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9:43 AM
And if you still have time, check the unanswered questions for any you think should be closed, or answered :)
10:23 AM
Eg @Karlson , @JonathanReez, @phoog, @GregHewgill, @GayotFow, @jpatokal and others, if you have a few minutes :)
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12:22 PM
@RoflcoptrException I need your mod powers yet again.
Q: How to control Islamophobia during travelling?

Karan DesaiCase 1 There is a friend named A of mine who is educated and very well know that not all Muslims are terrorists. He respects the identity and religion other fellow human mates follow and he don't have any problem with that. In fact he has very good relations with his Muslim friends, neighbors an...

This might need to be protected from troll answers.
the question is weather we will give the trolls a chance to behave first
I am tempted to close-vote it as unanswerable on SE. I did not because I think there might be some tips-and-tricks which are applicable to make the traveller feel less insecure.
Although the only real answer would be: educate people instead of brainwashing them so that *phobia becomes a thing of the past.
I0m also not so sure
Especially about the second part where he wants to know how to cheer up his friend
but on the other hand, the first part seems like an okay question that also might be answerable
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4:13 PM
@MarkMayo ok, I have maxed out my votes over there
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5:55 PM
A: How to search for flights for a route staying within in an alliance?

chxITA Matrix can do this using the / alliance limiter, there's star-alliance, skyteam and oneworld. To give an example I used the original question as parameters -- I couldn't find anything direct so I asked for one connection:

I answered his question
This is the question he wanted to ask
Hope Lemuel Gulliver will see it.
@RoflcoptrException can you send him a message :) ?
6:53 PM
that moment when you discover it's a major holiday in the country you're visiting, and hence why your flights were unusually cheap...
Q: Small Diwali gifts, from an overseas visitor in India during the festive period?

GagravarrIn part due to not properly checking ahead, I've just discovered that it's Diwali this weekend. I'm currently in India on a work trip, visiting a number of people in an office here. Based on something someone said in passing over lunch, I get the feeling that I may be presented with a small gift...

help needed :)
Just read it, good question.
You might go into a smallish local shop (corner shop kind) buy something mid range there and talk with the owner.
I'm not generally trusted to walk about on my own...
they worry about me and Indian traffic!
Or ask hotel staff.
the barman here is quite friendly, might try asking tomorrow night, still leaves me friday!
TV ads suggest I should be buying phones, TVs or gold
Maybe hotel staff is willing to go shopping (if you can not trust yourself with the traffic) for a bit of money, of course.
6:57 PM
not sure that's quite office-appropriate
That is like mothers day here, or fathers day, those are the gifts you might buy your loved one for a special year, not what you buy in a normal year, and would certainly not be right for an office.
Do you have a tradition at home where you give small gifts at the office or in the wider circle of family or friends?
were I visiting another office around Christmas, I'd probably buy mince pies or some christmas cake to share over coffee or tea
maybe give a card to people I knew well
no idea what (if anything) would be the expected Diwali equivalent!
I think, if appropriate, you might bring food in when you go to the office.
That is why you need to talk with a local who is not in the same office.
@Fiksdal might know, but I do not know whether his region has the same religion.
Looks like it is a quiet time on the site now.
/me is eating dinner in his office
Poor you.
I 'clock off' before 4 PM usually.
7:05 PM
I only came in at 11:00. And here is quieter than at home.
Truth is that the dirty cow caused me to lose some time which is why I need to catch up a bit.
I think I missed that dirty cow, sounds lively.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_cow Couldn't reach the supercomputer for my data crunching for 5 days.
That will slow you down.
The factory I am in is a bit noisy and I am not near a radio, so I do not hear the news during the day. In the evening I watch TV, skipping the news, and I tend to forget to catch up.
Anyway, my most productive time is after everybody else has left the office, I'm roughly three hours out of phase.
7:23 PM
@Gagravarr If you ask for advice, make sure it's not someone who has a vested interest in selling you something :)
The only thing I know about Diwali gifts is that employers give them to their employees. For example, my friend has a housekeeper, and for Diwali she gives her a saree worth INR 600. It's something almost everybody does. I believe companies also give gifts to their employees in corporate settings as well. But I don't know if it happens between colleagues on that level (as equals.) I'd have to call a friend who works in a white collar job, and I would if it wasn't the middle of the night.
it wouldn't quite be "as equals" - I'm more senior than everyone I'm meeting with, which is partly why I think I especially might need to be doing something...
@Gagravarr Oh, I see. Yes, that would make sense.
When you heard you might be getting something, did they indicate who might be giving it to you?
from the sound of it, a joint present from my team
Ah, ok.
and there's no-one as senior as me in the Indian office this week to ask
7:31 PM
How many people report to you?
half a dozen, but if it's food based I'd probably buy something for the floor (~25)
And where in India are you? (There are significant cultural differences between various regions.)
If not specific city, which state would be useful.
I work in IT, guess... ;-)
@Gagravarr Cool, I'm like 300 km away :)
Yeah, that would make Bangalore likely :) Though it's booming in Chennai too
@Gagravarr You could post a link to the question in the chat of Hinduism SE, lots of Indians there.
I knew we should ask @Fiksdal
7:39 PM
@Willeke Actually, I don't know the answer here, I would have answered already if I did. But thanks for pinging me :)
You do not know the answer, but you do know how to get it to people who do know.
True :)
Another thing, your intuition is certainly correct that when they say "No, you're a westerner, you don't need to give anything" it may not mean much at all. It could easily just be normal Indian politeness. Since you are their boss, they'll also be extra polite to you due to that.
right, it's gone 1am, probably time I crashed out! if someone can ask on another likely suspect forum in the morning, that'd be ace :)
Sleep well.
Good night.
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8:48 PM
Q: Question about boarding pass scans

Flyer1234For domestic flights in the US, when your boarding pass is scanned at the gate, does the gate agent make sure that pass was also scanned at security?

sometimes the real question is well hidden :)
And sometimes you really need to prod the OP to get it out.
9:03 PM
people zero in on a specific detail and sometimes miss the rest of the problem
9:20 PM
@MarkMayo What are the questions?

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