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12:02 AM
Where's everyone about three hours ago? Asleep?
@bwDraco USAians at work; Brits at home consuming media / doing things with significant others / asleep if they have an early bed-time; Indians and Aussies asleep
The room is usually empty around 1900–2200 hours.
only people who'd be around normally would be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, or perhaps in Russia or Japan
but since most here are from US, UK, India and Australia, and none of those are particularly available around 1800 - 2300 UTC unless they're unemployed/nocturnal/student with school not in session, ... yeah
@allquicatic "most" <== only one regular aussie :P we have more people in asia proper (india especially)
though I suppose my message count makes up for it...
@bwDraco or we have proper levels of diversity
12:17 AM
That tells us just how big India is in the tech world.
India routinely accounts for nearly 40% of searches for consumer electronics prices.
@bwDraco Its a huge market ;p
and VERY VERY price/brand concious
and people haven't had easy access to consumer electronics in years
and access in physical shops has been spotty
About 1/4 of all searches in this case.
hell, my cousin buys dog treats online. And me in the first world still prefers physical shops
Hong Kong is huge with phones. The cell phone market there is highly oversaturated.
Google Nexus: India 69, United States 64.
iPhone: United States 64, India 32.
India has a massive market for cheaper phones...
Our phone market is pretty much saturated; most buyers are upgrading from some previous phone.
India's market has a lot of folks looking for a cheap way to get connected.
...not surprisingly, India is #1 in overall smartphone searches.
India 100, United States 21.
Feb 20 at 18:42, by bwDraco
People always overlook India as a booming center of technology...
Google's geographic data shows that India is a booming market for essential electronic devices.
12:46 AM
On smartphone storage performance: iPhones always seem to have the fastest storage by far. Why aren't Android device makers following suit?
iPhone 6S uses NVMe, for what it's worth.
Well, Apple's focused on optimizing for the smoothest possible user experience.
@bwDraco Cost. And due to the sheer volume (and strong-arming of folks like Pegatron, with questionable worker conditions), Apple can get better kit assembled at lower prices. Plus Apple has a larger profit margin to work with, so even if it costs them $30 more per unit to make, they're still set money-wise.
If you don't have Apple's scale and strong-arm tactics, and use an assembly plant with less abysmal worker conditions, and you generally charge less for the phone than Apple, no wonder you won't have all the same hardware
I'm evaluating getting a OnePlus device when my Nexus 5X is due for replacement.
I just wish premium hardware didn't have to form part of a closed platform.
1:08 AM
@bwDraco Yep, it is
Another fox ran in front of my motorbike today
uh... chat is messing up
@allquicatic and well, if that sorta thing annoys you.... er, most companies are probably just as bad and you could buy a fairphone? ;p
Why is @KronoS displayed as @@601??
15 hours ago, by jokerdino
who is chat user 601? o.O
@Rahul2001 It's a superping
1:17 AM
yup. You hear a loud voice calling you out of nowhere, along with a small localised thunderstorm, and random diamonds popping out of the ether when we do that. Or it pings you when you've not been in chat recently enough to normalping.
Moderators can ping any user from chat by @@-ing their chat user ID, while regular people can only ping users who have recently been in chat
ah, okay
1:34 AM
@Rahul2001 if I told you I'd have to kill you
1:48 AM
Paul K, Vancouver, Canada
1 1
should be Jean Valjean; inadequate use of 24601
@JourneymanGeek lol—reminds me of that moment in Skyrim where the Greybeards call out DOVAHKIIN
@allquicatic error reference not found
@Rahul2001 boingboing.net/2016/08/30/gentleman-doesnt-remember-bu.html One moment you take a pill in Ibiza... then you own a very nice bus
2:08 AM
This is not a surprise.
This is what happens when you sweep a problem like #Bendgate under the rug.
I've not watched the miserables.
you should
probably ;p
adds it to zee list
I'm looking into reading the book itself.
I've never liked reading fiction, which might be holding me back :\
2:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek List?
$ wc -l list
@Bob its a running joke for me. Its stuff I ought to watch. ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yea, I have a similar list.
It's growing a bit long now.
@Bob its a pushed and pop list with random repeats.
and not popped in order, either! :P
2:33 AM
this seems handy
"The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote"
@JourneymanGeek LOL
"good good" dozen enemy spacecraft turn up "not good"
2:51 AM
@Rahul2001 wait, what tld and registrar do you use?
@arda Godaddy
What did you use?
Godaddy should go die in fire.
Well, it's the only sensible service here in India
GoDaddy has a history of unethical practices. Please consider Namecheap instead (they're my registrar).
2:54 AM
@Rahul2001 I use namecheap. dot-coms are 10usd/y
@bwDraco O.o I didn't know that
godaddy's yearly prices for usd is same too, but I think you meant the initial registry price of godaddy
Okay, I'll use namecheap
Just curious, but what unethical practices?
@Rahul2001 many stuff, but I'll give my own example
they shut down my account twice
I had ~5 domains registered and I was locked out on each account ban for a few days
What? Why?
2:56 AM
namecheap are good folk ;)
I amusingly became their customer after they proactively informed me of a paypal compromise and refunded me a fraudulent purchase.
the reason for ban? I use a prepaid card and the name surname part is the name of card "xyz card". I proved my identity by sending proof on first time and was able to get in, but I said "f you" on the second time and just let stuff expire (and moved them on namecheap)
Namecheap's customer support is great.
Oh my god
Namecheap is pretty good
Like I needed help setting up DNS one time (it was bugged), the live chat helped me fix it in 2 minutes
2:59 AM
Shit, wish I knew about this before
I've never had issues with namecheap - I have 2 accounts and 3 domains, and one mail hosting account for my dad
@Rahul2001 you could have asked ;p
Eh, I figured you guys would get annoyed if I asked too much :P
If you're a regular, and need an option on anything, the only risk is being overwhelmed with good advice ;p
(if you arn't, it REALLY needs to be interesting to at least some people. ;p)
3:05 AM
Y u delete befor I can see?
(see my cordless headphones. Even if I went with a completely different option...)
@arda That's my line!
Not sure why I'm starring random stuff like *cough*.
@arda ARGH!
3:09 AM
@Rahul2001 their servers are slow, troy hunt moved away to dnsimple and named some reasons (mainly sexist ads), their CS is terrible also Namecheap's .com's cost 5usd less
I have two domains and an SSL certificate from them. Experience has been consistently positive.
I generally renew stuff on three-year intervals.
Troy hunt's blog post in a nutshell: "(she’s also quite pretty – not sure she has a lot to do with domains though)"
@bwDraco godaddy?
3:11 AM
It's getting late here but I can recommend Namecheap wholeheartedly. Stay away from GoDaddy.
I host on my own server and get ssl for free from cloudflare or letsencrypt
I'm aiming for earlier wake-up times, but won't be so drastic. Hopefully, I can consistently get out of bed by 9 am...
I'll gradually push towards 7 am or possibly 6 am if my body allows. This isn't going to be attempted in one shot.
I don't get why foxes seem to love running out in front of my vehicle so much. I've only ever had one cat run in front of me, zero dogs, but about five foxes.
3:30 AM
user image
this is why white backgrounds are not always a good idea...
@JourneymanGeek hahahaha what does the original one say?
@arda its not photochopped
no, I mean what does it say on white parts?
3:44 AM
@bwDraco I find setting a loud alarm works wonders, then going to sleep when you're sleepy
and @Bob can attest to my love of earsplittingly loud notifications and announcements.
@JourneymanGeek Sleep As Android
@JourneymanGeek Hm?
not sure what Sleep As Android means
@JourneymanGeek app
detects movement (when placed on bed or paired with watch) to wake you when not in deep sleep
3:49 AM
I just set my normal HTC style ring ring as an alarm in the other end of the room
So I need to wake up and get out of bed to turn it off.
It's a much softer/nicer wake up
As in, you don't wake up feeling tired as all hell
4:07 AM
thats a really bad graph, xkcd, where is the scale of that... 0ws.pw/ao7r.png
4:44 AM
@arda logarithms!
5:41 AM
6:37 AM
6:54 AM
7:17 AM
If I remember correctly, this is the episode of b5 with the boom today dialogue ;p
7:42 AM
my gravater has gone pink :(
Q: Why is my profile image different?

LaurelWhen I first signed up on a Stack Exchange site and got a profile image, it was this one (see my current user card): Later, I got Area 51 and SEDE profiles, and my user image there was a different identicon. Because reasons I already know. I would have a picture of it, but that's the problem....

looks purple to me
@Burgi maybe get a real gravatar? ;p
@JourneymanGeek See the question above. It's a size thing. Gravatar bug.
7:45 AM
@DavidPostill true but having a 'normal' gravatar as opposed to a random one would solve that ;p
but i can't think of a good gravatar and you guys REALLY don't want my ugly mug plastered all over the place
@Burgi What's your favourite animal?
but we have too many of those here already
its a delicate eco system
question, apparently my answers are banned right now, i got a lot of points from stackoverflow and serverfault but it doesn't help............ so i can't comment can't answer to gain points again........ i'm also outta questions other than this one....... so what's the way to get back on track?
7:52 AM
@Michal your rep there dosen't count here
go back and take a look at your old answers and fix them up
and I mean really fix them up
k......... my mistake was rather to remove/delete them ........ which i can't undo now..... any other way?
You can edit and flag for undeletion. That said, you really need to up the quality of them
the grammar and spelling is quite bad on your one remaining question...
7:56 AM
iight note taken flying to them right now, cheers good day for you all
8:12 AM
hate being pink
@JourneymanGeek I'm suddenly happier about going with Dell...
> Asus PG279Q & ACER XB271HU Recall
@Bob :)
I give good advice!
Were you looking at either?
@JourneymanGeek Yea, both. They were (and are) better, but pricier.
G-sync, 4k, IPS
8:21 AM
Apparently needs a firmware update cause of a bug in those panels when used with nvidia cards
But the update can only be installed with special equipment of some description
have i joined the colonial fleet yet?
Asus is fine
I would not go for a benq or acer monitor ever
@Burgi semi updated. Blame caching
8:40 AM
the OP doesn't mention bit torrent at all
yes its in the screenshot
8:54 AM
and the comments mention it but the OP hasn't updated his question
@JourneymanGeek The Acer and Asus monitors in question use the same panel.
@Bob ah, but its not just about the panel. I suppose they might also use the same controller and/or similar firmware.
tho I suppose modern panels may be edp internally....
That's pretty crazy
the fuzz just arrived have arrested the 8 people in the crack den
dual 1080s, 21 inch curved screen, cherry switches... on a notebook?
9:19 AM
@Burgi Nice pic!
Also, the # doesn't show up on your profile
9:32 AM
youtube is recommendng super wierd NSFW crap to me 0_0
I probably should check my history to see what the hell's related
@JourneymanGeek probably sr
This is some pretty wierd shit.
proper shit or just terrible shit?
terrible wierd shit
ahh ok
there was a trailer for a movie called mindwarp from movies.se
wierd shit cropped up after that. Wierd shit vanished when I removed it
9:47 AM
Now you got me curious.
Its not there any more
@allquicatic If you like Vox, you might like Mental Floss
And yes, that's John Green, the dude who wrote Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our Stars...
I would think alaska would be pretty easy to find....
@JourneymanGeek It's the name of a character...
10:03 AM
@Rahul2001 not sure i follow you?
@Burgi It says SOreadytohelp instead of #SOreadytohelp
Um... does anyone in this room know russian?
ah its done markdown
@Burgi Uhh... Nope, it hasn't changed
its done markdown instead of adding the hash
@Burgi yeah... use <pre>
10:16 AM
it was for one competition
@Burgi For the t-shirt thingy?
viper pilots are the best pilots
10:32 AM
Um... So I should shift to firefox?
Okay, transitioning in 3..
welcome to the awesome
Hm... setting this up will take some time
T shirt and other swag :p
10:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek I really want some SuperUser swag... :/
10:52 AM
We use SuperUser pens in this office exclusively
Because I'm the only guy with proper pens on his desk >:(
@Rahul2001 most of my non mod swag is from years ago.
@OliverSalzburg oh you are that guy
@Rahul2001 I'd recommend a print shop if SU logo wasn't trademarked...
@arda I think I'll go and get it printed anyways... :P
@Bob ought to be good today, tho I need to do the 9pm dog walk in all likely hood
11:10 AM
is india not too fussed about copyright?
@Burgi lol
only thing we care would be pirated bollywood movies.
and cricket
You can't pirate cricket.
I wouldn't suggest actually obviously discussing practical copyright violations here ;p
(that said, my dad was paying for the cricket feed from the local cable company until they suddenly lost the IPL rights... )
in my head all i can see is a pirate with a cricket bat for his wooden leg....
11:15 AM
Now now
It would be a stump for a wooden leg. We arn't barbarians.
Well technically a wicket, but most of our american comrades would assume its a small maneating teddy bear.
Or was it the other way around...
not a symbol of peace throughout the galaxy?
No, that's a large globe.
ahh three stumps make a wicket.
@JourneymanGeek Don't forget the bails.
And of course the other definitions:
the prepared strip of ground between the wickets.
the dismissal of a batsman; each of ten dismissals regarded as marking a division of a side's innings.
the dismissal of a batsman is the taking of a wicket, and the cricket pitch is sometimes called the wicket.
11:21 AM
Yeah. ;p
is it only power on the USB or can you deaddrop it?
I'd assume since there's 48 sockets a bus, its power only
11:26 AM
> "This is a crucial part of making public transport in Singapore the choice mode of transport as we move to a car-lite society."
says the hosts of a formula 1 grand prix.....
@Rahul2001 now, that'd violate SE Trademarks and you shouldn't do that. It is unlikely that they'll start legal action over something that small, but don't do it. (or at least don't say that you are doing so on SE)
i got told off for saying i was going to pirate my parents wedding photos from 30+ years ago...
@Burgi I seem to recall people were saying its bloody stupid
yeah i think 1 person got grumpy about it though
@Burgi by car light, they mean where cars are expensive so people HAVE to take publc transport, and this makes em complain less
11:32 AM
not important
and then they raise the bus fairs.
but they said they raised the bus fares just so people can afford them?
@jokerdino lol
@JourneymanGeek They should copy the UK and just charge enormous amounts of tax on petrol/diesel ...
@DavidPostill meh, I think they do that too
Basically you pay duties and COEs to buy cars. Then road tax, extra tolls for usage of express ways and CBD...
11:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek I should be good ot go in a bit over an hour... so maybe after your dogwalk
Q: Locating (or at least blocking) spam email emitted from a Windows computer

Z80I'm seeking help about some impossible to track down malware spamming all my contacts list using direct SMTP sending. It uses my personal email address (ISP, POP3/SMTP based, NOT web based, as I could find nothing but gmail or hotmail related problems and answer on the web, which is NOT my case...

user is submitting a question and extending their question into multiple answers
@Ramhound Dork
Interesting HTTP/2's async load is awesome I suppose
11:51 AM
@Ramhound The OP
@HackToHell 22.395 - 0.563
@Ramhound I would never call you a Dork :)
I've merged in his 'answer' into his question
New user issues?
> It started when I was using my old computer running Windows XP and using Outlook Express. However, it now does the same on my brand new computer running Windows 7 Pro and Thunderbird, meaning it's also able to browse my Thunderbird contacts list, and not just the old Outlook Express obvious WAB file.
11:55 AM
I have so many comments on that question but I am late for work. So lucky user. He won't hear them :$
- Why were you still using W XP?
There are so many statements are complicated, which make it hard for the reader, and do nothing for clarity :$
- Why did you not scan data when moving from XP to 7 Pro, when you knew that xp was infected?
IT IS THE WEEKEND for me, yeah me!
or will be
- Why are you using W7? Jeez, switch to 10 or your fav linux distro.
11:58 AM
@arda Oy. Some of us are very happy using W7. W10 is full of spyware and horrible UI changes :)
> If you find your hand or any other part of your body is abnormal when or after using it, please consult an expert about it.
@JourneymanGeek ^ Daiso :P
@Ramhound Funny definition of weekend :)

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