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4:00 PM
unfortunately it also seems to lead me to blatant contradiction somewhere around row 34
but at this point there is probably enough redundancy that I should eventually be able to figure out what's wrong
actually maybe it isn't blatant contradiction
is there a way to @tag a user in a question's text that escaped me?
I realise I have no real idea what "looks like 101" means. It probably just means 2, whereas I was trying to do something cleverer with it.
How do you mean @Rubio?
no, wait, there is a contradiction -- I'm getting too many non-spaces around there. Never mind, I'll shut up and try to fix it.
@Rubio There's no way to write a question in such a way that its text pings a specific user.
Of course you could put @Randal'Thor or whatever in the text of a question, but it wouldn't do anything.
4:02 PM
You can link to the user's profile though, and his question
puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/45111/… - so i mentioned rand as you can see there, but it isn't actually linked, just text. wasn't sure if there's a way to make it actually point at him without explicitly doing a l ink
yeah, OK, I fixed it. sorry about the noise.
yah. i linked to the question, and i guess you've answered me - do it the manual way, that's fine
@GarethMcCaughan What did you do anyhow?
@Rubio Not like links are all that hard to put
but mommmmm
i'm lazy!
4:04 PM
The button does half the work for you lol
@dcfyj the button?
Talking about putting links in questions
@Rubio +1 ... of course ;-)
@dcfyj could you indulge me and check that there is no Minesweeper condition violation near b33? at the moment I seem to have one and don't see an immediate fix. I am 95% certain I'm actually wrong, but it would be nice to have that confirmed :-).
@dcfyj duh, and it's only just occurred to me that the "0..8" condition on the digits was a dead giveaway for anyone who unlike me has an actually-functioning brain. Ye gods, I'm stupid.
@Randal'Thor i still can't guess yours ;) but hunting for answers gave me a question, so it's your fault. hehe
4:07 PM
Actually I did just find an error there lol
not specifically 33b but close by
well, any error near enough there could throw the sums off
@Rubio Well, mine has been solved now (although some of the explanations still need improving).
@GarethMcCaughan That error wouldn't affect b at all, (just 1 number wrong) but it means That I have to rewrite a couple clues, which will be a little rough
4:08 PM
hah. see, was so busy posting mine that i missed the updates on yours :)
@dcfyj let me know when you've fixed it. (It might be easier to admit that it's wrong and give some sort of patch, but of course that leads to a much less satisfactory puzzle)
so it is Dr Who? man. so itching for that show to be on again. i needs my fix. c'mon christmas special hehe
I still don't think I've seen the most recent series
last thing was Dead People are Cybermen
@GarethMcCaughan Sadly fixing that error gives a pretty big clue :(
@Sconibulus You should. It's really good. Probably the best series since Tennant left.
4:13 PM
I haven't seen it (much) since the old guy started, my wife's not a fan of the new ones and I don't really watch it anymore
Finding a way to watch it without fifteen minutes being cut out for commercials isn't as easy as I'd like it to be
@dcfyj is the fix correct?
after tennant and smith, capaldi takes a little getting used to
I wrote a (spoilerific) review of the latest series for the SFF blog: part 1, part 2.
but he grows on you. and i've really enjoyed.
4:14 PM
I suppose it depends on how you understand "the previous"
@GarethMcCaughan yes...? That's why it's a fix, I'm confused now.
I mean I think you want it to be 2,5,44 but to my mind "the previous" in the third clue now refers to 5 rather than 4 so it would be 2,5,55
@Rubio I have some hopes for the new Companion.
but I may be completely misunderstanding
or be being misled by other errors in the current state of my solution
@GarethMcCaughan oh, oops
4:15 PM
Hoping she's going to be more like Rose or Donna (or Ace?) than Clara or Amy.
@Randal'Thor i fastidiously avoid spoilers, so i've been ignoring anything about the upcoming shows hehe
@GarethMcCaughan There fixed that, didn't think about that relation
that's better
I'm confused elsewhere now but will not bug you unless I convince myself the error isn't mine
@Rubio Fair enough.
I didn't actually like Donna much at all, although her grandfather was undoubtedly the best thing ever
4:17 PM
@Sconibulus totally agree
@GarethMcCaughan Looks like LogicianWithHat is on the move again, he's editing his wiki again :P
(ah, my error was I think just the result of at some point hitting a key I didn't mean to)
I'm still ignoring others' work on this
it will serve me right if they finish first and I get nothing :-)
@Sconibulus Donna was the best Companion of New Who, hands down.
(Shout-out to Christina de Souza, but she only got one episode.)
@GarethMcCaughan I don't think you have much to worry about, He still has some errors to fix
ooo, I've just worked out how the final step much work
and it will probably get me everything else in super-short order
4:20 PM
I did like Christina de Souza, but I also thought Jack was great
Probably, provided you have the correct quote :P
yeah, I have the right quote
If you find the quote you'll see rather quickly how I made this puzzle :P
now I just need to tidy it up
I'm glad this is getting solved, I was worried no one was going to work on it for a while there.
4:23 PM
are you sure row 12 codes for the right thing?
I get something 8 too small (8 instead of 16)
Yup, I made a transcription error, Move that second number over 1 spot
done it
I can't just move the number
it breaks column D
Yeah I know, I need to fix that clue and add a clue in e
There, that should be fixed
Are HTML-codes in titles properly rendered? E.g. would A be displayed as A?
OK, I'll fix my answer accordingly.
no, wait, I'm not seeing the fix in column D
or have I misunderstood something?
4:34 PM
Rows 30,31 and 32 are wrong in your answer
Look at the edit history for the question, you'll see what I changed
makes sure the grid adds up to the total I gave at the top of the question as well, and that the number of digits matches up
@GarethMcCaughan look at the second clue on 30, that should fix your error
@LukasRotter Try it and find out?
@dcfyj I don't want to unnecessarily bump a question up.
make a question to test it and promptly delete it?
@dcfyj Still a pain in the eye for 10kers. I'll probably just wait until I have to make an edit on one of my questions.
I would say try it in a comment, but if it doesn't work in here it probably won't work there.
@dcfyj Well, it works in the body of the post... Not sure if a chat comment (or any comment) will give me a clue but OK: A
4:43 PM
Usually the formatting for comments (on a question/answer) is the same for in here which is why I said that.
@GarethMcCaughan find your mistake?
@dcfyj sorry, was trying to get some actual work done
@LukasRotter Try a test-message posted on META. (And delete it). I've done this in the past
will look now
@BmyGuest True, that would work too
@BmyGuest Ok, I didn't know deleted questions on meta aren't visible to 10kers. Thanks.
4:45 PM
@GarethMcCaughan there's also an "error" on 12 because I moved that number over to get the correct letter.
@LukasRotter They might be visible, but there are not many 10k on Meta and, well, it's META ;c)
Even then, aren't deleted questions only visible if they happen to be on the page at the moment? once it's deleted you need the link for it, no?
I'm sure @Randal'Thor could verify that easily :P
@dcfyj yes, will check what you've done to row 12
Deleted questions (on main or meta) are visible to all 10k-ers, but non-mods need to have the link to be able to find them.
Speaking of, would anyone object if I change the feeds on this chatroom so that new main-site questions as well as new meta questions appear here? The room is busy enough these days that the oneboxes wouldn't swamp the conversation, and it'd make it easier for chatters to notice and discuss new questions.
@dcfyj aren't rows 11 and 13 wrong now that you've added a space on row 12?
there are a 6 and a 5 that should be 7 and 6
4:52 PM
No because while a space took the spot of a 6 a 6 took the spot of a space
@dcfyj That sounds like a riddle.
oh, of course
ignore my stupidity
@Randal'Thor Umm... while that would work ok at peak hours, I feel there'd be a lot of Feed messages crowding out those who might otherwise try to chat on nights and weekends
ok, hopefully fixed now (but I wouldn't make any large bets on it)
4:54 PM
@Sconibulus But when chat activity goes down, so does question-posting activity!
@GarethMcCaughan That 5 you put on row 12 isn't a 5. and you need to retranslate your quote :P
oh gawd
@Randal'Thor Over my dead body! No but seriously: I personally wouldn't need it, and I'm not sure if users who don't already have a tab with new questions open would even want to know. And you can't block users to my knowledge... But I guess it wouldn't be that bad.
fixed it some more
There, looks good you get the tick ^^
4:57 PM
@Randal'Thor Is that true? When I'm on at night, usually when I can't sleep, there's almost no chatting (around 10-12 EST) but usually 2-3 puzzles being posted
@LukasRotter You can ignore users in chat. Thanks for reminding me of that, actually - it means that anyone who'd be bothered by it can just block it out.
@GarethMcCaughan do you get where the nonogram comes in? :P
@Randal'Thor Good idea. The oneboxes wouldn't be too frequent, I think.
@Randal'Thor True, I just figured out how to do that... blocks rand al'thor :P
@LukasRotter I believe my chat mod powers would extend to removing myself from your ignore list if you put me on it :-)
(not that I would do that, but I could)
4:59 PM
@Randal'Thor Abuse of power!
@Randal'Thor I just blocked you to test it, I'll unblock you in 15 minutes if you haven't already unblocked yourself :) SCIENCE!
@Sconibulus What, you want me to test whether I really can remove myself from your ignore list?
(someone convey that message to Sconibulus for me)
24 secs ago, by Rand al'Thor
@Sconibulus What, you want me to test whether I really can remove myself from your ignore list?
@dcfyj well, the original "surface-level" puzzle is basically a nonogram with clues for the non-shaded squares
5:01 PM
Yeah, I'm curious
that bit was obvious
(or was there something more that I missed?)
@Sconibulus Done.
The spacing rule mostly
Did it work?
Huh, apparently it doesn't work.
5:02 PM
@dcfyj do you mean I missed something about the spacing?
I can remove myself, but then refresh the page and I'm back.
I enjoy doing silly things to see if they're possible, and spending time on The Bridge, I have a very tolerant view of Mod Abuse
No, nonograms have a spacing rule
yeah, I know
that's what I used from them
5:03 PM
it's not really any different from the rule about spacing between lights in a crossword
No idea, I don't do those
@GarethMcCaughan You could provide the answers to all the clues. Considering you have solved it...
@Sid they're all there in the grid
Some of those answer are only solve via the cross referrence
why copy them out?
5:04 PM
@Sid He did :) You just have to parse them out of the grid
plus I'm sure that more than a few of them he used the minesweeper rule to answer :P
Ohh, the numbers are the answers! I had forgotten....
Can someone tell Sconibulus it didn't work? :-P
12 secs ago, by Rand al'Thor
Can someone tell Sconibulus it didn't work? :-P
5:05 PM
Aww, that's sad, oh well
And, unbaleeted
Probably a good thing really. If someone wants to ignore a mod, let 'em - it might mean they get suspended without warning, but there's no particular reason to allow the mod to remove that ignore.
Maybe he thought you didn't want to talk to him anymore @Randal'Thor cc @Sconibulus
@Randal'Thor So this means you can see who everyone is ignoring?
or was that in reference to something else
@Sconibulus I have a silly question. Is your name (1) a reference to some other thing or (2) something you made up? If the latter, should I be parsing it as (1) Latin sconib/ulus, a little sconus (a small scone?) or (2) Greek skonibolos, a thrower of skonoi (scone-thrower?) or (3) an anagram of consulibus (for the consuls) or something of the kind or (4) something else?
>(1) Latin sconib/ulus, a little sconus (a small scone?)
That was supposed to be a quote, but I apparently suck
It was something silly a couple of my friends came up with in high school
5:10 PM
@Sconibulus See also this meta post and its answers.
something about alien pastries pretending to be human for reasons I don't entirely remember, but probably involved conquering Earth
sorry, of course it would be a diminutive of sconibus rather than sconus
(a small sconus would be a sconulus and would decline to give sconulibus not sconibulus)
I don't think any of us actually knew any Latin :)
I've seen a couple uses of it other than me though, on the internets, but not that many
5:11 PM
anyway, it makes me smile
I see, I have 4 people who share my username here... interesting...
I'm unique :P no one ever has mine ^^
Anyway, I'll set up that feed thing. If people really don't like it, they can either put the feedbot on ignore or ask a mod to remove it again. And if the PSE mods really don't like it, they can ... y'know, suspend me or whatever :-P
Rand al'Thor has made a change to the feeds posted into this room‌​
There may be a stream of onebox spam right now after it's set up, but I can trash it if so.
5:20 PM
@MOehm have you tried nihilist cipher?
Q: Name two US presidents having the first name "Thomas"

MalvolioNo Googling! (This is not a trick question.)

Q: Scanned Magazine Comics

TSLF This drawing was send to me by a friend few years ago . He said it is a kind of Mystery Case File but what to find is up to me figure them out. Are there something to find here?

Q: If the answers were on a mission, what would it be?

Abhirath MahipalSolve the clues and arrive at a word. Let's call the word X. Combine the letters/words obtained from each clue and arrive at X. Places with lots of noise and eager eyeballs. Take the last three letters from this word. An article. I'm a cow but quieter. Take the first three letters. Spl...

@Sid: Yes. That turns letters into numbers, if I remember correctly, so I've ruled it out. It's similar to Trifid.
@LukasRotter Well, I think I finally rotated that stupid cube correctly, I just sort of lost the orientation of the letters in the process...
@dcfyj Does that mean the result is nonsense?
@StackExchange Can we delete this one? @Gareth @MOehm
5:28 PM
I'm guessing it's supposed to be reading different things from different angles but since my letters aren't properly oriented (I used excel) I have no way of knowing
@LukasRotter I can show you a picture if you like
@Randal'Thor which one?
oh, the president one?
@Randal'Thor The question does not really fit here, it's just a trivia quiz with one item. But I'm not sure whether deleting right away is appropriate. It's on hold and will be deleted tomorrow anyway, no?
@MOehm Oh, true, it'll get auto-deleted in a while (provided the answer doesn't get upvoted).
Ah, okay, didn't know the upvote restriction.
@dcfyj Not sure if that'd help, each side of the cube should spell something
5:38 PM
There we go, I've customised our new feed bot to have a nice name and avatar.
@Randal'Thor Deleted. (I'm sorry I answered it now -- when I clicked on the Q's entry in P.SE's home page, it was at 0. I only saw later that it was at -7. It must have got those 7 DVs a bit quick.)
@RosieF Thanks. (I know all about the temptation of answering bad but easy questions! :-) )
@Randal'Thor I hope it's this:
@Randal'Thor How can I even unblock a bot? (just want to know your customization, actually) I can't find "Stack Exchange" in the user list of chatrooms...
nvm, found it
@LukasRotter It's not just "Stack Exchange" any more, it's a custom bot.
5:53 PM
@LukasRotter The move order is just top to bottom on the HNQ right?
@dcfyj Yes, the move order that you posted earlier is correct.
I just end up with that
_ are empty cells
I might have to give up on this until I can get to one my my rubik's cubes...
@dcfyj Then I have a fake Rubik's cube, in your image white and yellow would be on the opposite sides of each other, but on mine it's white & green.
If that's true, I'll probably have to delete this one and make another account in shame :P
Oh no...
Our cubes are the same
Or is green supposed to be the f face?
Did everybody leave at the same time or something? lol super quiet all of the sudden.
6:10 PM
@dcfyj Nope, I'll probably have to delete my question. My cube looks like this: (the above image is just to show my frustration)
Oh, that's not a standard rubik's cube
sorry for the waste of time... no idea what I should do except deleting it now
I could solve it with that instead I suppose...
On a side note, we happen to be using the same rubik's solver :P
What question?
So you're willing to solve it? If so, I'll edit my question in shame instead of deleting it.
6:14 PM
Q: A weird deleted Puzzling.SE question

Lukas RotterSo I was just browsing Puzzling as usual, when I stumbled upon a... to put it mildly, "strange" question: The question seems to be permanently deleted now... For those who disabled GIFs in their browser, here are pictures that together form the whole webpage of the question: One, two, three. ...

Is that the correct orientation for the cube too? or...?
@LukasRotter Dude, mistakes can happen. I mean, if you're in shame with such a popular question, what about my last one? lol
@dcfyj Yes, "earth below" = "water planet below" = "blue side below"
Ah ok, to me earth is green lol
gareth and dcfyj spent what a couple hours in here debugging errors in the crossword puzzle - mistakes happen, seems like the community rolls with it :)
Sheesh, doesn't everyone know earth is brown?
6:22 PM
yeah, I had two or three errors in mine, 1 was transcription the second was a mis-count
Not with grass on it :P
The problem is my mistake makes the puzzle unsolvable in it's entirety, not even a part of it can be solved.
@LukasRotter I don't think your edit is appropriate, you're basically giving out the solution. I mean, it ruins your puzzle.
@LukasRotter Yeah, best to put that in a spoilertag at the bottom rather than openly at the top.
Something like "IMPORTANT EDIT (read this if you've got most of the way to the solution but are stuck): >! ..."
Maybe obfuscate the Rubik's cube reference somehow as well?
6:26 PM
do you mean that the orientation of the cube is given? I think I should certainly inform everyone I've made a mistake.
I could just make orange as front or something, so I'm at least not giving that away
So now the puzzle is being changed? I'm confused...
@dcfyj No I mean that the color scheme I posted as an edit gives away the orientation (i.e. white blue), so I could just rotate the cube a bit and give that as an image.
@Randal'Thor That's what I mean.
@LukasRotter Ah ok, I don't think that would be fair As you've told me (and shown me) what the correct orientation is.
@dcfyj I think it's fairly obvious with the new orientation, but I guess I could link to the chat.
6:30 PM
@LukasRotter You should inform those that understood it's about a Rubik's Cube anyway. Right now, you're basically telling them it's a Rubik's Cube. Since that's a huge spoiler, I think you should use a spoiler block (at the bottom of the question). Since you wrote it at the top, even people browsing questions will see the spoiler just from the preview.
Well, either way the choice is yours
Although from what I can tell, no one seems to have the correct moves list
(at least it's not clearly mentioned in the answer/comments)
Edited my question now, with a link to the chat message in which I gave away the orientation.
Now I can just hope I didn't make any mistakes in the other parts of the puzzles, lol. (especially in the moves list, even though I checked it 5 times)
Well, it is in a spoiler tag :P
well yeah but people may take it as a hint, not as a major giveaway
your puzzle. your call. :)
6:37 PM
@LukasRotter Thanks, I think the spoiler has the benefit of fixing your puzzle, and not ruining it at the same time. :P
I don't know why I hadn't upvoted it already by the way...
If people want to solve it the "normal" way now (i.e. with a real cube), they now have to disassemble the cube and rebuild it in a different way :P (that's what I probably accidentally did at some point)
7:06 PM
The green face isn't making much sense...
@Randal'Thor No, earth's green and yellow. Brown's live. :)
7:20 PM
Q: A riddle fit for Friday

Kevin Rock My first part sometimes marches, sometimes crawls, sometimes passes, but always seems to keep going. My second part is just past the loneliest. That is before both of you left that part. My third is something pretty common. It shows up around birthdays and some holidays and when people leave a p...

@dcfyj So you've solved it using the "custom" color scheme? Yeah, the green face is probably the most mysterious clue.
I'm writing a partial answer now.
Q: What is a Spelling Bee Word™?

RubioThis is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Spelling Bee Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. $$\begin{array}{|c|c|}\hline \bbox[yellow]{\text...

There, partial answer up, people can use it to finish it as I probably won't get the chance to
@Rubio What is?
7:36 PM
oh. heh. i was about to say that i'd posted a puzzle a few minutes back and the bot hadn't spammed it in here. and as i was typing, it popped up. you know, because technology is perverse that way.
give the bot a second to find it :P
I see you used mathjax :P
oh, it had been close to 10 minutes, didn't think it'd take that long.
The bot is revealing your secrets!
yeah - that formatting gets ugly in there don't it
When I did mine I did an image with a "CSV" text version below it.
7:38 PM
i don't like having to make graphics just to post a table. so i dug through example posts until i found something i like
The real fun one is a bmatrix inside a bmatrix next to a bmatrix :P
Specifically this one
i'll, uh, trust you on that one. i've never done mathjax before uh yesterday - maybe two days ago - and this is the first time i tried a table. looks nice, but i'll be building a script now to generate the template rather than filling it out by hand next time
Yeah, MathJax takes a bit of getting used to, I like doing matrices though, they're kind of fun.
8:31 PM
Aaaaaah finished now. Pumpkins cute. Still unsure about file zero though
@BeastlyGerbil do you have the numbers that each section came from?
No but I could get them easily
Although I'm going to bed in a minute...
@BeastlyGerbil Well, "move along, move along" is an infamous quote from Star Wars, whereas "Nothing to see here" could refer to many things: E.g. the movie Naked Gun or just police officers at a crime scene. Never heard both together in a movie, though.
8:51 PM
Or nothing to see here could mean the empty tile and it tells us to move it along twice
9:05 PM
Hello. I have a question about Rubik cube algorithm, is it the proper place? (Here or on the main site).
Those are allowed, unless it's already there
and there are apparently several cubers who chat in here (I'm not one of them though)
Thank you. No, it is not there.
10:04 PM
Q: Four flipped edges in the equator layer

EvilVery often I get situation like this: I am interested in manual solving, so automatically generated solution is not useful (like with Kociemba algorithm). Currently I use twice the two edges flip (E R' E R' E R2 E' R' E' R' E' R2), but this is too long solution with total of 28 moves. Is ther...

@Sconibulus I believe @Emrakul is still the resident expert on Rubik's cube.
Q: Connect the Dots Problem

dragonwarrior Using the image above, the rules are every dot must have a line through it, no diagonal lines, no crossing over lines, no backtracking, no going out of bounds, and no picking up the pencil to start at another location. A friend says it is solvable and I want to say it isn't. Is this puzzle solv...

10:59 PM
Q: Indulge in my stupid and impossible riddle!

VenA riddle i made designed to make some sense but requires a lot of lateral thinking. What could the reason be? I'd be glad to give hints, but i trust there's smart people to figure this one out.

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