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2:00 AM
@RPiAwesomeness that's a nice picture.
I haz RAW:
I don't like wallpapers with that color set, but it's a nice picture.
-1 not enough bacon
@NathanOsman lol
@Seth +1 on your -1
2:00 AM
user image
Don't let Zanna see this O_O
I was about to say "[...] wrapped in bacon" but then I realized we could make:
@Serg, mind me asking another small doubt I ran into?
Do I still need swap with 16 GB of RAM?
probably not
2:02 AM
@Zacharee1 I do have the RAW, yes
i wanz to edit
@IanC sure, what's up
@RPiAwesomeness do you have a link to the contest?
2:03 AM
"The plan, proposed by Bampton Area Community Organisation Network (BACON), is to introduce a large number of snowdrops to naturalise in the churchyard of St Michael's and All Angels in Bampton. "
@NathanOsman I don't. I was just stating if it DOES come up, then I'm entering one of those
I like the first one better @RPiAwesomeness (although both pictures are good).
n .-;
i juytrdts
@Seth You like the clothespin one better?
2:04 AM
I wanna put that one in
personal aesthetic though it is.
@TheXed having a stroke?
I feel the quality on the second is higher, but the first is definitely more interesting
7 VMs running so far...
2:05 AM
@Zacharee1 Very nice :)
@RPiAwesomeness (I do too :P)
If you processed that a bit or lightened it it would be definitely be a strong contender for the contest
IF it happens
it's cool how it's blue and this one interrupt
@TheXed i can't tell if your input method is broken or you're really mad, or like zach said having a stroke
2:05 AM
With 16 GB of RAM and a fast CPU, disk I/O is definitely the bottleneck here.
@Zacharee1 nah just to tired to type anything intelligible...
good lol
@Seth Flickr IS nice.
@NathanOsman Now for a 200Gb/s SSD :p
@Serg Well, I was in part 10 of the Learn C the hard way, which talks about arrays of strings. First, I still didn't understand if there's a way of creating such an array without using the pointer notation (something like `char names[][]`, which doesn't work by the way).

Second, which is more important, I defined a list of states in a strings array like so:
`char *states[]={"Bahia", "São Paulo", "Amazonas", "Piauí"};`
then putted a null char in the letter "P" of the second name
2:06 AM
@Zacharee1 There is no such thing.
@Serg none of the above
gurushots.com ftw...
My RAM is barely 240 Gb/s.
@RPiAwesomeness yeah. I used to avoid flickr because yahoo, but then I had to join a yahoo group and figured why not try flickr too. It's awesome :D
@NathanOsman I know. SATA III is like 6 isn't it?
I love Flickr, but the uploader likes to bug out for me
2:07 AM
@Zacharee1 I believe so, yes.
@Zacharee1 @NathanOsman yes Sata III is 6gb/s
@RPiAwesomeness I highly recommend following this guy :P
@Zacharee1 NVMe is where it's at.
2:08 AM
@RPiAwesomeness (and maybe @NathanOsman) just FYI, Flickr supports most RAW formats
Is there anything @NathanOsman doesn't over achieve at?
@Zacharee1 good to know.
@Zacharee1 Really? Interesting, it wouldn't accept my CR2 files from my T3i
@TheXed Gnome 3 usage...?
@RPiAwesomeness I'm pretty sure the CR2s from my T5i worked fine
2:10 AM
@IanC , ok, I'm gonna open that page now, see what code they have there. And yes , array of strings can be created , via char names[][] , but problem is that you will have to limit size of each item to certain length So , char names[5][6] , would give us what . . . 7 names that are 6 chars long ?
@NathanOsman that doesn't really count because nobody in their right mind uses Gnome 3
@NathanOsman Dangit, get outta here with yo fancy canadian lakes 'n stuff
@TheXed hi
@RPiAwesomeness Lakes, where?
@Zacharee1 hello.
@RPiAwesomeness Oh, you mean Lake Louise.
@NathanOsman On your Flickr
Yeah, well, they are beautiful :D
Too bad they wouldn't let me fly my drone there.
2:11 AM
@NathanOsman followed. Man, don't we live in a beautiful part of the world?
@NathanOsman lol
@Seth Sure do.
@NathanOsman it is easier to bail yourself out of jail sometimes then it is to ask for permission.
maybe it doesn't support RAW...
@TheXed I don't think that's a smart attitude...
2:12 AM
@TheXed maybe if we had your money ;D
Especially when we're talking about what are essentially flying robots.
@Seth what money?
Double lol.
@NathanOsman maybe not...now that I think about it...
@TheXed that's the joke :P
2:14 AM
Actually I do have **,000k in my savings account I should be able to bail out of something with that...
7 VMs.
9.1 GB memory usage.
@Serg the fact I can't do an undefined size char array like char names[][] but I can with char *names[] is more of a sintax issue or this has to do with both being different things?
sorry to bother with those silly questions, I just get curious about this kind of thing
@IanC Curiosity killed the cat..
should just put in my head "Do it this way, it works", but I end up asking the damned "why?" :p
@IanC literally, want to hear about it?
2:16 AM
$ cat curiosity.txt
my first bash joke, so proud lol
btw @TheXed, is the OP2 still holding up well? I might end up getting one now that LG seems to have dropped the ball on their defect with the G4.
@Seth yeah it is fine..I don't use it much now that their is an official starbucks app for windows 10 mobile...
but if you don't want to spend 400 dollars on the op3 then it is a good option.
@IanC even better:
$ cat curiosity.txt
(couldn't remember a better error message off the top of my head :p)
@TheXed I do and I don't lol.
$400 on a phone is a lot.. tho I'd probably use it as my point and shoot too, so there is that.
2:21 AM
or even worse:

$ eval(cat curiosity.txt)

rm -rf /
How much is the OP3 selling for in the US?
@Seth if you are going to use a phone for a camera get one with a decent camera like a Lumia 950, you won't find a better cerma on a phone... :-P
@NathanOsman 399 I think
I'm not spending $400 on a Windows Phone of all things :p
@Seth Why not jump for the Op3?
I didn't spend 400 on it...
just 550
2:23 AM
@NathanOsman because there are other things I have to budget for, unfortunately.
But for realness, if MS has done anything right in the mobile market its their cameras...
I could probably do it, but it would make things awkward for a while.
@TheXed you're not wrong.
@Serg I don't know if I completely understand, but the answer on this question kind of brought up a difference between the two ways of creating a array of strings that could be the root of the problem:
Q: How do I create an array of strings in C?

CharlesI am trying to create an array of strings in C. If I use this code: char (*a[2])[14]; a[0]="blah"; a[1]="hmm"; gcc gives me "warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type". What is the correct way to do this? edit: I am curious why this should give a compiler warning since if I do prin...

one is an array of n pointers, pointing to a memory segment that has the strings, the other is actually n consecutive arrays of strings with definite size
I am so tired I can barely string coherent thoughts together.
@NathanOsman lets go go bed...
2:26 AM
How car the gears move the ways to see now then.
(not together of course)
(See what I mean?)
(I do)
Two things will fix this: either (1) sleep or (2) power metal.
I'm voting for sleep, later ;)
2:28 AM
I am not sure what power metal is, so I can't conclude whether it is safe or not...
I hope
@Zacharee1 so one would hope
@Serg looks like someone else noticed the rep change count bug meta.stackexchange.com/questions/281997/…
2:29 AM
^--- power metal
@NathanOsman that'll work
well you wouldn't feel tired anymore.
or anything for that matter
@Zacharee1 I am so tired I don't think that the power metal would have any effect on me'
first launch codes, then radioactive materials, then Tor nodes, now chainsaws
to quote Larry David's Bernie Sanders, "WE'RE DOOMED"
2:30 AM
CDs are fun to microwave...
@TheXed oh yeah
I have the feeling that we are all going to be a bit eccentric when we get older...
just a tad
we already have Rinzwind, Video, Jacob and Fabby :p
My daughter is eccentric and it drives me nuts...
2:31 AM
Is she also rich?
@NathanOsman unless you consider me rich?
Then that doesn't count!
@NathanOsman so you are just going to assume that I am not rich as I sit here on my gold plated couch?
Your going to have a sore bottom.
2:32 AM
@NathanOsman srsly?
@NathanOsman I kid...
@NathanOsman I don't have a gold plated couch..
@TheXed your couch of computers?
@NathanOsman s/your/you're/
(Yes, I corrected myself.)
@Zacharee1 no that is my throne...
@NathanOsman tanku
@TheXed no this is your throne:
2:34 AM
That is to fancy to be mine.
Awwwwww yeeeeeaaaahhh.
OMG that is ugly!
2:34 AM
High-fives for ugliness.
@TheXed it's a toilet. You were expecting sexy?
@NathanOsman not sleeping, just clicked on this on youtube:
@Zacharee1 yes!
Must. Not. Google.
2:35 AM
who's the eccentric now?
@NathanOsman lmgtfy.com
not rly tho
     * you can make 2-d array like so
     * This can work for integers well
     * but not so well for strings. Kind of
     * awkward actually
    char states[3][3] = {
        {  'a' , 'b' ,'\0' } ,
        { 'd' , 'e' , '\0' } ,
        { 'g', 'h', '\0' }
    int num_states = 3;

    for(i = 0; i < num_states; i++) {
        printf("state %d: %s  \n", i, states[i]);

    return 0;
@Zacharee1 did you see my fight with @TheXed last night? chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/201/conversation/…
that looks like C++ @Serg\
@Zacharee1 nope, that's just C
2:37 AM
@NathanOsman really? you have to bring that up...
@Serg really? looks so similar
no plusses were used in the making of this code. If i was using cout <<< string or something like that, that would be C++
for the record, i don't know C++ but i can recognize it
for the record, it looks like that, but with cout
and you can use printf, but they don't like it when you do
Glares at @Zacharee1 for even suggesting the idea...
2:38 AM
@NathanOsman stahp. you're making me nostalgic :(
@Seth 22 hours?
@TheXed myspace is still a thing?
twenty one pilots?
@Zacharee1 he knows what I mean
@Zacharee1 [explosion] ... twenty pilots?
2:39 AM
@Serg This works for a known size strings array. The pointer approach is way more complicated to fully understand apparently. I've been trying to figure it out on some answers (stackoverflow.com/questions/21391685/… and the one I posted before) but those are some more advanced concepts
@NathanOsman o-O
so I think I'll just keep going through the tutorial and come back at it later
@NathanOsman is this a michael bay movie?
@Seth apparently...
2:52 AM
@IanC I think i have an idea . . . .
In array all elements must be of the same type
Meaning that all elements must be same size
That's why this can work:
 20     char states[][3] = {
 21         {  'a' , 'b' ,'\0' } ,
 22         { 'd' , 'e' , '\0' } ,
 23         { 'g', 'h', '\0' }
 24     };
We have array , where each element is the same size.
If you compare that to char *states[] , that's different
we have array of pointers . . . and pointers are just that - they point to some memory location
pointer is just address, and address size is thesame
that's why it works
Q: Duplicate questions that are Famous Questions

ubashuShould I comment and/or edit and add on Famous Questions that are duplicates the following? New users and guests, this is for you. Please note the duplicate question above. Please use it instead.

 20     char states[][] = {
 21         {  'a' , 'b' ,'\0' } ,
 22         { 'd' , 'e' , '\0' } ,
 23         { 'g', 'h', '\0' }
 24     };
This doesn't work because size of each array of chars is not defined, hence c doesn't know size of each element in the outer array
this last one works?
no , last one doesnt
char states[][3] works
interesting, would that be valid because the compiler knows both sizes (one declared and the other one is the number of assignments)?
I mean, actually the compiler would known both sizes on the char states[][] too
3:04 AM
and yet comiler tells me that array is incomplete
C is interesting . . . .
C is a big pandora box
hehe, it can be , if not used properly
any language can be a Pandora's box
by the way, I kind of understood why you can't assign a char to an array of strings made like `char *names[]'
bash for example can make mess if variables aren't quoted properly
C apparently uses the concept of L-value and R-value when running assignments, an L-value is something that points to an object, a R-value does not
sort of:
int n;

n is a L-value pointing to a int variable in memory


can't be done because 3 is a R-value, so it can't be assigned anything because it just holds a value
when you create a pointer to some strings, like on ` char *names[] `, names is not a L-value, so you can't assign values to it
it just points to a portion of memory which has a string, don't know if I'm completely right, but that's what I understood so far
3:23 AM
dinner time
soup and some rice with chicken shall do it
what soup is this
Fish soup , tilapia
Mom's cooking by the way. I am not good enough to cook soups. Only rice and noodles can be expected from me
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: lights in opposition to your enamel and clamp down at the by hnsonvaxer on askubuntu.com
^ spam
@IanC We don't need an echo. :D
3:35 AM
thought I'd make easier for people to flag than having to read 20 lines about teeth whitening lol
@IanC actually they don't need to be flagged. If it's noticed by SmokeDetector, mods will know and nuke it when they come back
oh, alright, I thought we were supposed to flag it too :p
@Serg I always flag because I love flagging. :)
man, I'll never get rep at stackoverflow, if I ever find a question I can answer it will probably be answered already by 5 experts that hack linux kernel for fun
better think some good questions
@HenryWHHackv2.0 if you see it in chat, no need to flag
If smokedetector knows, then no need to flag
3:43 AM
Not true
flagging feeds the official spam block things
smokedetector is handy for stopping stuff from slipping through the cracks but flag it anyway
that said, saying something smokey links as spam seems redundant.
Ah a mod came to clear things up. :)
tbh, this is my long time SE user hat
if you see it always flag as spam.
never hurts and always helps.
well , in the past i remember there was a thread on meta about not flagging what smokedetector already flagged
it also doesn't seem to complain if a question is already flagged
so like 105 flags for the same question seems redundant
but then again, sure - brings up attention
Nathan Osman told me once "Deleting spam is not the job of the mods" or something like that I don't know.
4:01 AM
@HenryWHHackv2.0 funny you would say that...
@HenryWHHackv2.0 if things work perfectly, it would get flagged into autonukedness. But there's a few specific spam related mod taks I can think of
@Serg 5-6 flags autodeletes.
So... you'd never get 105 flags
@JourneymanGeek OK , well , i guess things have changed then . . .
has been that way as long as I remember
Really just flag it
It will be handled one way or the other.
4:07 AM
@Serg 6 spam flags deletes the post automatically :)
that's why everyone says flag anyway.
I don't recall that meta post.. sounds off.
oh I see journeyman already said that suff. Oops :)
mmm, vanilla
@ƎpᴉʇʎXD having sweets and not sharing . . . BLASPHEMY
$ rm -rf pencilbody/stomach/full.py
nmap -sS -A -p- --script vuln. :)
$ add pencilbody/stomach/hungry.py
4:25 AM
Wrong Post.
5:09 AM
Back from my three hour nap.
5:26 AM
A gamecube session later
Guess what I played.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Fast Muscle Building - A Quicker Strategy To A Body That Is Great by acjkuxiwuguq on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Rc To Final Version Of Windows 7? by Bettydrtfe on askubuntu.com
5:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body: Remove Anti Aging Signs with Leuxia by yarpaqwilliam on askubuntu.com
6:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: Apex Vitality Booty Pop Shocking www.fitnessbites.org/apex-vitality-booty-pop/ by user577549 on askubuntu.com
6:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL-only title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: crack-serials.com/kmspico-activator-latest/ by user577555 on askubuntu.com
7:05 AM
@CodeX about the mouse script. I want to remove the GUI pop-up completely. Do you care about them at all or you are fine with command line options ?
IMHO the pop-up dialogues do nothing useful.
I want to rewrite the script completely. I'm not happy with it
@Serg I am okay with command line
are you here ?
i am running test disk now. it is analyzing cylinder and it 50 % done
i did a deep search
after it has finished analyzing can i look at the individual partitions ?
@gansub notsure, i don't know that much about test disk
i know smartctl should be able to do that
but again, i am no expert about hard drives
you only said testdisk was the beest
Q: How do I recover my accidentally lost Windows partitions after installing Ubuntu?

Totally newbieI have a Toshiba satellite A-200 laptop with a Vista OS on it with 4 NTFS partitions (C:) Vista (D:) Entertainment (E:) Work (F:) Sources and I wanted to start using Ubuntu instead. So I tried it first from the live CD and everything was OK and all the partitions were shown and working and ...

which forum on SE is the best one for hard disk and test disk questions ?
superuser ?
or unix ?
superuser or unix would be ok
either one
7:39 AM
8:17 AM
Q: Unable to logout from Ask Ubuntu Forum

amey.nUnable to logout from Ask Ubuntu. I logged out from ask Ubuntu forum and close the browser. When i open ask Ubuntu page again, i already logged in. Thanks

8:30 AM

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