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12:10 AM
@TomWijsman Where can I get SU merch?
@Luke at the bottom of a page on say SU , find the Shop link.
Hmm... Go figure!
me happy that stuff doesnt clog up the top, or hang out in some stupid frame down the side.
you might, um, want to, uh, wait a day or so.
True... But makes htings hardre to find... How about a random link switcher?
12:16 AM
@RebeccaChernoff yea i knew it :-) to good to be true
what's too good to be true?
Too bad I can't sew the StackExchange badge onto my Officer Uniform at cadets :P
@RebeccaChernoff is clippy going to start hopping up offering merchandise next week?
I can neither confirm nor deny that.
@RebeccaChernoff Sure that is what the politicians say :-)
12:24 AM
[Microsoft Imagine Cup IT challenge right now!] (imaginecup.com/Competition/…)
Take it and let me know that you have, so my MSP quota can be fulfilled, please.
@soandos Took it?
/me has to figure out how to make those...
@soandos Can you email me a confirmation screenshot? moshberm at gmail
12:31 AM
I have a embroidering sewing machine at home
well, my mom does, but its ... somewhat too complex for her ;p
I don't get a confirmation, just a form saying thank you for completeing the survey
I think I did something else
It's the Microsoft Imagine Cup IT challenge.
that guy -- ^
@soandos Me too.
@Moshe: The link throws me into the main page
12:52 AM
I opened up my mostly dead 8800's shroud. Its got the wierdest heatsink i have ever seen
1:47 AM
Dunno if it's still going, but look for the imagine cup it challenge.
You may need to register then add a quiz.
1:59 AM
It's always fun finding bugs. :D
@iglvzx not where I live ;)
@studiohack lol. Did you see my meta post?
I +1'ed within 45 seconds @iglvzx :P
@studiohack Can a mod be subscribed to me? You always pop in as soon as I do something. lol
@iglvzx nope
I watch things and lurk, a lot
2:03 AM
@studiohack That explains it. XD
@studiohack Ah.
deleting as I'm not sure how known that's supposed to be. :P
but no, not you personally. though you do write good meta posts :)
lol. Thanks.
I wish there was a way to force an email notification. It would help me test the bug I found
But then again, I am not responsible for fixing the bug. :P
2 hours later…
4:12 AM
FINALLY solved this. People writing lab reports, rejoice!
Q: Prevent Microsoft Word from wrapping tables across columns and pages

nhinkleWhen writing technical documents, it is often required for tables to not wrap across columns and page breaks, so that all data from a given table are displayed in one place. In LaTeX, there is a setting to prevent tables from wrapping unless they are simply too long to do otherwise. Is there any ...

@nhinkle yeah!
wow, exactly a year ago
4:40 AM
any iOS coders around?
we have an entire stack for that :P
hey @KronoS - good to see you
@studiohack hey... how's it goin?
I'm really about to beat myself right now... I know I'm close but just can't figure it out fully...
as for your question, I'm not sure who codes iOS here...
not bad, how about you, other than tricky code @KronoS?
good... super busy... 18 credits is no fun
especially when you do it for two semesters in a row
@KronoS ohh man
I'm probably going to have 16-18 credits myself for two years straight (finish my degree out of state somewhere)
4:48 AM
why out of state?
because there is nothing in state that I'm interested in for Information Systems - not many people here
ah got it... IS huh? that's cool.
IS yeah. will be fun. taking Intro to Mac and intro to Business right now at the local community college
intro to Mac as in the computer?
what's your degree again, @KronoS?
yeah. weird class. and I still dislike Macs
5:03 AM
@studiohack Systems Engineering with Electrical and Computer Engineering minor (for soft dev)
ya they take a while to get used to... but I'm using one right now ;)
@KronoS neato! sounds brainy :P
it's not as bad as i thought
@KronoS I know ;)
or suicide... take your pick
@KronoS ha. I worry I'm gonna flunk college. My first intro to business quiz, I failed it, because I thought I studied enough, and nope. misunderstood something and it cost me... :(
5:06 AM
My first semester was terrible... I got a 22/200 on my calc final... that was fun
I basically begged the teacher to give me a C, and I think he took pity on me
cuz I barely got it when I really shouldn't have
that's the reason why my GPA is a 3.28 instead of the 3.5-3.6 I should be at
@KronoS a 22 points right out of 200? or a 11%?
ya 11% is right
on the final
OH MAN. yikes. how in the world did you get a C?
and I was already on the brink of D in that class
trying to teach myself pre-calc at home....yeah, it's awesome
5:08 AM
I have no clue... massive curve? pure luck? I have no clue
this has been the biggest life saver for math:
that and wolfram alpha
gonna be interesting with this business class - whole different world of studying and stuff
@KronoS academicearth looks cool - I've seen it in the past
how did you use wolfram alpha?
wolfam alpha is awesome
5:11 AM
@KronoS ha
this might be more suitable... but i figured i'd give you the first one first ;)
Grrr!!! you would think moving a simple label from one place to another would be simple!
it probably is, but Kronos is just too dumb to find the answer
@KronoS thanks, I'll look into that more. have you given Microsoft Math a shot? used to be $50 bucks, now free.
way cool, explains step by step how to solve any math problem
no... never used it
yeah. really.
well, use it if you have any more math
Engineering.... is all math.
I thought after vector calc I'd be free... nope... been using calc all my academic career, and I still suck at it
5:14 AM
@KronoS oh man. you must use MS Math. here: download URL:
it looks like what my ti-89 does
@KronoS okay. whatever works for ya
@studiohack I'll check it out still... looks interesting
@KronoS I like it, personally. ah well. my hobby keeping me sane lately is working on Great Outdoors private beta
Great Outdoors?
that a new SU site?
5:18 AM
been in private beta for the past two days, been seeding it, hard to get rep though
a new SE site, yes @KronoS
sorry meant SE
@studiohack I thought of another app category today...but...then I forgot it. ):
@RebeccaChernoff well you have such high standards (a good thing) that I have a hard time meeting them. but I'm always happy to try :)
busy day tomorrow. I think I'm gonna roll on out. good luck with your app @KronoS - hope you find the issue and have fun with calc :) let me know how MS Math works out for ya if you like it
@RebeccaChernoff ping me anytime and I'll try :P
2 hours later…
7:17 AM
Q: Powering an IBM x335

CrippledsmurfI've just purchased a second hand IBM X335 server in order to introduce myself to server hardware and management. Having never used such equipment before, I have much to learn, so please forgive me if these questions appear misguided, or the answers rather obvious. On the rear of the server, the...

correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the standard computer/kettle lead?
3 hours later…
10:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek It looks like it, yep
he does have lots to learn then ;p
hahaha, yeah.. they're pretty common
must be someone more familiar with laptops ;p
10:39 AM
Somebody knows the reason in upgrading fron Visual C++ 2005 to 2010 runtime?
needs more cowbell context
Q: Errors Received - Should I Install Visual C++ 2005 or 2010?

Boris_yoI wanted to install Rightload and setup required me to install Visual C++ 2005 runtime which i did, but after installation as tried to execute program, i got several error messages (or was it runtime errors?) and errors at addresses etc. everytime i tried to perform any action in application lik...

11:11 AM
not very helpful, but try uninstalling vc++2005 and rightload
then try reinstalling
also 32 or 64 bit system?
12:04 PM
@Borisyo: You need the redistributable package specific to the program, bitness as well as version.
It looks like you did the first installation fine.
That can be debugged using the Process Monitor.
This can be the result of not running UAC and/or having problems with DEP, but it might just be because of the previous error not having access to the file.
Although you mention random errors... So re-installation (use Revo Uninstaller or something to completely get rid of that program) of the program might be necessary.
2010 does not include 2005 as far as I'm aware of, but your OS should have it already, I think...
The redistributable packages are quite solid, I've never heard them break; I really think it lies with the program.
12:21 PM
Can I run the linux installed in my Hdd in Windows using VirtualBox?
@studiohack that
15 hours ago, by slhck
Well, it's not happening now, but every now and then. And I think only with the letter "s", but that can't be. Maybe just because we have so many users starting with "s" that I ping often.
it'll only show autocomplete names if at most 5 users are matched
@phihag thanks ... now I have to experiment and get it running
@phihag i created an vmdk, how am i supposed to use it?
12:48 PM
@HackToHell Attach it to the VM. In the GUI, use Settings->Storage. On the CLI, use VBoxManage storageattach
@phihag I am getting this error
Figured it out
@HackToHell Sorry, was otherwise occupied. Just for reference, what was the problem and how did you solve it?
@phihag I did not run it as Administrator.
@balpha So that's why you have to write a second letter to get it to autocomplete? Hm. In terms of UX, that's very awkward I have to say.
not seeing the issue
12:55 PM
You know, for example, I'm in a discussion with Sathya, and his name just won't pop up even if I type @S.
hmm... I guess since the names are ordered by last activity (they weren't when the autocompleter was originially created) I guess we could add some "and more" stuff when there's more than five
you can't unconditionally show all of them if there are 20 people starting with s
That's true, of course
But yeah, that would be nice to have, to at least show the MRU rather than nothing :)
or most recently active
whatever's easier to implement
2:01 PM
May I ask you a question about video streaming in linux and flash?
not a programming question though
@Bubba88 We don't do a lot of programming on SU anyway ;) Just ask.
Hi everyone
thank you I'll go ahead
well I have tried out some GStreamer effects on my video stream
and they look quite nice
I used Cheese (a gnome application) to test that
hi there
now I need to allow those effects for my broadcast online
always an interesting problem @Bubba88
2:03 PM
I'm forced to use flash there
so I'm not really sure what to do
does that homesowr work in similar way as GStreamer?
@Bubba88 sorry to interupt, Guys, do you know any article that tells me how to boot the Linux partion of my HDD via VirtualBox, host OS is Win 7
@slhck hello, not sure if interesting but an answer would be helpful =)
@Bubba88 Haha, as always. I don't know a lot about what you're asking, I'm afraid, but I can take a look at your question
@HackToHell do you have a linux bootloader installed?
I meant on that HDD
@Bubba88 yes, GRUB
2:05 PM
@HackToHell Well why didn't that work out of the box then? You just boot and select the linux OS
@Bubba88 I am trying to do it via VirtualBox in Win 7
@HackToHell well maybe pals here know better, but I don't see any problem either the difference
@HackToHell maybe you'll elaborate the problem a bit?
yep, sorry my bad
@TomWijsman, I think your extension has a problem
2:08 PM
no problems :)
OK, how do I apply some GStreamer effects to my Flash-based video broadcast?
@Bubba88 That's the kind of question I'd just ask on the main site. Not sure anybody currently here knows.
what's the main site? SO?
@Bubba88 I think SU will be better
2:13 PM
OK thank you =) I'll go there
Yeah, Super User definitely
@soandos What version of the extension is that?
Can't replicate it in Firefox and Chrome.
If you don't already have the version which opens the close box instead of following the link, check the newer version out.
2:30 PM
I have the version that opens the close box
Hello. Would a question like "What is the difference between a programming language and a scripting language?" be on topic for superuser?
@WillHunting Probably not, we're not dealing with programming issues.
However, have you actually researched before? I think there are lots of sources online covering this topic.
@slhck Yes, but it is not a trivial question to me. There is much subtlety.
Q: What is the difference between a programming language and a scripting language?

user417359 Possible Duplicates: What’s the difference between a “script” and an “application”? When is a language considered a scripting language? What is the difference between a web application core language and a web scripting language? What is exact use of a w...

@slhck Oh very good!
2:38 PM
also see the "duplicates" mentioned in the second one :)
@slhck OK thanks! Now I have no excuse to create a superuser account!
@WillHunting Haha, why not, could come in handy some time :)
3:02 PM
@DanielBeck Btw my stuff came today as well. Even my girlfriend noticed that the Y U NO guy was completely off :P
didn't @DanielBeck have some issues with local customs? or am i getting it confused? also... Y U NO guy?
@JourneymanGeek We both had problems with customs.. because they didn't send an invoice nor declare it as a gift
was it sorted? <_<
what do you mean, sorted?
And there's this … well … meme on the back, let me take a picture
user image
oh wow, do we have a new code indent style? :O
looks much better with the grey instead of the light blue imo
3:40 PM
ahh, guess so ;p
sorted = got the stuff from customs i guess
without getting reamed too badly
@JourneymanGeek They kept it for me, but I got it without problem
I was lucky that just before it was my turn, two women had been wearing down the customs guy for 45 minutes, complaining about (AFAICT) procedures, fees, import VAT, customs in general, etc.
@slhck And I was wondering what today's Meta post would be about. Now I have a topic :)
If anyone needs, Markdown Editor: code52.org/DownmarkerWPF
@TomWijsman ".NET 4.0 is required though." :(
looks pretty though
@DanielBeck Am I right assuming that the "Previous Systems" contains just an archive copy of everything? superuser.com/a/382705/48078
It's been a while since I've used it
@slhck IIRC, yes, but I'm not sure whether it moves or copies the user profile. Might depend on selection during installation. I always restore from TM, so I haven't seen these dialogs in a while.
Nice Trello, we should get ours for the blog running again.
3:56 PM
Was it ever running? I couldn't even modify anything there.
Although I was on the board
Dunno, probably wrong permissions or so, I remember I couldn't do much either.
Well, next week I'm gonna try to focus myself on the blog. I'll see by then...
I'd write more. Had an FFmpeg post in mind, but university and work is killing me.
Has been killing me too, finally done for a while next week! >_<
So I see you've got the same holiday periods :)
Posted by Alison Sperling on January 26th, 2012

The Stack Overflow Careers Sales Team welcomes three new members to Stack Exchange’s NYC office!

Rachel Boyman was born & raised in Michigan.  Rachel has a background in media and she loves to read books, magazines and newspapers the “old school” way.  In her spare time, Rachel enjoys travelling, especially to Michigan games (Go Blue!), practicing yoga and exploring NYC.

CarleeJean Cook originally hails from Denver, so needless to say she’s an avid skier.  Although she’s quite cooped up in NYC’s concrete jungle, CarleeJean makes the most of her time indoors; she’s a conferences/professional  …

4:08 PM
So much associates, can't follow...
Also, 4 names in title, first sentence only mentions three new members though. Too-lazy-to-click-post-to-look-for-an-exception...
4:38 PM
well i am back into adobee premiere in win7 64. I see they improved it greatly, fonts to small to read, took me 2 hours to configure it , 4200 parts and pieces (files) used to operate it, requires 3 program languages for the different things, Crashed on the first 5 minutes of editing . Man i so do love improvements :-)
4:58 PM
@Blogbot Sales team? How about more devs?
@TomWijsman One of them isn't allowed into the office.
hey @DanielBeck -
got your post here
Q: Super User mug design

Daniel Beck This week, slhck (pictured) and me received our SU anniversary contest prizes. I really like most of the stuff I got. But the Super User mug design sucks. It gets the Y U NO guy meme totally wrong. It's neither funny nor does it relate to the coffee mug (like the Stack Overflow one). It mi...

@studiohack What about it?
oh, just interesting. I've let the designer know, that's all
@studiohack Thanks.
@slhck random says you're holding the mug with too much pressure.
5:07 PM
i think i am going to have to get a mac, and use FCP, it is my only . . . . http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/335/12620 ""We've been testing FCPX here for almost a month now and have come to one conclusion (all 9 editors / producers). RIGHT NOW - it's a complete and utter useless mess. Yes, it has some potential, yes, we see some usefulness in some of the features (auditioning, keywording, etc.). But for right now - it's a DOG.

It crashes (yes, we've been running it on Lion for a week), it glitches, stutters - and is missing the basic functionality to make it useable"" . . . Hope
replied to the Meta post @DanielBeck, @slhck
@studiohack I'm the only one complaining here, don't drag @slhck into this ;)
@DanielBeck oh, okay, wasn't sure since he took the picture. I thought maybe it was a collaboration between you too ;) I agree with you - but it's a volunteer thing and we're lucky to get what we get...
@studiohack Hey, I have the mugs now and I'll keep them. I just hope for another design iteration before they are available on the SE shop (which is what I expect – or are they really 1 time exclusive as SU prizes?).
5:15 PM
@DanielBeck honestly, who knows? I don't...and i'm a mod
5:37 PM
@DanielBeck Haha.. I thought it was a bit off, but nothing to complain about. Hey, got a great new mug now, it's even bigger than most of what I have. I'm happy :) @studiohack
@slhck cheers! :) I don't have one.... yet :P
6:09 PM
Good morning Super Users!
Top of the mornin' to you @iglvzx :)
Good evening @iglvzx ;)
@studiohack @slhck :)
Pretty nasty bug you found there with the HTML not being escaped
@slhck Yeah. It could be exploited, but it would be very obvious.
6:11 PM
<script>badCode();</script> I am having problems with my computer.
Q: <!--Oops--> Less-than and greater-than characters are not being handled properly in Stack Exchange inbox email notifications

iglvzxLess-than and greater-than characters are not being handled properly in Stack Exchange inbox email notifications. This is troublesome when a post title contains HTML tags, as they will be sent as HTML in the email notifications. For example, the question Is Superuser's <code> CSS light...

Doot doot doot doot!
howdy do @sidran32 :P
6:21 PM
Hi. If you don't know what that means, it means I levelled up (past 2k rep on SU, that is). Neat thing to be greated with today. :P
@sidran32 awesome! now you can edit. :P
Don't press [B]! You are evolving
I can edit. The pressure! o.o
… mmmuuuust stop … editing!!
proceeds to translate all questions into LOLcat
6:23 PM
@sidran32 :(
Not really, of course. I'm responsible. ;)
@slhck I'm trying to keep up with you ;)
@studiohack Well, in numbers you have more anyway :P
Thanks for the Windows 8 correction.. didn't know that
I honestly think that this question should have not been edited:
Q: Certain keys on my keyboard stopped working

user12834Ive never spilt anything on my keyboard and they do work some of the time. All the keys that aren't working are on one side of the keyboard, but its not the entire side... 123456789 qwertyuio[]\ asdfghjkl zxcvbnm,. Backspace works, and so does the right hand shift and enter. This keyboard is...

@slhck I was crazy for a while. my record for one UTC day was 600 edits
6:25 PM
It was a great example of how their keyboard wasn't working.
@slhck yeah :) that's what a team is for
@iglvzx Why not?
Ah. Lol.
they changed to blockquote? it looks uglier
@iglvzx I somewhat agree, actually.
@studiohack They were typing the question with certain keys (like p) not working.
And then it started working in the middle of the question.
@sidran32 Exactly! lol
6:26 PM
@sidran32 No, no, the blockquote styling (CSS) is now gray instead of blue
@studiohack Ah. Different thing, I see.
I don't mind the gray blockquotes
But then again, I'm someone who likes grayscale themes anyway :P
@iglvzx Are you going to roll the edit back?
I can do that now! :P
@studiohack Do you use Firefox? If you have the Stylish add-on, you can customize websites to your liking.
yeah, I know @iglvzx but it bugs me overall. it doesn't match. ah well. I don't have the energy to argue to change it.
Greetings all, wondering if anyone has a lot of experience doing MoCA <->WiFi bridging using the MI424WR?
Q: Windows Notepad and Notepad++ show newlines in same file differently

Eugene SI created a Perl script which gets some data and inserts it line by line to a text file. When I open that file with Notepad++, it appears to have an empty line separation between each two lines of text, for example: AAVX Etracs Daily Short 1 Month S&P ABCS Guggenheim Abc High Dividend...

I've actually seen that happen if the <CRLF> line endings were incorrect, like this: <CRCRLF>
6:31 PM
no flags today :(
@Aaron I have not, sorry.
just so you guys know, I'm addicted to flags, and I have a hard time coping when there aren't any in the queue.
@sidran32 I'm trying to figure out if I can actually ask a good question on the site or if it'll just be rambling or 'does this make sense'
@Aaron You can ask it but I would fear if it'd be too localized (but then again, I'm bad at judging that kind of thing).
it's official, my new PC build has sound!
and works perfectly. it's an awesome PC.
oh, and having more than one PC? way nice for productivity
6:37 PM
@studiohack Gee, trying if I still can find some
@studiohack I just bought my wife a new computer monitor. Upgraded from 1024x768 to HD 1920x1080!
@iglvzx That's nice. I wanted to get my gf one as well.. she's an arts historian stuck on a 1280x800 display :/
@slhck haha, you know i'm kidding, right? :)
@studiohack Of course you are, haha
you guys are so good at flagging that there is nothing left
6:39 PM
@studiohack New PC build? Do tell! :P
@sidran32 oh, you haven't heard all about my issues and everything?
Not about the sound, I don't think
Q: Screen fuzzes/zig zags on a custom build

studiohackRecently, I built my first computer: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 4 x 1GB DDR2 RAM 500GB SATA hard drive Radeon HD 6770 graphics card by XFX - using one monitor via DisplayPort -> VGA adapter. MSI P6N SLI motherboard After confirming the computer boots/POSTs fine, I attempted to install Windows 8 D...

I saw that
oh, well, I was surprised that the first time I tested my sound, that it worked :P
that's all haha
6:40 PM
See, I keep forgetting things. Dang me. :P
Aha :P
that's what I thought. lol
I just hadn't gotten around to it now
See, I was surprised that when I turned my computer on the first time after building it, it actually worked with no issues. :o
now playing a youtube playlist and it works well. I'm happy lol
I was afraid that when I hit the power button, it'd start sparking or something would overheat and melt :P
@sidran32 in the end, my worked just like that, it was just an exterior cord that messed everything up. so I'm surprised too in the end. I'm a lot smarter than I think haha
6:42 PM
@studiohack Nice. I actually shouldn't have been surprised, myself, since I actually was very careful and thorough when I built mine, as I detailed in the blog. :P
yeah :) paying attention to detail helps
I've read all about the things that you can run into when building a computer, and I tried to make sure not to rush it and catch any potential issues.
I also was really paranoid about shorting something out with a static charge. :P
The table I used really helped.
problem is, I still need $400 to get my PC where I'd like it and another $450 to get three monitors
I using a borrowed monitor :P
I ended up with 4 monitors so I had a few to use. One of them went with my old computer to my parents. The other two are just kicking around atm, since I can't fit 3 on my desk anymore :P
One of those two probably will go to my brother since he just bought a new computer but didn't want to spend money on a monitor due to budget.
Having a triple monitor setup is great but for gaming, they really should ideally be all the same resolution and size. :P
@sidran32 hence why i want three of the same :P
6:52 PM
My monitor costed me about $600. I held off on buying 3 for now. :P
It costed more when I bought it. :o
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