called 3
@TimmyD The orange box 2
The Orange Box 2: Everything 3.
"Free?" "No, Three."
They should just skip three altogether and move on to four.
3:59 PM
Either that, Eighth-Life, or Two-Life
@Pietu1998 I ran your decoratorator script on Seriously's source code. It's now 4 MB (up from a few hundred KB). This is clearly better.
Half^3 -Life
@Mego Sounds good. And it still works?
Hell if I know
4:01 PM
@KritixiLithos Half-Life 3 coming out as a mod for Second Life, confirmed.
I don't want to try to wrangle the imports
Google Translate is way better now.
@betseg I saw that in the news earlier. Google is getting better by the second
4:13 PM
@betseg still, reverso > GT
CMC: Determine if N is a "Timmy Number", e.g. a number whose digits go n, n+1, n+2, ... n+2, n+1, n
You mean palindromic?
Palindromic and increasing
Ah k
4:18 PM
89098? 9109? 1210?
No, only single digits to keep it simple
What about leading zero? Like 01210
@DrMcMoylex this may be the first CMC that's actually a valid CMC in a while
@Geobits No leading zeroes, since then you must take it as a string
@NathanMerrill What does "valid" CMC mean?
4:20 PM
not a joke
CMC: Write a valid CMC
5 mins ago, by DrMcMoylex
CMC: Determine if N is a "Timmy Number", e.g. a number whose digits go n, n+1, n+2, ... n+2, n+1, n
This is actually surprisingly difficult.
Should I post it to main?
Is 13531 valid?
4:21 PM
(Obviously more fleshed out)
@KritixiLithos No, only increasing by one
How is 123321 false?
There's no increase or decrease between 3s
@DrMcMoylex I vote yes. It's something I would enjoy working on
they are called the Giza numbers
That's funny, I was just thinking of calling them "Pyramidal numbers"
It's convenient that the total number of them is limited.
4:28 PM
Argh. Banker's rounding, you old fiend!
Good grief, I'm over 100 bytes on this
And it's still not working
Time for a new approach
test for odd length, palindromic, and increasing over the range 0 to n/2
I think it may be shorter to take the first digit, build a Giza number from it to the input's length, and see if they're equal
Sounds like about 128 bytes of Java
@Geobits Hey, at least it's not 444
oh! recursive sounds like the best way here
take the first and last digit, see if they are equal
oh, that doesn't check for increasing
still may be easier
4:37 PM
fun fact
First, you can see if the number of digits is odd.
a number n is a "timmy number" if it satisfies all three of the following criteria:
1) odd number of digits
2) palindrome
3) drop the first digit of 'n' and call it 'a'. drop the last digit of 'n' and call it 'b'. a - b is a number consisting of a number of 1's (call it 'c'), optionally followed by a 0, followed by 'c' 8s, followed by a s.
e.g. 456787654 is a timmy number because
1) it has 9 digits (odd)
2) is a palindrome (456787654)
3) 56787654 - 45678765 = 11108889
That's my first challenge in almost a month
4:42 PM
@DrMcMoylex you're missing a couple of valid inputs
Such as?
you only go to 23456765432
also, you should determine whether they have to handle 0
Oh, crap you're right
> You must write a full program or a function that takes a positive integer as input
ah ok
Are single digit integers valid?
4:44 PM
yep, and on the truthy list
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ idts, I'll check when I get home
@NathanMerrill Fixed now
I thought OEIS listed them all, so I just blindly copied and pasted them like an idiot, haha
Q: Goodness Giza Golf!

DrMcMoylexA "Giza number", also colloquially known as a Timmy Number is any number where the digits represent a pyramid (A134810). For example, "12321" is a giza number because it can be visualized like this: 3 2 2 1 1 However, something like "123321" is not a Giza number because there are two di...

Good grief ... I've got a PowerShell answer, but it's 147 bytes
I refuse to be outgolfed by Java.
4:53 PM
Powershell seems to be naturally verbose I must say
Measure-Command Get-Command Select-Object Get-Content...
The verbosity of PowerShell, mixed with the fact that there does not seem to be a single standard for how to write PowerShell code, it why I hate writing PowerShell code.
I don't mind verbose C# code because everyone typically writes C# code the same way
And that is odd to me, because PowerShell is like C# scripting
@quartata Measure-Command gcm select gc
@TimmyD Need to take off 30 then :P
@TimmyD Oh, OK. Maybe I just don't know enough Powershell then
Gotta know your default aliases

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