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2:54 AM
Maybe I should have kept up with Arrow.
3 hours later…
6:08 AM
@phantom42 Yeah i know but i have no other word to call him, trailer sounds better
2 hours later…
8:00 AM
Anyone else noticed that the new Doctor Strange trailer showed us off a swanky new Marvel Studios logo?
I like it
@phantom42 Honestly, my curiosity was peaked just by the amount of talent signing up to this one alone.
I'm not too keen on Benedict Cumberbatch, but Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong and my main man Mads Mikkelsen is a very exciting cast.
On the side note i miss old DC logo
new one is bit boring
8:40 AM
Q: What Linux Distro do they use in films?

EhsanThat is the question I am always thinking about when I see someone in a film working with a high-tech system ( probably a hacker ) in films. In Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice, when Bruce Wayne is browsing images ( files ) he stole from Lex Luthor Corp. with what os ( linux distro ) is he ...

2 hours later…
10:15 AM
Q: What are the devices that Stryker's team use

KelvineloveIn X-Men: Apocalypse, after the X-Mansion (Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters) was incinerated by a blast and (almost) everyone was saved by Quiksilver, General Stryker arrives with his team and seizes the opportunity to capture Mystique and a few other mutants. He did so by first knocking ev...

10:46 AM
> The season will also introduce members of the Justice Society of America.[65] The Society will consist of Vixen, Commander Steel, Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite. The season will also feature a version of the Legion of Doom, composed of Reverse Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, and Captain Cold
LoT season 2 sound exciting
Anyway i have to check the trailer first
@phantom42 WTH happen this time
media doesnt know right now. the witness they have is "too shocked" to speak at the moment
US need strict rules for guns
go to mos if you want to discuss that
10:56 AM
That can be risky, I mostly avoid mos talk for serious discussions
2 hours later…
12:54 PM
is "snow" a title or label or something in Got?
or is ramsay snow actually related to jon snow
both are bastards, so is that some sort of default family name for bastards?
@phantom42 Snow and Sand are surname for bastards
every region have there bastard generic surname, North have Snow
ah, thanks
they just recently mentioned someone was a "sand" too
but they were trying to insult her in like 17 different ways
@phantom42 Dorne's bastard surname is snow
> The stigma of illegitimacy is so great that all acknowledged bastards born to a noble in Westeros have to identify themselves through a specific surname marking them as a bastard, which varies by region:

Flowers: The Reach
Hill: The Westerlands
Pyke: Iron Islands
Rivers: The Riverlands
Sand: Dorne
Snow: The North
Stone: The Vale of Arryn
Storm: The Stormlands
Waters: The Crownlands
I only remeber Sand and Snow from the show, rest I don't know
@phantom42 ???
tywin meets oberyn and his girlfriend, who is a sand
they spend half the conversation throwing thinly veiled insults
from context alone, it's difficult to figure out what "sand"is supposed to be referring to as an insult
but she looks annoyed by the word
yeah his girlfriend is a consort so she really has 0 power so they make fun of her
1:11 PM
ohh,i hope it's clear to you now . Are you up to date with the show?
clear, yes,thanks. we are about to start s04e06
ohh, because that snow part got cleared more later on
@AnkitSharma we have also seen Edric Storm -- he's Robert Baratheon's bastard, and the one that Melisandre killed with one of her shadow babies.
did they kill the blacksmith kid
i cant remeber
@KutuluMike not happened in TV show
@Himarm no, he is somewhere
1:19 PM
she killed one of the bastards in the tv show
I'm pretty sure it did... Davos sailed Melisandre through a secret entrance into the castle
thats what she used to kill renly no?
Q: What happened to Gendry?

Dark ArmyIn Game of Thrones we have seen Gendry the bastard of Robert Baratheon who browed away from Dragonstone, apparently never to be seen again. Where did he go? From season 3.

@KutuluMike No, in TV show tehre was only one shadow monster and that killed poor renly
huh. I clearly remember it, too.
@Himarm as of where i am now, gendry went off with the brotherhood with no banner or whatever their stupid name is
1:22 PM
didnt she have to kill a bastard, to make the shadow baby?
in the books, I think the only one we haven't seen yet is someone named Hill
and they def sailed to the secret enterance of storms end
Jon and Ramsay Snow; Obara Sand; Edric Storm; Brynden Rivers...
"Black Walder" is also Walder Rivers but I dunno if they call him that in the show
@KutuluMike No, show doesn't even have that character, i am 100% sure
yeah, they have a different Erdic, but he was stillborn.
1:24 PM
@Himarm no, she achieved that shadow baby by sex with stannis
does that mean Jon Snow is actually Jon Waters?
doesn't have the same ring to it
jon snow isnt a bastard though
current status: sansa is in the vail, now promised to her creepy cousin. littlefinger is supposed to marry sansa's aunt "tonight". tyrion is in prison for killing joffrey. breanne/poderick are going... somewhere (they dont seem to have any idea where). arya/the hound are going to the vail. jon snow just burned down crastors keep. bran just saw jon from a distance and are still going to the tree. craster's last baby was just given blue eyes.
@Himarm ... um.
@Himarm he is bastard or you can call him orphan
1:26 PM
@Himarm his mother and father weren't married?
that doesnt matter
who your parents are is all the maters
that's ... kind of the definition?
high born and a low born gets you a bastard
a child born out of wedlock is a bastard. it's the very definition of the word
@phantom42 ufff.....controlling myself to not give you spoilers
1:26 PM
plenty of bastards had highborn mothers and fathers.
oh yeah.
not in world
yes in world.
Q: Should I watch justice league TV series or movie series?

Ankit LambaI am new to the DC Animated Universe, should I watch TV series or Movie series, or I need to watch both? As I am quite interest in DC Universe after Nolan's Batman Trilogy and Batman vs Superman but I don't have much time to watch both so which one should be my priority?

Rhaegar was married at the time, and not to Lyanna, so Jon can't be Jon Targaryen.
i dont think we see a single highborn highborn bastard
1:28 PM
maybe not in the show.
oh, dany just took another town but decided she now has to go back to the other towns she already liberated to re-liberate them
in the books, there were tons
@KutuluMike you spoiled it for phantom42
@Himarm i'm fairly certain it's called "every one of cersei's kids"
it's a spoiler room.
oh yeah, all 3 of them are bastards.
1:29 PM
@Himarm bastard means unacknowledged child , and jon was unacknowledged
Robert just didn't know it.
@KutuluMike It's a spoiler room for comic related movies and TV shows. If you want to get pedantic, Game of Thrones is neither.
we already declared it on topic because there are GoT comics
A Game of Thrones is the comic book adaptation of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel A Game of Thrones, the first in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. == Production == The comic book series was scripted by fantasy author Daniel Abraham and drawn by Tommy Patterson. It is intended to follow the story and atmosphere of the novel closely, at a rate of about a page of art for each page of text, and was projected to cover 24 issues of 29 pages each. George R.R. Martin advised Daniel Abraham on aspects of the adaptation. In an Ignite presentation of the series' development process, Abraham said that...
and because we don't realy care
1:30 PM
@phantom42 Did they come out before or after the show?
game of thrones has comics
They came out after.
@DrRDizzle doesn't matter, comics is comics
So if anything has ever had a comic, it's on topic here?
pretty much
1:31 PM
Note: I'm just being pedantic. I don't actually care.
@DrRDizzle Don't ask me , i was even fine with talking about anything here
keen was the only one that ever really tried to keep us squarely on topic 100% of the time
Can I just point out while everyone is here - Ankit doesn't like the look of Justice League, while I do.
It's a momentous occasion.
i dont like the flash's outfit
@phantom42 so we are untamed wild creatures now O.o
1:32 PM
or cyborg
i think its going to be Meh at best
@DrRDizzle what, lie lie lie
I neevr said i dislike it
@AnkitSharma we'll probably try to keep from going completely off the rails, but non contentious discussions (i.e. no politics or gun control) are fine for the foreseeable future
mike and i talk about local stuff
@phantom42 Yeah, Cybord looks pretty bad, but that's still all pre-release CGI.
1:34 PM
I got it.
@AnkitSharma I'm sure I read something like that.
in the show: did they ever suggest that Jon Snow's mother might be Ashara Dayne
@KutuluMike Who?
in the books that's who Cat thinks the mom is.
@phantom42 I want gun control but I am not going to discuss it anywhere in SFF, movies.se maybe
1:35 PM
i dont think they ever mentioned her in the show
I got the impression that's who most people thought the mom was. except Robert, who thought it was some barmaid
I don't recall that character ever being mentioned in the show.
@DrRDizzle I said i liekd wonder woman trailer more
JL is too incomplete to judge fro now
robert mentioned the barmaid
in the show i believe
@KutuluMike I think, yes. He mentioned her name to robert
1:38 PM
because if people thought she was Jon's mother... she was highborn.
Anyway i want lady stoneheart but not that dumb coldhandish kind of version but the hard core one
@AnkitSharma Maybe I'm getting confused.
barriston think deanerys could be asharas daughter though
yesterday, by Ankit Sharma
Wonder woman trailer seems exciting
yesterday, by Ankit Sharma
JL seems okaish at best
@AnkitSharma That's the one! I knew I'd read something!
1:41 PM
okasih!= bad
@AnkitSharma doesn't like != bad either.
And the footage need too much work, specially cyborg and i do prefer Tv costume of flash more
Not liking something and disliking something are two different things.
I was saying that I like the Justice League trailer. You don't like. That doesn't mean you dislike it.
Anyway i have to see so many trailers tonight
@DrRDizzle "You don't like", no i said they are okaish specially in compare to WW
okaish to me means he has a possitive view for it, if small
1:44 PM
Anyway even after Dr Strange new trailer, i am still not invested to check it in theaters yet
there. himarm is famous.
Q: Are there any noble-born bastards in the Game of Thrones TV show?

KutuluMikeIn A Song of Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones, children born to a noble parent, but out of wedlock, are given special "bastard" surnames. They are openly acknowledged as the children of a noble, and it's generally expected for their noble parent to take care of them in some way, but they have non...

i already googled it, there was a targaryan targaryan bastard
right, but on-screen?
in the novels there were dozens of those.
in the novels your statement that Jon isn't a bastard is utter bollocks.
but I dunno about the TV show
he is bastard , enough said
except if Rob legitimized him
@Himarm yup
@phantom42 Why don't you make one pinned message for all trailers ??? Walking dead trailer not available in my country and daredevil trailer also available in YouTube too
@AnkitSharma because there were too many trailers to fit in one message
1:58 PM
@AnkitSharma If I like something, that is a positive statement. If I dislike something, that's a negative statement. If I don't like something, that is a neutral statement. To me, OK-ish is a neutral statement, so the same as not liking something, which is different to disliking something. Does that make sense to anyone other than me?
@phantom42 ohhh, didn't noticed that
the rendered messages are fairly short, but the html links behind them are long
even using the short links
if dizzle says anything, it's negative
@DrRDizzle okaish is more then neutral to me but not good
@phantom42 Can you not use a line break to remove that messages character limit?
@phantom42 Positive.
@DrRDizzle worth a shot if you want to try
2:00 PM
It looks like line breaks stop link formatting from working.
Ah well.
are you using html line break tags, or just soft line breaks?
@phantom42 I hold shift and press enter.
try using html break tags
<br> or <br/>
don't think it'll work
I don't think this accepts HTML.
<b>Hi there, but in bold</b>
<a href="www.google.com">Google</a>
2:03 PM
You could just pin a message saying "Click here for SDCC trailers", and then post them all afterwards?
post them where
@phantom42 Nevermind, clicking the pinned message doesn't take you to its chat history.
i mean, i can just throw a post on my webserver with all of them embedded and link to that if you'd really rather. i thought it'd be more useful being able to identify which trailers are there though
@phantom42 No, you're right.
and it's a pain because of the limited time you can edit the post
2:08 PM
this has most of the videos
there's a gotham one too i didnt post
and preacher
posted legion, but didnt pin it yet.
if anyone wants to do those three
2 hours later…
3:59 PM
WTH, why there are two Jafars in OUAT??
And why ragina evil again :/
when was there a jafar before
@phantom42 OUAT in wonderland
yeah wasnt the guy in wonderland jaffar
that's not jafar. that's sayid.
in seriousness, do we know that they're not the same?
and that it's not just a casting change
the serpent staff is what got me
I assumed it was a casting change.
But why dumb ragina bad again, didn't we got bored of this bad turn good turn bad
i'm blanking right now, but i feel like we already had a casting change from an earlier season to more recent
4:04 PM
Anyway i skipped last half season but i think i have right to judge it
because OUaT needs a villain that isn't crap and thus far, regina is one of the few that fits that
i mean her motivation is garbage, but at least you dont want to throw something at the tv every time she was on the screen
I liked rupeldkilskin too but he got bleh
the shows hitting that, were 100 seasons in now what
and his motives were good too
yeah. don't complain or we might get Dark Peter Pan or some crap
4:06 PM
Dark peter pan was good and refreshing
dark peter pan made me quit the show
now that he's finished being utterly terrible on Heroes Reborn that kid's looking for work
not like that dumb sword in the stone crap
dark peter pan was never good
Dark Peter Pan was the worst thing to ever appear on TV
that guy couldn't deliver a convincing line with a UPS truck
4:07 PM
Dark peter pan >>>>> Arthur the crap
Arthur sucked.
@AnkitSharma this is just factually wrong.
but nowhere near as bad as the entire Peter Pan story
you could roll up all of the terrible villains of the entire series and distill out their terribleness and Peter Pan would be worse
I quit the show because of Arthur, everyone is dark one and we don't have story anymore
I'd rather watch King Arthur and Ursula plot with the Author to help Cruella take over Storybrooke than see Peter Pan again
4:10 PM
But i am happy for my decision after watching both new trailers , new jaffar is terrible and i don't want to see same good is bad bad is good ragina
Regina's not as bad as Rumple
I don't like the idea of having two Ursula and now 2 jaffar or casting change whatever
"I'm evil but I'm being good for Belle except I'm being evil anyway except now I'm really being good for Belle except I'm secrelty being evil except now I'm being good for Belle..."
@KutuluMike Rumple was once good and there is no problem with actor but writers are retards
Belle ruined rumple or rumple ruined the show
the problem is less that rumple keeps switching and more that the fact that anyone in-universe is ever surprised that he keeps switching
4:15 PM
Show theme : "Bad people don't get happy ending but good people never even get any ending at all"
arthur's involvement was like 4 episodes. almost seems silly that that was the straw that broke the camel's back to quit watching
he was a maguffin
Did you forgto Gotham trailer or skipped it intentionally
and there is Lucifer trailer too
or they came later on :/
just didnt get around to them.
go ahead if you want
or i'll do it later
missing gotham, lucifer, legion, preacher
the stupid comments on my nurse joy/officer jenny question is making me regret asking it
4:38 PM
@KutuluMike you know there is a GoT room right? I finally got around reading the transcription in here of what inspired your question. If it had taken place over in the GoT there may have been less confusion. I have just realized you may discussed my whole answer already lol
@Skooba we were talking about GoT here because we felt like talking about it.
@phantom42 i know, thats okay, im just jelly i missed out on it because i dont come in this room
<<< jelly monster
@Skooba that's fine, most people reading the question wouldn't have read the transcript.
if it wasn't clear from the question what we'd already covered then the question needs fixing
@KutuluMike I think you made it clear now, I like the question and FWIW @Himarm is wrong :P
well that we knew
4:49 PM
i already knew i was wrong before it was even asked
well I will be lurking in the GoT room if anyone cares
5:03 PM
4 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
A Game of Thrones is the comic book adaptation of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel A Game of Thrones, the first in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. == Production == The comic book series was scripted by fantasy author Daniel Abraham and drawn by Tommy Patterson. It is intended to follow the story and atmosphere of the novel closely, at a rate of about a page of art for each page of text, and was projected to cover 24 issues of 29 pages each. George R.R. Martin advised Daniel Abraham on aspects of the adaptation. In an Ignite presentation of the series' development process, Abraham said that...
GoT have comics, so it's on topic here
comic related movies and tv shows I'm not sure that something for which the comics isn't in some way the source material should count.
post comics?
That's like saying because they made a graphic novel for the Thrawn trilogy long after the fact that it magically becomes on topic in this room.
sure it does
because no one cares
5:06 PM
@JackBNimble Is it not whole SFF on topic work like this
You people are crazy. Like Crazy Eddie.
Being crazy is fun
and less boring
This is the on-topic room everyone made a big deal of a while ago but no one wanted.
occasionally we do steer things back to comics.
@JackBNimble i accept that.
6:00 PM
Just watched the first episode of Supergirl.
Well, it was okay but not satisfactory, I would say, as I expected.
@phantom42 I heard that Vulture costume is made of chitauri tech, so not falcon
Okay, Gotham is much better than Supergirl T__T
Throughout the whole episode, they addressed Superman as he, him etcetera ;)
@MAFIA36790 Hey, i am trying to watch supergil for preparation for next CW DC seasons
@MAFIA36790 They fully avoided it in seaosn 1 and now they cast a actor fro second season
6:03 PM
@AnkitSharma yep, it premiered in Zee Cafe today; but you are not on TV, I know ;P
@AnkitSharma yup.
@MAFIA36790 watched the leaked pilot long long ago , then left it
but also seen flash crossover episode
@AnkitSharma Just watched it for the sake of Arrowverse.
Gotham is much more interesting and darker too.
BTW, Cisco is the richest guy in Central city ;P
6:06 PM
@MAFIA36790 Gotham is a seesaw ride for me
@MAFIA36790 sound fun
Doctor Alchemy would be the star villain.
@AnkitSharma Don't know about s1; but s2 was really intriguing and dark.
how does this answer the question?
A: Why do all the Joys and Jennys look the same?

ValorumJenny In-universe, all of the Officer Jenny's are in fact cousins. They merely happen to all look like each other, dress identically and work in the same profession. Ash: Officer Jenny! Jenny: Huh? Have we met before? Your face doesn't look familiar. Ash: We met you back in Viridia...

"why do they all look alike" "they merely all look alike"
And Kid Flash would be debuting this season.
I was expecting of Mirror Master too ;\
6:08 PM
I would miss Teddy Sears too :(
@MAFIA36790 Maybe he will return
timeline fucked up so he can
@AnkitSharma fingers crossed
lets see
@phantom42 Good point.
6:27 PM
Serious question for anyone who can be bothered to answer - how important do you feel a short plot synopsis is to a written a review?
how short? i dont want to know what happens.
Like, I usually write a short (couple of sentences) description of the basic set up for the movie
i'm fine with something explaining the premise of the movie. i dont want a recap of the movie.
give me the elevator pitch
used to sell the movie
That makes sense.
1 hour later…
7:33 PM
My spoiler-free review of Star Trek Beyond is up if anyone wants to read it.
2 hours later…
9:10 PM
Q: How does Cisco from Flash know the unknown?

fahadOkay so guys, all of the meta-humans on The Flash have been caused by the particle accelerator, right. They got their powers and all of them can be proved, or stopped by physics. But Cisco, how does he know stuff that no one else knows? For example S02e02 he touched the sand from sand-demon and t...

2 hours later…
11:15 PM
did we mention American Gods yet?
also. Legion is a terrible name for a TV show. even the actual Legion TV show didn't call itself Legion.

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