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8:33 AM
@TheDestroyer - is this sacrifice is part of tantra or upasana or nigam ?
@SwiftPushkar like normal one. Like how people sacrifice before Kali mata.This is done on special occasions or festivals.
@TheDestroyer - yes , but do people , offer puja to kali mata without this sacrifice or is it must ritual
@SwiftPushkar it's not must.
@SwiftPushkar You may sacrifice.
@TheDestroyer - oh ok :)
@TheDestroyer - over here gov mostly banned this , wht abt there ?
@SwiftPushkar We do.
@SwiftPushkar Vedas do support animal sacrifice in yajans. i will update it with Vedic verses also.
@SwiftPushkar All those animals sacrificed in Yajnas go to heaven.
8:42 AM
@TheDestroyer -ok , i think we have that post also , will check it out
@SwiftPushkar Yeah.
But those questions are not about Devi.
@TheDestroyer - yes , they are more common and related general sacrifice
A: Why Hindus kill animals for Goddess Mahakali In Nepal and India?

Rushabh Thakermay be there is not any reason behind that but its may be one kind of myth's that came from olden era ... and not in nepal and india there is many religion & country that do such kind of thing there is one kind of thinking to start and good work or any religious Pooja Bali ( to kill animal in ...

@SwiftPushkar Government banning them is bad unless people misuse them.
Hi guys, is this room purely for philosophy?
Similar quesyion , but no good answer
8:45 AM
@Fiksdal Yeah. Hindu or Vedic Philosphy or anything about Hinduism.
@Fiksdal - No not as such , we can discuss anything and philosopy related to Hinduism
@SwiftPushkar how to migrate answer?
@TheDestroyer - from where ?
There is a Hinduism related question on another stack, I wanted to draw attention to it from some Hindus.
Q: Small Diwali gifts, from an overseas visitor in India during the festive period?

GagravarrIn part due to not properly checking ahead, I've just discovered that it's Diwali this weekend. I'm currently in India on a work trip, visiting a number of people in an office here. Based on something someone said in passing over lunch, I get the feeling that I may be presented with a small gift...

8:47 AM
@TheDestroyer - do you mean mearge
@SwiftPushkar yeah.
@TheDestroyer - i think only mods can do that , mearge two answers , but IMO from same Q or answer , dont know abt diff. Posts though
@Fiksdal Do you want us to help OP?
@TheDestroyer - i mean weather its possible to mearge two different answers from dif. Post's as one
@SwiftPushkar don't know. @AnkitSharma or @KeshavSrinivasan must have known it.
8:51 AM
@TheDestroyer If any of you have relevant knowledge on Diwali traditions, you could head over to Travel SE and answer :)
@Fiksdal ok.
I assume you do have that knowledge, on a stack like this :)
@SwiftPushkar I will answer your Kailash question.
@TheDestroyer - ok :)
@TheDestroyer -planing to ask 1 q on some major gods ( shiva and vishnu , devi) covered :)
9:38 AM
@SwiftPushkar 2 question can be merged. By doing that all answers come under same question. But answer itself don't merge
@Fiksdal Existing answers look good to me, left a comment instead
Didn't expected travel.se to have that kind of questions too
Sound more like workplace.se question
@AnkitSharma Thanks for helping! :)
Yeah, it's probably an overlap with The Workplace. Cultural differences are on-topic there, I assume?
That said, it's perfectly on topic for Travel SE, questions about local customs for people on short visits to other cultures are very much welcome.
I have no idea about that site because I hardly travel ;D
Anyway I do think sweets are bit tricky to buy if u r not local
@AnkitSharma Why? Confectionary shops are over the place in cities, no?
OP is in Bangalore
9:47 AM
@Fiksdal I am in Bangalore too
Right. I mean, you see these confectionary shops on every corner, right?
@Fiksdal By sweets I mean Indian sweets made by milk product
like this
@AnkitSharma So, what do you mean by tricky? Hard to find, or risky in other ways?
This kind of sweets don't last longer
@AnkitSharma Ah, so they have to be consumed within a few days? Sounds OK, people can take them home to their kids for Diwali and stuff, right?
9:50 AM
But when you gift them, you need to be sure if they are fresh
Ah, right. So you need to find a good dealer.
mostly go for big names
Small shop can trick
You know, as a Bangalore local, that sounds like you could make your own answer with that warning? Sounds very useful.
9:52 AM
I am in Bangalore from 2 year only and not explored much
Do you want to answer? Or can I incorporate this into my own answer?
Anyway getting good sweets in 100-200 INR duiring Diwali not seems much easy to me
Let me check rate online if available
@AnkitSharma It's more expensive online, though? In Tiruvannamalai where I live you can get sweets for that price in a chain store called Krishna Sweets. But maybe it's more expensive in Bangalore?
bigbasket.com is not so expensive but there boxes doesn't seems attractive
@AnkitSharma Cool. I updated my answer as per your comments, thanks for the help :)
@AnkitSharma Got any names of known chain stores in Bangalore?
10:04 AM
@Fiksdal Anand Sweets and Kanti sweets
@AnkitSharma Thanks :)
Have no idea about the store you mentioned, only tried Kanti sweets
But heard good things about Anand Sweets
I'm a regular customer at Krishna Sweets in Tamil Nadu, they seem to have very good hygiene and routines.
Didn't got chance to visit there
Mostly been in north India and there store chains are different
I've never been north of Mumbai :)
10:16 AM
Lived in mumbai for 2 years too :D
But mostly been in Delhi
What's your mother tongue?
10:28 AM
@Fiksdal Dogri (Jammu) but I speak hindi
It's similar to punjabi, I hope you heard that one
Heard lots of Punjabi in my native city of Oslo :)
I think it's mutually intelligible with Hindi and Urdu, right?
Punjabi, I mean.
10:51 AM
Urdu is quite different form punjabi
3 hours later…
1:32 PM
@AnkitSharma Howmuch speed the supperman files at?
Don't know
But Google give many result if u search it
Q: How do we know the Flash is faster than Superman?

MathematicianI have heard from many people that the Flash is faster than Superman. But how do we know this? Can you give me the comic issue/continuity and the basic plot summary?

This one answer it too
2:00 PM
@TheDestroyer - nice answer , just let me check , from my ref.if its a cosmic plane of kailash or mountain :)
@TheDestroyer - or otherwise i will edit the question
@SwiftPushkar Ohh.. No. Jalandhara went to Kalilas of Tibet
@SwiftPushkar Kaliasa described is on arth
@SwiftPushkar i think we can only describe Kailasa parvata of Earth.
@SwiftPushkar I'm not sure Cosmic Kaliasa of Sada Shiva is ever described in detail.
@TheDestroyer - in shrimad bhagvata purana 4 th skanda adhya 6 shloka 6 to 22 , elaborately describes , mount kailasha , Brahmadeva and all gods went to mount kailash to see "Mahadeva"
@SwiftPushkar ohh.ok. I actually wanted to give answer from shiva Purana but couldn't find
@SwiftPushkar Will update that also.
@TheDestroyer - that story is of killing of daksha , and sati devi
@SwiftPushkar Yeah. Saw that.
2:09 PM
@TheDestroyer - that description is much in detail , birds like peacock , kokil , deer , Monkeys, pigs, lion, kasturimrug and many more, trees like mango, kadamba , and lots of medicinal trees etc, see that also
@SwiftPushkar Veda base site is down.
@SwiftPushkar i can't find sanskrit verses
@TheDestroyer - i have marathi tranlation of that , otherwise i could have sent you screenshots , of that
@TheDestroyer - just wait , i will send screen shots :)
@SwiftPushkar Found on Sanskritdocuments
Sanskrit verses.
@SwiftPushkar found verses from this site
2:18 PM
@TheDestroyer - ok :)
@TheDestroyer - see some description " There are pure water streams" lots of caves , elephants, Trees like "Mandar , parijatak , devdar , tamal, kanchan , arjun , mango , kadamba, nagchafa , bakul, golden lotus, jai , mogra ,shevanti, " etc, animals like , Bear , raihno , jackals, muskdeer, wildbull etc
@SwiftPushkar finding sanskrit verses became tedious for me.
@SwiftPushkar I couldn't correlate them.
@TheDestroyer - There they saw "Alkanagri"
@TheDestroyer -no problem , i will sent you detail ans. After some time :) you can add that ,dont worry
@KeshavSrinivasan - Vannakam :) @AnkitSharma @ChinmaySarupria - Hi πŸ™‹ , How's you all
@SwiftPushkar Hi bro :)
2:32 PM
Wishing you all very happy and prosperous "Dipawali" πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡
I wish you all a very happy life and you all reach new heights and get Moksha soon.
@ChinmaySarupria - ha ha , spiritual Diwali , with gift of "moksha" πŸ‘ like that concept :)
@SwiftPushkar I added description from bagavatam. But if add Sanskrit verses, it will become very long answer. And some users may never read it.
Hey all will be back in some time βͺβͺ
@TheDestroyer - ok , will check that
@TheDestroyer - Yes , exact answer , congratulations , no need to add sanskrit verses , the description is more than enough :)
@SwiftPushkar Actually credit goes to you, as you told me about Srimad Bhagavatam chapter.
2:42 PM
@TheDestroyer - oh , its ok , you also wrote it down , and found that description😊
2:58 PM
@SwiftPushkar I am good
3:56 PM
Q: absences of names of days in Scriptures. why?

venkatesanAs far as I know, the names of the days (Sunday, Monday,...) are not found in scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam. Say you want to find day of Krishna's birth, it is not available. Do vedas mention days (Sunday, Monday,,,)?

Sunday monday? They might mention Adivar, Somvar
btw, even I want to know which day?..... So, Waiting for the answer
4:24 PM
@KrishnShweta I'm sure Vedas and Itihasas (Ramayana Mahabharata) doesn't explicitly mention names of week... But I think some Puranas mention it....
@TheDestroyer how did you get Sanskrit verses of Devi Bhagvatam...?
@Tezz Indian Scriptures
@TheDestroyer Oh ok...
hey Hi all
4:33 PM
@SwiftPushkar Hi Bro!
@TheDestroyer - :) yes , @Tezz - why aren't the names of days mentioned in any scriptures , might be in joytish shastra books have that mentioned
@SwiftPushkar πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
@KrishnShweta - yes , Happy Dipawali to you and To @Tezz also :)
@SwiftPushkar Even i never read names of weeks in Scriptures.
4:37 PM
@SwiftPushkar Happy Dipawali to you too :)
@SwiftPushkar Thank You!.... Happy Diwali to you too... and to all here...
@SwiftPushkar Actually, bit intriguing also..
Why are guys wishing each other now when Deepavali is on Oct 30th?
@SwiftPushkar I think Parashara Hora Shastra mentions name of weeks...
@TheDestroyer Crow Tihar starts from tomorrow...
@Tezz - ok @TheDestroyer - yes we should look that in more detail
@Tezz ohh.. what is it?
4:39 PM
@TheDestroyer oh... In India it isn't celebrated....?
@Tezz Don't know. I think South doesn't celebrate...
@TheDestroyer here we celebrate Tihar as... First Day Crow Tihar... second day Dog Tihar... third day Cow Tihar and Lakshmi Puja... fourth day Ox Tihar and Govardhana Puja.. and Fifth day Bhai Tika....
@Tezz - it must be mentioned somewhere , but not like sunday , monday or so , but "Aditya vaar " etc , or in diff. way that we cant recognise now
Respective animals are worshipped live in their respective Tihar...
@SwiftPushkar Yeah..In telugu sunday is Adi varam, Ravi Vaar in Hindi..
4:42 PM
@SwiftPushkar I think Puranas mention name of weeks....
@Tezz What is meaning of Tihar? By Tihar, i remember Tihar jail :P
@Tezz - here we celebrate , "Vasubaras " ie. cow & calf pooja :)
@SwiftPushkar Oh... in seperate days or in single day?...
@Tezz Thanks!
@Tezz - single day only , and not other animals like crows , dogs etc. only cow nd calf pooja
4:46 PM
@SwiftPushkar Oh ok... here we worship on each seperate days...
@Tezz - ohh ok :) grt tradition of animal worship , like we have "Nag panchami" during shravan maas , we do worship snakes , and "Baila Pola" , or bull festival (single day)
@SwiftPushkar we also celebrate Naag Panchami here...
@Tezz @TheDestroyer - - I think our panchang is pretty old , old panchangas might contain names of days and months etc , but since panchanga or Panchangam ( almanac) is not considered as spiritual text , people might have missed that , kashi people have very old panchanga with them , heard that somewhere
@Tezz - ohh ok , so lots similar :)
@Tezz - are sherpa people hindus ?
@SwiftPushkar they are mostly Buddhists...
5:04 PM
@Tezz -ok:) @KrishnShweta - aare kuch bolte kyun nahi , why silent ?
hey all check this book - abt Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy
@SwiftPushkar good.
@KrishnShweta - there is one good app called "ElectroDroid" a app of collection of tools and ref. of electrical and electronics branch , pls check that out on mobile
@SwiftPushkar Cool...
Thanks. I'll check that
5:13 PM
@SwiftPushkar oh ok... Thank You... I think it's a nice book...
@Tezz @TheDestroyer - ya chapters like vedic physics etc. there
This guy is very busy in posting some Chinese stuff
He is spamming from past two days..
Haha... and I think he uses the tag Mahabharata....
@Tezz That Guy might know only Mahabharatha..
@TheDestroyer haha...
5:25 PM
@Tezz @TheDestroyer -can mods ban this user ? he is using diff.university names each time in links @Tezz - yes true
@SwiftPushkar I think they can... but he might come through new ID...
@SwiftPushkar I think we can ban his IP
@TheDestroyer - yes ,
@SwiftPushkar @Tezz Bye! Good night
@TheDestroyer Good Night....
@SwiftPushkar me too goodnight...
5:33 PM
@ChinmaySarupria - bye Gn :)
lol everyone saying Good Night and yet no one leaving the room :)
Good Night!

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