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7:00 PM
This one? :P
@BeastlyGerbil This site is good, but it's bit pain to hunt down the gems.
just click the maths tag and then click sort by votes
And don't look at the answers :P
Tag proposal: 5 minutes (Quickie puzzles (eg USB riddle) /puzzles which are meant to be insta answered (IQ test "puzzles" ))
That seems like a meta tag.
7:07 PM
@BeastlyGerbil Votes are terrible measure of puzzle goodness.
USB riddle?
ah that one
I thought you meant this one:
Q: Unilaterally Bickering Soliloquies

dcfyjI flash... But, illumination is not always to be found I recall... Yet, others give me amnesia I am little... Still, I can be quite large I will carry things for you... Conversely, I must receive them first I communicate very fast... Still, you prefer it that way I am bigger than my older brother...

AK, you don't need to remove your messages. Please don't constantly remove them, especially when they're important to understanding the context of a conversation.
dcfyj had the gotcha moment, so I deleted, and I don't delete key context chats intentionally . (Previous deletion of the ladybug picture was a mistake, though)
That's just the thing though, that was a context chat, because I replied to it.
Exactly. What if there was another person who came back but got confused? They'd never know what riddle you were talking about.
In general, you shouldn't be deleting any messages that are part of a conversation.
There are exceptions, but not many.
7:15 PM
Sorry then.
A: I have three fingers. What is this?


I don't understand how that question and answer got so many votes
Neither do I. It was good, but not that good.
I've never had remotely that many on any of mine :(
Same as this
Some puzzles just get a random amount of upvotes despite being average
7:17 PM
@Deusovi It's nowhere in qualitycompared to any of the Hugh Meyers riddle, and he puts lot of effort in the riddles. I don't know why is good.
Sep 20 at 9:39, by Gareth McCaughan
@Sid, I agree, it seems like a really weak puzzle in multiple ways and I have no idea why 18 people upvoted it. But it sometimes seems like votes and puzzle quality are inversely correlated. (They aren't really, but it's quite common for weak-but-approachable-looking puzzles to get way more upvotes than they deserve, and for tough interesting ones to scare people off and get few votes.)
So true
I think my main issue is that I get few views. except for 9 of them all my puzzles have less than 500 views :(
Although I can understand why my last one doesn't have a hug amount of upvotes, it's rather daunting.
I often post a puzzle with the hope and sometimes expectation of many upvotes but usually those hopes and expectations plummet after a few hours
I forgot that this one got a bunch of votes
Q: Strange women and their strange ways of giving you phone numbers

dcfyjWhile Bob was walking down the street one day, he met a wonderful woman that was attractive and smart and a great conversationalist. After they had been chatting for a while the woman looked at her watch and quickly got up and scribbled something down while saying "I have to go, I'm running ver...

7:23 PM
My formula: 1) Add visual components like images or GIFS 2) make it a cipher (because that's all I can) 3) Put "weird" in the title and maybe variations like "strange" in the body. This at least worked for me to get over 10 upvotes :P (only questions following this formula achieved that)
I think the "weird" part is very important.
It was a very pleasant suprise when I came down stairs one day to find this had got 40 upvotes in a day
up to 81 now :S
And I mean what? how does this deserve 29 upvotes?
I do have 8 puzzles that were favorited by people though
7:26 PM
I gave that one an upvote because I thought it was clever
In my opinion its not much of a puzzle
@BeastlyGerbil I couldn't have that one yet, I've only posted 22
That's 25 different people clicking the favorite button on one question
oh, misread it.
7:28 PM
most I have is 12
Still good
I was talking about 8 different questions that had been starred by at least one person though.
my best is 3 :)
Maximum on site I think is 70 somthing
Time to write a query!
(Which is true, as I'm about to write one, but it has nothing to do with pse)
7:34 PM
Making puzzles is really annoying, you want them to be solved but you don't...
I get so annoyed when people are close but missing an obvious thing
I usally like it if they're solved between 12-48 hours... If it takes longer I like to start a bounty, but unfortunately I'll have to resist starting a bounty on my current question as soon as I'll be able to... Otherwise people might exploit that in future questions.
@BeastlyGerbil That just happened on this last puzzle, but they figured it out. The great thing about this puzzle is eventually they'll get to the point where they can cross-check themselves and I won't have to tell them if they're wrong.
8:34 PM
(Came here to post an observation, and I see it's actually relevant to the current conversion)
My latest answer is worth significantly more rep than my latest question... Guess which one took more time/effort? :)
Is just had an idea for a puzzle that 1) is perfect to post on halloween (because of it's presentation), 2) fits the most probably next fortnight (IMO) and 3) fits the tags assigned to me here :P Now the most annoying part will be the "balancing" (i.e. not make it too hard / too easy)... Always failed at that so far... Anyone has advice how to determine the difficulty without having to have experience?
@LukasRotter getting difficulty right is one of the hardest parts. Best I can suggest is trying to do a dry run yourself and at every step, ask yourself questions like: what information do I need to get this bit? Where is that information available? What assumptions do I need to make? How many wrong assumptions are people likely to make?
@Alconja Thanks. The problem is that I always think the information needed to solve it is clear and everyone knows what to do with it. I guess I must bring on my best acting skills and somehow objectively judge the puzzle and what people could miss / misinterpret... That will not be easy :P
And I fear if I take too many misinterpretations of clues into consideration the puzzle might end up being too easy.
8:52 PM
Oh, and I just noticed your link (just woke up, or at least that's my excuse)... Good man. Maybe I should suggest a new fortnightly challenge: Alconja's Assignments (I assign each user their own unique pair of tags). :)
What about me? I like a challenge...
@Alconja I'm sure many people would vote for it just for fun :P Btw, what do you think of this suggestion?
@LukasRotter absolutely, was going to suggest the same when the time came.
I do like the idea just unsure about how successful it will be. Same with the metapuzzle
@BeastlyGerbil Consider yourself assigned +
9:00 PM
Hmmm, tricky but ok
A few ideas spring to mind....
I'm glad Alconja realised I'm only capable of doing cipher puzzles :P Otherwise I'd probably produce the worst puzzle on this site.
I prefer making visual puzzles
^ taster of my current puzzle
Pretty pleased with the graphics
Looks amazing. What will the "main tag" of the puzzle be? (e.g. riddle, mathematics, mechanical) Or do you want to keep that a secret for now? :P
Umm visual
Or story
It will contain sub puzzles of different things, like riddle or a cipher..
However if there is an tag then that will definetely be the main tag
9:20 PM
The only problem with my current idea for a puzzle is that it's extremely trivial geometry, so I'm not sure whether it would deserve the tag. But strictly following the tag description it would fit: "A puzzle related to shapes, geometric objects (polygons, circles, solids, etc.) of any number of dimensions, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. ". I.e. anything that involves shapes.
Go for it!
don't you mean, knock yourself out?
too soon? hehe
i'd use the geometry tag, personally. gemoetry seems like a tag for geometric anagrams. hmmm
@Alconja who gets assigned one of those? heh
9:43 PM
the bowdlerized British bird in the "dice star" puzzle has to be GANNET (it's a direct reference to a Monty Python sketch)
the foliage has, in two versions of the puzzle, been "rough-looking" and "under the weather". I guess both of those must be meaning "somewhat unwell". GREENS??
ohhhh and I guess the "missing ..." thing is PINING (for the fjords). I actually wondered about that before but failed to spot the other sense of "missing", d'oh
(that gives us the previously mysterious PNG, by the way)
but we're still short at least one APS word, so far as I can see
the pests could be VOLEs rather than MOLEs. Or maybe DEER or even BEAR, but I doubt it.
I'm still having enough trouble figuring out how this thing could start or end that I suspect there's at least one DEL word we haven't got right yet.
10:03 PM
@BeastlyGerbil "Can I take a bite?" "Knock yourself out!" *actually knocks self out* "Oh damn...!" *runs away*
Oh hey @Sconibulus
10:15 PM
hey there
10:51 PM
What is the formatting for the table in "What's a Word™?"
I guess it's not fixed.
MathJax is one format, Picture of Excel sheet is another
I think there are a couple others floating around, but those are the main two used recently I think
@Sconibulus I saw the designs vary between users... I was going to post my own version (similar to the others, but with some minor differences). I don't think people will mind, eh?
Not unless it's terrible :)
11:07 PM
@Sconibulus With LaTeX? Impossible. :P
@ffao I was almost on the verge of deleting that question.
I'm a bit unhappy with it.
11:25 PM
It also got a very meh reception. ^^'
11:41 PM
@ffao Are you here?
sorry, I couldn't resist the urge to show how much of a weeaboo I am
@ffao Ahah. I know it might be inappropriate of me to ask, but would you mind if I deleted it? I'm not sure I want it in my curriculum lol
if you want your questions to be seen by more people, you should post them in the afternoon
You did a very good job though.
about 7 hours before now, that is
11:44 PM
@ffao Eheh when I said "meh" reception, I mean it got a downvote and then an upvote.
@ffao Nevermind, I see you got upvoted. I'll keep it.
@ffao same
I think I only knew it because I'm also a weeb
I've only been posting very bad puzzles lately. Maybe I should travel, climb a mountain and find myself again.
I tried memorizing kanji, but those are impossible
so I know only hiragana and katakana, which makes me even more of a weeb
Yep, same here
@ffao :D Well, you can learn Kanji with time. You just need to find your method and be prepared for some work.
You don't know any at all?
11:52 PM
Hey @Randal'Thor!
I only know a few kanji myself - just some very easy ones.
Hello all!
Q: About a man and a bee

Kevin RockA man walks out of his house and over to his flower garden. He holds out his right hand and a bee lands in it. What is in his eye?

I know a few, forgot a lot more
I'm the only person to have downvoted this? Seriously?
11:54 PM
Not anymore.
I think I've seen that one before, actually - don't remember whether it was here or not.
@Randal'Thor Why? Isn't it clever?
Wasn't the tag supposed to get lynched?
I actually didn't mind it... but it doesn't deserve to be upvoted that high... question is do you upvote on worthiness or to "balance" things out
@Alenanno This isn't Punning.SE.
If only I knew earlier that making puns gets you to nearly repcap
11:55 PM
@Randal'Thor It did make me laugh, though.
We've asked for burnination of several tags, and nearly every time we get responses telling us to go through everything to make sure that no questions end up with only irrelevant tags.
Whether it makes you laugh or not doesn't make it good (or not). But it did take some thought, and I had an "aha" moment when solving it, so that's a puzzle
@Randal'Thor cc@Alconja Besides, this might not be Punning SE, but word play is not extraneous to puzzles.
@Alconja You're not supposed to vote just to 'balance' things. I downvoted that question not because it's too highly voted but because, funny as it is, it doesn't really belong here. (Nothing wrong with your answer, of course!)
@Deusovi I started that job for . Need to go back and finish it at some point, especially since nobody else has taken up the baton.
And I call for more delete votes on more crappy closed questions in here every so often.
Maybe I've got a skewed view, since I answered it before it had , so I didn't approach it as a joke, but as a puzzle, which, while very simple, was at least somewhat satisfying to solve
11:58 PM
@Randal'Thor I can understand you think it's of low quality, but I don't think this last one deserves deletion (if that's what you meant).
So, while I broadly agree that jokes are bad. I think this is a (super easy/simple) puzzle that happens to be humorous, as opposed to a joke that's vaguely puzzle-y.
@Alenanno Only closed questions can be deleted by non-mods anyway, so I wasn't talking about this last one.
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