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2:40 AM
Does anyone have any really old versions of Mathematica for the following mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/128416/…
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7:16 AM
@Szabolcs Since macOS sierra you can remap Capslock to be another ESC key
5 hours later…
11:47 AM
I think I understood most parts of custom argument completion that I might want to use:
A: File-name completion for custom functions

SzabolcsBefore you start using this, be aware that this is all undocumented and unsupported functionality. It may change at any time, it may crash Mathematica, and it may bite you when you least expect it. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that nonstandard use messes up the internal stat of the f...

But I still cannot get this sort of stuff working:
The completions here are lists with numbers, not simply strings.
Can anyone help figure out how to do this? (@JohnFultz) I see that it should be all in the .trie files but those are binary and hard to reverse engineer. Do we need .trie files to get this working? Is there something that comes with Mathematica and allows compiling such files?
12:12 PM
Just seeing that some new videos, related to "what's new in 11", were posted yesterday on Wolfram Youtube account.
12:34 PM
@halirutan Do you think cross-file auto-completion would be feasible in IntelliJ IDEA? I have a 3200 line file, still growing. What's really preventing me from breaking it up is that I would lose auto-completion precisely for the functions which I need to complete most often.
There are a few private package functions which are used all over the package, and would appear only in a single place after breaking up the package.
@JohnFultz There's one thing bothering me about custom auto-completion: it persists after a kernel restart. This affects GitLink as well.
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1:49 PM
@Szabolcs done
2:06 PM
@Szabolcs I think it would be even clearer if it read something like "Is your question about Mathematica software by Wolfram?" In some languages, Mathematica could be confused for "mathematics"
@ChrisK Good point. @R.M. Can moderators change that phrasing? Maybe ask "Is your question about Wolfram Mathematica?"
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3:45 PM
is it possible to get mathematica to do symbolic operations on d-dimensional vectors, where I don't actually define d? Like ideally I would just be able to do something like $Assumptions = Elem[v, Vectors[d]] and then take the Grad of v.v and get 2v
is this feasible or am i barking up the wrong tree completely?
4:15 PM
Why does this produce inconsistent data CellPrint[Import[Documentation`ResolveLink["Print"]][[1]]] ?
4:56 PM
@MichaelCurry Here's one answer:
Q: Is it possible to do vector calculus in Mathematica?

Holger SchmitzI am trying to rearrange and manipulate some vector differential equations in Mathematica. As far as I understand you have to tell Mathematica that a variable is a vector by specifying the components of the vector. For example r = {x, y, z}; If I want to define vector fields I have to do it in...

5:51 PM
@xzczd 请问什么样的微分方程适合用拉普拉斯变换来求解?
6:11 PM
@yode ……我也几乎只有课本知识。应该是只适合求解常系数线性微分方程的 初值问题(即定义在半无限域上,限制条件仅在该维度的一“点”上给出。)

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