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12:08 AM
done! :D
good job all
I love puzzles like this, where everyone can chip in
I solved one clue, woo
a small step for mankind
1 hour later…
1:32 AM
@LukasRotter @Randal'Thor, @Deusovi - thoughts?
1:43 AM
@Alconja Sounds good to me!
7 hours later…
8:14 AM
@Alconja Guidelines & examples are definitely useful. I'm probably over-thinking this (i.e. worrying too much about the definition), but I voiced my criticism in the appropriate chat room. (Please also tell yours of my idea with the net, which is a restricting idea)
2 hours later…
9:46 AM
The tag description of says "Puzzles that are physically made and have some sort of mechanism for turning or moving them, such as Rubik's Cubes or trick boxes." - Can I also tag a question that fabricates a physical game which doesn't exist yet and explains the "rules" in text form ?
10:28 AM
Q: Truth in numbers

humn One of the numbers here could be changed to a specific value so that every statement is true. One plus one equals two. Two plus two equals four. Five plus ten equals fifteen. Which number could be changed?   To what possible values? To change a number means to...

11:23 AM
So I finished a crossword (my first too), and I was wondering whether I should post it... It's a good one but, I don't know, it's not a "new" game.
What do you guys think?
2 hours later…
1:09 PM
@Alenanno Sure, why not
1:28 PM
@Sconibulus I'm making a new one for now. Almost done with it. :D
@Alconja It's obviously the season for the triumph of puzzling over real work
@GarethMcCaughan ?
17 hours ago, by Alconja
Guess it's time to give up my day job in favour of full time puzzling...
2:19 PM
I didn't time my observation as well as Alconja did his, though. (His? Her? I realise that I have no idea.)
Do like in the Romantic languages and assume "he"
@GarethMcCaughan I will accept your answer after sometime... And How did you figure it out? Was the "group" too obvious?
@Sid Gareth's mind doesn't work like the rest of ours. It makes great leaps of intuition while the rest of us are still struggling with sorting out the details. By the time we begin to make any progress on the puzzle, he's already had a solution for several hours. :)
@GentlePurpleRain He is an AI. That is the only explanation. Apparently, the reason, he never posts any question. He just answers any sane questions we can come up with.
2:34 PM
I guess my questions are insane then, because I don't think he's ever answered any of mine.
2:58 PM
@Sid I think it was the odd one out that gave it away. I don't think it was too easy; I find that I generally solve this sort of thing either rather quickly or not at all. @GentlePurpleRain I suggest that there's some sort of confirmation-bias thing going on; I'm pretty sure I've seen you solve things I've got no idea where to start with. @dcfyj I came very close once, if you recall :-).
Don't remember which one though
I think the answer turned out to be "dcfyj".
There was lots of complicated reasoning all of which turned out to be completely irrelevant, and a final bit that IIRC I didn't get because obviously "dcfyj" was a nonsense result and I hadn't managed to decode it right.
True, you had issues with that one, but you never posted an answer on that question :P
oh yeah
I think I'm mixing up that one with another one that turned out to be the questioner's name, presumably from someone else. Sorry.
I was wrong, you have answered one of my questions before. and correctly no less ^^
3:13 PM
The quipqiup controversy?
... yeah, the other one I was thinking of was this one puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/35655/… from Brent Hackers
@Sid He does have a habit of using that on my ciphers, I guess I should start using something other than substitution to throw him off his game :P
@MOehm @GarethMcCaughan and other cryptic solvers: just 2 of the 40 clues for my puzzle are not quite correctly explained yet. Take a crack?
We tracked a couple of errors, then went back to be certain (4)
Present sage final advice for a neighbor (4)
Correct answers have been found, but not explanations!
@DanRussell Excellent puzzle that... A tip of my hat towards you...
nvm, Winterbash 2k16 will be available for Puzzling
3:23 PM
@LukasRotter Do educate me on that
@Sid thanks.
Always a little sad from the time-taken-to-write-40-cryptic-clues vs. time-taken-to-solve-40-cryptic-clues perspective, but I'm consoled by people getting to enjoy it (and by the fact that cryptics are kind of fun to write as well).
Yeah, solving almost always takes less time than making for my puzzles :(
But I like the challenge of making a puzzle that's difficult yet solvable, haven't quite found the balance yet though.
I wonder if @Deusovi will ever update his answer so he can get the checkmark :P
4:13 PM
@DanRussell: Oh, I hadn't seen that puzzle. A good puzzle with great presentation!
4:51 PM
A: Another Fine Myth

JohnI believe we may be speaking about: I will continue to fill this in shortly.

I think he forgot to come back
@Sconibulus Don't tell me that's the answer. I am going to kick myself hard if it is..
nah, it isn't
My legs were saved a beating.. So, it is not hindu mythology? Probably Egyptian then..
It will almost certainly help if you don't try to solve it all at once
I think you probably want to start with the third Haiku, and consider both tags
Yes, it's strange that all answers want to solve that puzzle as pure riddle and nobody pays attention to the wordplay tag.
5:08 PM
@dcfyj Edited!
Also, you all want to hear something funny? I just thought I was late for class, ran to the building, and it turns out I wasn't late - I was an hour early and I walked in on another, unrelated, class.
@Deusovi Similar thing happened to me in 5th grade... But I was so under stress that I didn't even realize I was in the wrong class until I saw that a stranger was sitting on my seat...
I was at the end of the classroom at that moment.
Yeah... I'm a college student. Slightly more embarrassing than fifth grade.
Only if it's not the first week of classes :P
@Deusovi Depends on how long you're going to stay in college and how many people saw you :P
5:15 PM
It's not. It's the eighth.
You'd think you'd know your class schedule by now @Deusovi :P
I am almost always late for classes.
One thing to do is to hang up a paper on every toilet door writing something like "In consequence of the recent events all toilets are being monitored. This is in interest of your security." Probably doesn't work in college anymore, but the reactions of the younger people were priceless. (in my country 5th - 12th graders are in the same school building sometimes)
@LukasRotter Yep, I am in 12th grade, and the youngest are 6th graders in my school
5:31 PM
And if you plan to do something, always make sure to have multiple layers of human proxies. I.e. tell person A to tell person B to tell person C, etc. to do thing X. This way your identity is far more secure :P For this reason I used to have the "nickname" "the root of all evil", though... (only a few people knew of it, obviously) Good times :P
Yep, School days are the best. There is no eclipsing them. Almost feeling nostalgic...
Really? I hated grade school and high school.
@Deusovi You didn't have fun in your school days?
I didn't particularly enjoy myself, but I do miss the freedom
5:53 PM
Does anyone know whether community ads have to promote a product/sercive that costs something? I.e. am I allowed to just promote my own, free services on a website? (which, of course is related to types of puzzles) I didn't see anything in the body of the post that would suggest so, but am still a little bit unsure (ads I've seen on other sites also only promote products with a price).
How would I know, what is my user id? Or is it available only for 10k users?
@Sid 23009? URL of your profile says so, at least :P
Ahh, Thank you, So that was my user-id. I was always wondering what that strange numbers mean...
6:57 PM
@Alenanno How did you make the dice images in your puzzle? They look really good
@Sconibulus Every image I have posted has been created using LaTeX. If you need a particular scheme, I can help you make it (unless you prefer making it yourself).
Those dice were all created using a foreach and some data processing. Very basic stuff but that allowed me to avoid typing for 3 days.
hmm, ok
I think you should try the typing for three days avenue, sounds fun ^^
@dcfyj Typing code for 3 days... T_T
I do it 5 days a week so that doesn't mean much to me lol
7:10 PM
By the way, I'm about to post my fourth puzzle. It's a crossword, so nothing particularly mysterious, but I'm typing the clues and it's getting really long (and they're written in a block).
@dcfyj What code?
Sometimes a little more on the side, but my pc at home is unplugged at the moment.
If you're really willing to help, I might have diceable words sometime tomorrow
@Sconibulus Sure. Same scheme?
@Alenanno Just winforms stuff.
@Sconibulus 19 dice in a circle, etc?
7:12 PM
I've only got 18 dice, does that make it a pain?
@Sconibulus uh not at all.
@dcfyj I don't know that... :P
Usually in C# but occasionally in VB.NET
@dcfyj Oh that stuff.
I learn a non-.net language at some point but I forget which one it was lol
@dcfyj lol I was trying to learn Python
7:20 PM
That might've been what it was, but it was a few months ago and I was doing it for kicks.
Uhm Ruby? Java? Perl?
Java is a C language, I've known it for a while. Although I haven't used it in 2-ish years
@dcfyj Rusty? :P
Oh hey @JonEricson
@Alenanno Howdy!
Just a bit hehe, but if I need to I'll start coding in it (I just very highly doubt that I'll need to)
7:27 PM
@dcfyj A C language?? Well... bits of Java syntax are a bit like bits of C, but Java's a lot more bloated than that. I programmed in Java a bit many years ago. Such a lot of procedures and types to learn.
@dcfyj And no unsigned integer types. :(
@Alenanno I found something that made it work great, so I can probably send you the dice now; do you want just the public die facings, or would you prefer the opportunity to quality control the whole puzzle? If the latter, I'll need an email address or some such to send it
@Sconibulus Quality control? As in, give you my opinion?
Yeah, basically, do you want to be able to solve the puzzle; or would you prefer to make certain that a puzzle with your name on it as a contributor is good
I mean, I don't think it's bad, but I made it, so I probably can't judge it unbiased
@dcfyj Dude, shhh! I study languages remember? :P
It's my "penpal" email.
@dcfyj I'd appreciate if it wasn't rendered public, though... if you know what I mean. :P
7:38 PM
Yeah, if I started e-mailing folks on here I'd have to create another e-mail, or an alias.
@dcfyj That was me asking you to hide that message you posted that basically shows my username lol
If @Sconibulus hurries, I can delete mine. >_>
Considering that I can't delete mine, unlikely :(
oh, sorry, sent
@dcfyj May I?
Go for it
I forgot you're blue
7:40 PM
@dcfyj Thanks. Yes, I'm a cop... but I'm also a cyborg. I'm... ROBOCOP. :D
@LukasRotter Sure, promote whatever you want.
(On the community ads, that is.)
@Deusovi careful with the words. :) Now someone would start promoting dildos and say : Deusovi said I can promote whatever I want
Are dildos likely to reach 6 upvotes? Perhaps there's a pressing puzzling need?
Yeah, I worded that very poorly.
@Sconibulus who knows?
If they are designed like a puzzle and you need to reassemble them before use, they could pass as puzzles :D
7:48 PM
Solve the simple light game on the base to make it vibrate! Solve progressively harder levels within a time limit to increase intensity!
I think this is the part where this conversation changes subject lol
@Deusovi Thanks, I'll post my ad right away. It's about pocket puzzles, big black (rubics-)cubes, rebus beads and much more!
I'm sure people will vote for it.
Perhaps we should return to programming? @dcfyj
Sounds good to me, far less taboo.
@LukasRotter now I associate big black and beads with other stuff. Oops.
7:52 PM
@MariaDeleva You're welcome. A rubik's cube only consisting of black pieces is always fun to solve.
If they're all black there's not much to solve...
That's what I wonder - how do you know you have solved it if they are all black?
@dcfyj Or is there?
Anyway, I'll probably post my real ad in a few months (how precise). I don't think it's something that is necessarily needed, but the votes will speak for themselves, I guess.
Are you talking about something like this? ruwix.com/pics/articles/…
The brown and the white one I mean...
@MariaDeleva Now, I was talking about a plain black cube :)
8:02 PM
uhm, ok. It will be interesting to see,
@MariaDeleva In case you're being serious right now: My actual ad will of course not be about black rubik's cubes and rebus beads. I just exaggerated the black cube idea because it's somewhat ironic. I still have to decide whether the actual website/topic will be worthy of an ad in the end.
Ah, ok. :) I started thinking of how you should solve a black rubik cube - by perhaps aligning some inner structure or something :D
@Sconibulus I replied to your email with a couple of notes, the scheme is complete, I'll send it after you reply with some clarifications.
8:44 PM
Oops, I think we confused the secret and visible die parts
@Sconibulus Replied. :D
@dcfyj Check my new entry!
9:50 PM
@GarethMcCaughan That's awesome. Perhaps we should start a consultancy together? "...what's that? Oh, I know you hired us to integrate your CRM with AD, we just thought a rebus based authentication system would increase end user engagement. ...also, while we're on the topic, I notice your website is in plain English. Have you considered Vigenère?"
(and, yes, "he" is the correct pronoun)
10:16 PM
I need to make my next puzzle much harder! >_>
10:28 PM
@Alconja What a great idea.
11:06 PM
@Sconibulus Quick! @Randal'Thor is finishing the crossword puzzle before you! :D
@Alenanno I have a question for you, if you are free.
@WillHunting Sure.
@Alenanno I am an English speaker trying to learn Italian, and I know you are an Italian speaker. I wanted to get Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary but it is out of print, and Collins Italian Dictionary Complete and Unabridged has too few entries. Is there any good big bilingual Italian-English English-Italian dictionary I can buy now? I know there is the Ragazzini but I feel that is more for Italians trying to learn English and not the other way around.
@WillHunting Oh congrats on learning Italian! When you say Ragazzini you mean the Zanichelli, right?
@Alenanno Yes. I know Zanichelli has both the Ragazzini and the Zingarelli with the latter being a monolingual dictionary.
11:13 PM
@Alenanno I'm getting very close now, I think. But there are still a few clues I'm struggling with, even things like 4 down with only one letter left to find.
I started off on the wrong track at first because I was sure 1 down was LUMBERJACK :-P
@WillHunting I used to have a Garzanti back when I was learning English, although it could be used the other way as well. Right now I used WordReference.com (which is very good, I've used it for years).
FWIW, 64 down was the first clue I got, so I was starting from the bottom right.
@Randal'Thor Ahah nice one.
@Alenanno I see. I am aware of the fact that these bilingual dictionaries often provide more information on one language than the other, which is the language being learnt, so it will have more material on say irregular verbs and stuff like that for the foreign language. That complicates matters a bit.
I'm not very happy with this particular puzzle. I mean, it's a good crossword puzzle, but I feel like it's not as good an adventure as my Star Dice.
11:16 PM
@Alenanno But anyway, if I get the Ragazzini, do you think it is a good choice for me?
@WillHunting I had this one (not my picture)
Crap, I think I've had 34 across wrong all this time.
It's SAVU and not JAVA, isn't it?
@Randal'Thor Eheheh :D
I thought it was obvious, so I didn't bother to check it with a quick internet search.
That'll teach me.
Now 4 and 18 down make more sense.
@Randal'Thor I'm surprised you guys are getting some clues I thought were going to be very hard.
11:18 PM
@Alenanno Such as?
@WillHunting Honestly, I'm not sure. I mean, I never used it. But Zanichelli, Garzanti, these are all very good brands. I suppose you could check for reviews online? Maybe on Amazon even.
@Alenanno I see. Thank you. I will consider both the Hazon Garzanti and the Zanichelli Ragazzini then. In fact, I emailed Oxford to request they publish a new edition and emailed Collins to request they double the number of entries in the next edition, but I don't think that is likely to happen.
(I haven't looked at @Sconibulus's answer yet, btw.)
@Randal'Thor 14 and 27 down or 39 across, for example.
@Randal'Thor He got like 90% of it! He was missing like a few squares.
@Alenanno Have you tried putting "Title of respect used before the name of a man or a god in India." into Google? :-P
11:20 PM
@WillHunting Well, who knows! Keep the wordreference handy, it's very nice to paste a word and get a quick rundown of the possibilities.
@Randal'Thor Cheaters! :P ahha
4 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
That'll teach me.
Or "A neck ornament consisting of a band of twisted metal."?
Yeah, too obvious clues. *takes notes*
@Alenanno OK. Grazie. =P
I need to step up my game in the next puzzle.
@WillHunting Prego!
@Alenanno Yep, all 3 of those I got by just putting the clue into Google :-)
Except possibly TORC - I may have guessed that (having got the R) and then just verified using Google.
11:22 PM
@Randal'Thor I never had Google when solving my paper crosswords. :P
Damn, just that top left corner (almost) left to do.
I guess 1 across is FORDS?
And then 2 down must be OR?
I can't find any 7-letter words of the form AN**SIS. Did I screw up somewhere? — rand al'thor 1 hour ago
There don't seem to be any ANO-SIS words, or any F---CU--ER words.
It's not F.
You were on the right track with LUMBERJACK.
Well ... I did think ER was more likely than OR for 2 down, I suppose.
It's jbbqphggre (rot13ed).
(I found it before seeing your rot13ed thing :-) )
11:38 PM
Ahah giving encrypted clues
Aha, Googling "Name used for someone whose identity is unknown." gave me that elusive clue :-P
@Alenanno Everywhere I've checked is still saying there are no words of the form ANO*SIS though :-/
@Deusovi Thanks!
Just two clues left to get now.
> Technology previously used in electronic devices, especially camera or TV. (3, starts with C)
> Active predatory schooling fish of warm seas. (4)
No other letters for (4)?
Some crossing letters would definitely help.
Its first letter is the same as the last letter of the C-clue.
(And that wasn't a stutter.)
11:49 PM
Any other clues we could solve to get crossing letters?
No, those are the last two left.
Wait, really? So the (4) clue crosses only the (3) clue and nothing else? D:
Wow, it does.
Yeah, I've got no idea.

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