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5:02 PM
Nitpick: That's not a quine.
an idea about the graduation script:
div#input-area {
    background: repeating-linear-gradient(45deg, #125700, #125700 2px, #255F00 2px, #255F00 4px);
The output shouldn't have a trailing newline.
@Dennis it doesnt in vim, does it in V?
Yes. You can tell by the blank line in the online interpreter.
@Dennis ಠ_ಠ
5:05 PM
A: Output "Lorem ipsum" with minimal number of characters

zyabin101Fourier, 1449 bytes Golfed using isaacg's meta golfer. 76a111a+3a101a+8a32a105a+7a+3a+2a-8a32a100a111a-3a+3a+3a32a115a105a116a32a97a109a-8a116a44a32a99a111ava+5a101a99a116a101a116a^a-3a32a97a+3a+5a+7a-7a115a99a+6a+5a-7a32a101a+7a-3a116a44a32a115a101ava32a100a111a32a101a+4a117a-2a-6a+2a100a32a11...

Oh noes, a DOWNVOTE!
@betseg it doesn't work in vim since you need escape, which is implicit in V
@DJMcMayhem Hey, don't shoot the messenger. Why does it print a newline though?
Why is it? ;_;
@Dennis because it's based off of a text editor, and you rarely want to save a file without a trailing newline, so it inserts it automatically.
5:08 PM
Now the score is a round 1-1. 199 away.
Does that really not count if the newline is just always automatically there?
In the meantime...
I reached 800 rep!
@DJMcMayhem Yeah, but it's a golfing language. There are reasons gs2, CJam, Jelly, etc. don't print trailing newlines, and being able to easily construct quines is one of them.
@mbomb007 Ahhh Veggietales!
Oh where...is my hairbrush?
@Dennis do you think I should disable that?
5:10 PM
A: Output "Lorem ipsum" with minimal number of characters

zyabin101Jelly, 459 bytes I'm so much positive that can be golfed more. “¡^ṫ'SỴQɲạġı_¥ṇḌ¥IZƑ_NyvFLjġhẇịḟ⁵5;ƊDḂḌ7Ċ`ẸẠṚ⁾ƝṃĊGḳɗ\ƈcỤ)ḣṢ\ṂȯċỴ>Ạ.Ȧcƥ8DNƭ]:`mṛ?>Ṇ9⁸ƊȤɱĿ×ċẈ×.²:¥ʂj#]hȥ%Ṭ¡ØḲbƙ⁼ṙmZ~¹<ṂE£ażṠṖeƊƬmĊŀ⁴CɗȥŀẸẸç[ƒPŒɦịƲƊıV¥ŻḢ8Ṙṣ3£ȮʂDÑ€O(Ƈṃ⁺ṗƘo,5ẇqç7⁶vpȦƈ2ṿṫ0Ɱro£e×⁸ṭñȤọZAØḣ[ÆvỤwḶælṡỴ¿= ṙwṄḃ?ẇṛ0Æc^CḋXlỴþƲȤⱮɱ...

A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

DennisImproper quines We've reached consensus on what counts as a proper quine over a year ago, yet the occasional "quine" that consists of nothing more than literals and/or NOPs still comes up. While these answers used to be tolerated (and, on occasions, applauded) unless the challenge specifically ...

@zyabin101 I can think of two reasons. 1. You just pasted the desired output into a meta golfer. That's not very interesting. 2. Some of us (myself included) are tired of the shameless plugs in this chat room, especially if the post they link to doesn't contain an explanation that would actually make it worth reading.
I'm also positive that answer will fare as good as the Fourier one.
Yeah, a novel approach would fare better.
@mbomb007 OK, I answered, even though quines in PowerShell suck.
I'm really close to coming up with a vim Quine, but it's really hard! I have qq2iq<esc>"qpqdd@q but it's not quite right
5:15 PM
Hmm, Base64 :3
@DJMcMayhem Not having a trailing newline is annoying when you use it in a terminal, but you could add an interpreter flag like I did with Jelly: jelly eu 123 prints 123, but jelly eun 123 prints 123\n
>>> base64.b64decode("Lorem+ipsum+dolor+sit+amet/+consectetur+adipiscing+elit/+sed+do+eiusmod+tempor+incididunt+ut+labore+et+dolore+magna+aliqua==")
>>> '\x00' in base64.b64decode("Lorem+ipsum+dolor+sit+amet/+consectetur+adipiscing+elit/+sed+do+eiusmod+tempor+incididunt+ut+labore+et+dolore+magna+al
Does that really make it invalid otherwise?
>>> base64.b64encode(<that gibberish from ^^>)
And are flags even allowed in a Quine?
5:20 PM
@DJMcMayhem Yes. The output has to match the source code.
@DJMcMayhem No. That's why not printing the newline should be the default.
@DJMcMayhem ._. Is that even possible
@Downgoat I hope so. You should try it! I've been looking for one for a long time but never seen one
>_> idk I can't even make cheddar Quine
Bash + GNU Coreutils: base64 -d<<<"gibberish" should i post
@Downgoat yeah, it's the freaking <esc> that makes it way harder
5:24 PM
Or add a gzip/gunzip step
@DJMcMayhem can't you instead use \e (escape char)
This is the worst day.
One of those questions that has a surprisingly interesting answer:
Q: Which is stronger, rope or rope with knots?

buzhidaoSuppose I have two identical ropes, one of which I manually tie some knots in. If I use them to hang clothes, which one is more durable? Personally I think that rope with knots will be more durable, but I can't come up with a satisfactory reason.

@zyabin101 y
Excellent answer. One more point: When a knot is tightened, there is movement, and friction, which cause heat. Heat has a harder time dissipating from a knot (and there is much less movement between the fibers in a rope without knots). Some high strength fibers, like Dyneema, have low melting points. When you example Dyneema which has broken, it often turns out to have melted! — Jon Kåre Hellan 2 days ago
5:28 PM
@Downgoat no, you still have to hit the esc key
I had to delete two answers due to them being very bad.
@zyabin101 lul
@Downgoat Grr, I'm so close! qqiqqdd@q<esc>Fq"qpqdd@q
@El'endiaStarman Which one do you consider interesting?
@Downgoat don't add the css
Will this work? :P
5:37 PM
@Downgoat I got it!
21 keystrokes!
\o/ I'm so freaking happy right now
@DJMcMayhem what r dey
I wanna post it as an answer, and I'm too busy to right an answer rn
If you want, I can ping you when I post it
@El'endiaStarman I would've said unknotted is stronger, but without knowing why :P
@DJMcMayhem Np ill find it
Help. I want to downvote all the "This was golfed by pasting the output in a program and copying it from there" answers, but I don't want it to reverse them all for being "serial voting". #DownvoterProblems
5:47 PM
@ downgoat help^
@Geobits Don't.
Some of these might be rather interesting.
Why? It's not even really accurate to say "golfed using blah", because the entire thing was written with zero effort. I don't mean "written and then ran through an algorithm to golf it further" or "it was trivial and there's a builtin for that", I mean literally just copy/pasting it into a program and then into an answer.
If I wanted to see what the "golfing program" made of it, I could just run the program.
It fits "this answer is not useful" very well imo.
(In other news, I finally did the algos.
@Geobits you downvote first half, i downvote other half
@zyabin101 what algos
Here, I want feedback and writing golf.)
@betseg ^
5:53 PM
Oh jesus. That looks like a very long description for what it is.
looks more tedious than just looking at the tent directly
That's why I need writing golf.
@Fatalize But I need to clearly say how exactly are the tents generated.
Well no, you just need to look at it to understand it...
There's nothing wrong with an explicit written spec, but I agree that what's there now is just plain too long.
6:09 PM
That's weird... People have started downvoting all of my metagolfed Fourier answers. Even the ones I haven't linked to...
They'll probably get reversed if they did all of them. I don't know exactly what the limit is, but I'm guessing it's less than that.
Meh, I don't mind, I got an upvote on Golfing String in Fourier which counteracts the twp down votes
6:29 PM
Hello, World!
I typed it in tree buttons :3
using TyperTask
I'm starting to like it
> Use it to automate chat conversations, website logins, programming code blocks, HTML tags, or anything else you can imagine.
Hmm... suspicious...
@DJMcMayhem :O :O :O :O :D :D :D :D \o/\o/\o/ \o/\o/ \o/
Share source?
@Geobits there's this nice guy who sent me an email offering to automate my bank login if I give him SSN and bank detail :P
@Downgoat Yeah, that was me. Are you gonna do it or not?
;_; i send bank detial to Nigerian prince, still waiting on him. Then I'll follow up on your offer
@flawr I was mostly talking generically. As in, the answer to that question, not meaning the actual SE answers, is interesting. If you like, the top two SE answers combined could be that generic "answer" I was talking about.
6:40 PM
@Downgoat I await your response then :)
@DJMcMayhem that would be nice :3
@zyabin101 Have you tried/used AutoHotKey? Seems like it does basically the same thing.
@El'endiaStarman :/ AuroHotKey is not synonym for kludge... odd
@Downgoat Sounds good, I'll let you know. AFAIK this is the world's first vim-quine
6:47 PM
:O congrats!
digicortex.net cool brain simulator
Hey, I can make little cheats for NetHack with TyperTask >:D
#elbereth ={escape}EaElbereth{enter}
writes Elbereth with your a item, whatever it is.
One of the bad reviews of nethack on googl play is because the game is not in french
I wish there were a way to hold a language-design contest where the goal is to compile to QFTASM (quest-for-tetris assembly).
@El'endiaStarman Oh I see=)
As in, create a language of similar role to Cogol, but better. The two main objectives are 1) ease of use of the language, and 2) execution speed when compiled to QFTASM.
I don't know of an objective way to judge the former criterion.
Hmm, idea: compile QFTASM to real assembly.
@PhiNotPi Give a finite amount of monkeys a laptop each, for each language. Whichever language's group of monkeys creates a working program meeting some spec first, wins.
7:37 PM
@PhiNotPi I'd honestly be impressed by an objective winning criterion for any language-design challenge that isn't gameable.
@PhiNotPi Where can I find QFTASM? I'd be interested in looking at it
@mbomb007 They are :D Golfing suggestions incoming
@muddyfish Also, the current toy language (Cogol) can be found here: github.com/PhiNotPi/Cogol
7:43 PM
You do not need t=Turtle(). A synonym for penup() is pu() and every other command you use does not require t. once you use from turtle import*
Though I have only tested this in Python 3
"C of Game of Life" < "Game of Life For You" :P
@Geobits It's mainly a backronym for "COBOL but with BOL changed to GOL"
Yeah, I figured that. It's just that it's so tempting to turn "GOL" into "GOLF" around here.
@Dennis Apologies for my many prior shameless plugs
You could have used ALGOL. Then you don't even have to change a letter!
7:49 PM
Oooh, Advanced Language: Game of Life
If ALGOLF isn't already a golfing language then somebody should make it.
How about Generic Object Oriented Game Of Life?
And that's about the only -gol word I can think of :/
Beside Mongol I guess.
@Geobits cue Mongol montage
s/Mongol montage/Mongoltage/
@Randal'Thor: you hand in your mod diamond. You hand it in right now. — Paul D. Waite 4 hours ago
7:51 PM
@Sherlock9 Even better.
Regex dictionary says "Algol argol googol Mongol"
@PhiNotPi I might play around to create my own toy language - I've been meaning to try out that sort of thing for ages
@TimmyD I actually upvoted that comment. :P
I see you too have watched Crash Course World History :D
Yup! :D
7:53 PM
One of these days I need to get into Crash Course Physics
But I've been falling behind on a lot of things lately
if I have a list of Function<T,T>, and I apply them sequentially on a T, and return what the last function returns, what is that called?
@Sherlock9 I was actually kinda let down by CC Physics. It was all basic stuff that I already knew.
Now, CC Astronomy was awesome.
@NathanMerrill Chaining, I believe.
nah, that's not it
Hmm. Example?
not a.b().c(), but rather foreach (function in functions){a = function(a)}
7:56 PM
@muddyfish It can be a fun project... Cogol is definitely the most "realistic" language I've created. It helps to know what you're aiming for, since I knew the underlying architecture pretty well.
@NathanMerrill Well, that's basically like d(c(b(a))), isn't it? Which can be done like a ~> b -> c -> d in Python, which quartata calls chaining.
right, but I have first class functions.
aka, functions = [b, c, d]
It still seems like the same thing, but with different semantics.
and then I could do if (some_test){ functions.append(e)}
With Cogol, I knew that I wanted simple arithmetic statements, simple control structures, support for arrays, and (most difficulty) support for subroutines with local variables.
8:01 PM
a(b(c(d))) is hardcoded. In my use cases, I'm doing string formatting, and for each of the string "types", I have a list of functions that get applied to it.
ah well
@El'endiaStarman Is it over already?
apparently its not common enough of a use case to have a term
haskell uses "applyAll"
I was hoping they'd cover electromagnetism and I don't think they have yet
@Sherlock9 As far as I can tell, none of your plugs were simple links to blobs of code. For example, requesting feedback on a challenge is perfectly fine.
@Sherlock9 They're on video 21: Kinetic Theory and Phase Changes.
8:04 PM
@NathanMerrill Composition?
@NathanMerrill In any case, I'm gonna include it in Pytek. :P
oooh, that's pretty close. Technically composition outputs a function (instead of applying the functions), but that's basically the gist of it
@NathanMerrill Where did you find that? (I was unable to find it on hoogle.)
Q: Applying a list of functions in Haskell

xyztI wrote a function that applies a list of functions to an item. applyAll :: [a -> b] -> a -> [b] applyAll [] _ = [] applyAll (f:fs) x = (f x) : (applyAll fs x) Is there a better way to do it?

no promises its correct
Do we have a plain "average of an array of numbers" challenge? I couldn't find one.
8:06 PM
Oh yeah. I've never oneboxed one of my answer and asked for upvotes. I've asked for help getting to a mortarboard on a few occasions (with varying success), and I've asked for upvotes on an answer to get a particular badge, though
is there a autogolfer available?
@ETHproductions yeah, its coming up in 2020
@NathanMerrill oh it is not a builtin!
@El'endiaStarman Perhaps they'll get to electromagnetism some day
That Haskell function written by the poster doesn't even do the same thing.
It's like a reversed version of map, with a list of functions instead of things to apply them to.
And returns a list with the result of each function seperately.
8:09 PM
I don't know Haskell.
ah. Its been too long since I've used Haskell.
for all of the praise I give functional programming (and the amount I write), I really should learn Haskell better :)
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Why would you want to cheat deprive yourself of the joy of golfing?
@El'endiaStarman autogolfer code challenge?
...we had one of those
actually, I think I posted it...
hmmm, maybe not
Q: Auto-meta-code-golf

Nathan MerrillYou are sick of all of the codegolf challenges. Hence you decide to write a program that will automatically golf some Python code for you. There are 3 test cases: print quickSort([0,7,3,-1,8,10,57,2]) def quickSort(arr): less = [] pivotList = [] more = [] if len(arr) <= 1: ...

@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC Time to learn=9
8:17 PM
@NathanMerrill or learn cheddar. It's functional too :D docs.cheddar.vihan.org
@Downgoat having functional features doesn't make it functional
otherwise, Java's functional too
anyways, my motivation to learn Haskell is that it likely has the most functional features
its kind of the defacto standard for how functional stuff should work
@NathanMerrill The more I learn about Haskell the more I love it=)
Q: Bubble sorting in progress

Weeing If FirstCreate a function or program that takes two inputs: A list of integers that shall be sorted (less than 20 elements) A positive integer, N, saying how many steps you should take The function shall stop, and output the resulting list of integers after N steps of the algorithm. If the list is fu...

It's designed for mathematicians isn't it?
So no wonder ;)
Math? Eww...
8:24 PM
Fun fact about Haskell: gcd and lcm are among the functions imported by default, but there are no bitwise operators (xor, and, or).
Why would anyone need dirty bitwise stuff if you could get glorious number theoretic functiosn???
@feersum yes, i've found gcd 2 particularly useful for checking parity
There are an awful lot of OEIS sequences requiring bitwise ops!
@feersum OEIS != math
@flawr did you read what you said two messages above?
8:26 PM
@xnor Hehe, one of my attempts for your cop was pred.gcd 2>>=(+)
@NathanMerrill Sure, but a lack of controversy is unhealthy.
@flawr But they are greatly needed for PPCG, the most important application of any prgoramming language.
I'm glad you can create your own controversy
@NathanMerrill Controversy is for noobs.
@NathanMerrill it has enough functional features to be classified as so IMO
not haskell-functional though
haskell is purely functional
8:29 PM
> haskell is purely fictional
@Downgoat the only "feature" I can think of is first-class functions
(that you would need to be functional)
I don't actually know what cheddar has
@flawr ?
@Downgoat ?
Where does it say fictional?
Except up there=)
8:37 PM
haskell is purely functional
oh, and you're back :D
Such confuse....
@ConorO'Brien As compared to purely nonfunctional languages like JavaScript.
@PhiNotPi oh, I understand this
9 mins ago, by flawr
> haskell is purely fictional
I was responding to this
@PhiNotPi also, JS is semi-functional
Wait wat Haskell is not purely functional???
JS sure does use functions a lot.
8:40 PM
wat wat wat
@Downgoat nobody is saying this?
using functions doesn't imply that language actually functions
Then why all the talk quoting my Haskell is purely functional...
Semi-functional == half-broken
I don't need to be here.
8:42 PM
@feersum ... non-functional == completely broken
@NathanMerrill did you mean functional instead of functions?
New DC talk released about autonomous vehicles: youtube.com/watch?v=orWqKWvIW_0 (warning: rather strong accent)
@flawr Since when were non-natives allowed to abuse English?!? (I kid. :P)
Fluther.com (a site I mod) had a server migration a few days ago. The bad news is that the site owner used a 3-year-old version of the site's source code on the new server.
@mınxomaτ oooh, I like this
8:46 PM
Also, the DC Mr. Robot panel has been released a few days ago, but there are some audio issues.
Okay, so what is a functional language, then? Purely functional or otherwise
...I don't know if that can be defined. A "minimal bar" is that you have first class functions. But if the core libraries don't actually use/accept first class functions, then I wouldn't really consider it funcitonal
Q: The Extreme Voters

Beta DecayChallenge Output the person on PPCG who has cast the most upvotes and the person who has cast the most downvotes. Voters You should only look at the people who have cast more than 1000 votes in total. To find the person who upvotes the most, you should the find the person with the highest upv...

@NathanMerrill So something like Actually, which does accept first class functions as arguments, would possibly count as functional?
Biggest downside of mortarboarding: you don't get notifications when someone upvotes you :P
8:52 PM
@Sherlock9 Actually has some FP-inspired components, but isn't a FP language. It relies heavily on global state and mutable data.
@Sherlock9 I mean sure. I don't actually know Actually, but if I were to actually learn it, I might realize its actually functional
Good on you :P I've only gotten one mortarboard ever because I'm only here sporadically these days
@El'endiaStarman Idk? 'murica? FREEDOM?
Ultimately, Actually is a stack-based imperative language, with some ideas borrowed from FP
@Mego Oh excellent point. From what I've heard, state is a very big no-no in FP
Maybe I should write Oxide as an FP language
8:55 PM
A Rust derivative?
If I ever get around to writing a language, I'm calling it Oxide because I think sounds cool
Although, you're probably right that I'm going to get it confused with Rust
The extreme version of FP is point-free/tacit programming languages like Jelly
I was just going to ask about Jelly
And no wonder I still haven't gotten its logic yet :D
Easy - make Oxide a golfing version of Rust
Q: What is 'tabnapping'?

Matas VaitkeviciusWikipedia is not very explicit on this, The exploit employs scripts to rewrite a page of average interest with an impersonation of a well-known website, when left unattended for some time. What is 'tabnapping', how does one do it?

^ this is rather clever
I'm really surprised more people don't do it
8:58 PM
I bet El already linked but it's worth another, if only for the glass blowing
@PhiNotPi I don't understand how GOTO's work in QFTASM - it appears to be a MLZ instruction but the docs make no reference to it being a jump command
There's already a thing called Oxide oxidemod.org
I think it's for the game called Rust, though

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